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Black coat thugs at it again – by Jinnah Bhutto

Lahore: Protest of Lawyers against Judges

A couple of days ago, lawyers in Lahore once again showed their “badmashi”. They are behaving like badmash (law breakers) in the courts. In Lahore yesterday they beat up judge; when other judges came to resolve the matter, they too were also beaten and forced to leave the court premises. These black coat thugs also tried to misbehave with a female civil judge who was luckily escorted out by police. These thugs pelted stones on judges’ cars.

We have seen frequent repeats of this ugly saga in the last three years. We have seen many incidents where these thugs misbehaved with judges and broke the law into pieces. In some instances these thugs slapped the higher judiciary judges but this independent or impotent judiciary couldn’t do anything. Not even an FIR is ever registered against any thug. In some incidents, judges have themselves intervened and asked police not to register an FIR. Is this called MAKAFAT-E-AMAL or JAISI KARNI WAISI BHARNI?

All district and ession judges have boycotted the courts for fifteen days. Greatest part of this incident is that LHC Justice had meeting with Lahore Bar Association leaders and amicably resolved the issue. The demand of the black coat thugs has been accepted and the district and session judge has been transferred to LHC.

This impotent judiciary couldn’t do anything when their own colleagues were slapped by lawyers; how they would protect their colleagues in lower courts. Lower courts officials seem to have it to their neck with the badmashi of lawyers. It is daily event at hundreds of courts in Pakistan but unfortunately judiciary sits idly.

Media has blacked out on this news except the news that the resolution has been reached between High Court Judges and Lahore Bar Association. Why is media silent on this issue? Not a single talk show has been conducted on this issue or any headlines on newspapers to show the reality of these traitors to the masses.

Everyone knows if there was any poll in Pakistan to rate professions these lawyers will be rated just above a homo mullah at the bottom of the list. These lawyers are no less than dacoits looting money from poor masses and in return not representing them properly. They are masters of blackmailing and misguiding poor and innocent masses of our country.

People who are flexing their muscles against democracy are black coat thugs in bars and black robe judges on the benches. Their collaboration is well defended by their paid friends in media. I don’t call it yellow journalism instead I call it black journalism. It does go well with black coat lawyers, black robe judges, black turban Taliban and blackmailing journalist.

This Judiciary is impotent they can never do anything based on principles of Justice and their objective is just to discredit and destabilize democratic government. High courts have been good at doing such things because they have practiced this for last sixty two years. These black sheep need to be taken to task thru some innovative manner.

I would suggest the government to reopen the reference that was sent to SJC against Iftikhar Chaudhry. This should take the air out of these bogus and corrupt Judges. LHC Chief Justice who tries to be honest, ask his house servant who attacked him with a knife and defaced him by saying he did it in retaliation to Khwaja Sharif’s cruelty towards him.

Day by day our masses are becoming aware of the real face of these traitors sitting in Judiciary, Media and Bar Councils. It is time for the accountability of this Judicial Mafia, Jihadi Media and the Black Coat Mafia. I hope that day will come soon when these traitors who call themselves champions of law will be seen behind the bars.

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Farhad Jarral


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  • very disturbing trend of this blog sir! you have come after media after washing your hands! this not good for a supposedly ‘roshn khyal’ blog … very sorry to see this atacks on media

  • A good description of what lawyers are doing. In response to earlier comment by Rajab Ali, I fail to find where the media is bashing in this article. It was more directed towards the dark attitude of lawyers and incompetence of Judiciary of take any action. If it was politician doing something like this he would have been hanged in public square instead High Court judge negotiated with the leader of Lawyers and resolved this illegal act of the lawyers. Would any judge negotiate with you if you had done this in annoyance with any action by judge. It wa was shame ful act first on the lawyers part andthen it was more shameful what the superior judiciary did in reaction. Then high court judges have gal to talk about superiority of law. Here law was exploited to benefit the Superior judicary’s illegal GANG.

  • Dear Sir/or Madam:

    “Everyone knows if there was any poll in Pakistan to rate professions these lawyers will be rated just above a homo mullah at the bottom of the list.”

    Is this kind of language to use? I meant Media and Lawyer who is supposed to be part of of fight for democratic rules and regulations back in our country.

    Dear Baynazeer also support this upheaval of the lawyer and media. Now when everyone is in power, they is crying about “lawless” of laywer and “ghair zimadari” of media. Where was this worker for 7 years of Musharraf rule? they was paying lip service to democracy and haded no idea how to deal with that man.

    shamefully sir, this kind of rhetoric against budding force of media and lawyer is used. Lawyer had to organize because party cadre are too pathetics sir!!! there is dictatorship of family raja like bhutto, sharif and others and no party member even complain about it.

    party who is suppose fight for “democracy” have no democracy inside of them sir!

    kia yeh khulla tizad nahi?

    or phir different tarah kay blogs jamhoriat or progrissiveness par lectures bhi detay hey, “freedom of expression’ kay nary bhi lagata ha aur phir sahafio ko gaaliya bhi deta ha

    khulla tizad hai yeh janab sir!

  • Lawyers being one of the main elements of judicial system have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, so a much better response was expected from them. However, the recent conflict between the judges and the lawyers was not appreciable.