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Is the LUBP accountable to the PPP? – by Abdul Nishapuri

Is the “Let us build Pakistan” (LUBP) an instrument or agent of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP)? No

Is the LUBP an official voice or proxy for the PPP? No

Is the LUBP accountable to any leader or office bearer of the PPP? No

Is the LUBP financially supported by the PPP? No

Do all members of the LUBP support the PPP? No

What is the mission and agenda of the LUBP? To support a progressive, inclusive and democratic Pakistan. We are committed to providing constructive criticism on the policies of the PPP while remaining committed to the original 1970 manifesto of the party.

Is the LUBP team based in a specific city or country? No

How do you describe the LUBP? It is an expression of citizen journalism in Pakistan in the 21st Century.

To those political leaders and their agents, who are expecting that they can manipulate or dictate the LUBP according to their personal or party-based preferences, our plain message is:


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Abdul Nishapuri


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  • I agree with Abdul Nishapuri. We are the followers of basic principles of PPP and spreading the message to masses of Pakistan who want democracy,prosperity and moderate system in Pakistan.

  • Dear Sir/ or Madam:

    If you are reposting articles from other blogs, then you cannot be accused of journalism! You are merely an “aggregateur” site.

    I do not see anything progressive about you sir, why are you being accused of being progressive? I saw a beautiful nasheed with a child in Hijab singing in the Islamic language of Arabic.

    How can someone accuse you of being progressive or journalistic?

    Beste regards,


  • I fully agreed on the principles described by Abdul Nishapuri.

    Best Regards,

  • Well, this is a blog and no one can force people to think or express according to their wishes. PPP is a huge party, and parties of such size have loose command and control structure. While its manifesto gives the power to people, I doubt that someone responsible can try to influence. If some second tier leadership is trying to put pressure then it should be ignored or brought in to notice of leadership to keep check on these people. Said so, I fully agree with your views.

    lubp its truly awami forum. voice of democrats,progressive, independent media. i m fully agreed with u ,its a mind set making
    platform for peoples .new and excellent choice of cyber medium

  • @Rajab Ali
    First of all check out your descriptions of political blog, then progressives too, then guide us to a criteria, to get a “certified progressive” certificate from U…your majesty

  • Dear Sir, I never accuse you of progressive. I like the nasheed on front page, Hijab is the zeenat of a true and pious woman. I don’t see the problem. If government agent accuse you that is seprate problem,

    Thank You for reading my editorial

  • May be the LUBP is not accountable to the PPP but they need to be more open and neutral role. In this way it will be more attractive for all peoples.
    At least we give credit that they are not hiding themself. On the other hand pkpolitics is anti-ppp discussion site, leaded by geo group, but they hiding themself.

  • Yes, i agree to Abdul what ever he said because this is not biased blog which supports over any policy which isnt in 19070’s PPP manifesto. Journalism should be clear and yes Editor or writer is the best friend of reader!
    Well said Abdul.

    Faraz Jarral

  • Our allegiance to the PPP ideology is open and stated policy, but since we do not join in the frenzy that has become the hall mark of Pakistani media such observations are being made.

    Your reply is spot on!!!

  • Abdul,
    thanks for the reassurance. My take is that we are not hiding our ideology, hence we shouldnt care what people may claim about us. What we are doing is much better than what many are doing in the party.

  • ppp flag on top of lubp blog doesn’t mean this big don’t have independent bloggers. it will be good for some people if they realize this .

  • What i have come to understand after following the LUBP blog is they actively criticize PPP(P) as well as the rest of the players, what to do if you want them to do what others are doing, ‘give dog a bad name and hang em’. Will doing this make them attract more readers? Sad isn’t it?

  • @ aley I appreciate your opinion . but your comment is factually incorrect. LUBP has openly appreciated PML_N many times . LUBP has consistently defended political classes victimization by media.

  • @Hamza Ikram
    Thank you for reading my comment, but I think you misunderstood my comment, and i am sorry if i fail to communicate what i wanted to say. What I meant was that LUBP not only appreciates PPP but criticize it as well whenever it merits to do so and adopts the same policy towards the rest of the players as well, may it be PML-N or others.
    And if some one thinks that this Blog should also start doing what others are doing i.e. negative propaganda against an elected government it will be a really sad thing.
    I hope now you may see that we are on the same page.