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Fake Degrees Vs Fake Petrol Bills


"My lord, care to absolve yourself innocent of all allegations?"

A lot is being said these days about “Fake Degrees” and the political black sheep sitting in our assemblies. The media is leading the campaign to cleanse the assemblies and our honorable judges are providing the needed fire power. There is even a scorecard with PML-N leading while PML-Q and PPP competing for the second spot.

Now, I would like to ask our honorable judges a simple question. Why is a person not competent to sit in the assemblies if he has a forged degree when a sitting judge was forgiven for reimbursing money (proven to be deposited to his “bank account”) that came of forged petrol bills? Yes, I am talking about the Chief Justice of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mr. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.

If I remember correctly; copies of the forged bills along with the receipt of the deposit to his (Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry) bank account were provided to the court. The judges initially refused to admit the charge sheet in the court. Later on, they dismissed the reference case on technical grounds.

For those of us who don’t understand legal matters; the reference was dismissed on the basis that the allegations made were with mala fide intent and hence the court never looked into the authenticity of these allegations. One honorable judge (Khalil-ur-Rehman Ramday) is said to have remarked in a private function that “if we catch him (Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry) on fake petrol bills now; then we’ll all be caught later (because of our fake petrol bills)”. Mr. Khalil-ur-Rehman Ramday was the head of the bench hearing the CJ reference and has been rewarded by the CJ by appointment as an adhoc judge of the supreme court.

Now how is the “Fake Degrees” suo moto case different from the “Fake Petrol Bill” case? The fake degrees holders are being disqualified while the fake petrol bill holder was reinstated as the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

Obviously, the Fake Degree holders must be punished but so must the Fake Petrol Bill judges in order to maintain balance.

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Ahmed Iqbalabadi


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  • Selective justice is what has lead to our decline as a nation. The justices should have the courage to openly discuss allegations against them. May it be the sitting Chief Justice of Supreme Court or Lahore High Court. They can no more brush these under the carpet. No more sacred cows.

  • All criminal offences are abominable acts and the offence committed by “1” can not justify the offence committed by “2”. Let us condemn such “offences” instead of reducing the severity of an offence by highlighting another “offence” , but, let us not condemn any accused till he is proved guilty by the Court of Law. If we know any incident of offence and we have any evidence to prove, or, if we are witness to any offence, then, it is our legal, moral and religious responsibility to bring those facts / pieces of evidence before the relevant Court of law and promote ‘virtue’ by getting a verdict / judgement on the particular issue. Otherwise, back-biting (gheebat) is a heinous sin – which deserves major punishment from Almighty ALLAH.
    Wassalaam. Well-wisher:- Agha Syed Atta-u-Allah Shah, Chairman, Raah-e-Raast Trust, Ph:0321-2168008, 0345-3334959.

  • To Mr.Iqbalabadi,
    You seem to be mentally retarded with IQ level of below 40.Try to use your brain and think properly. If “fake Dr”.Babar Awan can take millions from the clients on the name of judges, then what a judge can do?? Of course if a judge sells his conscience , he will earn millions in a single case.CJP can earn billions in one single if he sells his conscience. CJP doesnt need to sell his conscience for few thousand rupees. Your arguement is totally ridiculous and crap. Why dont you think? If you are sane , you will surely think now. It is just a jiala (Mentally retarded people) propaganda. Grow up man and dont get carried away by jiala propaganda. Allah gave you brain, please use it and dont let it go to waste

  • Mr.Iqbalabadi, you didnt reply the genuine question of Pro-PPP. The question is genuine if I have to sell my conscience then why to sell very cheap. If I can earn millions in single case why should I sell my conscience for few thousand Petrol bills. I also feel now you are a gone case and need very urgent check up. Do it soon before it is too late and ur disease becomes incurable. May ALLAH guide you.

  • @Dear Pro-PPP / TruePakistani, your email address is drtahir76@…… (hope that takes care of the identity issue)
    We at LUBP believe in transparency, you are free to post your comments and we accept that. If we were believers in censorship then off course, your comments would have been deleted!
    As far as selling cheap is concerned, the point in the posting which was from another author is that if politicians are alleged to be frauds/cheats, they are prosecuted as per law. On the other hand, the judges are like sacred cows. CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry sahab is equal to any politician as there is an allegation on him as well. Unfortunately, his courts are making a mockery of public representatives whereas he is still not absolved of charges against him.

    Hope that answers your points.

  • Mr.Iqbalabadi, my point is how can you believe the allegation which is totally ridiculous. Even an imbecile person will not believe it keeping in mind the vast powers of any supreme court judge who and can do corruption in billions if he wants to. Fake petrol bill corruption is usually done by petty drivers of govt vehicles. If you cant compare the position of a judge and a position of a petty driver then you surely have an IQ level which is below imbecile. Try to think and use your grey matter for a change.
    Thanks for not deleting my comments because my comments are from a sincere Pakistani who wants Pakistan to progress leaps and bounds.