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ISI mole arrested in Kabul is a friend of Abdul Khaliq Hazara and HDP – by Mehdi Changezi

Editor’s note: This letter from Quetta proves as correct LUBP’s stance on Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) and Abdul Khaliq Hazara. We are glad that a Shia-Hazara friend from Quetta has noticed our efforts and sent us this letter which appreciates and solidifies our stance. This is also a reminder to people both in the social media as well as in the mainstream media to be wary of the ISI operatives and propagandists who masquerade as Hazara nationalists and not trust them for either information or analysis. Such people (like Abdul Khaliq Hazara or his propagandists including a doctor from Quetta) have ulterior motives and hide behind veils of pretense, like Hussain Ali Yasa in this case who, according to Mr. Mehdi Changezi, pretended as a Hazara nationalist and an Afghan opposition leader, but like his HDP friends in Quetta, turned out to be an ISI mole. We are presenting the letter below.

Dear LUBP:

I want to bring something to your notice. Recently it was reported that Dr. Hussain Ali Yasa of Afghan National Front (ANF) was arrested in Afghanistan on charge of spying for Pakistani intelligence agency.

I want to inform you that this incident supports your previous articles on HDP and the dirty politics of so-called Hazara nationalists in Quetta. They are the internal enemies of Shia Hazaras. It may be news to most people that Dr. Hussain Ali Yasa has been arrested for links with ISI, but people who know him from his youth in Quetta as a student leader of Hazara Students Federation also know about his long association with ISI.

It may also surprise many people that while Dr. Hussain Ali Yasa is performing his duty as Pakistani agent in Afghanistan, his brother is also a serving officer in the Pakistan army.

Dr. Hussain Ali Yasa has a long association with so-called Hazara nationalists in Quetta who have always served as ISI agents and is still in close contact with them and they work in collaboration. People like Abdul Khaliq Hazara and Dr. Hussain Ali Yasa are the biggest enemies of Shia Hazaras in Quetta and also in Afghanistan because they work for Pakistan army which is responsible for blood of thousands of innocent Shia Hazaras and other Shias in Quetta.

We all should be careful and tell people that these people are dishonest and enemies of Hazara community. Abdul Khaliq Hazara, Hussain Ali Yasa and other members of HDP etc are all the same people. I am thankful to you for exposing these hypocrites and telling the world about them. I hope you will publish this.

Thank you
Mehdi Changezi

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  • I am glad that Yasa rat has been arrested. In Quetta, he used to enjoy hospitality of Khaliq Hazra. Thank you, bro Mehdi, for bringing this to fore.

  • ISI rats usually work together.

    This man (Hussain Yasa) was in another rat’s program a few days ago.

    Yes, he was a guest at Hamid Mir’s Capital Talk on 4 JULY 2012, “NATO SUPPLY” “Sorry”

    List of rats (guests):


    NATO Supply, US said Sorry & what Pakistan Got.


    Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi PTI,
    Senator Moula Bakhsh Chandio PPP,
    Maulana Fazlur Rehman Khalil Defa-e-Pakistan Council,
    Tariq Fatemi Former Pakistan Ambassador to the United States,
    Dr. Hussain Yasa Journalist Kabul.

  • Thought you should also read this alternative view from Twitter:

    Arif H. Hazara ‏
    Lol, yet again LUBPians won, In order 2 get some evidence against Dr.Yassa NDS must read this letter from anonymous …
    Previous tweet was JOKE of the decade, Read & laugh out loud. A naive knows ANF comprise of parties who had been resisting Talibs(ISI Sons)

    I, a nikamma know that Dr.YASSA is chairman of the group that owns two leading newspapers of Afghanistan. He has played a vital role

    bringing all the bitter rivals together 2 resist any future Jihadi government of Taliban(ISI-Sons), How come LetUsBully doesnt know this?

  • Views from facebook:

    Shaiba Khawari:

    “thank you mehdi changezi 4 sharing this in4mation ,afsos k itnay zameer frosh log zinda hai or begunah maray jarahay hai…in haram khoron ko sae aam paansi dadeni chaheye… Jab tak aisay zalim bad bakht hamaray dermian maojood rahaigay ,masum log yuhi maray jatay rahegay..ager pir bhi hamari ghairat nahi jagti to pir is qaom ka khuda hi hafiz.”

    Syed Ali wrote:

    “This Article is misleading, simplistic as well as vindictive. Hazaras have relatives both in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the fact that Yasa’s brother is in Pakistan Army does not in any way mean that he is an ISI mole. With this kind of simplistic you may malign Pakistani Hazaras working in Afghanistan, but won’t do anyone any good.

    The pity is that you are basing all your arguments on the basis of allegations made by Karzai’s government to weaken its opposition! If you are against secular and non-religious politics, you should come up with arguments on that behalf. Scandalizing head of a democratic party and maligning Dr Saleem Javed in such a personal is a very cheap and obscurantist way of attacking nationalist Hazaras, who have reached their conclusions after decades of problems both in Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

  • The world know who is the spies / agents of Pakistan in Afghanistan, no one except Taliban-Pashtoons (babies of ISI). Northern Alliance are those who are fighting these ISI babies. LUBP you are really doing wrong propaganda on anonymous letters. On the pretext of Liberalism, you are spreading extremism, whether it is Shia or Sunni extremism, both are the same.

  • Iam glad enough that Mr.Mehdi Changezi dared to bring forward these known yet hidden facts. Thank you LUBP for publishing this letter.

    Almost 80% of Shia Hazaras do know these touts , but alas no on dares to stand firm against them.

  • Dear LUBP,
    You Know that dr Yasa has given around 300 Scholarships to Hazara students to study abroad. He had resisted Taliban for decades. He was the one who stood firm in his commitment during 90, it should be mentioned here that it was the time that nobody in quetta belongs to Hazara community dared to come to Afghanistan. i am 100% sure that he is one of the heros of hazara to arise hazaras voice through out the world. and i you are happy that he will be sentenced to death i guarantee you that hazaras through out the world will lose a great man.

  • to be Honest this is another piece of shit by our own Propagandist in Quetta Pakistan who are doping nothing but to distribute our so much distributed nation.
    who doesn’t know nothing about Nation but act like an unpaid employee of Powers who wants us not to be united sometime by the name of Religion and sometime by the name of nationalism ….
    no hard feelings ..

  • Hi! Mr Mehdi how we can believe that he is such a stupid person is. He did so many thing no one did. And he is the enemy of Hazara people. how we can believe that your saying the truth. we don,t know you who are you? Where are you from what is your job? If Abdul Khaliq is like this that you describe then he made all the Hazara people full and idiot. He did protest against Hazara killing all over the world.

  • This is such a peace of shit.even we haven’t seen this mehdi changezi who the hell is he and so called about this article is just a fake we never accept this that hussain ali yasa and Abdul khaliq hazara is spy of ISI…we know both of them a real heroes of hazara nation…

  • This is such a peace of shit.even we haven’t seen this mehdi changezi who the hell is he and so called about this article is just a fake we never accept this that hussain ali yasa and Abdul khaliq hazara is spy of ISI…we know both of them a real heroes of hazara nation.and so on mehdi changazi he him self is just a freak who dividing us in many parts

  • This site LUBP is propagating falsehood, based on character assassination of Hazara leaders following secular ideology. One must not use rubbish language on social media against any other person based on difference of ideology instead should respect each other. If you people kindly divert your worthy effort on countering the interwoven network of conspiracies launched by West for increasing the rifts b/w different sect of Muslim. In doing so the honourable moderator of this site increases the plight of hazaras instead of lessening it. Hazaras do have sunni and ismaili. You can’t succeed politicizing Islam instead defame it.

  • Az kartoot Khaliq kas am na-ashna namanda. Aur bilkul e barai agencies kar muna.

  • haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dushmana che qad dar khorda…..long life dr yasa and ofcourse e kari ago azra nesta e sazish ra ago dana syeeeeeeeed kida hahaha

  • DR yasa is well known and respected man he has a very good rle in afghanistan dr yass beshomar bachae hazara ra da afghanistan scholrship dilaw kida ki behtareen kar asta agar qad isi basha am che farq mona che zarar ya noqsan she rasida baray qowm? dostaaaaaaaa hosyar bashid e kar wa sazish az tarafi SYEED khilafi HDP asta ki da haqiqad kalan sazish da khelafi hazara qown asta lehaza hoshyaaaaaaaaaaaaaar bashiddddddddddddd

  • I dont understand whats BAD in it to work for ISI or work for Pakistan?
    We Hazara’s have not yet decided or if decided to work, we have just fucked ourselves in the hand of Iranian and indian agencies.
    Working for ISI, a Pakistan intelligencia is a no Harm rather it will give fruits to us.
    We have been working historically for iran, and now Iran, that have now took a U turn by making strategical ally with MUSAD(Israel) and RAW (INDIAN).
    If we work for ISI that is a Pakistan based secret agency, then that is no Harm at all. Atleast it will help in turning us to WHITE,in Quetta and in Pakistan,unfortunately, till day IRAN and AFGHANISTAN have turned us(HAZARA’s) to GREY and then BLACK in Pakistan’s communal profiles of tribes, because they(Pakistan’s ISI) blame us that we work for IRAN+RAW+ ISRAEL.
    therefore, Guys like Dr.YASSA if they come out to be with ISI, then I SEE no HARM in it, RATHER it will bring fruits to us, in reducing the enormous pressure on us at the moment in Quetta Pakistan right now, therefore I would request all Qaum Dosta to please remove the SPECTICALS of IRANIAN+RAW Backed mulla’s and opinion makers and please look at the wider picture with open heart and open mind. Long live Pakistan and its intelligencia, Long Live Hazara’s. Hazaragi Zindabad….

  • dear Mehdi Changezi,
    thank you so much for reporting this news even if it was very sad for me. it is first time I am facing a news in which hazara is reported as a spy. indeed they are enemies of hazaras …

  • to follow the comment of Hazara e Quetta, Pakistan, good to leave a comment here so that our dear qawma may read. first of all to be spy is not honor for anyone especially Hazaras who have been living along, without food but with zeal and humanity. second, it is clear that Pakistan is the center of terrorism and the main enemy of Afghanistan; I do not say we must worry about Afghanistan, we must think of ourselves. for Hazara people, Pakistan is not bosom of their mother. if I am wrong, please have a look at situation of brewery of Quetta. third: if we study the best government for Hazara people in Afghanistan, Dr. Najibullah’s government was the best; but we lost it when Pakistan sent too many terrorists named mujahid. anyway, what we should do now is to live as our grandfathers lived(no war, no spying no….). the last: do not forget that in past Ashuraa, too many of our Hazara brothers were killed in a suicide attack which was made by a Pakistani mujahid. Dear brothers, don’t axe yourselves roots; don’t let anybody separate us; nothing is important than our qawm, even religion…

  • Both these guys are the puppets of ISI, and anyone denying this fact is fooling himself…….. and the other agents of ISI can be seen above along with their comments, Abdul Khaliq is Dog that ISI uses from time to time, and now adays he has been given the task to prove Hazara Shias KAAFIR and to further his task Daily Jang and Mashriq are facilitating him… he will die a Dog’s death….

  • Khaliq asta yak kalan barwa. Kas ki manay azi shak dara maslay azu am kharab malum mida. Yak adam ki juloos i 21 roza ra band kado koshish kana, ma zaat amzu ra gayum.


  • The unknown person is making propaganda against Hazara Democratic party. who the hell is mehdi changezi. one thing is sure that ISI don’t want that any other political come to assembly and raises the voice of their nation. we reject this kind of articles.

  • Yet hazaras are murdered like rats everywhere (mutually exclusive if you call people rats who stand out and speak out against target killing of hazaras) and not so surprisingly there are others who are trying to fume the flame by dividing the communities instead of healing the wounds. It doesn’t matter whether it’s hazara or other community who is targeted but it shows how weak and corrupt the system is which meant to protect its people. I don’t understand what this title is going to bring since the majority of hazaras have already worked out who are the real ISI agents or Khamenie agents. However I decline to accept any claim of wrong doing without a full proof so I would be absolutely delighted if Mr Changezi would back up his remarks with some solid evidence otherwise it would be like barking in the trees.

  • marbar too mehdi changazi ke quma ra taqse muni aaz shumo ware adama hamesh da khilaf hazara boda wa qad quma khiya nat kada wa da bale khob khob adamai hazara ilzam communost waghra zanda qum ra shekast dadan. to aga wa qai hazara aste yak dafa hazaragi fikar kanu wa kitabai tarekh ra bekhanu baz malom musha ki haqeqat cchez asta .qarr too na ra da nazara az ma to khoo hazara h nere .aga aste am mix shsarat bashi ki balde doshmanai qaum kakad rare .

  • markbar too mehdi chengzi ki qad aze gabai kho name hazara wa imam mehdi ra bad kadi .afsoooooooooooos aze name toooooooooooo.

  • Hrche KI HASTA HDP AZ HAZARA ASTA AZ KHODA AG NGA NUQSAN Dad amdar nadara ma fa khar num ki hazara kho she sar par kho esta shuda wa yag hazaragi partiy jor kada .zindabad HDP zindaba hazaragi

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