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Religious tolerance in Islam: an excellent lecture by Maulana Muhammad Ishaq

For a brief introduction of Maulana Muhammad Ishaq, refer to the following post: https://lubpak.net/archives/17096

Link to Maulana’s book:

Wahdat-e-Ummat – Maulana Ishaq- part 1

Wahdat-e-Ummat – Maulana Ishaq part 2

The LUBP is pleased to post a daring, critical, honest and thought provoking lecture (2007) by Maulana Ishaq, an eminent Ahle Hadith (Wahhabi) scholar, in which he discusses the issue of interfaith tolerance in Islam and also addresses some of the burning questions which divide Shias and Sunnis.This is one of the most enlightening lectures that I have ever come across on this topic.

The lecture is in Urdu. You may consider asking someone to translate it for you if you do not know Urdu but it is indeed a ‘must watch’.

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Abdul Nishapuri


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  • While government owned as well as private TV channels in Pakistan are busy in telecasting hate spreading lectures and interviews by morons such as Zakir Naik, Muhammad Ahmed Ludhianvi, Farhat Hashmi, Munawar Hassan etc, they have consistently ignored this most honest, most sincere and most reconciliatory scholar currently present in this hate infected nation.

  • Indeed, a breath of fresh air!
    His lectures need to be translated and shown in all the provinces of Pakistan.This could be the best and most economical way to combat terrorism.

  • I don’t think a talk on Christian love given by modern Christians keeps on and on about the infidelators and the heathen. To the charges that e.g., Shia are kafirs, the answer is not that so what, we love kafirs too, the answer is no,no,no, they are Mussalmans.

  • i agree with all things which Moulana said in his speech,such efforts must be appreciated and promoted

    but i do not agree with his comments about Jihad by individuals , infact Jihad has certain norms and only head of the state can declare it, a group of people cant decide by themselves , otherwise it will lead to fasad as it is happening now a days in the world

  • @imran
    what exactly did Maulana Ishaq say about jihad by individuals? and where? Can you point to the video clip number and approximate time point please? Thank you.

  • In current situation of the world and new ideology created about Islam and terrorism, we need scholars of Umma Just like Molana Ishaq.
    I totally agree with Molana although my firqa is different