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Shia-Sunni unity and the trails to blow it off – by S. Batool

Whatever is happening in Pakistan is not a Shia-Sunni battle, it is a doubt and our mistake and incorrect analysis. Though from both sides attempts are made in full flow to turn this into a Shia Sunni battle but it is not the case because with all praise to God they are not successful in this. Every Pakistani is aware about how Shia and Sunnis are living together in Pakistan.

In all the cities Shias and Sunnis are living together, in many places 90% population is Shia’s and there are also cases that there is only one or two house of Shia’s in a full town of Sunnis and in few cases it is the opposite also. Most of the workers in offices are Sunnis with few Shia employees in between. In government, forces, police and other organizations majority are Sunni so if this was a Shia Sunni battle when why are they not fighting in offices? in companies? in buses? in flights? in markets? Are Shia’s and Sunnis not partners in many businesses? In some places the owner is Shia whereas employees are Sunni’s and in other cases it is the opposite. So where is Shia Sunni battle in Pakistan? Though from both Shias and Sunni’s there are some evil wishers who always desire to convert this into a Shia Sunni battle.

There are some touts who are working for the ISI agencies and are making their agenda of splitting Muslims apart and deteriorating Islam on the whole but we shall now be alert to take up these reprobates from neck and bury their voices so that such trials may go unheard. All Shias and Sunnis shall be aware that whosoever, wherever or under whatever label are trying to create discord among us, immediately let them know that they are barking for themselves and nobody is hearing them.

Imam Khomeini (ra) – The Leader of Islamic revolution quoted:
‘Muslims are bickering over whether to fold or unfold their arms while the enemies are planing to cut them off. ‘

Aren’t we advancing towards the period of time, when every Muslim must come to the battle ground?

Can this ‘fake peace’ isolate us from being the dominant civilization of the history to the most insignificant people? Of course, we know that our civilization *religion* would end up as the most supreme over everything -as the Kalima would enter every where- but how does that affect our character and strength?

Should we lay down on broad and fluffy couches and eat fatty food?

Or should we sharpen the swords to start from now?

Being falsely content with the so-called peaceful situation is tantamount to cowardice.

I say get up and throw your shoes on the evil faces, those who are misrepresenting State-sponsored Shia genocide or those who are fuelling up the fire to create Sunni-Shia sectarian rift within Pakistan.

خود کو تقسیم نہ کرنا میرے پیارے لوگو

اب میرے دوسرے بازو پہ وہ شمشیر ہے جو
اس سے پہلے بھی میرا نصف بدن کاٹ چکی
پھر اسی بندوق کی گولی ہے میری سمت کہ جو
اس سے پہلے بھی میری شہہ رگ کا لہو چاٹ چکی

پھر وہی آگ در آئی ہے میری گلیوں میں
پھر میرے صحن میں بارود کی بو پھیلی ہے

پھر سے تو کون ہے، میں کون کا آپس میں سوال
پھر وہی سوچ میانِ من و تو پھیلی ہے

اس سے پہلے بھی تو پیمان وفا ٹوٹے تھے
شیشہ دل کی طرح آئنہ جاں کی طرح

اس سے پہلے بھی تو ایسی ہی گھڑی آئی تھی
صبح وحشت کی طرح شام غریباں کی طرح

آج ایسا نہیں ایسا نہیں ہونے دینا
اے میرے سوختہ جانو، میرے پیارے لوگو

اب کے گر زلزلے آئے تو قیامت ہوگی
میرے دلگیر، میرے درد کے مارے لوگو

کسی قاتل، کسی ظالم کسی غاصب کیلئے

خود کو تقسیم نہ کرنا میرے پیارے لوگو.

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