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When dreams of hope come true – by H.A. Khan

Two days back one of my friends had shared an advertisement video of the new programme titled, Chhote Ustad, starting from 24th July on Star Plus. I saw that ad and as a die-hard music lover, it was an irresistible feeling for me to watch this program once on air.

Today I downloaded this programme on youtube and when I finished watching its all episodes I was full of tears; these tears were of pride and happiness when I saw small kids both from Pakistan and India performing on this very famous singing competition. I was so happy to see great Sonu Nigam and great Rahat Fateh Ali Khan presiding this program along with two other anchors.

The thing made me happy was that at least our generation could see the kids of both countries sitting and performing together and getting a great enthusiasm from the crowd. The journey at least begins in front of our eyes where we could be able to finish the hatred among all the people of both the countries. The dream of onness and happiness is just dancing in front of us with all the joys and laughter with all the innocence.

At least we are fortunate that we have travelled now at the stage where our generation is exchanging smiles and songs instead of hatred and sadness. If you truly ask a common person of both countries, both will answer that they want to live in and with peace and want to fight with all the common sad atrocities together.

I salute Star Plus CHHOTE USTAD all team for making true this beautiful dream with all the joys and laughter. The moral is that the time has come to finish the hatred borders and let’s live like a great nation all together with all the joys. Let’s bury the past and create our future, where our next generations would feel proud of our work whose fruits of love, music, art and humanity will be tasted by them with proud.



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