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A boxing champion’s letter to Imran Khan – by Ahsan Shah


Imran Khan alias Taliban Khan alias Writ Khan
Chairman Tehrek e Be Insaf
Islamabad, Pakistan

Dear Mr Khan

Hope you would be “Crying and Dying” in grief for the poor Pakistanis while living in your 400 Kanal House and eating 1.5 kg meat every day (as narrated by your Columnist Mr Haroon Rasheed)

Sorry! I did not first introduce myself to you. My name is Ahsan Shah and I am the current unbeaten World Boxing Champion.

Oh! Do’nt be silly Mr Khan! I have’nt beaten David Haye or Klitchko yet, rather I never participate in any fight; I “prove” my capabilities just in Surveys, on Media and Social Media and following your “Sunnah” whenever there is a Fight, I do a “Boycott”.

You along with Mr Munawar Hassan of JI are the Champion to fight for saving YOUR “innocent” brothers, Taliban from any military operation.

I fully agree your stance.

Taliban are “Our Strategic Assets” and WHAT wrong these innocent Taliban do apart from attacking our Mosques, Markets, Schools, Hospitals, Buses and now the funeral processions as well?

I also appreciate your views that our “Independence” is greatly hurt when America does Drone attacks but it remains completely “unhurt” when your beloved Taliban kidnap Pakistani citizens for ransom and take them to Waziristan, a no go area for every Pakistani, including our Army as well.

And now you are going to go to Waziristan to show your love and sympathy for the terrorists who have converted Pakistan into a burning Hell for 210 million Pakistanis and even the people of Waziristan badly hate them.

ALL the problems from Load Shedding to increase in prices are mothered by Taliban Terrorism, whom you want to save at EVERY COST Mashallah, still you are a “Patriot”.

I remember the day when you sent Flowers for Baitullah Mehsood, the blood thirsty killer of our Soldiers and thousands of innocent Pakistanis.

Mr Khan:

Every Pakistani needs to mourn for all your sympathies with the oppressors (Zalimeen) instead of the being with the oppressed people being beheaded and massacred by your Taliban in Karachi, Quetta, DIK, Parachinar, Gilgit, Challas and all over the Pakistan

Rather I would say that the Muslims all over the world whether Afghanistan or Iraq or Libya or Yemen or Syria are being massacred by your beloved Taliban.

Would you ever like to visit Parachinar, where hundreds of children have died of having no medicine, no food as all the roads are blocked by your beloved Taliban for more than 4 years now?

Would you visit Challas where people are taken off the Buses and killed?

Did you EVER give a “Dharna” for the oppressed Hazara Community being slaughtered like sheep and goat by your Taliban, Sipah e Sahaba, LJ and other dacoits, now forming “Difa e Pakistan Council” ?


I would invite you to read the following Column by Mr Yasir Peerzada, which can safely be regarded as one of the BEST COLUMNS written on the terrorism being done by your Taliban and the reality of Drone attacks:

Last 8 years figures show:

3200 killed in Drones, mostly terrorists

6000+ killed by Taliban, ALL INNOCENT

Yasir Peerzada, Jang 22 July 2012


Big Shame on you and your hero CJ Mr Iftikhar Chaudhry whose little eyes can see every thing in Pakistan, apart from prevailing terrorism and terrorists.

Both of you support Taliban and Lal Masjid killers. You run “Tehreek e Be Insaaf”, and he is “Mr Chief Injustice”

By the way, have a look please at NA-151 by-elections result. The people of Pakistan have badly rejected the coalition of all terrorists.

Ahsan Shah

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  • Well written Ahsan Sahab. I believe the lolli-pop generation of pakistan is unaware of Khan’s ideology as they are unaware of Results of Fatimah Jinnah’s election. Then all these champions claim to be patriot.

  • بہترین احسن صاحب
    یقینا آپ کے الفاظ ان لاکھوں والدین کے دل کی آواز ہیں جو اپنے جگرگوشوں کی لاشیں ٹکڑوں میںسمیٹ کر دفن کر بیٹھے ہیں ۔ ویسے بھی طالبان اور امریکہ کی آپس میں کیسی دشمنی۔ 9/11سے لیکر اب تک طالبان نے اپنے طرز عمل سے ہر جگہ امریکہ کے دورس مفادات کا تحفظ کیا ہے اور اس کے مذموم عزائم کو پورا کرنے کے لیے ہر اول دستے کا کردار ادا کیا ہی۔ طالبان اس ایران اور اس مکتب فکر کو اپنا ازلی دشمن تصور کرتے ہیں جنہوں نے دنیا میں سب سے پہلے مرگ بر امریکہ کا نعرہ بلند کیااور آج تک وقت کے طاغوت کے سامنے سینہ سپر ہیں ساتھ ہی عظیم اسلامی تہذیب و نظام پر بھی کاربند ہیں ۔
    طالبان اس چین کو بھی اپنا دشمن سمجھتے ہیں جو امریکہ کی تمام تر سازشوں کے باوجود پرامن طریقے سے بڑی معاشی طاقت کا روپ دھار چکا ہی۔طالبان کا اسلام اس بنگلہ دیش کی بھارتی نواز حکومت کے خلاف بھی خاموش رہتا ہے جس نے ان ہزاروں مسلمانوں کو بطور مہاجرین قبول کرنے سے انکار کیا جنہیں بعد میں برما میں بدھ مت کے پیروکاروں نے زندہ جلادیا۔ طالبان کا اسلام شام کی اس حکومت کے خلاف بھی جہاد کا فتویٰ جاری کرتا ہے جو خطے میں امریکی و اسرائیلی مفادات کے حصول کی راہ میں رکاوٹ ہی۔ بس فرق اتنا ہے کہ
    ماضی میں طالبان نے امریکی دوست بن کر امریکی مفادات کے حصول کی جنگ لڑی اور اب وہ امریکی دشمنی میں امریکی عزائم کی کامیابی کے لیے فتنہ انگیزیاں جاری رکھے ہوئے ہیں ۔
    یہ بھی اتفاق ہے کہ طالبان اس جگہ اپنا پہلا خارجی ادارہ قائم کرتے ہیں جہاں امریکی سی آئی اے کا بین البراعظمی ہیڈ کو اٹر قائم ہے یعنی قطر میں ۔ اور عمران خان کی کیا پوچھتے ہیں ان کے لیے ہر اس جگہ کا دورہ کرنا مجبوری ہے جہاں کا انھیں گرین سگنل دیا جائی۔ کیا خان صاحب یہ بتا سکتے ہیں کہ رات کے اندھیر ے میں امریکی سفیر سے ملاقات میں ایسا کیا معاملہ ڈسکس ہوا کہ دوسرے دن دھرنے اور امریکی سفارتخانہ کے خلاف ہونیوالی ریلی سے دستبرداری کا اعلان کرنا پڑا۔ کیا خان صاحب یہ بتا سکتے ہیں کہ ان کے سسر کی جانب سے جو کمیٹی انھیں عالمی سطح پر متعارف کرانے کے لیے قائم کی گئی جس کا سربراہ ہنری کیسنجر تھا اس کمیٹی نے خان صاحب کو زیادہ عالمی ایجنسیوں کے ہرکاروں سے ملوایا یا ملکی و غیرملکی سربراہوں سے ۔ کیا خان صاحب سیلاب کے سلسلے میں ہونیوالے چندے کا حساب دے سکتے ہیں جس کے متعلق انھوں نے تین سو ماڈل ویلج بنوانے کا اعلان کیا تھا ۔
    احسن صاحب۔ پوری پاکستانی قوم کے دل طالبان اور ان کے مریدوں مثلاً چیف صاحب عمران خان اور ان کے یاروں ملک اسحاق جیسے درندہ صفت لوگوں کی منافقانہ اور عیارانہ چالوں سے زخمی زخمی ہیں ۔ کاش کے آپ کے الفاظ اس قوم کے دل میں ترازو ہوجائیں اور شعور کی آنکھ اک بار تو کھل جائے کہ شائد اس پاک چمن کی کچھ تو آبرو سلامت رہ جائی۔
    میرا سلام ہے ان لوگوں کو جو ظالم وقت کے قیدی ہونے کے باوجودوقت کے ان دجالوں کے خلاف قلم کی حرمت بچائے بیٹھے ہیں ۔
    عمران خا

  • well written Ahsan Shah ..May youth could read this ..Thanks for writing truth ..

  • Wow… Let me see… Ahsen Shah in Birmingham…pretty much disappointed in Imran Khan who wants to have peace in Pakistan. Look at it from this angle…right now it is a vicious cycle where both are killing each other…if instead of killing them you bring them closer don’t you think that vicious cycle will end.

    Ok, you’re putting down facts of how much he has and how much he eats. Here is a question for you, do you live in a 1 bedroom apartment? and if we compare he is still a lot better than those who are running the country. Why don’t you put their fact on there or maybe your own? Imran Khan has inspired a lot of people from the point he was just a player in the Pakistan Cricket team all the way till now. How would u feel if you inspired somebody and people say negative things about you…well does it mean that you are a bad person?

    Let me put it this way, instead of talking or speaking ill about Imran what have you done, being the world champion, do for Pakistan as of yet. Have you built a university a hospital and fought for the injustice happening in Pakistan. Well even if you have it still is nothing compared to this single man has done. He has been patient and finally has risen up to lead this country as he did in many occasions in different roles. If he has luxuries he has declared how he got them and he has every right to enjoy them and so do you if you have gotten it the right way.

    If you can not see beyond the points that you have mentioned then it will not matter if you are even remotely connected to Pakistan as you are just supporting those who have destroyed Pakistan by thinking negative against a Man who is shown a glimmer of hope…

    I am not a PTI supporter but I am a Pakistani and if there is someone who is brave enough to Speak out against what is happening in Pakistan then he deserves to be a Leader…I would support you if you were in his shoes…do you have the guts to step into the ring or would u rather just be a spectator and criticize without even knowing how it feels to be in the Pakistan Ring.

  • @ Offended Pakistani:
    Imran Khan is for himself! He is a self-important celebrity and wants to continue his status, his appeal, a male, Madonna, and reminds me of the worst of our U.S. politicians that just want to be elected, at any cost- Obama included- they will compromise their own values – just elect me.
    Imran Khan as a politician- makes a great soccer player. Period, full-stop.

  • Very well written Ahsan Abbas. Where is Imran khan and why he is not protesting for Parachinar blockage for more than 5 years. Is Parachinar not part Pakistan? Surely not the only reason there lives patriotic and peace loving people not murders of innocent people like waziristan.

  • Dear offended Pakistani

    Yes IK has built a Hospital but does it mean to make him a “Direct PM”?

    WHAT ABOUT Edhia and Ansar Barni then?

    IK also supports terrorists, which is another very big problem to consider

  • you m… f… ahsan write this letter 2 ur …. who need this publicity so i f… the whole people who r anti imran khan n anti pakistan shia’s r anti pakistan i want 2 f…k the whole shia’s in pakistan shia’s r only 2% n we should kick out the whole shia’s frm pakistan fuck u shia kafaar

  • To all spewing venom against IK here, I ask you one question. What have you or your beloved Zardari ever done for Pakistan compared to IK? Answer or close your mouth.

  • Well written Ahsan Sahib. It is the voice of every Pakistani who is ruthlessy being slaughtered because he is a SHIA..i completely agree with you. Mr. IK is no longer a reliable person for Shias.
    But i pose a question which rises in the heart of youth then.


    PPP? We all have seen what PPP has done to Pakistan, let alone Shias in these 5 years. They not only failed to control the law and order in the country but also proved themselves a disaster to the economy. and i believe a poor economy brings injustice, attorcities, hatred, frustration more among the people. and above all what an ideal situation for the terrorist powers to buy people whose families r dying of hunger and just blast themselves up in the air? above all, in this article’s context, i believe PPP a big failure in protecting the Shias of Pakistan.

    PML N? Their long term relations with LeJ and Sipah e Yazeed are not any hidden thing.

    MQM? No way..they can rule Karachi in their way but other provinces’ people wont allow them to take over their cities and make everything a Mafia..and above all what have they done to stop Shia genocide in karachi? after Parachinar and Quetta, karachi is the most highlighted area nowadays where on the average one Shia gets martyred daily?

    Musharraf? aaahhh..i wish he could come back to Pakistan and be the president once again. but alas! he is no more among us and have no chances to be in power ever again.

    WHO ELSE THEN? what do we do now? whom to vote? or we just waste our vote by not casting it? NO! WE CANT AFFORD THIS TOO..we are 20-25% of this nation (not just 2% Mr. Khan! mind it! and mind your language too)

    So..could anyone please answer this question too?

  • @Hamood

    Yes, you are right. IK belongs to you. He shares your mentality. And therefore we reject him.

  • The message above was for @khan with a small ‘k’: Yes, you are right. IK belongs to you. He shares your mentality. And therefore we reject him.

  • In response to Arslan Zaidi sb and all others:

    Thank you very much for your nice responses.

    Regarding your VERY VALID Question WHICH Party to support, I submit as follows:

    I am NOT a Polotical Expert but just as a Student, I would try to answer you and put my stance there

    1:Which Party?
    None deserves a clean chit, I believe.

    We have only “Lesser Evil” to decide

    The critera in my views may be:

    A Sustained Democracy is a MUST

    Supremacy of Parliament

    No room for a Coup or “Judicial Coup”

    No room for any “Ameerulmomineen”

    A fair and intime election as per law.

    Regarding candidates, I believe any honest person from any party having no prejudice or bias towards religion, sect, cast should be chosen.

    allah forgive me if my opinion is wrong or it huts any one unconciuosly

    More comments welcome


  • thanks to Mr.boxer to write such valuable letter to Mr.khan.if he is a wise man then there is little hope to once again divert his policies to support these terrorists banned groups and save the country from curse the terrorism and give us and promote a liberal and democrat Pakistan with viability and presence of peace, tranquility ,justice ,and education but we don’t need Madrass’s.we are far away from the world stage from development and please once again divert your support from him in possession of these prevailing policies.

  • Nice ahsan shah. Imran tries to close the ties and you are trying to say that he supports him. Think as a muslim the people you are referring as oppressed are also the destroyers of the islamic ideology. What is pakistani awam, nothing but a shame. What kind of people are we. One cannot expect any honesty from pakistanis in terms of traders or any other people. pakistanis dont pry namaaz but listenes to music and do dhamaal on the grave of some peer. These so called oppressed are no more that some non muslims who tends to destroy islam. Taliban are wrong but pakistani majority people are the worst.

  • Very true analysis Ahsan Bhai.
    It really hurts when people trust the unfolded realities and follow blindly.
    This is the time, that we must open our minds and eyes and try to dig out to get the factual picture.
    God bless you with more power to guide the innocent people.
    Many Thanks.

  • Thanks for showing the other side of story to the Pakistani public who want change at any cost even if someone supporter of killers also come to lead. They don’t know one day these killers will also enter their home and then they will realize, but it will be so late.

    “Khuda ney aaj tak us qaum ki halat nahin badli
    Na ho jis ko khayal khud apni halat key badalney ka”

  • @Offended Pakistani , huh “glimmer of hope”, only for Taliban and Taliban minded people. Did you or your Taliban Khan did any Dharna against the killings 40 thousands innocents who were killed by these Terrorist supported by Taliban Khan. Were they not Pakistani.

    Well done Ahsan Shah. Stay blessed

  • Mr. Ahsan’s first lines were that Imran Khan eats 1.5 Kg of meat daily, this was enough for me know about the writer’s mental state and those who have praised him in their comments.
    First, we should see that all the ills of Taliban are happening in the era of PPP, PML and its their job to stop the violence, .
    criticize the people who have been elected to ensure the safety of people & have failed miserably.
    Imran Khan stands for all that is good and is against all kinds of corruption & injustice. Writers like these are major beneficiaries of the windfalls from the deeprooted corruption in pakistan and are doing their best to extend their pensions to another 5 years.

  • Your are forgetting the main and important fact here Mr. Ahsan Shah,
    in the whole world i have not seen even a single incident of any politician who is involved in sex scandal and still in government or in politics, even Bill Clinton when involved in a sex scandal had to leave, there are dozens of other politicians who were forced to resign or stopped to participate in politics, but unfortunately in Pakistan some “Harami” children are supporting Zani, Shrabi and Juwari Imran khan, who is the father of his own harami daughter, he is suppose to be punished “STONE TO DEATH” in our LAL MASJID, instead he proudly says “THIS IS MY PERSONAL MATTER”, he is Gustakhi Rasool, it is not personal matter, Islam has explained the punishments for these sins.On the other hand Lashkri Jhangvi is not totally responsible for shia killings, there are some imran khan like politicians involved. these bastards and there bastards supporters must face the islamic laws.