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Muslims of Burma and lesser Muslims of Pakistan – by Nusrat Javed

In the following op-ed in Urdu daily Express, veteran columnist Nusrat Javed shames those (Imran Khan, Munawar Hasan, Nawaz Sharif, Hafiz Saeed, Ahmed Ludhianvi, Hakeemullah Mehsud etc) who are issuing statements and/or organizing protests in support of Muslims of Burma (Myanmar) but are silent on (or complicit to) the ongoing genocide of the lesser Muslims of Pakistan, i.e., Shia Muslims.

Nusrat Javed also reminds Ansar Burney (and other human rights activists and civil society leaders) that while visa to Burma may be denied, a visit to Parachinar and Quetta would not require a visa.

Unlike certain other dishonest journalists who circulate ISI-HDP propaganda to misrepresent Shia genocide in Quetta as an ethnic, Hazara specific issue, Nusrat Javed rightly acknowledges that Shias of all ethnic backgrounds (Hazara, Punjabi, Pashtun, Baloch etc) are being killed in Quetta and vicinity.

He also highlights the pro-Jihadist, pro-Salafist tendencies of two TV channels Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya which are quick to broadcast audio- or video-messages of the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Free Syrian Army etc but remain silent not only on the situation in Bumra but also on the persecution of Shia Muslims in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and Shia genocide in Pakistan at the hands of the Taliban, AQ and sister militant organizations (ASWJ,LEJ etc).

Interestingly, not a single time in Nusrat Javed’s article, the word ‘Shia’ has been used (he uses the word “Muslim” in inverted commas) which is consistent with Pakistani State’s and media’s policy of ignoring, suppressing and censoring the faith identity of Pakistan’s Shia Muslims.


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  • lanat ha nusrat javed shia tuj pe>
    tere elaaj b bs ek 9mm ki bULlet hi ha.
    parachinaar me 3000 AHLESUNNAT SHAHEED Kr dye gaye aaj pury parachinar me ek b AHLESUNNAT KI MASJID nai ha
    tuje wo nazar nai aata hraami .????
    quetta k swines jb marty hain tu rota ha SYRIA K MUSLIMS KA KHOON NA HAQ nazar naaai aata??
    lanat ha dunya k tamam shio pe

  • Awe BAYAZEED Motherfuker no pne has been killed 3000 sunni muslim i live in Peshawar and i am Sunni pashtun muslim,i am a victim of sevral times invansion on poor shia muslims in Peshawar.As a sunni Muslim i am not happy at all with that and about SYRIA you count needs to read somenews and then say IN SYRIA they fought against thier own Government bcoz of no reseaon dickhead.

  • Dear Yaldaram

    Hate mongers like you should not be given access to a computer, tum mahaz aik takhti kay qabil ho… You need to be locked up in some mental asylum forever.

    Main sunni hoon, aur tum par aur tum jaisay sub kunjaron par hazaar baar laanat bhaijta hoon… Nabi, Deen aur Khuda kay naam par jo nafrat phailatay hain, un say hisaab roz hashar khoob liyay jayay ga.. InshaAllah.


    Tuj pr lannat ho?
    tumhary pas bullet k elawa hy kia?
    Dalil se bat kro, me b sunni hon, aur hamain parachinar me koi khatra ni hy