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Extremists using Shia Genocide to defame and destroy Government and Pakistan – by Farhad Jarral

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No doubt the genocide of Shia community in Pakistan is an alarming situation for all Pakistanis who are patriotic, who respect religions or believe in Inter-faith Harmony and for those Pakistanis who always demanded and wished a prosperous and peaceful Pakistan. But, the bitter fact we have to accept is that not only the Shias but all communities whether religions, ethnic or social are facing the same extremism in Pakistan

Pakistanis an Islamic Country but it doesn’t means that the Muslims have the ownership of this country. Many other religions are residing here who are nationals and non-nationals. I personally know many foreigners who love Pakistan more than aPakistanyou can say. But the recent scenario doesn’t target just a single or two or three communities but all the residents/Nationals of this country.

Being a liberal Pakistani I respect all the sects of Islam and all the religions. I belong to Fiqa-e-Jafaria/ Ahl-e-Tashi sect from my mother side and tilted towards my mother’s family because I personally respect the martyrs of Islam from Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) family and by representing the shia community inPakistanphysically I lead the Alam of shia rallies, attended and been part of Azadaris (religious activities) of Shia community. I have also been part of security teams of Shia Jaloos (rallies) in Pakistan and this made us lose many family members including my real cousins and uncles.

Meanwhile I also represented and raised voice for Shia Community on social networking websites including Facebook and twitter. By representing shia community I feel myself more strong and powerful because I am fighting for the rights, those rights which all the nationals o f Pakistan deserved. The voices online that are supporting the minorities of Pakistan including shias are highly appreciated at all platforms and their struggle for their communities deserves their rights. Unfortunately we are not going in the same way to raise our voice for our brothers and sisters who have been brutally killed.

The online movement of Shia community started a year back but it got hype after six or seven months since it was started. One should agree or not but what some elements are doing on social media by diverting the perspective of these killing to another side is taking us towards anarchy. The recently banned shia killings website was doing a good job by highlighting our voice but sharing the video of brutal killings of shia brothers and blaming government for this is a dangerous propaganda which will create dangerous situation inPakistan.

Similarly the dirty propaganda against democratically elected government who themselves are the victim of the extremist mindset is not showing the voice of shias but the extremist mindset who always are in favor to see destabilized, disastrous, anarchist  situation in Pakistan. One must not forget that the Presdent Asif Ali Zardari is a widower of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto who lost her life while fighting the same extremist mind I am talking about. Many PPP leaders including Shaheed Salman Taseer and Shaheed Shahbaz Bhatti have been martyred by the same extremist mullahs.

Saying an elected President a Yazeed is not a shia can say but a spokesperson of extremists because we all know President himself is a shia and respect the shia community more than any other. Visualizing brutal killings on a website will not get the justice but will make more troubles for the Government, for the Country and for the nationals of this country. Misguiding the shia activists, representatives and followers by showing someone responsible who is also a victim will take us nowhere. I am ashamed on those who started this blog and are my colleagues to be a party on this dirty and shameful propaganda. This propaganda is mostly done by the pen ids or commonly known as fake ids that are attacking President, Prime Minister’s advisor on Interior Affairs and other government representatives on public forum and blaming them for the reason which they aren’t responsible for.

They the pen names have no problems because they’ve never been here in any rally, jaloos, azadari, matamdari or nohakhuwani in Pakistan but enjoying a good life sitting abroad. Why creating havoc in our country which is already is in a big problem. Government, Policemen, Army soldiers, Rangers, innocent nationals ofPakistaneveryone is surviving here because of extremist mindset. There is no other party involved in these killings but a third party which we all know are the banned outfits i.e Jamaat-ud-Dawah, Sipah Sihaba Pakistan, Lashkar-e-Tayba, Lakshar-e-Jhangvi, Jaish Muhammad, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, Alqaeda and other relevant animals who have an agenda to destroy this Nation which our ancestors have got through struggles of years.

I will conclude with a request to all those who are real Pakistanis whether from any community, Please don’t be a party of this bloody propaganda. I also request PTA, Law Enforcement agencies, Peace lovers, civil society and the media to stop spreading this viral of fake bloody revolution. Stop the pen names that are using it for wrong doings, stop the pen names for creating anarchy, stop the pen names for misguiding people. Having pen name is not a sin or crime but misusing it is a real crime and misusing for reasoning mass killings, chaos, and anarchy will not be tolerated at any cost. Those who brutally killed shias are the TALIBANS and their companions but those who are visualizing those videos for negative means are equally responsible.

I am against enemies ofPakistanwho are extremists and are banned by the government. I and the political party which I represent is victim of the extremist mullah mindset but we fought, we are fighting and we will fight against these elements. Stop Killing Innocents!

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Jehangir Hafsi


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  • Lolz! Well he is saying just like other national crises, Shia genocide is blamed on the government too, which is obviously not the case, knowing our heads share the same faith as ours and they’ve been victims of it too!

  • Farhad,

    You have every right to defend President Zardari and disagree with Ikhtiar Hussain’s point of view, as he has every right to present his view.

    However, my only suggestion is: stick to the argument, don’t resort to the ad hominem against fellow writers by attacking them and ridiculing their pen names (not fake Ids). Your assumption about his location is very wrong. You must get over this habit NOW!

    Apart from that feel free to praise Zardari, Rehman Malik or whosoever you consider worthy. LUBP is an open platform for all. But don’t expect that critical articles will not be published.

  • //Misguiding the shia activists, representatives and followers by showing someone responsible who is also a victim will take us nowhere.//

    This is the only part that made sense to me, and the only idea that you should have focused on.

    The only plea that the PPP Government has which may pacify a shia like me is the one where they can claim their hands are tied by the establishment and that they are too weak as a government and struggling for their own survival and are under attack from the army establishment, the judiciary, the media and the religous right.

    I wish you had come up with this plea.

    What you have come up with has dissappointed me. Now before you call me a pen name, let me tell you I am a real person and also, I participate in all the rituals that you mentioned.

    The way you have lashed out at people who are just probably more sensitive to their surroundings than you is shameful. The way you have implied they have ulterior motives is depressing. I am a die hard Zardari supporter, but I question myself every day.. not at his alleged corruption, not at his alleged ill governance, but at his lack of reaction at my community dying everyday which also happens to be his community too. All it would take for me to not hate zardari is a bold statement! A statement where he calls a spade, a spade! Am i fkn asking for a lot here!?

  • I have noticed almost every single shia brother/sister here blame JuD, JI for shia killings aswell just like mentioned above. But interesting thing is its the same JuD who made an alliance with kashmiri shia org hizbul momineen under United Jihad Council during mid 90s. And its the very same JI who made an alliance with Sajid Naqvi.

    Atleast these two can’t be blamed for having anti shia or shia killing philosophy. Recently a well known shia scholar Amin Shahidi has praised JuD for its jihad activities during a dharna against shia killings in Islamabad.

  • It is ISI who is killing Shias and Brailvis and NOT the Govt

    WHY would PPP do Shia killings while Shias and Brailvis are their major voters

  • If this is how PPP is going to respond to the genuine grievances of its voters, then let’s bid farewell to the future. Farhad, have you lost a brother, or a friend to know what an ordinary Shia feels? Our vote is for PPP, will remain. But we will question this indefensible silence of Asif Ali Zardari and the PPP over the increasing persecution of the community. A party which cannot restore a website of Shias, how can it protect over 15 million eligible Shia voters, and more than 45 million of them in the country?

  • Mudassir: You can read my post again I’ve mentioned that we lost my uncle and my cousin who was more a real brother…

    About restoring Website: I am in favor of restoring our web and here you can read who is behind restoring the website.. Mr. Rehman Malik who was blamed to ban our website but finally he did it! I appreciate his efforts and believe he will be the one to catch and punish those killers who are behind this genocide. Pl read http://tribune.com.pk/story/409987/malik-orders-fia-to-investigate-banned-shia-website/

  • Abdul: No expectations from those who are disturbed or paid or got lines from third parties and also used pen names for those who are misusing it. I requested strict action against those who are enemies of Pakistan and using pen names for the same purpose. If you are representing the same class you should be worried but if you aren’t then you can understand my point. I never said or will say in future to remove any of YOUR post but will not tolerate cheap propaganda using abusive remarks for an elected President.

    Dare to say someone Yazeed practically in front of someone surely you’ll get a bullet. If it was me to get this label I would definitely react. One who is a shia and has served his/her life for community can never tolerate this label with his/her name. That’s what my point is. You are free to do propaganda which will affect you and your credibility not mine.. Sab apna hisaab khud daingay!!

  • The very title of this post is a shut up call for everyone who protests/is protesting against the ongoing Shia genocide: ‘Extremists using Shia Genocide to defame and destroy Government and Pakistan’

    Which essentially means: Hey, if you’re asking PPP why aren’t you acting against our killers, you’re ‘an extremist’ with an ‘agenda’, and ‘being paid’.

    Credit goes to LUBP that it allows such writers, whose ‘sincerity’ to the party verges on dangerous naivety to say whatever he wants against the people wondering why they’re subject to the massacre and oppression. Last five years’ PPP record shows that it has not openly come against LeJ-SSP. Show me a statement against them by PM or President. Their reference to them is often ambiguous: ‘We condemn extremists’. Say SSP and LEJ if you have the guts.

    Farhad, trust me, you cannot win sympathies of the people if you become so reactionary and accusative. You must develop a personality, and a character that remains graceful in face of such criticism, and admit wherever you’re at fault. If you continue to be as you’re in this post, you will greatly harm the party’s reputation. PPP is known more for its tolerance, accommodation and patience than being violently reactionary and coming up with accusatory fingers. Here, however, PPP is wrong. PPP’s votes are not going anywhere, not for PTI or PMLN. But even if they decide not to vote because PPP isn’t doing what it must do, PPP will be the biggest loser. So it must come openly and bravely in this regard.

    A Well-wisher. And yes, I am not a ‘pen-name’ with any ‘agenda’ and ‘being paid’.

  • Farhad,

    Personally I disagree with the word Yazid used for Asif Zardari which in my opinion compromised the otherwise valid arguments presented in Ikhtiar’s post http://criticalppp.com/archives/132247 (now edited by the author). But that’s only my personal opinion. I neither censored Ikhtiar’s post nor yours. Each LUBP author has a right to present his/her perspective without ad hominem attacks against fellow authors.

    Please also consider that the post has come from a person who is a direct affectee of Shia genocide and is upset with PPP’s inaction and deafening silence on this issue.

    Apart from above, I have a few observations:

    1. President Zardari has maintained complete silence on Shia genocide in Pakistan. More than 3000 Shias (the number is higher if we take Parachinar massacres and unreported incidents into account) have been killed in Pakistan in last 4 years, the most target killed faith group in Pakistan.

    2. Other than issuing vague statements, what has the PPP done to protect Shias? PPP has failed to protect not only the Shias but also Sunni Barelvis, moderate Deobandis, Balochs, Pashtuns, Ahmadis and other persecuted groups.

    3. ShiaKill.com, a Shia rights website (there was no ‘objectionable material’ or ‘hate material’ on it – contrary to what is being alleged by Rehman Malik) was banned whereas websites preaching hatred and violence against Shias and Ahmadis are allowed to operate. Why?

    Here is one of the videos produced by ShiaKilling.com. While PPP’s silence and inaction cannot be condoned, the website clearly highlights and condemns PMLN’s complicity with ASWJ-SSSP in Shia genocide.

    It was foolish of the PPP govt to ban this website, and to delay its restoration despite police appeals and reminders. All it took was a noisy protest, despite the police violence, in Karachi by some brave campaigners who played a key role in forcing the government to reconsider the ban. Equally disturbing is Rehman Malik’s statement in which he stated that the Shia website will be restored minus the hate material? What hate material? And why does not he see real hate material on terrorists websites? Apparently, LeJ/ASWJ’s hate sites are okay, but a site that reports facts about persecution and target killing of Shias should not only be banned but also investigated?

    Previously an Ahmadiyya Muslim website was banned too. Who is to be blamed if not the PPP government?

    4. PPP’s Chief Minister in Balochistan ridicules the misery of Shia Hazaras. Was any action taken against him by those who were quick to take action against late Fauzia Wahab?

    5. Is it not a fact that ASWJ (a banned group previously names as SSP and LeJ) and its various leaders are allowed to freely operate in various parts of Pakistan. Rehman Malik threatens to arrest them if they enter Islamabad, why no action is taken against them in Sindh, Balochistan, KP and GB where they are free to spread hate and incite violence against Shias, Ahmadis and other communities.

    We ask President Zardari to break his silence on ‪Shia Genocide‬ in Pakistan in clear, unambigious terms. This is neither Sunni-vs-Shia sectarianism nor ethnic. Is it asking for too much?

    There is an increasing resentment in Pakistan’s Shia population, approx 20% of total population. Can PPP afford to have disillusioned Shia voters?

    Shia rights groups are already saying that in the next elections they will not even consider to vote for a party which silently oversaw massacre of 3000 to 5000 Shias in a span of 4 years.

    It seems that in order to protect his chair, President Zardari has been sacrificing one black goat and four Shias everyday. We reject his silence on ‪Shia genocide‬.

    In office our outside, Asif Zardari must not remain silent on ‪Shia Genocide‬. As Party’s co-chairman he is accountable to his party workers and voters.

    We won’t let PPP’s ministers hide behind the ISI and CJP excuses any more. As government ministers and office bearers, it is their duty to protect Shias, Balochs, Ahmadis, Pashtuns and other citizens. They have failed.

    That the ISI is indeed complicit in Shia genocide does not exonerate the PPP from its silence and inaction.

    Is SSP-ASWJ hate website too freed by CJP? Apartheid against Shia Hazaras of Quetta too is CJP’s or ISI’s doing?

    As noted by a friend “Please break the silence on ‪#ShiaGenocide‬ ‪#AhmediPersecution‬ & ‪#BalochPashtunKillings‬. ‪#PPP‬ must stop being apologetic. NOW!”

    Kill them, arrest them, abuse them, ban their voices. Shias are the new Jews of Pakistan.


    The above is a rushed comment. Please ignore typos etc.

  • I’d intended to write a long rebuttal to this outburst of anger by the PPP Jiyala, but I think Abdul Nishapuri’s last reply suffices it.

    On a much personal note, our success lies not in our emotionally driven affiliation with the party, it’s about being human and rational first.

  • Qamar: Why everyone here in justifying the VOTE issue? I was not imagining that this will affect our vote bank but the points people raising that our vote is for PPP and will not go with any other party is itself a question. I just shared my personal thoughts in this piece, neither I am a party spokesperson nor have any official party post.

  • ABDUL: YOU WROTE “We won’t let PPP’s ministers hide behind ISI & CJP excuses any more. They have failed to protect Shias, Balochs, Ahmadis, Pashtuns.”

    Correct me if I am wrong. You and your like minded group is targeting ISI since this blog ‘LUBP’ is formed. You put every blame on ISI even if it’s about Civil Society, Jinnah Institute, Balochistan Killings, Destroying Governments, Supporting Media groups and anchors. Behind every incident there is ISI projected in your articles.

    But, your comment here shows a soft corner for ISI. Why they aren’t victims of these elements? CJ in your dictionary is a gamer and playing games to destroy the democratic government so as the Establishment. Here you are letting one to think about your own credibility. Who are you working for? CJ, ISI, Banned Organization, PMLN, PTI or what?

    Your points are diverging from your stance which you had earlier. Pehle CJ and ISI was bad now PPP is bad! Kya baat hai janab ki..

  • You must consider that prospect. Its likelihood cannot be underestimated. We’re talking about a political party here that represents its voters. Its voters have issues, problems, grievances and wishes simultaneously when they vote the party. When the voters see none of those being addressed or paid heed to, they will naturally be disillusioned. This is then dangerous for the country for many reasons. When the voters see the worth of their vote being nothing, they will start wondering what other options they have. See what the Bengalis did when they found out their votes had no worth in the eyes of people? They rose. That’s what PPP and the country as a whole must understand. So value their votes. Value it.

  • Farhad, you’re being simplistic. Jinnah Institute doesn’t represent people. Judiciary does not. PPP does. PPP is answerable to people. PPP has come to power by the votes of the people. People want PPP to address their concerns, not hide behind excused anymore. IT DOESN’T MEANT THAT ISI OR JUDICIARY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE. THEY ARE. The point is that PPP MUST UNDERSTAND THAT IT HAS A HUGE RESPONSIBILITY ON ITS SHOULDER, IT HAS TO PROTECT THE MINORITIES. It has to understand that asserting itself on ‘unelected’ institiutions like Judiciary and Army is necessary. The elected government must do.

    But what’s PPP doing for last five years? Save the government, save the presidency. Whatever happens to minorities, that is something to be seen afterwards.

  • @Farhad

    That the ISI is indeed complicit in Shia genocide does not exonerate the PPP from its silence and inaction. Worse some of its leaders have given statements or taken actions which have further alienated Shia voters. Denial won’t help.

  • PPP and govt are ofcourse not involved but they have not done anything to protect our shia brothers. During Bibi,s 2nd the situation was no different, shia killing was on its peak.

  • Riaz Ali Toori ‏@RiazToori
    After taking brave action & bold stance against the ban of #Shia website, @SenRehmanMalik is being threatened & abused, we stand by him.

    Abdul Nishapuri ‏@AbdulNishapuri
    @RiazToori What action & bold stance? Only today 14 more Shias have been killed, Malik Ishaq is free, SSP website is up! @SenRehmanMalik

    Riaz Ali Toori ‏@RiazToori
    Malik Ishaq & caught by police & army terrorists in 00s so far freed by CJ Iftilhar led judiciary – @AbdulNishapuri @senrehmanmalik

    Abdul Nishapuri ‏@AbdulNishapuri
    @RiazToori His website too is freed by CJP? Apartheid against Shias of Quetta too is CJP’s doing? @senrehmanmalik

    Riaz Ali Toori ‏@RiazToori
    On hate-Spreading websites @senrehmanmalik has tasked FIA to collect data & will be banned soon inshallah. @AbdulNishapuri

    Abdul Nishapuri ‏@AbdulNishapuri
    @RiazToori @senrehmanmalik In Jan 2011 @sanasaleem wrote an open letter in Dawn which still awaits action: http://t.co/vjWMlxiP

    Riaz Ali Toori ‏@RiazToori
    Dear @AbdulNishapuri you have a vision & you understand, let we encourage the govt instead to demoralised in war on terror. @senrehmanmalik

    Abdul Nishapuri ‏@AbdulNishapuri
    @RiazToori More than 5000 Shias have been killed, not by Sunnis, but by State-sponsored thugs in last 4 years. Why lie? @senrehmanmalik

  • V. Poor article. This Farhad does not realise that he is causing more harm to his party by attacking those who are crying for their community. My sincere advice to Farhad: take a pause and listen to what is being said. Don’t just resort to blackmail & threats. This style of yours is not the PPP way of doing things. President Zardari has suffered 11 years in jail with no standing conviction. A critical article by someone who is sensitive will not bother him. Why is it bothering u?

  • Seeing this article my one advice to People’s Party: better to have smart enemy than stupid friend. Rare to see such a faltu article on LUBP.

  • I am a PTI supporter and I really liked this article. Good to see like minded people like Farhad Jarral are in PPP. Keep up the good work. These people will keep protesting the ban on this Shia Killing website but nothing on Burma. The offensive content on Shia Killing is dividing the ummah. No Shias are being killed in Pakistan. It is a conspiracy theory spread by Zardari camp to defame judiciary and Malik Ishaq.