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JI Mentor Maudoodi exposed – by Yasser Latif Hamdani

Pakteahouse Co-editor Yasser Latif Hamdani has shared with us this piece exposing the hypocricy of JI and their mentor Maudoodi. We are posting it here from the pakteahouse blog.

Maudoodi's quotes

Here is an English translation of the 10 Urdu quotations of Maulana Maududi, founder of the Jamaat Islami, quoted above:


1. “The establishment and birth of Pakistan is equivalent to the birth of a beast.”

2. “Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s place is not on the throne of leadership. He deserves to face trial as a traitor.”

3. ” There were three actors in the partition of India. Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s performance proved to be most unsuccessful”.

4. “It is haraam to vote for the Muslim League.”

5. “Muhammad Ali Jinnah is the founder of fool’s paradise.” 6. “Pakistan is a fool’s paradise and an infidel state of Muslims.”

7. “Pakistan is filled with millions of robbers, thieves, murderers, adulterers and uncouth wrongdoers.”

8. “An election campaign is a race of hounds.”

9. “The Muslim League is an unrighteous and immoral party that has made our collective environment filthier than the lavatory.”

10. ” The Mohajirs are deserters and cowards, who fought a national battle, but when the time came to pay the price, they took the path of escape.”(Bin Ismail, a PTH visitor)

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Ali Arqam


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  • The other side of the coin is in Mir Muhammad Ali Talpur’s article in the Daily Times of Sunday, June 28.

    “The Objectives Resolution and the state’s affinity for fanaticism has a historical background. Professor Ishtiaq Ahmed, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Stockholm University, in a piece titled ‘The demand for Pakistan and Islam’ (Daily Times, June 8, 2010) says that the opportunity for Jinnah to make a breakthrough in the Muslim-majority provinces of northwestern India — Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, and Sindh — arrived in July 1945 when the British government announced provincial elections for February 1946. He says, “… the tactics that the Muslim League adopted during the long election campaign… (included) efforts to appeal to the bigotry of the electors. Pirs and maulvis have been enlisted in large numbers to tour the province and denounce all who oppose the League as infidels. Copies of the Holy Quran are carried around as an emblem peculiar to the Muslim League. Feroz [Khan Noon] and others openly preach that every vote given to the League is a vote cast in favour of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).”

    “… The ML [Muslim League] orators are becoming increasingly fanatical in their speeches. Maulvis and pirs and students travel all round the province and preach that those who fail to vote for the League candidates will cease to be Muslims; their marriages will no longer be valid and they will be entirely excommunicated…”

    So the All India Muslim League was not much better in its rhetoric than Maudoodi.

  • @Arun
    In my view JI nowadays is continuation of AIML rhetorics of the days of partition, but at the those times they were strongly opposing the very idea of freedom from the British, as Maudoodi thought, in the eyes of God, British and the Indians are equals, and by expelling British from India, we will loose the opportunity to inviting them towards Islam. For the same reason he opposed the INC and AIML as well, but after the partition they have transformed to the custodian of So called Pakistan ideology. Here we have to expose this duality…

  • This is how JI felt for Quaid e Azam, Pakistan and Pakistanis. Dear all Mullahs feeling is mutual. You have all the traits that your leader described for Pakistanis. One difference is that you are not “Zani” but you are “Homo”

  • Just a suggestion – with the current set of troubles in Pakistan, it might help to have a branch of this website similar to that is highlights positive achievements of social entrepreneurs, NGOs and individuals that improve other people’s lives. It should be solely dedicated to that.

    People achieving some success against the odds and making a difference is always inspiring, and, in my opinion, is better than a hundred prayers.

  • @Arun
    good suggestion, I will check the site you referred, here at the site we have a forum also, U can put this suggestion there to be discussed with the editors..

  • Madoodi was an idiot, a highly evil man! History has relegated him and his terrorist outfit Jamat Islami to the deepest depths of infamy.His name shall live in infamy!

    LONG LIVE Pakistan!
    LONG LIVE Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

  • Dear All,
    Let us circulate this through email and other means to expose the evil reality of this extremist cult called Jamat Islami.

  • That is such a good resource that you are providing and you give it away totally free. I love seeing internet websites that fully grasp the value of providing a excellent resource totally free. It?s the old what goes approximately comes all around routine.

  • Molana ne kabhi apnay mukhalfeen k khilaf bhi aisi zaban use nhe ki. Ap references daikhaain k kitnay old hain k ab aisa material check banda kahan se kray. Author ne Molana ka waqar giranay ki 1 bhoondi koshish ki he.

  • Molana ka literature to Muslim League Pakistan Ideology ko defend kernay k lye use kerti the to bhala Molana kuon quaid ko bura bhala kahtay. Shame on author. Ye Molana ko badnam kernay ki mazmoom sazish he.

  • Dont make fool people by cerfully editing a piece of paper on adobe photoshop by writing false statement from Maulana. Maulana never gaev any such remarks about Pakistan. Jamat only criticize the law of Pakistan because it was said that Govt. of India aCt 1935 will be followed; so it was said if we have to follow the Indian law/ british law even after getting the Muslim state. So whats the benefit of it??
    In fact let me tell you some other leaders:
    Altaf Husain said in India: the partition of sub continent was the worst blunder in the history of mankind.
    Abdul Wali Khan of ANP: dont even want to get buried in PK thus buries in Afghanistan
    Bhutto: even after 1959 he ddnt cancelled his Indian citizenship.

    This is the real face of other leaders.

    Jamat is always pro-pakistan. and we are proud of it.

  • this is a rubbish propaganda, which was tailored by qadianis and communists. any how, the people who are promoters of this abusive and distorted propaganda , themselves do not believe in pakista.

  • mr.Yasser Latif Hamdani

    shame on you and your such thinking. Maududi didn’t used such language in his whole life even against his opponents.i have the monthly “Tarjuman al Qur’an ” from 1932 to 2000. i didn’t saw any of this statement there.
    this is unimaginable because i know that “Maududi” was a person who didn’t reply any person with abuse language. he always called his Opponents with respected words like “Maulana” , “Sahab” and “JANAB” .
    i know you could not read him ..
    because you are so called liberals and literate persons …