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Internet Crime Alert: The IP trail of Dr Shahid Qureshi (aka Earthman International Professor) of The London Post

Update: Watch this man: Part 1 of this post

Dr Shahid Qureshi aka International Professor is a dangerous man. He is a secret member of the Hizbut-Tahrir (writers’ cell of the Al-Qaeda), an affiliate of the Sipah-e-Sahaba and Taliban, and has been seen spreading malicious propaganda and hate speech (inciting to violence) against certain ethnic and religious groups in Pakistan and abroad including Ahmadis, Shias, Barelvis, Hindus, Christians, Jews etc.

Thousands of Shias and Ahmadis have been killed in recent months in Pakistan which may be at least partially attributed to hate speech by Dr Shahid Qureshi aka Earthman International Professor and his associates.

We have now spent some time in researching the IP trail of Dr Shahid Qureshi (and his other aliases) from various websites and email groups on which he has been spreading hate speech against Ahmadis, Shias, Barelvis, Christians, Jews etc.

The results are astounding. This person has appeared with the following different names with two IPs (probably one from his home, and the other from his place of work) in Virginia, USA.

Here is a complete detail.
Country: United States
State/Region: Virginia
ISP: Verizon Internet Services
Country: United States
State/Region: Virginia
ISP: Comcast Cable

The London Post

Dr Shahid Qureshi

Dr Shahid Qureshi

Human Rights Justice Forum

Information Press

His affiliate in the USA: Syed Adeeb

Syed Adeeb

Syed Adeeb

Adeeb Media

Here is an outcome of the domain search on “The London Post” www.thelondonpost.net

owner-c: AI-123322
admin-c: AI-123322
tech-c: AI-300624
bill-c: AI-300624
nserver: webs01.brains.net
nserver: webs03.brains.net
created: 2007-07-09 16:14:12
expires: 2011-07-09 16:14:12
changed: 2009-10-11 09:38:30

contact-handle: AI-123322
contact: Dr Shahid Qureshi
organisation: SQ and Co
address: 27 Gloucester Street
address: London
address: London
address: WC1N 3XX
address: GB
phone: +44.7764184908
email: shahid27uk@yahoo.com

contact-handle: AI-300624
contact: Hostmaster
address: Units H, J, K
address: Gateway 1000
address: Whittle Way
address: Stevenage
address: England
address: SG1 2FP
address: GB
phone: +44.1438342490
fax: +44.1438300137
email: support@lcn.com

Dr Shahid Qureshi and his affiliate Syed Adeeb, Abid Ullah Jan may also be linked with another mysterious entity on the internet, namely Earthman, International Professor, who actively spreads hate speech and incites to violence.  We request law enforcement agencies in Pakistan, US, UK and other countries to investigate the hate speech and incitement to violence by the above described network.

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Internet Crime Alert – Watch this man “Earthman, International Professor”. He is dangerous. Involved in hate speech and pro-terrorism propaganda.

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  • He looks more like a doodh wala than an international professor. Apologies for this below the belt comment.

  • Brilliant. Well done LUBP. We need to expose all of these coward hate mongers like this. One down, many to go …

  • very good work, this guy syed adeeb send nonsense emails , i read it only couple of times but after that i never wasted my time in reading utter non sense and hate speech..these guys should be tracked and exposed

  • Apparently Jamaat Islami is fond of Dr Shahid Qureshi and The London Post. Is it because this newspaper is based in Mansoora, Lahore. Here is an interesting exchange between JI and MQM:

  • میں انتظار کروں گا کہ کب شاہد قریشی بی حامد میر کی طرح مخالف کیمپ میں آتے ہیں۔ ویسے حزب التحریر کا رکن برطانیہ میں کوئی جرم نہیں ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

  • Hate speech against Ahmadis (Qadiyanis) and Muhajirs by Dr Shahid Qureshi:


    MQM and Qadiyanis in the Israeli Army
    October 9, 2008 by TMO

    By Dr Shahid Qureshi – Courtesy the London Post

    More Qadiyanis serve in the Israeli Armed Forces than Pakistan according to a book, Israel: A Profile, by a respected Jewish Professor, I.T Naomi. He stated: ‘… and the Ahmadi sect of some 600 people from Pakistan can also serve in the (Israeli) army…’ To many analysts, Qadiaynis are a political issue and have always been a security problem. In India, Qadiyanis have collected and donated thousands to the Indian Army fund after Kargil.
    On 15th February 1987, Pakistani Foreign Minister Sahibzada Yakub Khan declared in the National Assembly that there were 328 Qadiyani officers of different ranks in the Pakistan Armed Forces. According to his report 1, Lt. General, 5 Brigadiers in the army and 1 similar rank in the Air Force = 6, Colonial 10 Army, 2 Navy, 3 Air Force= 15, Lt. Colonials 56 Army, 6 Navy, 11 Air Force = 73, Major 135 Army, 5 Navy, 16 Air Force = 156, Captain 58 Army, 5 Navy, 14 Air Force = 77, Total 328.
    Now the question is after 20 years where are these officers? How far up have they gone? What is their current status in the armed forces and intelligence agencies? “Qadiyanis were created for political reasons and also to confuse the Muslims especially on the matter of ‘jihad”, said a senior analyst.
    ‘Give peace to the Ahmadis if you want peace in Karachi’, in 1995 a very senior Qadiyani leader said to me while sitting in one of his fully licensed restaurant at Wilmslow Road, Manchester. It was the time when Benazir Bhutto’s government was doing ‘operation clean up’ in Karachi under interior minister Naseerullah Babar.
    I had an invitation to attend a conference on Human Rights at the United Nations–in this context a close friend took me to see Mr. Altaf Hussain at his London offices in August 1995. They showed us some videos about the bad treatment to their workers in Karachi. In the context of ‘Jinnahpur conspiracy’ allegations, I suggested Mr Altaf Husain, ‘don’t say anything which you cannot take back like Mujeeb-ur- Rehman’s six points’. As liver damage caused by drinking alcohol and smoking of hashish are irreversible.
    Tariq Aziz reportedly Qadiyani relative of Rehman Malik and former president Musharaf’s National Security Advisor, has been hired for the ‘track two diplomacy with India’. His rank and salary would be equivalent to a federal minister. No wonder MQM and PPP are reportedly planning to move a motion in the parliament to undo the declaration of Qadiaynis as non Muslims by ZA Bhutto led Parliament on 7th September 1974.
    On 8th September 2008, Mr Altaf Hussain said, ‘a widespread conspiracy against the MQM of sending fax letters and emails to individuals and to Imam Bargahs and Mosques domestically and internationally inciting hatred and provocations against Shiite and Ahmadi sects to malign the image of the MQM and falsely portray it to be against Shiite and Ahmadi sects.”
    Altaf Hussain prayed for the forgiveness of Mirza Tahir Ahmad, a Qadiyani leader who died in London few of years ago. One wonders why Altaf did not attend his funeral? As a matter of courtesy one expects to say condolences provided the other side accept? Sir Zafrullah did not attend the funeral of Muhammad Ali Jinnah (father of the nation) conducted by a Sunni Muslim.
    Altaf Hussain prayed for the forgiveness of Qadiyani leader Mirza Tahir but have they accepted his condolences?
    Impact magazine wrote: ‘The National Assembly (in 1974) would go to remove a long standing but an unnecessary anomaly. The decision would serve only to formalise the defacto even de jure position. The problem had arisen not because the Muslims in some fit of orthodoxy or fanaticism wanted to ‘excommunicate’ any group of people. Its origin, on the other hand, lay in the assumption by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadiyan of Messiahship, and prophethood and as a consequence, branding those who did not believe in him to be outside the pale of his Islam.
    The Qadiyani view of their relationship with Muslims was well summarised by their second caliph, Mirza Mahmud Ahmad:
    “Our worship has been separated from the non Ahmadis, we are prohibited from giving our daughters (in marriage) to them and we have been stopped from offering prayers for their dead. What then left that we can do together? There are two kinds of ties: one religious the other mundane. The greatest expression of the religious bond is in common worship and in matters mundane, these are the ties of family and marriage. But then both are forbidden (haram) to us. If you say that we are permitted to take their daughter (in marriage), then I would reply that we are allowed to marry the daughters of Christians as well. If you say why do we Salam (salute) to non- Ahmadis, then the reply to this is that … the Prophet (Muhammad) has said Salam to the Jews… Thus the Promised Messiah (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) has separated us, in all possible ways, from the others; and there is no kind of relationship which is particular to Muslims and we are not forbidden from (entering into) that”, (Kalimatul Fazsl’, by Mirza Mahmud Ahmad in Review of Religions).
    In 1935 that Sir Mohammad Iqbal, a poet philosopher asked the British Government to declare the Qadiyanis as separate community just as they done with the Sikhs. Sir Iqbal said, ‘the Qadiyanis while pursuing a policy of separation in religion and social matters’, however, anxious to remain politically with the fold. The Qadiyanis will never take initiative for separation’, argued Sir Iqbal because their small number (56,000) according to 1931 census would not entitle them ‘even to a single seat in any legislature. The Qadiyanis asked the British Government that, ‘our rights too should be recognised like those of Parsees and Christians reported (Al Fadhi 13th November 1946).
    “It was common knowledge that Jalaluddin Qamar, the Ahmedyah Missionary of Rabwah had been serving in Israel since 1956 when Ch. Muhammad Sharif was called back to Pakistan from Israel. All Qadiyani missionaries who had been formerly posted in Israel since 1928 namely J.D Shams, Allah Dita Jalundhari, Rashid Ahmed Chaughtai, Noor Ahmad and Ch. Sharif lived in Rabwah after serving in Israel. Their families had mysterious contact channels when they were in Israel”, wrote Bashir Ahmad in ‘Ahmadiyah Movement: British Jewish Connection.
    As far as Jewish help and support is concerned, Mirza Mubarak Ahmad, grandson of the Qadiyani prophet has himself acknowledged in his book ‘OUR FOREIGN MISSIONS’, PP. 79-80 in the following words: “The Ahmadiyya mission in Israel is situated in Haifa at Mount Karmal. We have a mosque there, a mission house, a library, a book depot and a school”.
    According to latest reports ‘Altaf Hussain is receiving instructions from foreign players including Indians and $ millions from the business community in Karachi’. He had many meetings with US diplomat Robin Raphael reportedly. Therefore when Altaf Hussain says, ‘LOC should be made permanent border’, he seemingly follows the Indo-US line on Kashmir. According to Milligazette.com, ‘US Intentions in Kashmir’ by M. Ahmad Kazmi:
    “The US policy-makers in the post-cold war era seem to be increasingly aggressive to implement the Dixon Plan in Kashmir for attaining ultimate target of having a foothold in the region and to use Kashmir as their main operations station. Before going into the US activities in the region it would be useful to understand the broad framework of the Dixon Plan. Named after its author Sir Owen Dixon, who was the UN representative for India and Pakistan in 1950, the plan envisages a division of Kashmir between India and Pakistan. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru favoured this plan, but it was a non-starter because Liyaqat Ali Khan, the then prime minister of Pakistan, rejected it. The US policy makers have resurrected this plan in recent years with some refinement. In the first phase, the idea of recognizing the Line of Control (LOC) as an international border is being mooted through different quarters”.
    A senior analyst said, ‘Altaf Hussain’s latest filtration with the Qadiyanis is not a coincident? So what is he up to? Start civil war in Karachi? Cripple the economy? If Altaf Hussain goes down that route then Government of Pakistan should ask for his extradition, closure of so called ‘international secretariat’, international investigation into MQM funds starting from London, Dubai, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Canada and United States. Otherwise it will not be possible to provide a safe route to NATO and allied forces 80% supplies and 40% fuel delivered in Afghanistan via Karachi port? United States and allies need to inform the world what are their real objectives in Afghanistan?’
    (Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior award wining investigative journalist and writer on security, foreign policy, and terrorism based in London)

  • Hate speech and disinformation against Shias:


    Who’s behind Pak-Iran Tension?
    Dr Shahid Qureshi, UK

    Saturday February 21 2009 21:43:58 PM BDT

    There was no justification of attack on Pakistan embassy in Tehran and burning of Pakistani flag by some Iranian thugs and enemies of friendship between the two countries in front of police. There is no doubt that Shia-Sunni clashes in tribal areas of Pakistan are work of enemies of Pakistan . It is an internal matter no one should take sides and get into the trap of Iranian Shia Left and Pakistani stooges. Unfortunately if Iran has foreign agents in hundreds current numbers in Pakistan might be in thousands. Pakistan has its own problems and so is Iran. Pakistanis have always been tolerant and had inclusive approach never put religious beliefs in choosing its politicians.

    According to news reports on 18th February 2009, “protesting against Shia-Sunni clashes of Parachinar, hundred or so Iranians attacked Pakistan Embassy in front of the security services and police. They held placards saying “Death to Wahabies”, “Death to Taliban”, “Death to Yazidyaat”, “Death to America ” “Death to American allies”, etc.

    This development is rattling some Sunni Arab governments, but for Washington , it could be a chance to build bridges with the region’s Shiites, especially in Iran “.

    Those who have been shouting anti-Taliban slogans in Iran and burning Pakistan flag must know that it was half Iranian Shia, Benzair Bhutto who supported, nurtured and created Taliban with the support of her foreign masters. Benazir’s minister Nasser Ullah Babur use to call Taliban ‘my boys’. She apologized for creating and supporting Taliban at London School of Economics in front of large a gathering in May 2007. Religion in politics does not matter in Pakistan. Iran should be careful with its Shia Left and Right!

    Pakistan’s Shias are very well integrated with full liberty to practice their faith in harmony with the majority Sunni population. There are approximately 14000 registered Sunni and 380 Shia madrassas in Pakistan , which are functioning peacefully according to the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

    ZA Bhutto was Shia introduced in politics by Skandar Mirz (who was from the line of traitor Mir Jafar) a staunch Shia currently buried in Mashhad – Iran. His Iranian wife Naheed Skindar Mirza was wife of Iranian Military Attaché in Islamabad whom SM started an affair before her divorce. She was instrumental in 2nd Marriage of Zulifqar Ali Bhutto with Nusrat Isphani mother of Benazir.

    Benazir Bhutto was married by a Shia Imam to Asif Zardari but people of Pakistan elected Ms Bhutto and her father prime minister of Pakistan twice and her husband President. Third re-launching of Benazir Bhutto (and now Zardari) had a Shia dimension too? The Americanized Shia President Zardari is behaving and dressing like Iranian leaders? Benazir and Zardari’s links with Zionist lobby and complete reliance on foreign actors, Benazir Bhutto’s murder investigation by UN is a clear sign of mistrust on Pakistani institutions?

    PPP was formed in the house of a Shia, Dr Mubshar Hassan, Bhutto’s finance minister according to reports. MQM also formed and overly represented in leadership by the mostly leftist Shias like John Elia, Raees Emrovhee, Shanshaha Hussain, Abbas Kumeli, Haider Abbas Rizivi and many others. Both the above parties are in complete patronage of India and US! Senator Mushahid Husain the brain of former ruling party PMLQ, Faisal Salah Hayat former interior minister, SM Zafar former law minister, lawyer Naeem Bukhari (reportedly used by Gen Mushraf to sack CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry), Dr Shireen Mazari, spokesperson of Imran Khan’s PTI, Prof Mehdi Hassan, Naseem Zahra, Hasan Askri Rizvi also come from Shia background.

    Does Sunnis in Iran have same high positions, liberties, and freedoms as Shias in Pakistan ? For example many known and reported Shias of Pakistan are in high political and government positions doing their jobs without any problems. President Asif Zardari, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani, Information Minster Sherry Rehman, Governor State Bank Saleem Raza, Secretary Defence Athar Ali, DG ISPR Maj Gen Athar Abbas brother of renowned journalists Azhar Abbas (Former GEO TV- DAWN TV), Mazhar Abbas (AFP), and Zafar Abbas (BBC). Former Pakistan ’s ambassador to US Abida Hussain her daughter newly elected Senator Kalsum Imam, Senator Faisal Raza Abidi, Faisal Sabzwari, Sind Chief Minister, deputy speaker Sind Assembly Shela Raza PPP and many others. So when, ‘Khurshid Kasuri former Foreign Minister said to the Iranian Foreign Minister, “Pakistani Shias are not like Sunnis in Iran”. He meant the above?

    Since 2001, US policy is quite focused on Shias and Sunnis. On the one hand US siding with Shias in Iraq and Afghanistan against Sunnis but on the other hand supporting Sunnis in Middle East against Shia Hezbollah and Syria. Interestingly the wizard of the US policy on Shias and Sunnis is Vali Nasar son of Husain Nasr who was close to Shah of Iran. He is Professor at the US Naval Postgraduate School, an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. He tells people what they want to hear not what they should know!

    Vali Nasr wrote in Foreign Affairs, July/August 2006, ‘When the Shiites Rise’, “By toppling Saddam Hussein, the Bush administration has liberated and empowered Iraq’s Shiite majority and has helped launch a broad Shiite revival that will upset the sectarian balance in Iraq and the Middle East for years to come. This development is rattling some Sunni Arab governments, but for Washington , it could be a chance to build bridges with the region’s Shiites, especially in Iran “.

    The great game of weakening Pakistan was going on for few years but now it has taken pace and no one seems to be bothered? Main features of the game are (1) Humiliation of Pakistan armed forces, (2) Taking over nuclear assets (3) Installing minority group people in powerful positions, which Zardari is already doing. (4) Use minority groups as collaborators. It did not fully work in Iraq but did bring chaos and destruction.

    Zafar Hashmi in an article published on 11th January 2005 titled, ‘The Shia Strategy in Iraq and Pakistan ’ wrote, “The two most repressive governments from the Shia point of view i.e. the government of Taleban and the regime of Saddam Hussein have disappeared. He wrote, ‘The only way to prevent suicide bombings is through intelligence gathering of the enemy or in other words we have to infiltrate SSP and keep an eye on their activities. If some of our brothers join and infiltrated SSP or LJ then we can keep track of their activities and plans. Any intelligence that we gather on SSP or LJ can be simply passed to the Pakistani security agencies who are closely working with the Americans. In this way we neither have to kill, attack, injure, or hurt anybody. All we are doing is passing the information and the rest is done by the agencies themselves.

    Its about time we drop the slogan of ‘Death to America ‘ once and for all. We haven’t achieved anything through such hollow slogans. We should stop living in this Utopia and face the reality. Its time we close the foreign front against America and concentrate on the local enemy whose sole aim is the destruction of the Shias in Pakistan . MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from “www.iranian.com” claiming to be “http://www.iranian.com/Opinion/2005/January/Shia/index.html”

    Professor Vali Nasr, while addressing at a program on ‘America and Islam after Bush’, organised by The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life on December 8, 2008 said, ‘ Post-Saddam Iraq is the first Shia Arab state in history. That represents a major turning of the tide. What the U.S. did in Iraq was to showed a path to empowerment for the Shia, first through regime change and secondly through elections”.

    The News reported on 28th July 2008, that (mostly Shia), “The Hazaras in Quetta have been targeted repeatedly in the past. They suffered casualties which have been sectarian and ethnic biased”. It is reported that the Americans are using Shia Hazars as interpreters in Afghanistan against Taliban and that could have led to attacks on them.

    The use of Shias as collaborators is nothing new in the history. Both Mir Sadaiq who betrayed Tipu Sultan and Mir Jafar, who betrayed Sirajudullah in the Battle of Plassy in Bengal , supported and collaborated with British invaders were Shias. Fall of Bengal was the key to the 200 years British rule in India ? Historically, “Vengeful Shiites volunteered help to the Mongols in Mosul and other places along their march. The caliph’s vizier, or chief minister, was himself a Shiite of uncertain loyalty. Islamic opinion afterward held that the vizier, al-Alkamzi, vilely betrayed the caliph and conspired with the Mongols; an exhortation in Muslim school books used to say, “Let him be cursed of God who curses not al-Alkamzi.” As fighting began, Hulagu, acknowledging the importance of Shiite support, prudently posted guard detachments of a hundred Mongol horsemen at the most sacred Shiite shrines in Najef and Karbala wrote Ian Frazier April 25, 2005 in The New Yorker.

    ” Iran may be bombastic but Pakistan has the Bomb”, wrote Douglas Bloomfield in The Jerusalem Post on 3rd September 2008, ” Iran may boast of great strides in its pursuit of nuclear, missile and satellite technology, but analysts say its progress is no match for its overblown rhetoric. But Pakistan doesn’t need to boast. It already has a stockpile estimated at 60 or more nuclear warheads and North Korean ballistic missiles and US-made F-16s to deliver them.”

    No country should take sides on the basis of religious beliefs because Shias and Sunnis co-existed for hundred of years all required is to save themselves from abuse and keep their house in order. No doubt there would be minor religious tensions but internationalising them is like asking for trouble. What is happening in Kuram Agency now or in the past, Iranians have no control over it and they have their own big problems too. When tensions between Catholics and Protestants were at the height in Northern Ireland , Britain did not ask Italian Catholic Pope to intervene or sign an international Catholic – Protestant peace deal. We never saw any protest outside British Embassy in Vatican ( Rome ) when Catholics and Protestant riots broke out in Northern Ireland.

    Dr Shahid Qureshi is award wining journalist and writer on foreign policy & security based in London . He has written his MA thesis on ‘Political Thought of Khomeini and visited Tehran University ). E Mail : ukcorrespondent@hotmail.com

  • Hate speech against Jews:


    British Jews Serving in Israeli Occupation Forces

    By Dr Shahid Qureshi
    The London Post, July 18, 2009

    It is reported that Israeli occupation forces (so-called Israeli Defense Forces) soldiers from Europeans, US and other nationalities might be returning back to their countries after taking part in the Gaza War and might have committed war crimes. It is responsibility of the countries to make sure to prosecute their citizens who were involved in war crimes under international law and conventions.

    “As Israel’s anti-terror operation entered its twelfth day yesterday, a British IDF soldier who was injured by gunfire in Gaza spoke exclusively to the Jewish News from his hospital bed about his efforts to avoid civilian casualties while the bloody battles are being fought. Avi Cohen was shot by a Hamas terrorist early on Monday morning, two days after he led his paratrooper unit of 20 soldiers into battle. The 23-year-old – whose grandfather was the late Rabbi Cyril Shine of the Central Synagogue, Great Portland Street (London) – said he had been in fierce gun fights with

    Hamas throughout the days he was in the Gaza Strip, and at all times did his best to make sure it was the terrorists and not local people who got hurt. “But unfortunately it’s a war and there are casualties on both sides. It is very hard; we didn’t come here for that,” Cohen said reported `Jewish News’ 8th January 2009. Earlier a British born Major of the IDF was killed in Lebanon war with Hezbollah in 2006.

    It is illegal under the Foreign Enlistment Act 1870 (c.90) for a British Citizen to serve in the armed forces of another country

    British Member of House of Lords, Lord Ahmed asked a question in the upper house of the parliament on 26th January 2009,”Whether any British citizens are serving in the Israeli Defence Force or the Israeli Defence Reserves”?

    In response to that Lord Malloch – Brown, Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office responded, “other than press reports, the UK Government do not possess information about whom the Israeli Government have called up to serve in the Israel Defence Forces or the Israeli Defence Reserves, including any dual nationals. Only the Israeli Government would have this information. He further stated, “Anybody who has broken the fourth protocol of the Geneva Convention deserves to meet justice in some court or another”.

    “At purpose-built barracks in the Negev desert, every summer hundreds of Jewish teenagers from Europe, Mexico and America pay to spend nine weeks saluting, marching, firing guns and otherwise pretending to be soldiers. Marva, run by the Educational and Youth Corps of the Israel Defence Force and conducted entirely in Hebrew, simulates the basic training of Israeli conscripts for 18-28 year old members of the Diaspora. Dressed in boots and olive fatigues, and obliged to carry an M16 assault rifle at all times, school leavers on gap years do push ups in the dust, perform night marches with laden stretchers, maintain civil defence shelters, fire machine guns at paper figures and simulate military manoeuvres, as well as taking classes in Jewish identity and the history and values of the IDF. Karaoke and dance-offs also feature. With the security situation improving, increasing numbers of British Jews, through youth groups such as RSY Netzer and Federation of Zionist Youth, are signing up to one of the four 120-strong sessions held every year. One half are girls, and large numbers come from public schools in Manchester and North London”, wrote Mathew Holehouse in New Statesman titled “The British children who train to fight in Israel “, published 3rd September 2007.

    On Sunday 19th August 2007, in heaven and earth morning Show BBC followed the journey of a young British Jewish couple to Israel and Occupied Jerusalem. The young orthodox Jewish couple with a young daughter moved out of Britain because they said we faced discrimination and anti-Semitism in the British society. They were granted Israeli citizenship upon arrival as part of Jewish right of return and a nice flat with windows over looking `Al-Aqsa Mosque’ and veiling wall. Some of these immigrants will join Israeli Defence Forces.

    More than 14,000 American Jews from across the religious spectrum serving in the Jewish state’s military. According to Israeli government statistics, 4,419 are on active duty and 9,831 are in the reserves. There is no exact figure available of British Citizens serving in the Israeli Defence Forces but they are in thousands because over 30000 British Jews have moved to Israel .

    Some of them must be killing and shooting Palestinians in Occupied Territories ? Are they terrorist authorised and trained by a state? A London based Jewish paper published photo on front page of a Jewish British citizen Major of Israeli Armed Forces who was killed in action fighting against Hizbullah last year in Lebanon . How bizarre is that?

    What if British or US citizen Pakistanis of Kashmiri origin go and fight against occupying Indian forces in Jamu and Kashmir ? What if British or US citizen Palestinians and Arabs go and fight with Israeli occupying forces? Would they be called terrorist? Would they become terrorist or freedom fighters participating in a legitimate freedom struggle recognised by the United Nation?

    Only Jews from US, Britain , Canada and around the world have this privilege of joining Israeli Armed Forces, bombing, shooting and killing innocent Palestinians in Occupied Territories and returning back to their countries with clean slate, or voting by post in the US elections? There is no shortage of ex-mossad agent/trained bodyguards to hire if you are rich in London .

    It is illegal under the Foreign Enlistment Act 1870 (c.90) for a British Citizen to serve in the armed forces of another country because:

    “If any person, without the license of Her Majesty, being a British subject, within or without Her Majesty’s dominions, accepts or agrees to accept any commission or engagement in the military or naval service of any foreign state at war with any foreign state at peace with Her Majesty, and in this Act referred to as a friendly state, or whether a British subject or not within Her Majesty’s dominions, induces any other person to accept or agree to accept any commission or engagement in the military or naval service of any such foreign state as aforesaid,— He shall be guilty of an offence against this Act, and shall be punishable by fine and imprisonment, or either of such punishments, at the discretion of the court before which the offender is convicted; . . .”

    (Annotations: Amendments (Textual) Words omitted by virtue of (E.W.) Criminal Justice Act 1948 (c. 58), s. 1(2) and (S.) Criminal Procedure ( Scotland ) Act 1975 (c. 21), s. 221(2))

    Millions of displaced Palestinians whose lands and houses have been taken by the Israelis cannot return to their own homes. Theses actions of Israel are racist and discriminatory and violate the fundamental human rights of Palestinians according to UN declaration of Human Rights. British Jews and pro Israel elements are enjoying power and influence in the United Kingdom . They have blend in the British society and their visibility is not as obvious as other communities and religious minorities living in the United Kingdom .

    “£40 million has been given to build a Jewish School (Jewish Madrassa) in Barnet, North London , despite local opposition”, according to London Evening Standard published 10th August 2007. Residents in Barnet objected to the Jewish Community Secondary School because of the impact of its proposed access drive on traffic and environment’. The school will be built on the site of existing East Barnet Upper School .

    Around two hundred British orthodox Jews immigrated to Israel with the help of US based charity Nefesh B’Nefesh, last year. Around 30,000 British Jews have permanently moved to Israel as part of Jewish right of return. The US based charity-hired planes for the families moving to Israel . They were warmly welcomed at the airport.

    Rabbi Yehoshua Fass, founder, executive director of Nefesh B’Nefesh, after receiving his rabbinic ordination and degrees in biology and education from Yeshiva University , moved to Florida as a Judaic fellow in the Judaic Fellows Program. Nefesh B’Nefesh is a foundation whose sole mission is to revitalize immigration to Israel by eliminating the obstacles that prevent and hinder those who dream and will to move to Israel .

    The first flight to Israel arrived on Tuesday, July 10th, 2007 and brought 220 new immigrants from North America . The oldest immigrant is 86 and the youngest is 11 months old. The new immigrants to Israel came from US States of Arizona, California , Colorado , Connecticut , District of Columbia , Florida , Georgia , Illinois , Maryland , Massachusetts , Missouri , New Jersey , New York , Ohio , Pennsylvania , South Carolina , Texas , Virginia and Washington . The new immigrants will be moving to 33 cities throughout Israel , including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem , Haifa and Ra’anana known for their large Anglo populations.

    Over the course of this summer, more than 2,200 North American and British Jews are expected to immigrate to Israel through Nefesh B’Nefesh, on seven specially chartered planes and eight Aliyah group flights.

    Among the thousands of new summer immigrants making Aliyah to Israel will be three pulpit Rabbis (Orthodox, Conservative and Reform), 28 family members including three siblings and their cousins; 8 new Israel Defence Forces soldiers and a 3-generation family. Over the past five years, the number of Jews from the US and Canada has increased by about 80 percent. According to Nefesh B’Nefesh, over 3,500 people will make aliyah from North America during the summer of 2007.

    The Aliyah Department of the Jewish Agency for Israel is anticipating that immigration to Israel from North America will increase between 5 and 10 percent this year, marking the highest year for aliyah from North America in 25 years. In 2006, 3,200 residents of the US and Canada formally became Israeli citizens, the highest figure since 1983.

    In 2006, NBN extended its Aliyah expertise and success experience in initial efforts to assist in boosting aliyah from the United Kingdom . Upon arrival, many of the new immigrants from the US , Canada and England to Israel will be encouraged to join on-line Anglo support groups.

    Should US citizens living in Israel vote in American elections? A simple survey conducted by a recent Israeli immigrant resulted in 79 participants. The results revealed that 73% think that Americans living in Israel should still vote, while 26% said NO, and 1% said it depends. According to the results, there seems to be a misunderstanding about voting rights of Americans.

    A former British commander of UN forces Col Bob Stewart said in a TV debate something like, `those in the Israeli Army who deliberately fired (bombed), (Phosphorus) at civilians might have committed war crimes and if they did son they are not soldiers but terrorists

    ( Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior award wining writer on security, foreign policy, and terrorism based in London)


  • Hate speech against Ahmadis:


    Terrorist attacks on ‘Qadiyani Centres’ in Lahore

    By Dr Shahid Qureshi
    Monday 31 May 2010
    The attacks on the Qadiyani places of worship in Lahore and deaths of innocent people are surely attack on the sovereignty of Pakistan. It is not the first time that places of worships attacked by terrorists in Pakistan. As matter of common courtesy one can extend condolences to the victim’s families and Qadiyani community in Pakistan on this tragic incident. Over 25000 Pakistanis have lost their lives in the ‘war of revenge’ launched by defence contractors and international arms dealers and bankers after the 9/11,2001, which is yet to be criminally investigated.

    Qadiyani community is always seen as influential and privileged since its birth during British Raj. It enjoyed being close to all the rulers of Pakistan especially during General Musharaf’s rule due to his personal links with the minority. This closeness of rulers did not end with the departure of Musharaf as current rulers are as loyal to the minority as the previous, Rehman Malik, Manzoor Watto, Salman Taseer, Tariq Aziz are well known sympathisers. It is also referred as ‘Israeli Lobby’ in Pakistan due to their Zionist links and fully functioning centres in Israel.

    Over a year ago a London based think tank ‘Chatham House’s expert was talking about Northern Punjab at Imperial College in a seminar where an Indian journalist was sitting to nod his head on his remarks. It is not strange that Qadiyani sympathiser Rehman Malik interior minister saying exactly the same thing? He always implicates all the Sunni groups within minutes of incidents to further provoke sectarian feelings and play international game. People knows what ‘grid’ he is on.

    “Give peace to the Ahmadis if you want peace in Karachi’, in 1995 a very senior Qadiyani leader said to me while sitting in one of his fully licensed restaurant at Wilmslow Road Manchester. It was the time when Benazir Bhutto’s government was doing ‘operation clean up’ in Karachi under interior minister Naseerullah Babar. The above comment is off course loaded but also seem in the Lahore attack context that perhaps they have been used and might have been targeted in a ‘friendly fire’ by the international arms dealers.

    As an open-minded Muslim leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah father of nation appointed Sir Zafarullah Khan a Qadiyani, his first foreign minister of Pakistan who did not attend his funeral conducted by a Sunni scholar Shabeer Ahmed Usmani, considering Mr Jinnah as non-Muslim (non Ahmadi). In a hypothetical scenario as far as the integration of the Qadiyanis with the rest of the Muslim community is concerned doors for the non-Ahmadis are shut.

    The Qadiyani view of their relationship with rest of the Muslims was well summarised by their second caliph, Mirza Mahmud Ahmad: “Our worship has been separated from the non–Ahmadis, we are prohibited from giving our daughters (in marriage) to them and we have been stopped from offering prayers for their dead. What then left that we can do together? There are two kinds of ties: one religious the other mundane. The greatest expression of the religious bond is in common worship and in matters mundane, these are the ties of family and marriage. But then both are forbidden (haram) to us. If you say that we are permitted to take their daughter (in marriage), then I would reply that we are allowed to marry the daughters of Christians as well. If you say why do we Salam (salute) to non- Ahmadis, then the reply to this is that … the Prophet (Muhammad) has said Salam to the Jews… Thus the Promised Messiah (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) has separated us, in all possible ways, from the others; and there is no kind of relationship which is particular to Muslims and we are not forbidden from (entering into) that”, (Kalimatul Fazsl’, by Mirza Mahmud Ahmad in Review of Religions).

    Altaf Hussain prayed for the forgiveness of Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiyani leader, who died in London few of years ago. One wonders why Altaf did not attend his funeral? As a matter of courtesy one expects to say condolences provided the other side accept? MQM reportedly ‘offered to provide security to Qadiyani centres’, which agreed to consult with its community. Some analysts are pointing fingers at the Indian Raw and Israeli Mosaad’s joint operation to malign Pakistan and present as a country where minorities are not safe’. Surely the world is very well aware how Israelis are treating Palestinians and Indians are treating Sikhs, Muslims and Christians.

    A London based magazine wrote: ‘The National Assembly (in 1974) would go to remove a long standing but an unnecessary anomaly. The decision would serve only to formalise the defacto even de jure position. The problem had arisen not because the Muslims in some fit of orthodoxy or fanaticism wanted to ‘excommunicate’ any group of people. Its origin, on the other hand, lay in the assumption by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadiyan of Messiahship, and prophethood and as a consequence, branding those who did not believe in him to be outside the pale of his Islam.

    No one can deny the special links of the community with the British Government as Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani (1838-1908) the shadowy prophet declared himself that Islam consisted of two parts: one, obedience to God and two, obedience to the British government. He admitted he could ‘pursue his mission neither in Makkah, nor Madinah; neither in Syria, nor Iran or Kabul save under this Government for whose good fortune we pray’. On 24th February 1898, Mirza sent a fawning petition to the British Lt-Governor of the province, he referred to his loyal services to the government of Britain and reminded him that he was their ‘their own plant’ (khud sakhtah pauda) and, then went on to request that his followers be given special consideration by officials.

    Mirza’s ‘khalifah’ and son, Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad, wrote proudly in the cult’s paper Al-Fazal dated 1st November 1934, that: ‘The whole world considers us to be the agents of the British. That is why a German minister who attended the opening of an Ahmadiya building in Germany was asked to explain as to why he went to the function of a community, which was the agent of the British.

    In 1935 Sir Mohammad Iqbal, a lawyer, poet and philosopher asked the British Government to declare the Qadiyanis as separate community just as they done with the Sikhs. Sir Iqbal said, ‘the Qadiyanis while pursuing a policy of separation in religion and social matters ‘, however, anxious to remain politically with the fold. The Qadiyanis will never take initiative for separation’, argued Sir Iqbal because their small number (56,000) according to 1931 census would not entitle them ‘even to a single seat in any legislature. The Qadiyanis asked the British Government that, ‘our rights too should be recognised like those of Parsees and Christians reported (Al Fadhi 13th November 1946).

    In a press release organisation of religious schools issued on 29th May 2010, “Qadiyani movement continues for over 100 years and it should be investigated why all of a sudden this time is chosen (for attacks)’? ‘The rulers must indicate clearly which foreign hands are behind these killings instead of vague statements’. It demanded that government should protect life and limbs of all minorities in the country”. Attacks on places of worships of minority groups are not exclusive to Pakistan but surely deplorable.

    Freedom of speech and rule of law is the corner stone of the British and European societies. No one can take away this right from the people under any kind of guise or argument and to have historical or intellectual debate? Qadiyani minority is well integrated with the rest of the British Pakistani community in the United Kingdom. So much so businesses linked to Qadiyani minority are regularly sponsoring ‘Azan’ (call to the prayers) on Pakistani owned TV channels and heavily investing in the ethnic media.

    Qadiyani links with Israel: “It was common knowledge that Jalaluddin Qamar, the Ahmedyah Missionary of Rabwah had been serving in Israel since 1956 when Ch. Muhammad Sharif was called back to Pakistan from Israel. All Qadiyani missionaries who had been formerly posted in Israel since 1928 namely J.D Shams, Allah Dita Jalundhari, Rashid Ahmed Chaughtai, Noor Ahmad and Ch. Sharif lived in Rabwah after serving in Israel. Their families had mysterious contact channels when they were in Israel”, wrote Bashir Ahmad in ‘Ahmadiyah Movement: British Jewish Connection.

    As far as Jewish help and support is concerned, Mirza Mubarak Ahmad, grandson of the Qadiyani prophet has himself acknowledged in his book ‘OUR FOREIGN MISSIONS’, PP. 79-80 in the following words: “The Ahmadiyya mission in Israel is situated in Haifa at Mount Karmal. We have a mosque there, a mission house, a library, a book depot and a school”.

    More Qadiyanis serve in the Israeli Armed Forces than Pakistan according to a book, ‘Israel: A Profile’, by a respected Jewish Professor I.T Naomi. He stated: ‘… and the Ahmadi sect of some 600 people from Pakistan can also serve in the (Israeli) army…’ To many analysts Qadiaynis are a political issue and have always been a security problem? In India Qadiyanis have collected and donated thousands to the Indian Army fund after Kargil.

    Pakistani society is very open in terms of equal opportunities. Some minorities are over represented in politics, security, military, media and finance compare to their percentage in the population. On 15th February 1987, Pakistani Foreign Minister, Sahibzada Yakub Khan declared in the National Assembly that there were 328 Qadiyani officers of different ranks in the Pakistan Armed Forces. According to his report 1 – Lt. General, 5 Brigadiers in the army and 1 similar rank in the Air Force = 6, 10 Colonial or equivalent in the Army, 2 Navy, 3 Air Force= 15, Lt. Colonials 15 Army, 6 Navy, 11 Air Force = 73, Major 135 Army, 5, Navy16, Air Force = 156, Captain 58 Army, 5 Navy, 14 Air Force = 77 which comes to the grand total of 328. Now the question is after 20 years where are these officers? How far up have they gone? What is their current status in the armed forces and intelligence agencies? “Qadiyanis were created for political reasons and also to confuse the Muslims especially on the matter of ‘Jihad”, said a senior analyst.

    Qadiyanis Asks for Pak-Nukes under UN Control in July 2009: “Pakistan should give its nuclear assets (program) under the United Nations control”, reportedly said Ahmed Abdul Rafique a lawyer and Secretary Foreign Affairs of Qadiyani minority in Frankfurt Germany chapter at a Swat charity dinner few weeks ago in the presence of an active member of Social Democratic Party and German Member of Parliament Otay Zaph who earlier also mentioned the weakness of Pakistani government and security of Pakistan’s nuclear program. Dr Jasper Abrahmoski a high-level government official from the Department of Development and Cooperation also attended the event.

    Senior Pakistani diplomats Mr Zahid Ahmed and Dr. Feroze Alam Junejo walked out of the program in protest. They recorded their protest with reporetdly former Major Zubair Khalil an organiser for the alleged remarks. Any sane person would consider these remarks by a leading media spokesman and member of Qadiyani minority as an attack on the sovereignty of Pakistan?

    There is no doubt that Zulifkar Ali Bhutto was the visionary statesman of Pakistan. He recognised Qadiaynis as political and security problem than religious. He banned Qadiyani Dr Abdul Salam from visiting Pakistan’s nuclear sites. Dr Salam was reportedly spying for some foreign agency or agencies. He was opposed to the idea of Pakistan becoming a nuclear power.

    Anthony Tucker’s obituary about Professor Abdus Salam in The Guardian (22 November 1996) noted that `in spite of his powerful influence in world physics, his eminence in the West and lifelong commitment to science in developing countries, in his own country Abdus Salam is blamed for the starvation of important areas of science through encouraging theoretical and nuclear physics and by inference, weapons research’.

    Anthony Tucker also said that Abdus Salam `was a vigorous supporter of Pugwash’ and he `sought nuclear disarmament’. His unwillingness to contribute to the development science in Pakistan can also be attributed to his being a committed and proselytising member of the heretic Qadiyani community (founded by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani who claimed to be a prophet). At Trieste Dr Salam would lead, as imam, unknowing Muslim students from across the world in Friday prayers, and distributed Qadiyani tracts about the `persecution of Ahmadiya Muslims in Pakistan’.

    Abdus Salams’s position as scientific adviser, however, came to an abrupt end in 1974 when the ministry of interior told the PAEC not to allow him anymore into its laboratories. Later Dr Salam visited China where he was received as an eminent Pakistani scientist’ and, it is probable, the Chinese, spoke to him freely about their cooperation with Pakistan’s nuclear program. It may have been a hire coincidence but the Pakistan `Islamic bomb’ became news soon after. The BBC1 TV current affairs program, Panorama, aired in June 1980, mentioned Abdus Salam as one of those who were present at a 1972 ‘ meeting where Zulfikar AIi Bhutto had ‘ allegedly taken a decision to make a nuclear bomb.

    According to Syed Sharifuddin Pirzada, French President de Gaulle had personally told Ayub Khan in 1967 that France was ready to provide `full’ nuclear assistance to Pakistan. In return he simply asked that France be allowed to mine for uranium in the northwest and share it equally with Pakistan. ‘Our “friends” may not like it,’ Qadiyani M M Ahmad told Ayub Khan, and in any case, what do we need this expensive technology for.’ That is how Pakistan missed the opportunity of becoming a nuclear power at least two decades earlier than it did – and minus all the blackmail and intimidation that knows no ending even now? Sharifuddin Pirzada also, told a journalist in London that as far back as October 1967, French President Charles de Gaulle (d.1970) had offered Pakistan ‘full’ nuclear assistance and know-how; the only thing he wanted in turn was to he allowed to mine for uranium in Northwest Pakistan for a 50% share.

    He was a grandson of the Qadiyani `prophet’, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani, (d.1908) and son-in-law of the second Qadiyani `khalifa’, Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad (d. 1965). M M Ahmad’s imprint on Pakistan’s fiscal and development policies was to last for ever. As Yahya Khan’s ‘finance minister’, he devalued the rupee by 131% per cent. As one economist pointed out (Dawn, Karachi, 1st February 2002), ‘that was the start of the deficit finance, inflation and trade imbalance’ from which the country has not been able to free itself.

    Kashmir: In a 1995 article, `Pearls of Memory’ (Al-Nahal„ Spring 1995), M M Ahmad wrote that close to independence, he was `designated by Pakistan’ as additional deputy commissioner of Amritsar to take over the charge of the district if it was awarded to Pakistan. One day the British deputy commissioner of Amritsar told him `casually that Gurdaspur district is likely to go to India’. The award of Gurdaspur gave India a land corridor to Jammu and Kashmir and so enabled it to occupy the territory after three months.

    A preliminary version of the award was ready on 8th August 1947. The definitive version was with the Viceroy, Lord Mountbatten on 12th August. However, Mountbatten informed India and Pakistan on 16 August after the ‘process of the Transfer of Power had been completed’. M M Ahmad gives no date when this `top secret’ information was given to him. However, instead of rushing to report the matter to Quaid-e-Azam and the Government of Pakistan, he travelled to Qadiyan to inform his `khalifa’. This contrasted with the conduct of Indian officers who immediately reported any sensitive leak or information to Nehru (d.1964) and Nehru took it up with Mountbatten. Qadiaynis have their own particular agenda on Jammu and Kashmir is an open secret. Like the Qadiyani Nobel Laureate, Dr Abdus Salam, M M Ahmad too was opposed to Pakistan becoming a nuclear power.

    Late Zulifqar Ali Bhutto’s approach to the Qadiyani problem had probably little to do with theology. He had come to see the Qadiyanis purely as a political problem, which explains the sequence of policy decisions along side the strategic decision about acquiring nuclear deterrence. It’s a pity that his party under Zardari has now sold Pakistan and its people to IMF for few billion dollars.

    All minority rights should be protected according to the constitution and The UN Declaration of Human Rights. A senior British Muslim condemned the attacks and said: “may be it is time for the Qadiyani community to re-join the Muslims by renouncing some of their views regarding the finality of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and play a role in the world peace”.

  • Hate speech against Muhajir, Shia and Ahmadi on The London Post:

    Asif Zaradri’s Formula for Perpetual Power
    It is the same Formula that General Musharraf Tried but Failed
    By Usman Khalid
    Wednesday 23 June 2010

    AZ knows enough about the links of the MQM with India and Israel to be afraid. He has his own links with them but he knows that the MQM links are closer. He is struggling to secure a similar constituency of loyalty for himself to rival that of the MQM. The minorities he is cultivating are the Shias and the Qadianis. That is remarkably similar to the politics of GM who shook hands with Ariel Sharon and had a Qadiani – Tariq Aziz – as his close confidante, courier and international gofer. AZ is a shia in a country where the shia population is no more than 10% (Mohajir population is 7%); he had dinner with Israeli Ambassador in New York and has Rehman Malik as his close confidante, courier and international gofer. The question is: would AZ succeed whereas Musharraf failed?

  • Hate speech against Shia and Muhajir communities:

    Disarming Blackwater & MQM: Karachi Needs Operation Swat 2

    By Dr Shahid Qureshi
    Wednesday 13 January 2010

    hia minority elements are getting lions share in private security agencies business. There is spreading belief among the majority Sunnis that the Shias of Pakistan who are less than 5% of the population, are ruling the country from Presidency and the State Bank assisted by Shia dominance of the media. The so called ‘Shia left pseudo intellectuals’ have jumped on the US bandwagon every where. Pakistan as well as Iran should be careful. Even the leading lights of the MQM are mostly from the former ‘shia left’.

    The CIA and other Western intelligence agencies are well known for ‘using the minorities’. Where the Shias are a majority, the West has not been able to infiltrate their organisation. But in Pakistan they are a minority; becoming more visible in halls of power is counter-productive. This the Iranians clearly understand. The questions one should be asking Rehman Malik are: (a) why majority of the people and all the companies hired by Xe/Black Water are Shias? (b) Why Rehman Malik always name of Sunni sectarian groups/organisations minutes after an incidents and Altaf Hussain always blame the ‘Taliban’ with speed, long before any evidence or claim of responsibility? (c) Is this not settling of sectarian scores in the name of counter terrorism, as mentioned in the ‘Shia Strategy in Iraq and Pakistan’ – to get the agencies do your dirty job?

    MQM is a perfect joint working choice for Blackwater/Xe as in Iraq to fan sectarian violence and bring death and destruction in the city like ‘Faluja’ in Iraq because (a) it operate like a Mafia (b) its boss is a compromised foreign national living in London (c) party is dominated by minority group (d) its leader is also flirting with London based Qadiyani leadership, both offered full support to each other. (e) Majority Sunni population did not like this as parliament declared them non Muslim due their views about the finality of Prophecy. (f) Reaction to his statements on the issue resulted in violence and tension with Sunnis in some parts of Sind and Karachi. That is what was wanted? Altaf Hussain’s action does not make sense as “the MQM was the dream of a few Marxian (mostly Shia) scholars such as Rais Amrohvi, Mohammed Taqi, John Ailia and Shahanshah Hussain to establish an organization that could protect the rights of immigrants”.

  • An open letter to Dr. Shahid Qureshi of (LONDON POST) and his party; The Jamat-e-Islami by YAC
    The sad tale that will lead to a horrific social demise of this beautiful nation will solely be our dim-witted tradition of adopting ignorance as virtue. Pakistan today underpasses unusual foreign pressure, internal and external threats, poverty, crime, electricity dilemma, inflation, terrorism, unemployment, corruption and the list is endless. However, the chief predicament that Pakistan is strangled in today is the fragile democracy fighting terrorism.

    I can’t help but agree more with Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed when he declares, “The memory of Pakistani nation is extraordinarily weak, it needs to induct more almonds in its diet”. We have, today, forgotten the four notorious army coup d’états which gave rise to mammoth corruption that consequently has destroyed the political landscape of Pakistan. The pattern followed by the army prior to all their regimes has been identical, once the public perception is anti-democracy, the army takes over.

    However, in order for the public perception to be made anti-democratic, I firmly believe that the following three dedicated groups function efficiently to create an atmosphere of restlessness, dissatisfaction and dismay; (I) the corrupt politicians, (II) anti-state terrorists (III) anti-state and biased journalists along with T.V anchors and various media personalities.

    It is ironic that just yesterday I came across an article written by a journalist named “Dr. Shahid Qureshi”. This gentleman is a self-proclaimed award winner for writing English language articles in the foreign policy magazine. However in his article, published on, http://www.thelondonpost.net/SQ31dec09.html has a noteworthy grammatical error in the 2nd paragraph; where he writes, “…They targeted a Sunni areas where it is almost impossible for an angry ‘Shia protestor’ to reach from the crime scene keeping in the view the distances.”

    A fourth grader can pin point that blunder, let alone the Foreign Policy magazine. The error I highlighted is one of the many. Dr. Shahid Qureshi falls under the 3rd pro-military coup category that consists of anti-state journalists who provide biased arguments to the public in order to drive their emotions against democratic forces like; PPP, MQM, ANP etc.

    After my extensive online research about Dr. Qureshi, I was astounded to acknowledge that a self-styled Foreign Policy award winner on security issues has never been critical of, nor has highlighted the cons of Jamat-E-Islami in terms of territorial and regional security and the threat it poses. Dr. Qureshi’s adherence to the Jamat-e-Islami manifesto in his articles raises a question mark on the veracity of his claims. What shocked me even further was the fact that an overwhelming majority of his surgical analyses are a word to word imitation of Jamat-e-Islami’s stance of not blaming Talibans but blaming external forces like RAW, MOUSAD, CIA etc.

    In addition to that, what truly traumatized me was the reality of the website http://thelondonpost.net . Bizarre it is that the so-called London post’s website is being operated from Lahore. Its allotted IP address is; “”. This IP address belongs to the country of Pakistan. The state of this IP address is proven to be Punjab, and the IP city code indicates Lahore. The IP address latitude is 31.5467 whereas, the IP longitude is 74.3436. The ISP to which this IP was assigned is called, “Brain Computer Services”, and the organization is, “Brain Telecommunication Ltd”, which operates in Pakistan.

    It is now self-explanatory to the educated Pakistan that Dr. Shahid Qureshi is a frustration channel belonging to Jamat-E-Islami, which is clarified even more-so since JI is the only party that is propping up Qureshi’s grammatically flawed, fact twisted, and a pro-Taliban blog.

    It is essential for me to enlighten Dr. Qureshi with a few more facts here. When Mr. Altaf Hussain deliberately blamed the Taliban for Karachi mayhem, he was proven to be right. Dawn News on December 31st, reported that the Taliban have owned the attack on Shia procession; “…The claim was made by one of the country’s most wanted commanders of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). “We carried out the suicide bombing in Karachi,” admitted Asmatullah Shaheen, a top militant commander based in South Waziristan, told news agencies by telephone from an undisclosed location- Dawn News”. This was reported at approximately the same time when Dr. Qureshi’s article was published. Had he not rushed to cash the public sentiments in Jamat-E-Islami’s favour with his immature research and false report, he would not have faced the humiliation that he faces now, nor would he violate the basic rules of English writing.

    His allegation that the Karachi ordeal was a collusion of MQM and Black-Water stands illogical as well. Why would a sensible democratic force that assumes power after obtaining public votes jeopardize its public perception in such a manner by closing its local government regime on a negative note? To top that off, why would MQM’s city government publish the CCTV footages that provide evidences for the individuals involved?

    For his kind information, the security of the Shia procession was not a responsibility of Mustafa Kamal or MQM; it was entirely a duty of the police which falls under the home department of Sindh. The city government although had in place a contingency plan and therefore CDGK fire-fighting teams were deployed in the area which the CCTV footages clarify by showing 8 fire-tenders present near the procession, just-in-case. Had they not been present, the first fire brigade fleet would not make it to the disaster venue immediately in 3 minutes and 32 seconds. The police did not allow CDGK firefighters to execute their plan for 2 hours after the initial fire had started and the merchandize of Bolten Market stores is known to be flammable items like; plastic, perfumes that contain ethanol, cosmetics, WD-40 etc. Media and News channels reported on January 1st that CCPO Karachi; Waseem Ahmed has declared the 2-hour “No-Entry” for firemen as a part of the police strategic plan.

    Dr. Qureshi’s Jamat-E-Islami was in power of the Karachi City government from 2001-2005. It must be noted that JI did not facilitate the Karachi fire department at all. Up until 2005, a city of 18 million only had 7 fire tenders and one malfunctioning snorkel –also bought under MQM regime in 1987 by Dr. Farooq Sattar. Mustafa Kamal, with his dynamic vision over the past 3 years has upgraded the fire department with 35 fire tenders, 4 water dowsers and 3 snorkels. Had it not been for Mustafa Kamal’s farsightedness, the fire would have caught a very different phase- a rather destructive one than it already was.
    Dr. Qureshi fails to condemn the Taliban in his articles – just in accordance to his party policy, so let me educate him with a few key security issues of Pakistan that will assist him in his future “Security Analysis for foreign policy magazine”. The greatest threat to Pakistan today is terrorism.

    Dr. Qureshi in his articles should mention that the terrorism today is deep-rooted in his party’s policies of re-naming the Afghan war to Afghan Jihad in 1979 solely to gain financial benefits from the West. He should also mention that Al-Qaeda’s number 3rd leader, “Khalid Sheikh Mohammad” got arrested from Mrs. Abdul Kuddus’ house who was a Nazima of Jamat-e-Islami in Rawalpindi. He should also note that the top Al-Qaeda militant; Abu Hamza was also arrested from the residence of a Jamat-e-Islami Nazima in Gulshan-e-Maimaar. Dr. Qureshi should also highlight the fact that the former members of Islami Jamiyat-e-Taliba are now renowned members of Jandallah – A most wanted militant group. Dr. Qureshi should also not ignore the ground reality of the office bearers of the Islamic Doctors Forum by Jamat-e-Islami; Dr. Akmal Waheed and Dr. Ajmal Waheed who were attacked by an American drone missile in Waziristan for their involvement in terrorism. He should also read the book, “Profiles of Intelligence”, by Brigadier Tirmidhi (an ISI official during Gen. Zia’s era) in which he clearly states, “…Jamat-E-Islami was funded by the American Consulate in Lahore”. Today, Jamat-e-Islami bluntly opposes the IMF and Kerry-Lugar bill whereas; the MMA government in 2005-06 itself accepted $210 million, only in the NWF province from the World Bank as a “Development Policy Credit”. Where were the values and morals then? Why a two-faced policy?

    A mystery however is that the Jamat-e-Islami has tried to work this mayhem into its favour only on television screens. In all footages by media and the CCTV, I see no practical work done by the JI. Approximately 60 innocent died, 117 hurt, over 300 shops burnt and billions of rupees lost, don’t Karachiiets reserve the right to ask why they only saw KKF, Chippa and Edhi ambulances at the destructed location? Where was JI’s Al-Khidmat foundation? Too busy doing press conferences because it was their media moment! May I, as a karachiite, enquire that when the Federal government has taken up the initiative to donate Rs. 1 billion, provincial government Rs. 50 million and the MQM Rs. 10 million, why hasn’t Jamat-e-Islami contributed a single penny to the cause if it loves Karachi and Pakistan as much as it claims to? May I, as a karachiite, ask what Jamat-e-Islami has spent for the prosperity of Karachi in the past 62 years, even though we have donated millions of animal hides to them each year which are worth billions of rupees? Was all that animal hide money donated to its well-known ally, Al-Qaeda?

    The bitter truth of the matter is that Karachiiets have left JI as their representatives and have elected the MQM instead. The MQM in return has not only done miraculous infrastructural accomplishments to ease the life of the residents of this city at every chance it got, but it has also facilitated the city in terms of health, education, sewerage, dams, security, courting foreign investment, entertainment and a lot more. Jamat in-turn has adopted a vindictive approach to get back on Karachiiets for selecting MQM as their true representatives. In actuality, the Jamaat seems to have an MQM phobia. The history of JI is filled with hypocrisy, lies and affiliations with Al-Qaeda; which became the decisive factor for a renowned Islamic scholar Dr. Israr Ahmed to part away from this militant group.

    The Jamaat opposes dictatorship yet took cabinet positions in General Zia’s era as a part of the Pakistan National Alliance, supported his referendum and appointed him as the “Ameer-ul-Moumineen” in the 80’s. In addition to that they welcomed the military coup in 1999 and supported Gen. Musharraf’s Legal-Framework Order and the 17th amendment in 2002. They participated in the 2001 local body elections, whereas MQM was the only political force to boycott elections under a dictator. Qazi Hussain Ahmed declared the Sharif family as a “Political Mafia” in 1997 yet sucked up to them in the APDM in 2007-less than 10 years.

    Dr. Shahid Qureshi’s Jamaat-e-Islami ingenuously opposes a co-education system in Pakistan, but the hypocrisy reaches its highest limits when Ameer of Jamaat Qazi Hussain Ahmed sends his son, Asif Lucman Qazi, to Boston University in the United States of America to gain benefits from the diverse learning experience of a co-education system.

    Lastly, I take great pride in being a part of the revolutionary MQM whose vote bank has only witnessed an upward shaping curve. Moreover, MQM has never shifted or reversed its policy. It is the only party to provide the urban Sindh with hope, progress and true representation. Its stance against Talibanization of Karachi stands firm, vocal and we will take all measures to keep Karachi the safe haven of Pakistan for as long as we can. We will continue to deliver thousands of Mustafa Kamals to the people of this city, we will continue progressing Pakistan, and we will continue developing Pakistan. It’s our unconditional commitment to our people and to our leader, our Quaid – Altaf Hussain.

    Fahd Siddiqui

    (Fahd Siddiqui is a part of the Youth Advisory Council Of Pakistan)
    All comments and feedback are to be sent to: fahd.siddiqui@mqmyouth.org


  • Internet has become an important medium of communication. The Taliban apologists who have flooded the world of internet with hate-speech must be controlled. I have seen active website which serve as recruiting websites for many militant groups. I urge the decision-makers to look into this matter and some ‘code of conduct’ must be given before someone can launch a website. The already active websites must be taken off air or shut down.

  • میں اظہار رائے کی آزادی پر یقین رکھتا ہوں اس لئے جس کو جو دل میں آئے اسے وہ بولنے دینا چاہئے، میں اکثر معاملات میں شاہد قریشی سے متفق نہیں، جیسے انہوں نے بلیک واٹر اور ایم کیو ایم کے تعلق کے بارے میں لکھا تھا۔ میرے خیال سے ایم کیو ایم اور بلیک واٹر کا کوئی تعلق نہیں۔ مصطفی کمال میرے محلے کے بندے ہیں، میں انہیں اور انکے خاندان کو پچھلے پندرا سالوں سے زاتی طور پر جانتا ہوں وہ ایم کیو ایم میں ہو سکتے لیکن یہودیوں کے ایجنت ہرگز نہیں ہوسکتے۔

    لیکن اظہار رائے کی آزادی پر میں یقین رکھتا ہوں، اگر کوئی لبرل بول سکتا ہے تو، انتہا پسندوں کو بھی بولنے اور لکھنے کا حق ہے البتہ بات میں کسی کے خلاف گالم گلوچ، فحش زبان اور توحین آمیز رویہ نہ ہو۔

  • @Kashif, everyone is responsible for what they utter. If the politicians can be taken to task then why not journalists and hate mongers

  • This site is fake ,the site use different link combine together with propaganda articles by JI and HT .Freed Paracha of JI is the head of Media wing of JI currently editor of “Terjuman ul Quran ” monthly magazine of JI .
    the Taliban Supporters in Media like JI ,Imran khan and others gives this fake site reference to confuse people for them CNN ,BBC are Zionist Media but when this fake Gujranwala post (thelondon post ) says some thing they quote this in the media .

    JI is doing all the EVIL tactics to bring their so called “Islami Inqilab “

  • What a nut case this hate-monger is !!!
    Sometimes he claims ” AZ is a shia in a country where the shia population is no more than 10% ”
    and then “the Shias of Pakistan who are less than 5% of the population, are ruling the country from ” !!!!!

  • کاشف نصیر says: July 1, 2010 at 3:14 am میں انتظار کروں گا کہ کب شاہد قریشی بی حامد میر کی طرح مخالف کیمپ میں آتے ہیں۔ ویسے حزب التحریر کا رکن برطانیہ میں کوئی جرم نہیں ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔


    ISLAMABAD: One of the top security agencies on Wednesday picked up Raja Ehsan Aziz, a member of Tehrik-e-Islami (TI), for his alleged connections with terrorists who had attacked the Parade Lane Mosque in Rawalpindi and Moon Market in Lahore. Tehrik-e-Islami is a splinter group of the JI. Two female members of the Tehrik have already been taken into custody. Sarwat Wahid, another female member whose son’s car was used in the Parade Lane Mosque attack, is missing. Also her son, Jawad, who was studying in Faisalabad after doing A Level from Beacon House School System, is missing. Aziz, a graduate of Columbia University who also served on senior positions at the Foreign Office, is a retired professor of International Relations, Quaid-i-Azam University. His elder son is an Army doctor. Aziz was taken away from his house in G/10-3 on Wednesday evening by sleuths of the Counter-Terrorism Cell, his wife Amira Aziz told The News. Amira, an ex-MNA of Jamaat-e-Islami and now a Shura member of the Tehrik, is a religious scholar and writes columns in an Urdu daily. Aziz’s driver, Phool Zeb from Nowshera, has already been arrested as investigators found a mobile SIM allegedly used for conversation during the attacks on the Parade Lane Mosque and Moon Market, was issued in his name. Likewise, the car used in the mosque attack belonged to Jawad, the son of a Tehrik-e-Islami woman, Sarwat Wahid, a resident of I-8 Sector, Islamabad. Both of them are missing since then. Likewise, Aziz’ son, Omer, a student of Islamic International University, has not returned home for the last five days.

    Jamat e Islami Terrorist Dr. Usman was mastermind of Attack on GHQ
    URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeUXYXiAkyM&feature=player_embedded

    Aziz has been picked up for the second time, his wife said, denying any links of the family with terrorism incidents. “I’m a sworn enemy of America and can pay any price for it but I strongly oppose terrorism within Pakistan,” Amira Aziz told The News. She said the intelligence operatives had been following the women activists of Tehrik-e-Islami for the last six months and harassed them. She alleged that her husband was beaten black and blue when picked up last time and kept in illegal custody for a night. Amira said her son, Omer, a heart patient, was very upset when intelligence guys kept his father in their custody for a night. A female member of Tehrik, Najma Sana, who lives in G-9/1, is already in the agency’s custody for the last 10 days. Sarwat Wahid, after being chased by the intelligence agency, left Islamabad for Karachi where she was again pursued by the police. Her sister and children in Karachi have been arrested to press for recovery of Sarwat who has gone underground there. Sarwat’s son, Jawad, is also missing. Tahira Mumtaz, another female member of the Tehrik, was twice called for investigation over her alleged assistance to Sarwat to flee the capital. Altaf Aziz Khattack, SHO, said he was not aware of any such incident. He asked this correspondent to take up the matter with the R A Bazaar police in whose jurisdiction the mosque was attacked. When contacted, officials of the concerned police station said that they had not arrested Ehsan Aziz, adding the Army was investigating the attack and the matter may be taken up with them. The DG ISPR could not be contacted. REFERENCE: JI splinter group leader, females held for links to suicide attackers Friday, December 18, 2009 By Umar Cheema http://thenews.com.pk/daily_detail.asp?id=214063

  • Jeeay PPP (minus Dasti); Jeeay MQM! Jeeay ANP!
    Well done LUBP. Let’s expose more of these killers.

  • Altaf (MQM) – Zardari love affair & ‘Battered Wife Syndrome’

    By Dr Shahid Qureshi
    Saturday 12 March 2011

    MQM and Altaf Hussain are suffering from ‘battered wife syndrome’. Zardari being an abusive partner has abused all its partners be it Nawaz Sharif aka ‘Polha- simpleton’ of PML-N or Altaf Husain of MQM-A. According to ‘domestic violence’ relationship experts a woman/man normally goes back to the same abusive partner approximately five times before they split apart/divorce. Some of them get killed in this vicious cycle of abuse. Aisf Zardari being a ‘conman and crook’ has successfully eroded MQM and Altaf Hussain by playing good cop Rehman Malik (Interior Minister) and bad cop Dr Zulifqar Mirza (Home Minister) husband of the Speaker National Assembly Dr Fahmida Mirza. All three are the part of Zardari’s golden circle and control provincial and national security institutions, Police, Rangers, FIA and Intelligence Bureau.

    They are fully aware with the inside out of the so called ‘lower class friendly’ policies and gangs of target killers based in South Africa, Bangkok, Dubai and bank accounts, businesses in London, USA, Canada, and South Africa. We are waiting for the moment when confessions of all MQM target killers, who claims that they have been receiving orders from London released on the internet. It is reported that Alataf Hussain was almost ready to move his so called international secretariat to Dubai but last minute begging to the British and the US contacts gave them a breathing space. Rehman Malik is fully aware with the case details of Dr Imran Farooq and played a role in moving of his wife to Karachi who seems to be almost under MQM house arrest with her children.

    It will be too early to suggest that London Police might be aware with the killers or killer and have found a link to the self exiled leader and his inner circle. He also played a major role in the smooth divorce of Altaf Hussain from his wife with the instructions of President Zardari.

    Some one asked if one had to choose a friend between Ironman – Nawaz Sharif, Goldman (Zaradri) and no man (Altaf Hussain). Who would one chose? Well one would definitely go for Asif Zardari as a friend at least like a man he keeps his friends close to him and you can trust him. Unlike Altaf Hussain who got all his former friends killed one by one and Nawaz Sharif who is too confrontational and will run off with his parrots and goats to Jeddah. All three of the above started from nothing keeping in view the tax records and now because of Pakistan they are billionaires.

    It seems establishment has already planned the future of MQM beyond Altaf Hussain. It is expected that Amir Khan and Affaq Ahmad of Haqiqi Group might be released to replace him in Karachi as he has become a ‘toxic asset’ and liability. A senior analyst reportedly said to the British envoy in Pakistan, ‘Altaf Hussain has become too toxic as majority of the target killers are from his party and they have confessed receiving orders from London and sending extortion money. The illegal transfer of extortion money from Karachi to London need to be fully investigated as this money is being recycled into exporting terrorism to Pakistan. MQM is not a party of poor anymore. Zardari has successfully managed to erode MQM and pushed it into the gutter probably following a wink from the high and mighty.

    Zardari’s nominee Altaf Hussain of MQM is a subject of the British Queen. Altaf Hussain told an Indian newspaper ‘Asian Age’ in an interview with MJ Akbar, ‘I was refused commission in Pakistan Army because I was a Mohajir’. Some one said, ‘he should make himself useful instead of doing phone broadcast in another country, as now he is a British Citizen, he may well join British voluntary Force (TA) “Territorial Army”.

    There are British legislation according to which Altaf Hussain can be imprisoned as well his British Nationality could be stripped.

    ‘Can someone like (Altaf Hussain) be tried under Race Hate crimes in Britain, (keeping in view his inflammatory speeches asking people to sell jewelry and buy arms), exporting violence and terrorism to Pakistan’, I asked a senior British lawyer Amjad Malik?

    He said, “I must say that if some one in Britain used his oratory in a negative way and target his audience to create hatred against any other class in that society which results in violent activities against those group or community and/or results in killings and entails acts committed at any time as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population with knowledge of the attacker including offences such as murder, blackmailing, targeted killing in revenge and to create terror, torture, rape, severe deprivation of liberty, enforced disappearance of persons, damage to property or Genocide, Terrorist activities, or Organised crimes to advance political aims, or he incites racial and religious hatred by using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or disorderly behaviour the answer is yes, that person may be investigated and later charged under s. 18 of Public Order Act 1986 and further for using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or disorderly behaviour, or displays any writing , sign or other visible representation which is threatening, abusive or insulting under s.4(a) Public Order Act 1986.In my opinion those oratory intimidation and criminal behaviour will be considered racially aggravated offences if racially motivated under s.28(1)a of Crime and Disorder Act 1998 which confirms ‘that at the time of committing the offence, or immediately before or after doing so, the offender demonstrates towards the victim of the offence hostility based on the victims membership or (presumed membership) of a racial group; or b) the offence is motivated (wholly or partly) by hostility towards members of a racial group based on their membership of that group’. Incitement for racial hatred is similar to incitement of race and religious hatred which we see under s.29a and b) of Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006. I will give example the case of Abu Hamza here as an example as in similar situation one can be investigated by UK police under Police and Criminal Evidence Act and may be asked to attend an interview under caution to see if there is a satisfactory response to the allegations of incitement to racial hatred and as a result of that investigation may be charged by the State if there is sufficient evidence to prosecute and one can be tried in UK under existing national laws, and if one is foreign national and/or naturalized, he can be stripped off his nationality and may be extradited to the State where he originally belongs and where those crimes actually take effect subject to some conditions and human rights provisions. In all circumstances Britain will offer a fair trial to the accused”. There is a possibility that Altaf Hussain and his gang might be extradited to Pakistan under Interpol ‘Red Warrant’.

    British are normally good at protecting their assets unlike USA. The living example is Hamid Karzai President of Afghanistan. Hamid Karzai was so honest with his feelings that he said to Major General John McColl the departing commander of the British Forces in Afghanistan, “you deserve a lot. You could have been the president of this country for all the good work you have done”.

    Well Karzai owed his life and title to the coalition forces specially British. In early November 2001 coalition forces picked up wounded Karzai from Urzugan after his mission to incite revolt against Taliban failed.

    In contrast to the British style of protecting assets ‘Commander Abdul Haq was left hung high to dry by the CIA’, according to James Ritchie a Washington based businessman friend of Haq. The Americans used to call him ‘Hollywood Haq’ and it appears they let him die a Hollywood martyrs. US sent an unmanned drone in response to his SOS call to Washington from satellite phone. That is the US policy of disposable diplomacy.

    All the transport roots of NATO supplies in and out of Karachi are surrounded by the Pashtun populations and also entry points into Afghanistan. It is just a matter of time when plugs will be pulled and this filth will be drained out from the British soil that undermined and abused British values and traditions.


  • MQM-Altaf was behind 2009 ‘Ashura Bombings’
    MQM – Indian agent ‘Ajmal Pharee’ confessed to Joint Investigation Team
    By Dr Shahid Qureshi
    Sunday 03 April 2011
    MQM- Altaf terrorist and Indian agent Ajmal Pharee confessed to the Joint Investigation Team of (ISI, IB, Military Intelligence, CID, Special Branch etc) that, “MQM-Altaf was behind the ‘Asura Bombings of 2009’ in Karachi. He confessed to the team that he and other MQM city workers were ordered to wear black Shia mourning *****es on the day in a meeting called three days before the Ashura bombings. The orders were to burn the shops and businesses in and around Light House as well as kill the people. The shop owners of that area refused to give extortion money to the MQM-Altaf. These burnings caused losses of billions to the poor Pakistanis and shop owners in Karachi”.
    Mustafa Kamal billionaire – poor former mayor of Karachi become abusive when London Post report published on 31st December 2009, was quoted that, ‘MQM was involved in Karachi bombings with black water’, in a live program by famous anchor Talat Hussain. Faces of the looters were visible on CCTVs footages still available on youtube.
    MQM – Altaf terrorist and high value asset Ajmal Pharee also confessed to the JIT that he has received terrorist training in New Delhi from five Indian Army officers. During this training he was informed about Altaf Hussain’s desire to separate Karachi from Pakistan. Altaf Husain is a British Citizen and considered as high value asset by some analysts.
    Ajmal Pharee also confessed ******ing 55 people as well as receiving training in India by Indian security agencies. In a video statement he said, “I joined MQM in 1988 arrested in 1989 for fire arms offences imprisoned for one year. He was arrested and sentenced for five years again in 2000 for ******ing Iqbal Raad, lawyer of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. He told the JIT that his handler Nadeem Nusrat is based in MQM – Altaf’s London Secretariat and inner circle man of Altaf Hussain. Ajmal Pharee told the JIT that, ‘Nadeem Nusrat told him to escape from Pakistan to Singapore in 1996 with Zeshan a MQM worker’. He stayed in the Mustafa Market Hotel on his instructions in Singapore, where he was given Singapore Airline tickets and Indian visas by Jamil aka Jimi who lives in South Africa. They travelled to Delhi, stayed there for 15 days and later received terrorist training for one month in a near by jungle by five Indian army officers. He also met other MQM-Altaf workers Noora of Shah Faiasl Colony, Zafar Tension of Buffer Zone, Raju of Nazim-a-Bad, Shakir Chota of Orangi Town. He received terrorist training of AK-47, RPG, MP-5 LMG, hand grenades. He was transported to India-Pakistan border inserted in from Chawanda area of Shakr Gurh (Sialkot) in Pakistan. They later went to Lahore and than Karachi”, said Ajmal Pharee in his confessions.
    On 31st December 2009, The London Post, exclusively published the story “Blackwater and MQM’s Hallmarks on Karachi Fire – Bombings”. The above confession by the MQM Terrorist now confirm that MQM – Altaf was behind the fire bombing and criminal damage in Karachi.
    “MQM and Blackwater/Xe are US sponsored mafia style mercenary outfits due to their management structure as it is almost the same both groups’ chiefs are out of Pakistan to start with. There is no difference between Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and MQM because both are sponsored by India and USA. Sawat type operation against MQM’s ‘Clean Shaven Taliban’ who are supporting Blackwater/Xe is a must because people will support.
    The recent bombings of a religious procession in Karachi and fire bombings of small businesses miles away from the incident reportedly owned by mostly Sunni Tableghie Jamat a non violent religious group, got all the hall marks of ‘private mercenaries’ Blackwater with the support of MQM. According to reports it is physically not possible for any one attending the procession to go miles away, get special fire bombing chemicals and equipment to set fire 300 hundred shops in Bolton Market. It is only possible if one already knows the timing of the bombings and part of the plot. They targeted a Sunni areas where it is almost impossible for an angry ‘Shia protestor’ to reach from the crime scene keeping in the view the distances. So Shia procession was bombed, Sunni business were burnt down and MQM’s fire engines did not arrive. Seems perfect Blackwater Inc style operation?
    Blackwater, MQM’s Plus plan was meticulous and well timed. (a) Timing of the bombing few days before the end of the term of City Government Term. So City Government building burnt down with the record to cover-up corruption? (b) Selection of the venues to be fire bombed (c) Torching of Light House Market predominantly owned by the Pashtuns who did not pay extortion money to the MQM – Score settled, Job done (d) Torching of Bolton Market mostly business are owned by peaceful Sunni Muslims Memon Community. They refused to be relocated outside the city because shops worth millions. High ups of the current regime allegedly President Zardari & Co had interest in the land to develop and build flats and plazas. (Job done) (e) Why MQM leaders both reportedly Shias Haider Abbas Rizvi and Faisal Sabzwari not in the Ashura procession? (f) Why police and rangers did not stop the arsonists and terrorists? (g) Who ordered them not to act? (h) Remote control bomb was planted in an ambulance which might be carrying a head too? (i) Who is Hasham Al-Zafar (central) and what is his role in the bombing and burning of Karachi? (j) What is his relationship with Saleem Shezad alleged master mind of the operation and why he only reports to Altaf Hussain?
    MQM and Blackwater/Xe are US sponsored mafia style mercenary outfits due to their management structure as it is almost the same both groups’ chiefs are out of Pakistan to start with. MQM are the local collaborators of Blackwater/Xe in Pakistan?
    According to sources similar kinds of chemicals and fire bombing equipments have been used in Iraq and Lebanon. Pakistan’s security agencies must look into the links between MQM lead City Government and Blackwater. What kind of assistance they are providing to the mercenaries. City mayor Syed Mustafa Kamal and Governor Sind Dr Ashrat Abad Khan recently visited sensitive institutions of the USA related to protection of US national interests aboard. Why would a mayor of a third world country visit US State Department? Did he inform Pakistani’s foreign ministry? He is on the grooming list. “To his credentials it was Mustafa Kamal who opened the door for the assassins came to kill his ‘uncle’ Azeem Ahmed Tariq, leader of the MQM, as it was an inside job. It sounds like nephew shopped his ‘uncle’ according to a source.
    Altaf Hussain’s MQM and his mafia have caused more economic and human losses to Pakistan by strikes and terrorist activities then three wars with India. After the incident on Monday December 28, 2009, three thousand shops were burnt; one thousand were burnt after looting which caused loss of Rs. 60 billion to Pakistani economy. Armed men stopped fire engines for over three hours according to reports. Why?
    Elements close to MQM were also allegedly involved in the terrorism, arson, and killings after tragic death of Benazir Bhutto on 27th December 2007. Many analysts believe that it was a dry run by the foreign sponsored elements to separate Karachi from the rest of the country. There is another dimension to the burring of some markets with small business. Some people from land mafia were making hostile offers to these old pre partition businesses.
    There are reports that MQM has issued thousands of arms licences to its workers and sympathisers in Karachi and some of the licences might have been issued from other provinces. Disarming of the terrorist groups including MQM in Karachi is necessary to avoid future blackmails.
    It is also reported that armed gunmen did not allow fire engines to leave the fire stations. All the fire engines and security cameras are under the control of City Government run by MQM whose leader Altaf Hussain controls this group in a mafia style. Within minutes he blamed ‘Taliban’ for the bombings. How did he know it was Taliban and not Indian RAW or Blackwater/Xe? Altaf Hussain deliberately tried to make this a sectarian issue in his live TV broadcast on a news channel, which matches the agenda of private mercenaries and India.
    Asia Times Online reported few years ago during Musharraf era, sources says that, “only US diplomatic intervention stopped General Musharraf from taking strong action against the MQM after he received the report on the recent unrest in which the MQM was implicated. Washington indeed has a powerful southern ally in Pakistan’. After September 11, the United States identified even more with the MQM as it was the only party in Pakistan that widely mourned the attacks on the US, openly condemned the Taliban and al-Qaeda, and launched a powerful campaign in support of the US attack on Afghanistan”.
    When President Zardari speak about ‘non state & political actors’, probably he also meant Altaf Hussain too? His long distance proactive and dramatic telephonic speeches are more or less what Lord Nelson said, “If you can’t baffle them with brilliance, dazzle them with.

    He is never been to Pakistan for more then 15 years but did travel to India on his British passport. Most of the members in mafia style ‘Rabita Committee’ are wanted by Pakistani authorities for heinous crimes. He hides behind this ‘kangaroo committee’.
    A political analyst said, ‘to get ‘poodle status’ in US administration Altaf Hussain exaggerates things beyond imagination. For example, he claimed his supporters in Karachi increased by 10 million in just two years because he claimed to have 20 million supporters in an interview with Edgware Times in November 1998. But in 2001 MQM claimed to have 30 million supporters when MQM send a fax to Reuters on 22 September 2001. “(MQM leader) Altaf Hussain has offered the unconditional support of over 30 million MQM supporters to the U.S. president and the international community,” its London-based international secretariat said in a statement faxed to Reuters on September 22, 2001”.
    According to sources, ‘Altaf group is planning and preparing for armed fight with other groups in Karachi. There might be a plan to divide Karachi on ethnic zones as Rehman Malik mentioned in Dera Ismail Khan? The alleged transfer of money from Karachi to London, Germany, Dubai, South Africa, Canada, and United States is alarming. There reports of increase in the arms sale in Karachi seem serious but what are the authorities doing?
    So what is Altaf Hussain up to that is a crucial question to political and security leadership to think about. His alleged close links with the Indian agency and also acting like a mercenary force getting orders from foreign masters. It is time for the government of Pakistan to approach its friends and allies to have a clear cut answers about the real Agenda in Pakistan? Crimes of Altaf Hussain and his party MQM are so heinous that he wouldn’t dare step in Karachi even the whole period of Musharraf and now Zardari rule?
    Until November 1998 Government of Pakistan was reportedly seeking extradition of Altaf Hussain who was said to be wanted in 50 ******s and 150 cases of kidnapping and arson. He said in an interview with a newspaper in 1998, “It is my wish that they take me to trial in a British court then I will tell people nationally and internationally what has been happening in Pakistan.” It was Altaf Hussain and MQM who issued a memo to his workers saying,” if there was war between India and Pakistan, MQM workers will be remain neutral”. Why?
    MQM’s deputy chief organiser of district Thatta and his wife were arrested by the police for trafficking 120 kilos of A class ****s according to a press report on 16th May 2004. Mohamed Ibrahim and his wife Ayesha Soho who is also member of district government were coming from Bolan area of Baluchistan on Jeep number BC 1248 when they were stopped by Dadar Police who discovered 180 kilos of HASH worth millions of from the secret compartments of the jeep. Police has registered a case number 13/2004 report against deputy chief of MQM and his wife for **** trafficking. Area in charge SHO of the area Police confirmed that suspects have confessed they have been also involved in arms trafficking from Kabul and been to Afghanistan three times. Both were sent to Sibi Jail in Baluchistan.
    “MQM has been funded with the **** money apart from the extortion money taken from the top businessmen in the name of support” according to a report published by
    The Frontier Post published on December 25, 1998. The report says, “… What is more alarming is that the Narco dollars have been used for funding the (MQM), a responsible source in the provincial government said. He added that such funding was tantamount to fuelling terrorism.” Is the Narco-terror funding still on?
    By joining as local collaborator of Blackwater in Karachi MQM has provided the eyes and ears on the ground with smart guns. Even if US-India sponsored ‘Pakistani Taliban’ claim responsibility of Karachi Ashura bombings, the chemicals and smart guns used in burnings of the over 6000 small businesses and loss of Rs. 60 billion have all the hallmarks of Blackwater/Xe.
    “There is no difference between Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and MQM because both are sponsored by India and USA. Sawat type operation against MQM’s ‘Clean Shaven Taliban’ who are supporting Blackwater/Xe is a must because people will support.”
    People must congratulate interior minister Sindh Zulifqar Mirza for his bravery in dealing with MQM-Altaf terrorists on the instructions of President Zardari. The recent ****** of the nephew of imprisoned MQM-Haqaqi leader Amir Khan is a clear sign that MQM-Altaf is losing control of the city and panicking. Sooner or later upon the release of the confession videos of the MQM target killers stating the orders were coming from London by allegedly a British Citizen will put British establishment into legal dilemmas as exporting terrorism to Pakistan as well as harbouring terrorists?
    “26 target killers belong to MQM-Altaf Hussain based in London said”, Home Minister Zulifqar Mirza who considered as the right hand man of President Zardari and Rehman Malik left hand man. Every one knows what most people do with their left hand in Pakistan?

    (Dr Shahid Qureshi writer on foreign policy & security based in London)

    Source : http://www.thelondonpost.net/April03201100039.html

  • Pakistani Politicians abusing British Laws?
    Lord Zardari of Surrey & Sir Nawaz Sharif of London Park Lane

    By Dr Shahid Qureshi
    Saturday 17 July 2010
    “Pakistani politicians not only behaving disgracefully in Pakistan but also abusing laws of other countries including Britain by transferring their loot money from the poor state. Those who allegedly abused British laws and values by hiding behind legal loopholes are included Lord Zardari of Rockwood Estates (Surrey Palace) and Sir Nawaz Sharif of London Park Lane”, said a senior analyst.�

    Without getting into legal debate the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming as their front men/women are walking around in community social gatherings as ‘dignitaries’. Some market traders, cab drivers, factory workers are living lavishly in big mansions and running businesses worth millions. These people are very visible and known to journalists but invisible to British authorities. Some of them always sit in the front rows of the community functions and are ‘PIGS’ of Pakistan High Commission in London (Permanently Invited Guests). British Pakistanis are very angry with the so called corrupt democrats of Pakistan and people in Pakistan are blaming British government for supporting and protecting these corrupt politicians.

    I had the opportunity to meet British Foreign Secretary on 28th June 2010 at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London at a press conference after his 3 days long visit to Pakistan. Here is the transcript of my questions to the Honorable Foreign Secretary William Hague (MP). �

    Unidentified Female Aide: Mr Qureshi

    Dr Shahid Qureshi: As you mentioned that Britain support the democratic institutions in Pakistan and you are offering aid as well to Pakistan (indistinct) state, but at the same time the perception in Pakistan itself is that the Pakistan, that Britain is supporting the most corrupt regime, the corrupt politicians who have millions and billions of dollars invested in Britain and Western countries. So if those investments or illegal money who (indistinct) money laundering that (indistinct) Sharif mentioned, if that money is returned back to those poor states including Pakistan would, do you think it would sort of enhance the education, you might not need to give any, any more aid to Pakistan if (indistinct) I mean between the two politicians about four billion dollars, so this, which has come down to about three years American aid to Pakistan.�

    So do you think, I mean it’s very practical I mean I’m talking about that when Britain connect with the people of Pakistan, not with the politicians. You did mention the institution, could you please comment on that?

    William Hague: Yes, well as you can gather from what I was saying I was doing my best on the visit to connect with the people. It’s always hard as a visiting politician to know whether you have done so but I gave many interviews and appeared on the television in Pakistan very frequently during that three days, but it’s, we deal with the, with the Government, you know again we’re not, as I explained in answer to the earlier question, we’re not judging anybody, any of the things that you’re just talking about really are for Pakistanis to address themselves. But we will deal with the, with the legitimate Government of Pakistan to improve the links between the, between the UK and Pakistan. So I can’t make any judgment about the things that you have described …

    Shahid Qureshi: Well we do (indistinct) make judgments about Mugabe in Zimbabwe, all kind of comments about his credibility, his, his legitimacy so I think surely we can compare the two when we look at the corruption, the, the Parliament who are making the half of them or majority of them have fake degrees, so that can give you the level of education. I know it’s, it’s inside Pakistan but this is a perception …

    William Hague: Yeah.

    Shahid Qureshi: that we are considered as somebody who’s backing these people and each time any crisis happens somebody from Washington or London goes and pats each other’s back as they go together. This is the perception coming from the streets …

    William Hague: Well would say two things, one is that we do, we need to deal with whoever is the elected Government, you know, the controversies about how they’re elected, whether they should have been elected are really for Pakistan, not for us. But we, but I, I would stress that we are broadening, we’re trying to broaden that relationship, that’s why I went to see the business community as well, that’s why I spent a lot of time with the media, that’s why, you know, that we’re giving, putting in development aid that does go directly to help the people of Pakistan.�

    So I think it’s important to understand it’s not just a politician to politician relationship, we are seeing it as something broader that involves millions of people and we want to encourage that in the British Government and I hope people will be open to that message because it is a, it’s a clear message from a new Government in Britain and so I hope people will at least give it a bit of consideration.(end)

    British democracy, rule of law and accountability of all makes it one of best countries in the world. When some Pakistani politicians and other elements like Aisf Zardari and Nawaz Sharif abuse British freedom of speech and laws, it become a disgrace on the whole British Pakistani community.�

    Asif Zardari submitted a ‘psychiatric certificate’ the British Court to avoid attendance. It seems either Zardari was lying at the time of submission or lying now as mental illness does not have cure.

    Every profession or job in the world requires a certain level of credibility, physical and mental fitness apart from becoming President of Pakistan? Mr Zardari was formally diagnosed and treated for ‘dementia’ and mental health problems. He has got another tool (defense) up his sleeves ‘pleading insanity’ on the basis of his mental health. The Supreme Court of Pakistan and parliament should implement the constitution under which the mental capacity of the President and Commandant in Chief with his ‘finger of the nuclear button’ must be fully functioning beyond reasonable doubt? According to reports unfortunately, he is suffering from diabetes and dementia (shrinking of brain) which are both irreversible. His permanent grin is suggesting that, “I don’t suffer from insanity but enjoy every moment of it”.

    President Asif Zardari is an example of selfish US policy towards Pakistan that it agreed to support a ‘demented, mentally ill and corrupt’ person who could do the ‘job’ for them and then forget quickly like them. Someone said, ‘advantage of having a bad memory is that one can enjoy same joke many times’.

    As far as Mr Zardari’s reported self certified psychiatric problems are concerned, one should be sympathetic with him. He should not be discriminated due to his mental health problems and mental capacity.

    His lawyers should submit his full risk assessment and psychiatric review to the Election Commission as evidence to prove his full recovery from mental illness. Unfortunately ‘dementia’ (shirking of brain) is irreversible and full recovery is almost impossible. Now if he has submitted fake medical certificates in the British Courts ‘he’ has committed a criminal offence. If the mental health and psychological assessments are correct and no new assessments are presented, is he suitable for the Presidential role? According to media reports Zardari adjourned his court case hearings in Pakistan approximately 256 times mostly on medical grounds by presenting medical certificates. Keeping in view the above he is not fit to be a ‘cinema ticket clerk’ let alone President of a nuclear state and Commandant in Chief of the Pakistan Armed Forces?

    “His doctors have declared him medically fit to run for political office and free of any symptoms,” said Wajid Shamsul Hassan, Pakistani high commissioner in London reported The Financial Times. Perhaps the High Commissioner is unaware that entry and exit points in the mental health treatment are sometimes years apart depending on the illness especially ‘dementia’? As Financial Times published on 26th August 2008, Mr. Zardari submitted his medical and psychiatric reports/certificates to British High Court claiming incapacity to stand trial and inability to attend hearings.

    In March 2007, Stephen Reich, a New York state-based psychologist, diagnosed Mr Zardari with dementia, major depressive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. He (Mr. Zardari) had difficulty focusing, concentrating and paying attention is persistently sad, chronically anxious and apprehensive. He (Mr Zardari) stated that he has had suicidal thoughts, but has not made any suicide gestures. Mr Reich re-examined Mr. Zardari in June 2007 and September 2007, each time reporting that he had made progress but still had problems that might make it impossible for him to testify in court”. Another diagnosis in March 2007 by Philip Saltiel, a New York City based psychiatrist said, ‘emotional and neurological problems suffered by Mr. Zardari because of medical treatment and imprisonment had resulted in “emotional instability” and “deficits in memory and concentration”. His risk assessments suggest, “I do not foresee any improvement in these issues for at least a year.” (Financial Times)

    Amjad Malik a lawyer from United Kingdom says, “Mr. Zardari should not be penalized for his past illnesses, however if he commits a blunder whilst leading the pioneer atomic Islamic nation of 180 million souls as a head of the state, whilst having constitutional immunity from prosecution, he will also have a lawful defense on the basis of his past psychiatric profile and all liability will rest on security apparatus, election commission and hopeful contenders in his election who failed to challenge his smooth sailing in time, and the loss will be of the state, but surely, military rule will survive by default”,

    There was a clear conflict of interest when Zardari’s own government withdrew cases against him and others, not to mention the benefits from NRO amnesty? Did those acquittals serve true sense of justice? In actual fact he lost Swiss Case of money laundering either way. He should tell the people of Pakistan how he managed to build more than $2 billion Empire and from where he got $60 million to deposit in Swiss account? He and late Ms Bhutto have been denying for years to the world that they have nothing to do with Rockwood Estate ‘Surrey Palace’ but then one day his lawyer ‘Farooq Naik’ claimed ownership.

    When it comes to his academic qualifications first New York Times and then Dawn a leading English daily reported on 21st March 2008, “British officials responsible for maintaining record of all educational institutions in the country have failed to find any trace of the institution (London School of Economics and Business) in London from where Asif Ali Zardari is claimed to have received his graduation or equivalent qualification in 1976.

    In a written response PPP spokesman Farhatullah Babar said: “Mr Zardari studied business and economics in a school in London now called (the) London School of Economics and Business.” In a written response to questions about London School of Economics and Business, an Edubase official said: “In order to ascertain whether or not an institution exists, I conduct a search on three registers, Edubase, The Register of Education and Training Providers and the UK Register of Learning Providers. I have been unable to find evidence of this institution.”

    So where and what is he graduated in? It is not an issue if he has graduated or not but why is he unable to prove the existence of institution he claimed to have been attending? Moreover, Mr. Zardari should not be discriminated due to his mental health problems. He is lucky to have received support for his mental health and physical problems. Is he a credible President, who forgot about his £ millions palace in London for years, don’t remember which college he graduated from, don’t remember $3.6 million in his Swiss account which Swiss government confiscated and don’t know how he earned $60 million deposited in his Swiss accounts?

    Bizarrely, “US officials say they can work with Mr. Zardari despite the controversies of his past”, reported Financial Times. Well these are not controversies or mudslinging on any ones character? We are taking his words and documents submitted by him on board. Asif Zardari should consider quitting as his permanent grin, is taken as a result of ‘mental illness’ (weak face muscles) otherwise who could imagine smiling when their soldiers are dying every day.

    There is no doubt that Asif Zardari has been unfair, ungrateful and unfaithful with the Pakistani nation? One can give a message to suffering Pakistani’s, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Richard Holbrooke and British Foreign Secretary, William Hague in the words of Herman Hesse, “when dealing with insane, it is best to pretend to be sane”.


  • Dr Shahid Qureshi threatens LUBP:


    Dr Shahid Qureshi says:
    April 20, 2011 at 6:16 pm (Edit)
    Dear alias Mr Nishapuri, (not real name)
    This is Dr Shahid Qureshi journalist and writer based in London. I would like you to remove your remarks

    “Dr. Shahid Qureshi” is probably another alias of the notorious cyberspace terrorist who calls himself “Earthman, International Professor”,
    immediately.I will be starting legal procedings against you soon.You are making dangerous and slanderous assumptions and if you are brave enough come out of hiding and give your real name and address. we will still trace you.

    Thank you
    Dr Shahid Qureshi


    Author : Dr Shahid Qureshi (IP: , 5e0139f5.bb.sky.com)
    E-mail : ukcorrespondent@hotmail.com
    URL : Whois : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=

    …. IP address location & more:
    IP address [?]: [Whois] [Reverse IP]
    IP country code: GB
    IP address country: United Kingdom
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    IP address city: London
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    IP address longitude: -0.1262
    ISP of this IP [?]: Sky Broadband
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  • Did ISI dispose off its own asset to counter-balance Saleem Shahzad’s murder?


    لاہور میں صحافی کا قتل

    پاکستان میں صحافیوں پر تشدد کے واقعات اکثر ہوتے رہتے ہیں۔

    لاہور میں نامعلوم افراد نے ایک آن لائن اخبار سے منسلک صحافی کو قتل کر دیا ہے۔

    لندن پوسٹ نامی آن لائن اخبار نے یہ خبر شائع کی تھی کہ ایم کیوایم کے سربراہ الطاف حسین کو مبینہ طور لندن کے ہیتھرو ائر پورٹ پرجنوبی افریقہ جاتے ہوئے روک لیا گیا تھا۔

    تاہم اس خبر کی کسی ریاستی ادارے نے تصدیق نہیں کی تھی۔

    مقتول صحافی فیصل قریشی کے بھائی ڈاکٹر شاہد قریشی نے میڈیا کو اپنے ایک بیان میں کہا ہے کہ انہیں اور مقتول فیصل قریشی کو چند روز پہلے کراچی میں اثر و رسوخ رکھنے والی ایک سیاسی تنظیم کی جانب سے قتل کی دھمکیاں ملی تھیں۔

    فیصل قریشی کی لاش لاہور کے علاقے جوہر ٹاؤن سے ان کی رہائش گاہ سے برآمد ہوئی۔ ان کا گلا کٹا ہوا تھا اور جسم پر تشدد کے نشانات تھے۔

    فیصل قریشی لندن سے شائع ہونے والے آن لائن اخبار لندن پوسٹ کے پاکستان میں ایڈیٹر اور ویب ڈویلپر تھے۔

    اٹھائیس سالہ فیصل قریشی جوہر ٹاؤن میں اپنے گھر میں اکیلے رہتے تھے۔ مقتول کے بھائی کے مطابق وہ کل شام انہیں ملنے گئے لیکن دروازے پر تالا لگا ہوا تھا۔ پولیس کی مدد سے تالا کھلوایا گیا تو فیصل قریشی کی گلہ کٹی لاش ملی۔

    لاہور میں صحافتی تنظیموں نے اسے ٹارگٹ کلنگ قرار دیا ہے۔ لاہور پریس کلب کے سیکرٹری اعظم چودھری کا کہنا ہے کہ فیصل قریشی کا قتل صحافیوں کے خلاف جاری تشدد کی ایک کڑی ہے۔ اعظم چودھری نے مطالبہ کیا کہ فیصل قریشی کے قتل کی عدالتی تحقیقات کرائی جائیں۔

    جوہر ٹاؤن پولیس نے مقتول کے بھائی زاہد قریشی کی درخواست پر نامعلوم افراد کے خلاف مقدمہ درج کر لیا ہے۔ پولیس کے تفتیشی افسروں کا کہنا ہے کہ فی الحال کسی پر ان کے قتل کا الزام عائد نہیں کیا جا سکتا۔

    دوست کو بھیجیں پرِنٹ کریں

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