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The ‘loose cannon khan’ directs his fire towards Nawaz Sharif

Apparently after his legendary seventeen attacks on various targets including but not limited to Altaf Hussain, Benazir Bhutto, Asif Ali Zardari, Fazlur-Rehman etc, the loose cannon khan (Imran Khan) has directed his gun towards PML-N’s leader Nawaz Sharif.

Here is a chain of events:

Imran for action against PML-N’s ‘rigging plan’
By Our Staff Reporter
Wednesday, 23 Jun, 2010

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has asked the chief election commissioner to take note of a `rigging plan’ by the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) in Lahore by-poll for PP-160 and recommend a judicial enquiry into the matter.

At a press conference here on Tuesday, Mr Khan provided evidence to the media of the pre-poll rigging and details of the election material seized from a “fake” election commission (set up by the PML-N candidate) office at Fazlia Colony, Ichhra.

He demanded that the federal government also initiate a criminal investigation into the plan and that the election results be withheld till the outcome of the judicial enquiry’s findings.

Flanked by Omar Cheema, Ahsan Rashid, Mian Mehmoodur Rasheed and PTI candidate Zaheer Abbas, Mr Khan asked the chief election commissioner to ensure the deployment of Rangers and restrain police from entering the polling stations.

He referred to similar pre-poll `rigging tactics’ employed by the PML-N in NA-123 by-elections held at the beginning of 2010. He said some of the houses in PP-160 had been allocated 40 bogus votes where the number of residents according to Nadra’s database showed a clear discrepancy.

The PTI chief said: “Nawaz Sharif has been in the habit of luring umpires with bribery while playing at the Lahore Gymkhana.” He said Nawaz was only playing the role of friendly opposition just to save his looted money.



Nawaz pioneer of ‘political corruption’, says Imran
June 25, 2010

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif is the pioneer of ‘political corruption’, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said on Thursday. Imran made these remarks while talking to anchor Shahzeb Khanzada in the programme Newsline. The PTI chairman said that Nawaz distributed plots of the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) worth Rs 5 billion to become a politician and the Justice Samdani Report was evidence in this regard. Imran said that the PML-N chief was trained in the “nursery of a military dictator”. He alleged that the military supported Nawaz in becoming the Punjab finance minister, Punjab chief minister and the prime minister of Pakistan. The PTI chairman said that ‘packet journalism’ was started by Nawaz during his tenures as prime minister. Imran said that the PML-N was playing the role of a friendly opposition. He alleged that the PML-N chief first raised the issue of Swiss cases but the very next day he held talks over breakfast with the government regarding the Hudaibia Paper Mills. The cricketer-turned politician said that he might have supported those talks if they had been held for the sake of democracy but in reality the talks were held by Nawaz to save his black money. Imran said that those people could not be sincere politicians who had bank accounts and assets abroad. The PTI chief alleged that Nawaz only participated in the long march for restoring the Punjab government. business plus report



Generals, agencies made Nawaz politician: Imran
Updated at: 2300 PST, Sunday, July 04, 2010

LAHORE: Tehreek-e-Insaz Chief Imran Khan Sunday said Nawaz Sharif was always going to rig the by-polls for it had been his practice in the past to play cricket by bringing umpires to his side.

Addressing the residents of PP-160 here, he said it was the generals and agencies that made Mian Nawaz Sharif a politician, thus there is a difference between the objectives of the people and Nawaz Sharif.

“It is the legislation made by Nawaz Sharif in 1992 due to which elites do not pay their taxes,” he claimed.



PTI can steer country out of crises in 90 days: Imran

Thursday, July 08, 2010
By Bureau report

PESHAWAR: Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday alleged that President Asif Ali Zardari and Pakistan Muslim League chief Nawaz Sharif were hoodwinking the masses and only his party had the guts to steer the country out of prevailing morass.

“The government has failed to restore law and order and there is no genuine opposition to raise voice for the rights of the poor in the Parliament,” the PTI chief told the inaugural ceremony of the provincial ‘shadow cabinet’ in Nishtar Hall.

Imran said the PTI would resolve all the problems including the menace of corruption and terrorism within 90 days if voted to power. The cricketer-turned politician said that none of the politicians had ever tried to end corruption after the creation of the country. “The so-called leaders are against changing the status quo while the country needed revolutionary steps,” he added.



Govt should respect judiciary: Nawaz

Salim Ahmed
10 July 2010

When asked about Imran Khan claiming to eradicate terrorism from the country within 90 days, Nawaz said, “Imran could not set things right in his own home in 90 days, how can he (Imran) set things right in the country within 90 days.



Nawaz more dangerous for democracy than Asif: Imran

Says mid-term elections only way to save country; condemns PA resolution against media

Saturday, July 10, 2010
Our correspondent

SARGODHA: Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has said that Nawaz Sharif is more dangerous for democracy than President Asif Ali Zardari as his money and property are not in the country and he has no right to rule the country again.

He was talking to journalists at the residence of Asif Khan, a party candidate for PP-34, on Friday. He alleged that Nawaz Sharif had accumulated assets through money laundering and always obeyed the American steps being taken in the region with regard to terrorism.

He said that Nawaz had boycotted the elections while he also hijacked the movement for the restoration of democracy, which was the result of joint efforts of civil society and lawyers. He said that there was no room for friendly opposition and all the real opposition parties would join their hands in December. “All opposition parties are struggling to unite on one platform and efforts are continuing in this regard. Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari are American slaves and they are not capable of facing it. If I got the government I will not only stand against America but also eliminate terrorism from the country in 90 days,” he added.

The PTI chief said that the country was suffering due to the war on terror and it is the right time to give the leadership to those who have the ability to face America. “Asif and Nawaz always second the American steps and they have no courage to ask America about the killing of innocent people in the drone attacks.” He maintained that he was not an American slave and if the countrymen gave him a chance he would eliminate corruption and terrorism from the country.



A typical response from Imran Khan’s PTI website:


Insaf Shaheen

09/07/2010 10:35 AM

میاں منافق جی، آپ نے میرے قاءد کے بارے میں جو فرمایا اس فرمان سے پہلے ذرا اپنے گریبان میں تو جھانکیں، چلیں میں ہی یاد کروا دیتا ہوں، گھر سنبھالنے کی بات تو اپ نے کردی اپ تو اپنا گھر اس وقت بھی نہیں سنبھال سکے تھے جب خکومت میں تھے اور ایک معمولی سے کیپٹن جو کے اپکی بیٹی کا سیکورٹی گارڈ تھا اس کے آگے گھٹنے ٹیکنے پڑے اور مجبور ہو کر مریم نواز کا رشتہ اس کے ہاتھ میں تھمانا پڑا۔ تاکہ معاشرے میں آپکی عزت بچ جاءے ورنہ پنچھی چڑیا کو لے اُڑتا اور آپ اپنی عزت کا فالودہ بنتے دیکھ رہے ہوتے۔ میرے قاءد سے تم منافق کا کیا موازنہ جس نے اپنا سب کچھ اس ملک پر قربان کردیا۔اپنی محبت اپنے جگر کے ٹکڑے اور تم بھگوڑے تو مچھروں سے ڈر کر اس قوم کو اندھیرے میں جھونک کر بھاگ گےء تھے۔ اس لےء میاں منافق شریف صاحب بات کرنے سے پہلے اپنے گریبان میں چھانک کر دیکھو۔


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  • On slippery wicket


    Tahreek-e-Insaaf’s leader Imran Khan has come up with a very attractive offer: He can eradicate the terrorism in his country Pakistan within 90 days.

    This great offer, however, has a small string attached to it. He should be made prime minister of the country.

    How will he solve the problem? Very simple. He will invite the terrorist groups to the negotiating table.

    We can understand the frustration of a politician who finds himself isolated but no such daydreaming.

    Imran needs to study the complex nature of the terrorism Pakistan is facing. It is a combination of jihadist, sectarian and religious hatred. Events around us are also playing a role in fanning the flames of hatred. Even if we negotiate with the Taleban and their sectarian supporters, we will not get anything out of it unless we hand over Islamabad’s keys to them. Even then, no one should expect peace or security as they will fight among themselves to take the biggest share of the booty. Remember what happened in Afghanistan in 1990s after the departure of Soviets.

    Imran should know that countries far more powerful and with greater resources than Pakistan are finding it difficult to eliminate the scourge. The best thing one can do is to curtail the terrorists’ ideological, financial and political support, improve intelligence and overhaul anti-terrorism measures.


  • Yar, kahy ko aik page waste kar dia ! Kia yeh banda discuss karny ke worth bhe hey! Lunda chira, akela hey apny party bana ke pherta hey. Kissi leader pe tu likho yara !