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President Zardari must break his silence on Shia genocide

Either President Zardari is not a Shia or not unlike Jinnah he too is unwilling to reveal his faith identity.

Personally I disagree with a harsh word used for Asif Zardari which in my opinion compromised the otherwise valid arguments presented in Ikhtiar Hussain’s post (now voluntarily edited by the author). But that’s my personal opinion. Every author has an equal right to present his/her perspective on LUBP. I neither edited Ikhtiar’s post nor did I edit another post and comments by Farhad Jarral in which he resorted to ad hominem attacks on fellow authors.

However, one must also consider that the critical post on President Zardari came from a person (Ikhtiar Hussain) who is himself a direct affectee of Shia genocide and is upset with the PPP’s inaction and deafening silence on this issue.

Apart from above, I have a few observations:

1. President Zardari has maintained complete silence on Shia genocide in Pakistan. More than 3000 Shias (the number is much higher if we take Parachinar massacres and numerous unreported incidents into account) have been killed in Pakistan in last 4 years, the most target killed faith group in Pakistan.

2. Other than issuing vague statements, what has the PPP done to protect Shias? PPP has failed to protect not only the Shias but also Sunni Barelvis, moderate Deobandis, Balochs, Pashtuns, Ahmadis and other persecuted groups.

3. ShiaKilling.com, a Shia rights website (there was no ‘objectionable material’ or ‘hate material’ on it – contrary to what is being alleged by Rehman Malik) was banned whereas websites preaching hatred and violence against Shias and Ahmadis are allowed to operate. Why?

Here is one of the videos produced by ShiaKilling.com. While PPP’s silence and inaction cannot be condoned, the website clearly highlights and condemns PMLN’s complicity with ASWJ-SSSP in Shia genocide.

It was foolish of the PPP government to ban this website, and more foolish to delay its restoration despite polite appeals and reminders. All it took was a noisy protest, despite the police violence, in Karachi by some brave campaigners who played a key role in forcing the government to reconsider the ban. Does Rehman Malik realize that police violence against peaceful bloggers has further alienated Shias from the PPP. Review this video and some comments in the aftermath of the police brutality in Karachi:


Equally disturbing is Rehman Malik’s statement in which he stated that the Shia website will be restored minus the hate material? What hate material? And why does not he see real hate material on terrorists websites? Apparently, LeJ/ASWJ’s hate sites are okay, but a site that reports facts about persecution and target killing of Shias should not only be banned but also investigated?

According to news reports, Rehman Malik directed Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to take legal action against those who pasted objectionable material on Shia Website.


Apparently it isn’t objectionable to kill Shias but it is objectionable to post pictures of killed Shias.

Previously an Ahmadiyya Muslim website was banned too. Who is to be blamed if not the PPP government?

4. PPP’s Chief Minister in Balochistan ridicules the misery of Shia Hazaras. Was any action taken against him by those who were quick to take action against late Fauzia Wahab on her legitimate statement on the Raymond Davis issue?

5. Is it not a fact that ASWJ (a banned group previously names as SSP and LeJ) and its various leaders are allowed to freely operate in various parts of Pakistan. Rehman Malik threatens to arrest them if they enter Islamabad, why no action is taken against them in Sindh, Balochistan, KP and GB where they are free to spread hate and incite violence against Shias, Ahmadis and other communities.

We ask President Zardari to break his silence on ‪Shia Genocide‬ in Pakistan in clear, unambiguous terms. This is neither Sunni-vs-Shia sectarianism nor ethnic. Is it asking for too much?

There is an increasing resentment in Pakistan’s Shia population, approx 20% of total population. Can PPP afford to have disillusioned Shia voters?

Shia rights groups are already saying that in the next elections they will not even consider to vote for a party which silently oversaw massacre of 3000 to 5000 Shias in a span of 4 years.

It seems that in order to protect his chair, President Zardari has been sacrificing one black goat and four Shias everyday. We reject his silence on ‪Shia genocide‬.

In office our outside, Asif Zardari must not remain silent on ‪Shia Genocide‬. As Party’s co-chairman he is accountable to his party workers and voters.

We won’t let PPP’s ministers hide behind the ISI and CJP excuses any more. As government ministers and office bearers, it is their duty to protect Shias, Balochs, Ahmadis, Pashtuns and other citizens. They have failed.

That the ISI is indeed complicit in Shia genocide and that the PPP itself is a victim of terrorism does not exonerate the PPP government and leadership from its silence and inaction on Shia genocide. Worse some of its leaders have given statements or taken actions which have further alienated Shia voters. Denial won’t help!

Is SSP-ASWJ hate website too freed by CJP? Apartheid against Shia Hazaras of Quetta too is CJP’s or ISI’s doing?

As noted by a commentator on an LUBP post: the PPP “has to understand that asserting itself on ‘unelected’ institutions like Judiciary and Army is necessary. The elected government must do. But what’s PPP doing for last five years? Save the government, save the presidency. Whatever happens to minorities, that is something to be seen afterwards. We’re talking about a political party here that represents its voters. Its voters have issues, problems, grievances and wishes simultaneously when they vote the party. When the voters see none of those being addressed or paid heed to, they will naturally be disillusioned.”

Kill them, arrest them, abuse them, ban their voices. Shias are the new Jews of Pakistan.

Break your silence, Mr. President, before it’s too late!

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Abdul Nishapuri


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  • Shia community in Pakistan holds some very strong and understandable grievances that our elected government must address. The banning of the Shia website named above was unnecessary and its commendable that the ban was removed, albeit after dozens of protesters had to violently protest in Karachi. The law and order situation in general and the persecution of the Baloch, Shia (including Hazara) and Ahmedi communities have both gotten worse.

    On a lighter note, I hope LUBP does not find itself in the list of banned websites after a post like this!

  • Thank you, Ravez. It’s the self-less, unpaid rights activists and progressive bloggers such as yourself, Mureed Bizenjo, Naeem Shamim (and a few others) who give me hope. Some of us may disagree on a few points but our larger goal, building a progressive, democratic, inclusive Pakistan, remains the same.

  • PPP has practically no control over the Law Enforcement Agencies, who are Saudi sponsored

  • Great Nishapuri Sahib

    LUBP is presenting a Master Piece of Neutral and unbiased Journalism in Pakistan

    Has any one seen such thing on any other Media?

  • One of the great losses for free speech/freedom of speech/freedom of expression in Pakistan would be LUBP’s going down. This is the only forum in the God-forsaken country where the ‘abandoned’ minority can speak their hearts out. It gives you a voice, it lets you make known what you and your ilks are going through. I’d previously thought LUBP’s criticism is only directed to its ideological opponents or tormentors. But no. Here is a blog that transcends the otherwise impregnable boundaries of self-criticism and gets as scathing as it can to impart channel the feelings many try to repress. Which other forum would permit you to criticize the head of your party? Would it not lead to your expulsion from the party or your blog getting banned?

    The PPP must understand it is not averse to criticism, neither does it look with repulsion at it. It may cause the party displeasure, but criticism is not aimed at bringing disrepute to the party. It’s rather for the party’s own good, for its better future. A future that BB dreamt. BB was never against introspection, was she?

    The points raised in this well-argued piece do not inspire satisfaction neither does it flatter the leadership. That is what matters here. Sycophancy is detrimental to a party which draws its strength from passion and sincerity, not flattery. If there were some sensible people, they would take such pieces of writing to the leadership to convey what an ordinary voter (especially of the minorities in Pakistan) thinks of PPP’s current stance.

    Lastly, please keep up the good work, LUBP. You give us a reason to think that at least our voices are not going unheard.

  • Soon Very Soon we will teach lesson to PPP in next election on our community Killing – Every one feel the results – Inshallah