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20 proposals for a greater Pakistan – by Hamid Mir

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Abdul Nishapuri


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  • Again all the proposals are all over the place and generic in nature. These proposals have to be backed by strategies which are sadly missing

  • when all the people who are required to pay tax ,paid their actual payable tax honestly then there will be no poor in this country.
    when all the people willfully take the measures for fruit planation, hope minor decease in this country.No need to do other things

  • hahah,. punjab dnt want to sindh start thar coal project, can i ask mr Hamid mir His Master Mir Shakeel and Geo how much paid Income tax and can mr Hamid mir ask mr nawaz sharif y he paid 5000 tax only isnt Nawaz sharif is needy for sasti roty and for zakat, all Baloch in the captivity to Punjab agency, media is law braker who dnt want happy country and tarying to propanda and work for mullah and Taliban, all time they criticize govt tehy make protocol every time can mir ask nawaz sharif and his hidden master CJ y they use protocol wid 5 merceedes