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Karo Mumkin (Make it happen) – by Nadeem Khan

I would to like narrate a very peculiar story, amongst billions. Doing my part to share it with all. A story of callousness and courage, corruption and will to earn honest livelihood and life, abundant ignorance and rare genius within this society, in this age of Indian mythology as KAAL.

An honest and literate family lived in undivided India. The father was a respected Executive Engineer in British Government, professionally Civil Engineer. They had all the perks of life with owned property, Beuk car, which only Nawabs could afford at that time, their own home, etc. Father educated his children well, in 1947 they planned to leave for their own free country, Pakistan, to serve the mother land of pure with all their lives, knowledge and efforts. How they reached Pakistan during carnage is another story, but they did succeeded in arriving at Karachi to start their new life and began their honest struggle once again.         

One of his son SK, started his career in Karachi as an engineer. Innovative honest mind and inborn will to do something good for Pakistan, he built an indigenous wind generator from his own resources to produce electricity and successfully installed it on his owned family home. With the sound grip on technology, his wind turbine generated extremely suitable quantum of electricity that his electricity bill, even during hot summer weather, reduced to zero. KESC (Karachi Electric Supply Corporation) an electricity distribution government organization, with may be thousands of qualified (?) electrical engineers and technicians on its payroll, suddenly felt the reduction of electric consumption on the SK’s electric meter and started billing him on ‘average basis’ without getting into the depth of the real cause. Upon complain by SK, KESC send their line men to check the cause and installed a new meter terming the old meter faulty. Upon frequent complains, KESC repeatedly changed 3 meters. At the end, after failing to understand the ‘ highly technical cause ’ of zero reading from SK’s property, KESC’s highly qualified engineers finally decided and disconnected the grid supply from his home all together. He filed many complains to every corner of the department and this society, but to no vain. After all this trouble, the innovative mind of our nation, had to vacate his family home with three innocent children in tears.

Now the pride of Pakistan, who is really an honor for this nation of pure, is living in a rented property since last 5 years and trying to fight the case through Wafaqi Muhtasib. He owns a good property but KESC is not willing to provide electricity to the premises. Even with this turmoil, he successfully built five more local made wind turbines from his own pocket and installed them at a village near Karachi and is providing electricity to almost 100 homes of the poor.  

This genius and pride of the nation is none other than Shah Kamal. A person, we now often watch on ‘TELENOR’s ‘Karo Mumkin’.

Is this the Pakistan, he and his family dreamt of while shifting?   

Is this the Pakistan, where almost 52% people are corrupt (because almost 52% people are stealing electricity which is simply a corruption)?

Is this the Pakistan, people like Shah Kamal, still lives on and never thinks of going abroad where talent like his is bought in billions?

Is Shah Kamal, a really honest or much stupid person, to give us the hope we need most, today?

I believe, if one can over come the fears and greed within, can make the difference and make it happen. Karo Mumkin.

About the author

Nadeem Khan

Businessman and part-time/freelance writer


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  • Due to this article, Shah Kamal has been contacted by some news men to inquire the real story and help him to raise his voice. I wish him best of luck in his endeavours for Pakistan. This blog site has performed the task ‘Karo Mumkin.’ Thanks

  • This is a great piece of work. I know for a fact people are working on their own but not on a very large scale. But my real concern is that things like these are being exploited by corporates. I have written something in this connection. I hope you guys will look at it and give me a feedback.

  • I wish Pakstan to flourish further but in this economic system of Capitalism,Jageerdari Nizam it can’t be built a stronger Paksitan but a weaker and weaker Pakistan.

    God given Paksitan must remain in His possesion and people need only their basic human rights. But I have’t seen this in the past 63 years of my life and in this system of Capitalism that it will be materialized.
    1st we have to change the system!! Otherwise it will be slogans only.


    Muhammad Tufail Shad