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“No Muslim can do this” – by Dr Khawaja Muhammad Awais Khalil

Attack on Data Darbar is a continuation of the same events in which Pakistanies are under attack by the few ‘Faithfuls’. Its not an event in isolation and its not a solitary attack on Braylvies. Its essentially the same wave of attacks [based on religious hatred] in which Christians, Hindues, Shiites and Ahmedies were targeted in the past.  After the attack, watching the so called ‘Azad Media’, I noted a theme, which was recurrent with slight change of words. ‘no muslim can do this’, ‘this is not done by any Muslim’, ‘how a Muslim can think of doing such a horrific event’, ‘those who did this are not Muslims’. I ask a question from myself are they really not Muslims or are we just in a state of mind, called denial? Are we trying to find out the excuses to blame ‘some one else’ but Muslims?

Muslims have been involved in killing of other Muslims for centuries on religious grounds. If we analyse the history, 3 out of  the 4 of our  pious Caliphs were killed by the people who claim to be Muslims. Prophet’s Household [peace be upon them] were slaughtered in Karballa by their fellow Muslims. Not just slaughtered but mutilated,their dead bodies chopped into pieces and were not allowed to be buried properly. During the Caliphate we killed each others without hesitations, when ever needed to be. In recent past we can remember the events of Mazar-e-Sharif when Talibans [Muslims] captured it, they  killed 15000 Shiites and then didn’t allowed their dead bodies to be buried rather let it rotten so that dogs and other animals can eat them. This was an exhibit of their religious hatred against Shiites. Our brave [Muslim] Army is alleged to kill hundreds of thousands of poor Bengalies. Most of you will remember the picture of dead body of Najibullah hanging from a traffic signal [shown above] , castrated and his penis put in his mouth. This was done in the name of Islam, as is evident from the statement by the Taliban official “He killed so many Islamic people and was against Islam and his crimes were so obvious that it had to happen. He was a communist…”.

In 1990s Shiites were killed , their Majalises were bombed, their intellectuals and community leaders were targeted, by whom, our Sunni brothers. They, not just took responsibility of it, but also took pride in it and did it as their religious duty. I feel sorry for those so-called analysts and politicians who think that all this started post 9/11. Christians and Hindues were persecuted and our ‘faithful brothers’ were involved in it. It was ‘Mullah Radio’ who was on killing spree in Swat and it was ‘Mohtaram’ Sufi Mohammad and his fellows who dugged out the dead body of Pir Sami Ullah of Swat, that was mutilated and then hanged on a crossroad.  Those were our ‘faithful brothers’ who attacked and bombed the mazar of Rehman Baba. Those were our ‘faithful brothers’ who attacked Ahmdies in Lahore. PML N Govt still holds one of them but doesn’t want the pubic to know that, he is our own home grown ‘Muslim brother’ trained in a madrissa and inspired by some so-called scholars.

Most of the above mentioned events were/are driven by the religious hatred. This hatred is still being taught, preached and propagated in most madrissas in Pakistan. This hate is also being propagated day in, day out on TV, radio and newspapers. When we allow teachings like ‘Ahmedies are murtid hence wajib Ul qatl’, ‘Shiites are blasphemous to Sahabah hence wajib ul qatl’,  ‘Braylvies are mushriq, Shirq is the worst crime of all, Data Darbar is the hub of ‘Shirq’ hence Braylvies are wajib ul qatl’, ‘Christians and Hindues are blasphemous to the Prophet Muhammad hence wajib ul qatl’, then what we are seeing is a logical consequence. Most of us were and are silent on the propagation of this hatred just because it was not against us. Muslims remained silent when Hindues are Christians were targeted by the barbarics. Braylvies and Ahmedies remained silent when Shiites were under attack. Shiites and Braylvies remained silent when Ahmedies were slaughtered. Now its the turn of Brayvlies and others are somewhat silent or just giving verbal condemnations.  As long as we come out and speak against this hatred,which is the root cause of it, we all are in it and sooner or later we will be attacked.

ظلم سہنا بھی تو ظالم کی حمایت ٹھہرا ——- خاموشی بھی تو ہوئی پشت پناہی کی طرح

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  • You know, this is all well and good, but can we please redirect our attention to more pressing issues? like umm… Kalabagh Dam for example?

    OH LOOK!!!! KALABAGH DAM! —> (♪♫♬♫ kalabaagh ♪♪ DAM ♬♫♪♫)

    تلاش گمشدہ:
    داتا صاحب پر منافقانہ، ریاکارانہ اور بہیمانہ حملے کے بعد، عزت ماب، عالی مقام، خون خونین، ابوالہول، حضوراقدس، برقعی فروش، پھانسی نما، اجہل الجاھلین، حضرت مولانا قاضی حسین احمد، مولانا برتش بترولیم عرف ڈیزل الضالمین (فزلا) اور انکے کلین شیون لوٹا بردار، برادر عمران “بیڑہ غرق کر دیا“ خان، میدان بیان بازی سے غایب ھیں۔

    چونکہ ھمیں ان حضرات سے شرم و حیا کی ذرہ برابر بھی توقع و امید نہ ھے، ھم ان سے گزارش کرتے ھیں کہ اگر اپنے پالتو “مجاھدین“ کے طالعانہ، میرا مطلب ھے، والھانہ اقدام کی مزمت کرنے کی ھمت یا جرات نہ ھے تو کم از کم، حکومت کو اسکی “نا اہلی“ پر دو چار سنا ہی دیں؟

    کیونکہ بڑا جرم یہ نہ ھے کہ حملہ کس نے کیا، یہ حملے کس لڑی کا حصہ ھیں، اسکے پیچھے کیا نظریہ ھے اور اس بھیمانہ اقدام کے نظریاتی سرپرست کون ھیں؟ بلکہ یہ کہ حکومت نے آخر ھونے کیوں دیا؟ مطلب یہ کہ بے غیرت بمبار جتنا مرضی دندنایئں، اسکی پروا نھیں، وہ مملکت پاکستان کی جڑوں پر حملہ نہیں، لیکن نکتہ یہ کہ حملہ ھونے کیوں دیا؟

    اور یہ جو سینکڑوں بے گئاہ مسلمان روزانہ ان کے چہیتے “مجاھدین“ کے “غزوات“ کا نشانہ بن رھے ھیں تو وہ تو “کولیٹرل ڈیمیج“ ھوے نا۔ جب اسلامی حکومت آےگی، تو “اٹ ول آل میک سنس“۔ اگر امریکی مسلمان کو مارے تو غلط۔ اگر طالب اور انکا سیاسی ونگ مارے تو کولیٹرل ڈیمیج
    بلے ای بلے

    “اس بے غیرتی پہ کون نہ مر جاے اے خدا“

    بےشک ایسا کام شاید مسلمان نہ کر سکتے ہوں
    طالب اور انکی سیاسی و نظریاتی سرپرست، جماعتیے،انصافییے اور ڈیزلیے ضرور کر سکتے ھیں
    کرتے رہے ھیں
    کر رہے ھیں
    کرتے رھیں گے

    جب تک ھم ان اسلام کے ٹھییکیدارون کا لایسنس ختم نھیں کرتے، یہ مسلمانوں کے خون سے “ھولی“ کھیلتے رھیں گے۔

  • My message to ‘faithful’ muslims,
    Kill as many you can, but stop using name of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (saw). It hurts more than a suicidal attack.

  • I agree with the author. How can the followers of a religion which means peace for all can do such brutal acts? The people who do this are not even Humans. They are barbaric killer s, terrorists and criminal’s punishable by law.

  • Dr Khawaja Muhammad Awais Khalil says: July 5, 2010 at 5:30 am
    حضرت سید منور حسن صاحب کا قول زریں “داتا دربار حملے میں بلیک واٹر ملوث ہے ”
    سبحان اللہ

    But Jang Group says….

    ISLAMABAD: One of the top security agencies on Wednesday picked up Raja Ehsan Aziz, a member of Tehrik-e-Islami (TI), for his alleged connections with terrorists who had attacked the Parade Lane Mosque in Rawalpindi and Moon Market in Lahore. Tehrik-e-Islami is a splinter group of the JI. Two female members of the Tehrik have already been taken into custody. Sarwat Wahid, another female member whose son’s car was used in the Parade Lane Mosque attack, is missing. Also her son, Jawad, who was studying in Faisalabad after doing A Level from Beacon House School System, is missing. Aziz, a graduate of Columbia University who also served on senior positions at the Foreign Office, is a retired professor of International Relations, Quaid-i-Azam University. His elder son is an Army doctor. Aziz was taken away from his house in G/10-3 on Wednesday evening by sleuths of the Counter-Terrorism Cell, his wife Amira Aziz told The News. Amira, an ex-MNA of Jamaat-e-Islami and now a Shura member of the Tehrik, is a religious scholar and writes columns in an Urdu daily. Aziz’s driver, Phool Zeb from Nowshera, has already been arrested as investigators found a mobile SIM allegedly used for conversation during the attacks on the Parade Lane Mosque and Moon Market, was issued in his name. Likewise, the car used in the mosque attack belonged to Jawad, the son of a Tehrik-e-Islami woman, Sarwat Wahid, a resident of I-8 Sector, Islamabad. Both of them are missing since then. Likewise, Aziz’ son, Omer, a student of Islamic International University, has not returned home for the last five days.
    Aziz has been picked up for the second time, his wife said, denying any links of the family with terrorism incidents. “I’m a sworn enemy of America and can pay any price for it but I strongly oppose terrorism within Pakistan,” Amira Aziz told The News. She said the intelligence operatives had been following the women activists of Tehrik-e-Islami for the last six months and harassed them. She alleged that her husband was beaten black and blue when picked up last time and kept in illegal custody for a night. Amira said her son, Omer, a heart patient, was very upset when intelligence guys kept his father in their custody for a night. A female member of Tehrik, Najma Sana, who lives in G-9/1, is already in the agency’s custody for the last 10 days. Sarwat Wahid, after being chased by the intelligence agency, left Islamabad for Karachi where she was again pursued by the police. Her sister and children in Karachi have been arrested to press for recovery of Sarwat who has gone underground there. Sarwat’s son, Jawad, is also missing. Tahira Mumtaz, another female member of the Tehrik, was twice called for investigation over her alleged assistance to Sarwat to flee the capital. Altaf Aziz Khattack, SHO, said he was not aware of any such incident. He asked this correspondent to take up the matter with the R A Bazaar police in whose jurisdiction the mosque was attacked. When contacted, officials of the concerned police station said that they had not arrested Ehsan Aziz, adding the Army was investigating the attack and the matter may be taken up with them. The DG ISPR could not be contacted. REFERENCE: JI splinter group leader, females held for links to suicide attackers Friday, December 18, 2009 By Umar Cheema http://thenews.com.pk/daily_detail.asp?id=214063

    Jamat e Islami Terrorist Dr. Usman was mastermind of Attack on GHQ URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeUXYXiAkyM&feature=player_embedded

  • Good article Dr Khawaja. What you’re pointing out is a little known logical tid-bit called the Scotsman Fallacy. The Scotsman reads in the paper that a terrible rape/murder has been committed by one of his countrymen, and he responds with, “No true Scotsman would do such a thing”. Of course, the criminal is as Scottish as anyone, but our Scotsman just doesn’t want to admit it-he is in denial. It takes courage to write what you wrote, Dr Khawaja. Here’s to you.

  • Rashid Saleem says:”I agree with the author. How can the followers of a religion which means peace for all do such brutal acts.”
    1. I’d be more inclined to accept that Islam is peaceful were it not for the fact that its adherents have AVERAGED more than four terror attacks per DAY since 9/11/2001. (Source ROP).
    2. I also think that Rashid has utterly missed the articles point: the Author is stating that what has happened is a consequence of the teaching in the Madrassahs.
    (Either Rashid is in denial – thus validating another of the Author’s points, or, more hopefully, he is being ironic.)

  • Islam – is the problem. Islam inspires countless followers to kill in the name of Islam. These “devout believers” then go about their religious work – killing in the name of Allah. And everyone wonders why.

    Unless Muslims reform Islam, the reality is only going to get worse. Just wait till some jihadi gets a nuke.

  • Bob Smith,

    If only Islam allowed for reform.

    1;) The Koran is a copy of ‘umm al-khatib’ and ‘good for all of time’…
    2.) Mohammed is ‘al-insan al-khamil’…. the perfect man. Koran says so, and it’s ‘good for all of time’…..

    The closest I can see to reform in Islam is the various sects.
    They’ve each moved somewhere away from ‘Salafism’….
    Atleast far enough to garner themselves a title…. Sufi, Shia, Ismaili, Ahmadi, etc…

    They obviously reformed (changed) enough to step away from the larger flock into their own mosques and such.

    And the same sects continue with their reforming every time some disgruntled Sunni shows up with an AK or bomb, looking to write his ticket to paradise in their kafir blood….