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An open letter to the leadership of PPP and MQM on continuous Shia genocide in Pakistan – by Ahsan Abbas

Dear Pakistan Peoples Party and Muttahida Quami Movement:

As a Pakistani citizen and a voter, I am sending this letter to both parties and their officials in federal and Sindh governments.

Pakistan’s Shia Muslim community has given a lot sacrifices for the creation of Pakistan and played a vital role in it while many organizations who are currently “championing” Islam were deadly against its creation and rather termed it as “Palidistan” or “NaPakistan”.

Amongst the 40 to 50 million Shias of Pakistan, the overwhelming majority supports your parties because of your progressive views, moderate approach to religion, stance against terrorism and not being involved into any sectarian activities.

I want to remind you, although it should be already in your notice, that although the Shia genocide is occurring all over the Pakistan, still it is in its worst form in Sindh and Balochistan, where your individual or coalition governments are in office.

Balochistan has been converted in to a graveyard for Shia Hazaras and non-Hazara Shias.

CM Raisani of Balochistan has never been questioned about his responsibilities to stop the massacre, he is rather making fun of our dead, offering to provide “Truck of Tissue Papers to wipe out tears”!

As a matter of fact, financial compensation has never been provided to any of the victim families in Balochistan!

According to reports, MNA Nasir Shah has been denied a ticket in next coming elections. His crime: he was vocal against Shia genocide and the inaction of the central and provincial governments. How can we tolerate the way PPP ignored his just demands and is now denying him the party ticket?

Karachi is soaked in Shias blood on a daily basis.

Yes we know the foreign factors as well as our Saudi sponsored establishment is playing a role in it but still you cannot negate the responsibility of Government to control Shia genocide, expose it and help the oppressed.

Terrorists belonging to SSP, LeJ are roaming (in the guise of ASWJ, DPC) at large and delivering speeches, full of sectarian hatred, adding fuel to fire which result in more killings all over the Sindh province. Culprits are NOT arrested despite we identified and nominated them on many occasions.

Even our Shia prisoners are being slaughtered in jails and not a single culprit has been sentenced so far.

Recently, in Giglit Baltistan, the CM Mehdi Shah of PPP has ironically ordered to expel Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jaffery, who went there to offer condolences to those brutally massacred in Chilas.

Is now GB a “No Go Area” for Shia clerics?

GB is a Shia majority province and we gave votes to both of you, NOT to be treated like that.

Our voice against Shia genocide, Shiakilling.com has been blocked (What job it did apart from mourning our Shuhada?)

While hundreds of Websites belonging to the banned sectarian outfits, mongering hate are operating FREELY.

Hadi TV’s coverage has been intentionally limitised (The ONLY Islamic channel which never speaks of sectarianism and only preaches the teachings of Islam based on the saying of the Holy Prophet PBUH and his Progeny), while many Sectarian Channels are being intentionaly promoted under Government’s support.

As a member of the Shia Community, I have brought to you the problems we are facing in your Governments and it’s seriously effecting your Vote Bank and the our sympathies with both parties

I still believe and am sure that as Party Leaders and government officials, you would address these problems on an urgent basis and win our Hearts and Votes as well.

The Shia Muslims of Pakistan looks forward to see your ACTIONS, which of sure speak louder than the words.

Yours sincerely,

Ahsan Shah

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Ahsan Abbas Shah


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  • PPP & MQM are on board with anti-shia establsihment. There is no need make appeals to them. They used us for votes and will be begging for them in next elections. Atleast ANP & PML-N are openly shia enemies unlike these hypocrates. Just reject them in next elections.
    Till then we can only protest, bury our dead and get killed under their competent leadership.

  • We are with your shia brothers….We need to throw our PPP, MQM and other traitors parties from this country with our Unity..Inshallah Jeet HAQ ki hi ho gi…

  • We definitely protest to PPP/MQM but Still believe we have to straighten both these parties up.

    Eventually they are 1000 times better than PMLN or Imran Khan who openly support Taliban shamelessly

    Lets hope they act upon what is demanded by the Nation

  • نہ خنجر اٹھے گا نہ تلوار ان سے
    یہ بازو میرے آزمائے ہوئے ہیں

  • Truly said @Abis

    And for the writer, We as a pakistani, are ashamed for the genocide of Humans (whether Shia/sunni/any one). And instead of seeking the sleeping s-hole leaders, pray to Allah my dear bhai. All of us can only pray and ask for His forgiveness.

    Innallaha ma Asabireen