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Criticism of LUBP, let the readers decide

We are pleased to publish the following criticism by noted “liberals” on LUBP. We welcome critical comments and leave it to our readers’ discretion to decide whether the criticism levelled on LUBP is fair and justified.

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  • You attack the livelihood of these NGO type entities and then expect they should not attack you in return?

    You are living in fools paradise.

  • Way to go guys! Meera, Marvi, Maheen, Ilmana and Ali Dayan. You guys rock for attacking this den of Zionist supporting, liberal fascist scum! They are all on the payroll of Zardari and Sonia Gandhi and Shimon Peres and Barack Obama.

    Thank you for taking on LUBP – the Zionist blog of Pakistan. After seeing their mainpage posts, I have renamed them LUBI – Let Us Build Israel.

    Thank you guys for voicing your protest. HAMAS supportors like us needed to take a stand when LUBI started promoting Zionism in this post


  • @Sarah Khan

    It’s a bit strange that you published these critical Tweets but did not publish your own very valid Tweets in defence of LUBP.

    Harassed? or Self-censorship?

  • Excellent drubbing of LUBP! They were getting too powerful and giving a bad name to Jihad and to patriotic groups like Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat. Why do they keep talking of Ahmadi and Shia issue? Why don’t they ever talk of condemn drones like sister Meera Ghani?

    After LUBP’s critical posts on Hamid Mir and Ejaz Haider, I am glad to see that Hamid Mir sahib’s friends have struck back. LUBP is nearly 10,000 facebook likes. Not good and needed a timely slap from honourable friends of Hamid Mir and GEO group like Marvi Sirmed and Maheen Usmani.

  • Copied from Twitter:

    LUBP @CriticalPPP
    Its entertaining to see that instead of finding faults in our discourse, noted “liberals” are resorting to ad hominem attacks on LUBP. #Fail

    Those who remain notoriously silent on #ShiaGenocide or worse, misrepresent it as an ethnic issue, are attacking LUBP. Understandable.

    Pseudo-liberals operate as an elitist cult to safeguard their economic & political interests. Not much different from #MullahCult

    Many, if not all, critics of #LUBP hate us because despite our critical posts on #PPP leaders, we continue to support PPP.

    Our critics are jealous of the fact that #LUBP remains #Pakistan’s largest blog in terms of traffic, activism and content. #AlternativeMedia

  • LUBP has done what these highly paid, corrupt NGO wallas like Ali Dayan Hasan, Marvi Sirmed and others could not achieve. They probably earn lakhs of ruppees by fooling donor agencies but they have only misrepresented the suffering of Shias all over Pakistan. Shame on them and I pray that their funding stops so they have to do real jobs instead of thriving on the misery of others.

    Anyone who is allied with HDP – an ISI backed party is in no position to attack LUBP.

  • Interestingly LUBP did not defend itself in the post. Are you harassed, folks?

    Would we see a change in your policy from now on? Would you stop supporting Shias, Balochs, Ahmadis, Pashtuns etc?

  • I am currently completing my studies from a foreign university and LUBP is one of the favourite websites for young Pakistanis. Far from being blind supporters of PPP, I have seen them being critical of their party as well. I am not a PPP supporter and my friends and I have reconsidered our earlier decision to support PTI. So we are undecided. For us, sites like LUBP are fantastic.

    I see all these attacks by prominent Pakistanis but they are all unsubstantiated and make no sense. Anyone can write for LUBP and atleast two of my friends have submitted articles under pen names and one of them got published here.

    Keep up the good work and my respect for LUBP has gone up after seeing that they are not afraid of criticism.

  • I was a bit perplexed by this unprovoked attack on LUBP by none other than Ali Dayan Hasan, HRW’s director in Pakistan.

    Then I came across this post. Only a few days ago, Saeen Ravez Junejo had published this post on PB and LUBP which could be a bit too much for Mr. Hasan. Left with no arguments, Mr. Hasan’s best recourse was ad hominem attack on the blog.



  • In fact I agree with Maheen Usman’s comment. LUBP is a rabid Jiyala portal, illiterate lovers of Bhutto and his descendants. Scums!

  • LUBP is the only blog-site I have came across that does not publish anything based on false portrayals.Truth always faces criticisms more, comparative to the double faced writers.

    Chaltay he raho, bhartay he raho
    Jeet tho haq ki honi hai

  • LUBP’s work on Shia genocide database, legal definition of Shia genocide and the draft letter to US policy makers has put Ali Dayan (HRW) and other champions of human rights to shame.

    Their frustration is easy to understand.

  • I am not a sectarian person, it is, however, a fact that LUBP promotes only one sect, Shia, and is a puppet of Iranian Ayatollahs.

  • Ahad Hussain ‏@ahadhussain
    @CriticalPPP Secular LUBP is being targeted by another secular group only because it highlights #shiagenocide . Stop that & they will admire

    Karrar ‏@KarrarrHussain
    @ahadhussain @CriticalPPP LUBP’s criticism has more to do with inconvenience than the principles. Being Pro-PPP makes it vulnerable

    Karrar ‏@KarrarrHussain
    @ahadhussain @CriticalPPP Speaking for #Shiagenocide has led to unbearable shame for many ‘HR activists’. They’re guilty for not covering it

    Karrar ‏@KarrarrHussain
    The more willing you’re to compromise your principles, the more the chances to click in the social circles of Pakistan.

  • I have seen some people who criticize that LUBP publishes ad hominem posts and personal attack. I see evidence to the contrary.

    Selective morality or convenient silence?

  • Hamza Baloch ‏@H_Balouch
    dont always trust on propaganda base websites, check this http://t.co/s4cN8TgU

    Hamza Baloch ‏@H_Balouch
    @AliDayan Same thing these fake liberals also do… all these are same…away from common people,living in their own wrld

    Zahi Aly ‏@ZahiAlyy
    #PPPFail RT @AliDayan: There is little difference between LUBP Jihadis and the Mullah Media brigade. Both spread fitna and lies. #LOSERS

  • Dear Abdul Nishapuri

    It is already last week of July and I have not received the share yet.I did call Zionist HQ.They confirmed that they did send this month’s check to you.

    Please expedite.

    Yours Truly

  • There was ABSOLUTELY NO SLANDER, SPIN DOCTORING, LYING OR MISREPRESENTATION of any kind in my post about Ali Dayan Hasan. In fact, if anyone were to read it, it’s just a comparative analysis of Ali Dayan Hasan’s statements on the Saleem Shahzad case since it started and till his speech at the so-called Pakistan Social Media Mela 2012. I have shared this post with objective, foreign observers of Pakistani politics who also found nothing sinister, personal or unethical about the wording or theme of the post. One feels that, like any guilty person, Mr Ali Dayan Hasan has been angered by the LUBP calling him out on his highly surprising about face on the SSS case and sought to attack the blog instead of clarify his (current) stand on the issue.

  • Saray kay saray Harami jama hain yar. LUBP kam az Kam ghareebon ki awaz to uthata hay? they are ganingin up against LUBP which is a good sign of sucess for LUBP.

    Keep it up

  • @Ravez, I have read both your article and Dayan Sahibs attacks on LUBP. I am in full agreement with your article and enjoy reading your well-researched articles on both LUBP and Pakistan Blogzine. In my opinion, it is people like you that give me cause for optimism wheras Dayan Sahibs about face on the issue of SSS disappoint me. I can understand that perhaps the spooks of ISI got to him and made him change his statement. But to lash out in this pathetic manner at LUBP is indicative that there is more to Ali Dayan’s statements than security concerns.

    Ravez, notice that he never referred to your post. Infact, all the attacks on LUBP always stay clear of the arguements and content and simply use media power to make baseless attacks. Some of my friends work with donor agencies. You have to understand that there are millions of dollars at stake and these activists and “human rights” people lakhs of ruppees a month and enjoy a lifestyle that is far, far, far better than the average Pakistani whom they pretend to represent. Some of the pretend to sympathetic to PPP but they are even worse than the Hafeez Peerzadas, Shah Mahmood Qureishis, Khars and Mairaj Khans and will stab the party at ever opportunity.

  • I also think LUBP should adopt AZ’s policy to not indulge in this.Just focus on keep promoting the lieberal causes.

  • LUBP is so much of an importance in the media world that a flood of criticism is being created against it. I regard it the biggest success of LUBP. Nobody spends their 2-cent on ordinary sites, this only occurs when others interests sustain a jerk.

    We have witnessed many top personalities compromising with Establishment. To begin with Aisha Siddqua, the writer of Generals Inc. in her self-exiled days, but now has gone silent in her stance of struggling against clutches of Establishment, and now her feet are touching the Pakistani soil. About Shaheen Sehbai, once given a horrible interview to Shobha Johan of Times of India narrating his personal experience of brutalities at the hands of ISI, now is the biggest kow-tower of the same agency. Not to forget our Sherry Rahman. Same is the case with the Pakistani versions of Transparency International, Human Rights International et al. These Pakistani office bearers are on sale big time. Every person has their price. So people like Ali Dayan would change their stance and play the fiddle they are provided, provided they also get a fat purse. And this is being done with the slogan “every person has a right to own their difference of opinion”.

    If raising voice against unprecedented killing of our Shia brothers is a crime, we are criminals. If raising voice against cruelty on minorities is a crime, we are criminals. Every ordinary or big site is writing against drone attacks, but if we are highlighting those 50,000 or so innocent lives that perished in Terrorism activities and suicide attacks, if this highlight is a crime, we are criminals. But we are proud criminals and we will continue to raise voices come what may.

  • @Bashir Malik
    Thank you for your words of support and encouragement Malik sb. I have been lucky to find the guidance and supervision of Mr Abdul Nishapuri here and Ms Laibaah Marri on Pakistan Blogzine who have kindly guided and supported me on their respective forums. Considering the thuggish unity of Pakistan’s fake liberal and human rights mafia, I think we are very lucky to have alternative social media platforms like PB and LUBP where a politically incorrect discourse is even tolerated, let alone supported!

    Ironically as I wrote in my post, we never expected any response or comment from Mr Ali Dayan Hasan. It was meant to be an observation on his and HRW Pakistan’s flip flops on the SSS case. The fact that he sought to launch a vague diatribe without, as you said, naming that post as the irritant does show that we hit a raw nerve and a weak, indefensible spot.

  • Though its a possibility that Mr Ali Dayan Hasan was scared off by the ISI, I consider his turn around on the SSS case as representative of another fact. I feel that Mr Hasan and HRW MISERABLY FAILED in achieving the objective they sought when they began their very public involvement in the SSS case. Despite their public and legal indictments of ISI and its involvement in SSS’s murder, the SSS Commission failed to convict any member of the ISI to that end, including the Navy Admiral who was mentioned in SSS’s emails as giving the threat. If you go back to my post, you can read ADH’s statements where he claims WITH SURETY that the ISI was holding SSS in its custody on the day he died. He said he got this information from credible sources. Yet the credibility of his information wasn’t sufficiently put forward to the SSS Commission apparently. Herein lies the failure of the efforts of HRW and Ali Dayan Hasan and the resulting about face that the ISI was never blamed at all, which is all but a lie.

  • While I highly appreciate the wotk done by LUBP for Democracy and Human Rights, I am amazed to see the extent of Freedom LUBP offers to it’s opponents

    A true Journalism, I would say

    Any chance the main stream media could leran a lesson from LUBP?

  • LoLX @Ahsan SHah

    True journalism…???? Hahahaha

    Man you must check their complete archive to understand there mentality. They criticize everyone, except their PPP Jamhoori government. Shame that you can’t see the 90% population’s problems. All you guys focus is to score against ARMY and CJ. We all know how much you guys at LUBP praise the above two.

  • @Rehan

    A few days ago PPP supporters on Twitter accused LUBP of attacking PPP itself when a post critical of President Zardari was published here! LUBP is Mashallah a FIERCELY INDEPENDENT blog unlike its pro-establishment, cowardly competition in Pakistani social media.

  • My God! The criticism has become a caricature of reality.

    Let LUBP alone to do their God given talented ability ro tell the truth- their freedoms to express something not often seen-
    When you are ready to hear the TRUTH; When you are brave enough to hear hard things, about people, institutions, politicians, the greed that drives so many in my country and yours- yes, the U.S that I love despite corruption and misplaced foreign policy, and Pakistan, that you love, with corruption and misplaced foreign policy- that are deeply in need of change (Obama did not bring necessary changes- and neither did Zardari, because the trouble runs deeper than they can manage) for all the good people of U.S. and Pakistan-
    ONE source, my friends of all in honest quest for reality:
    Let Us Build Pakistan- standa alone at the top of the peak- there are others I am sure I am not aware of- apologies to them)
    Read it LUBP- absorb what we write. We are only interested in ONE THING:
    PEACE with meaning, fighting terrorists that change their names more frequently than reality show on American TV- and as readers, with no bias, attempt to become brothers with us, with a common interest that protects you, me, and our families:
    Solving the world’s problems together.

  • What’s common in Ali Dayan, Marvi Sirmed, Meera Ghani, Maheen Usmani? All of them hate LUBP. All of them elites.

    Sam Schulman ‏@Sam_Schulman
    Pakistani liberal elite + #HRW sneering at protests of #Shia killings – equiv to RINOs vs Tea Party? @abdulNishapuri

    Meera Ghani ‏@MeeraGhani
    Btw my RT-ing or supporting the letter campaign against #shiagenocide in Pakistan doesn’t mean an endorsement of LUBP.

    M Usama Kabbir ‏@MUsamaKabbir
    @AbdulNishapuri Pakistan’s Liberal Elite suffering from acute #LUBP Phobia. Why? Because it threatens their selfish narrative.

    ShiaHazaraGirl ‏@ShiaHazara1
    @Laibaah1 I know.These touts are always behind creating rifts within us by falsely propagating facts. But #LUBP must carry on 🙂

    Laibaah ‏@Laibaah1
    Breaking: According to Marvi Sirmed (a fan of Hamid Mir, Ejaz Haider & Najam Sethi), LUBP is establishment’s tool.

    Ali Dayan’s recent attack on LUBP was RT’d by four groups: ASWJ-SSP types, HDP types, PPP/Bhutto haters, and Pseudo-liberal types. TLs make it obvious 🙂

    Karrar ‏@KarrarrHussain
    @ahadhussain @CriticalPPP LUBP’s criticism has more to do with inconvenience than the principles. Being Pro-PPP makes it vulnerable

    Ahad Hussain ‏@ahadhussain
    @CriticalPPP Secular LUBP is being targeted by another secular group only because it highlights #shiagenocide . Stop that & they will admire

    Ansar Khakwani ‏@AnsarKhakwani
    @KarrarrHussain @ahadhussain @CriticalPPP I am a real person and I support LUBP’s stance on human rights.