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Why does not Imran Khan condemn terrorist activities by the Taliban and Al-Qaeda?

Why does not Imran Khan condemn terrorist activities by the Taliban and Al-Qaeda?

Is he being blackmailed by Mullahs for his “un-Islamic” past.

Some comments:

Imran Khan is now behaving more like ‘I’ for Idiot Khan. He has no idea how to deal with the the enemy of Pakistan or unless he is with the enemy. He once gave an Example how British negotiated with IRA. This I (idiot) Khan did not tell Pakistanis that British only accepted negotiation one IRA destroyed their weapon and revealed the location of all of the weapons. I(idiot) Khan also did not tell on TV that United States the Biggest fund raiser for IRA banned completely all the funding. So Mr I khan please do not take advantage of appearing on TV and tell lies. When I(idiot) Khan went to the frontier Afghan Taliban were fighting inside Pakistan He dare not go there now, they will kidnap him for ransom and no one will pay for his release. What ever I Khan says on Pakistan TV did not dare to say in English in US.

He has no idea of the ground reality. He is now anti Pakistan army and pro terrorist only speaking for them has never condemned their actions. He should be taken of AIR and the media must not criticize the Army in such a biased way. Never any British , US European journalist ever criticized the army, the way Kashif Abbasi, Hamid Mir or I (idiot) Khan have done. This attitude constitute treason. Please pray for the innocent dead victims of the suicide Bombers. Sorry Mr I (Idiot)Khan you are frustrated for boycotting election and being out of Parliament.The voters have rejected you in the past and they will reject you in future too. Tough Luck.

Go and sort out cricket you were good at that and please appogise again for not mentioning the teams effort to win the 1992 cup. Politics is not your game.

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Save women and children of Pakistan.