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Fake historian Dr Safdar Mehmood caught lying once again – by Ali Taj

While browsing through Facebook Groups concerned about yellow journalism I came across the following comment:

Zulfiqar Ali : Fake PhD and Fake Historian Mr Safdar Mehmood !!Please check the facts before you lie. You write that Iqbal’s father had started job at Bank. His mother refused to breastfeed him because it was made of income from interest business (sood). Iqbal’s father use to sew topis (darzee). He was ‘simple’ person. I am not sure what you mean ‘bank job’. Banks used to do business in English which he did not know. I am not sure if there were guards at that time. But one had to be strong, and having knowhow of firing guns etc. for that. First Bank in Sialkot was established by Punjab Banking Company, which itself was established in 1889. So first bank in Sialkot had to be after that. Sialkot had only bank branch in 1908. It was branch of Alliance Bank of Simla which had acquired Punjab Banking Company.

Read Imperial Gazetteer 1908

You have been telling similar lies about Jinnah being tutored by Ashraf Thanvi’s representatives till 1947, even though Thanvi dies in 1943.

Shame on you! Once again

The criticism by Zulfiqar Ali seemed very harsh to me, so I decided to do a little reseach and see if there is a pattern of such behavior by Mr. Safdar Mehmood. I was shocked to see that indeed this is a problem

Example 1:

Dr Safdar Mehmood: A failed historian, a yellow journalist


ntchaudhry said…
Dr. SAFDAR Mamood made a comparison of our prime Minster with Liaquat Ali Khan which i think is uncalled for at present time. well, everything else could be true about Liaquat Ali Khan, but this is contrary to the fact that a claim was never filed by him or his behalf. In fact his older brother WALIAYAT ALI
KHAN filed more than enough claim on his behalf and big tracks of lands were in turn awarded in Tehsil Hafizabad, though its possession was held by his brothers up untill 1958,when Raa’na Liaquat Ali eventually took it over, his/her sons Akbar and Ashraf waisted that lands by selling them cheaply and invested in business which they could run deligently(like becoming Massey’s Furgusion agent). Likewise Waliyat Ali Khan son Asad Ali waisted it due to diffrent reasons supposedly doing unproductive things like running after prostitudes, etc.
If someone has suspicion about it he could confirm from their kins(e.g. Behzad Ali Khan) living in Houston, Texas USA.
I think historian like Dr. Safdar Mhamood should seek more research before going into excercise of writing an article. Actually cronyism/corruption started just after untimely
demise of QUAID E AZAM, though it was institutionaled during Martial Laws. I believe
that a Truth and Reconcialation commission should be set up to make things clear to common man so that we could know who know whar harm to our beloved country. In fact to me the biggest crime is to deviate from constitution, all other
ills erupt from it.

Niaz Tahir
Multan, at present in Houston

23 NOVEMBER 2009 17:51

Ali Asghar said…
Dr. Safdar Mahmood is a Big Spoon of Sharif brothers, he is like and other Rana Sanaullah. People are not safe from the toungs of both Rana Sanaullah and Dr. Safdar Mahmood.

Example 2:

Dr Safdar Mehmood: A failed historian, a yellow journalist

I again strongly condemn the notion used by Dr. Mehmood that these are atheists or anti-religious who talk in favour of secularism (and subsequently suggest that Jinnah was a secular and wanted a secular state) or that secularism is against religion or that being secular means being an atheist. These are basic misconceptions deliberately told to Pakistani public every now and then, matter of fact is that secularism goes hand in hand with democracy; it demands equal rights for all citizens so state cannot adopt a religious policy and it should remain neutral and shows no bias towards any religion. Certainly, all citizens of a state have equal rights, otherwise how will you ensure justice and provide equal opportunities to your citizens?

In Pakistan, a non Muslim cannot get commission in Army, you have to declare your religion on your Passport, a non Muslim Pakistani cannot hold many high level designations and there are many other examples which show a negation of basic human rights and equality by state under disguise of religion. Dr. Mehmood and like minded can come up with reasons, but all those reasons will be based on insecurity and fear. No nation can progress with insecurity and fear and prejudices.

Naveed Ali has contributed the following rebuttal to Dr. Safdar Mehmood’s article “Did Jinnah Aspire to a Secular Pakistan” which you can read here

There are other examples that I researched but I believe in adding value by saving the reader some time. There is no doubt there is a clear pattern here. Forces are at work to distort history and continuously push the Pakistani nation into an Radical Islamic ditch with false visions of grandeur. It is the responsibility of free media to call a spade a spade and expose these propaganda instruments of radicalization and fabricators of history.

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Ali Abbas Taj is the Editor of Let Us Build Pakistan.
@aliabbastaj on Twitter


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  • I protest the blanket criticism levied against Dr Safar Mahnmood, He has a genuine doctoral degree and is a decent man. True he has made some disturbing mistakes in life, like virtually everyone has, especially during his days of being a bureaucrat of the officialdom.

    Personally I do not buy the story of Sir Mohummed Iqbal’s mother buying a goat/buckree (where did she secure the money for buying the Buck-Ree???) or the “Sufi” which is hiding in “Docktarr” Babar Awaan. To connect Babnar Awaan with Soofism is sham and very wrongful. He riuses with the suns and rising damp of various sons; and has made billions Babar is master abne al Waqt and is not a vakil … Vakalawt is a noble calling.

    from his AVIS’type association with Zia ul Huck; with PPPP (and Benazir) and with the Zardari Cabal. Before that he made a huge n hefty bundle using BB’s secretary, job and favours for sale Scam (and nmore!) Just recall the incident in a Dubai hotel where he firzst pretended that he was kee;pibng fast but few minutes laster was found enjoying lunch. Nothing is worse than Hypocrisy (per Rightelous Caliph Hazrat Omer, RA).

  • Please ask him what was the topic of his thesis.I aksed him on FB page run by his crony(Gilani).I was blocked on that page.Then I wrote on other pages.

    “Dr(?) Safdar.Is it true that got PhD by unfair means? I read somewhere that you did not write any thesis, but got PhD based on one of your books and you used your influence because you in civil service(secretory?).If you did write any thesis, can you tell what was the title and when? When did you get PhD?
    I hope you answer this.I hope your your answer is not like your so called research on Quaid and National Anthem etc.”

  • I got very much disappointed after reading the Article by Dr. Safdar Mahmood.
    This article is too damaging to boost the status of Allama Iqbal.
    This is not wise to produce a prophet out of Allama Iqbal, who lived a normal life in his youth and was fond of all the prerequisites of a young man living under British Rule.
    None else but his elder son Dr. Aftab Iqbal was more authentic to describe the family life of Allama Iqbal.
    Most of his contemporaries could not negate the incident, happened where Iqbal was staying at the Government College Hostel as a student.
    Why the milk of Goat, didn’t work at that time?
    Iqbal Bhujakars must realize that——
    A wise enemy is better than a stupid friend.

  • Well Dr. Safdar Mehmood seems to be a demi god of our media! really an idiot sitting in Jang Group. I guess to be in Jang you have to be liar!

  • he is perorming the duty of security state agent to make the people more ignorent .idiots and extremist

  • please ask question to doctor safdar mehmood the goat/buckre which was bought by iqbal mother were free of cost or from iqbal father pay ? why the iqbal father resigned from job after iqbal birth ?why not before iqbal birth .when he was in his mother belly ? where she got food and other necessities of life? are these things were not from the pay of iqbal father .at this time it was not sood/riba or haram .when iqbal was in his mother belly?

  • It is really disappointing that Safdar Mehmood has written an article which completely lacks knowledge. his words are full of lies. Iqbal was a normal person. his two favourite things were wine and sex. that is why he died of sexual diseases.

  • The blood running in the body of Iqbal’s father was generated through SOOD income—-logically Allama Iqbal, was born with an infected sperm, produced by SOOD money.
    Once I met Dr. Aftab Iqbal, where he was staying with my brother-in-law, Hakeem Nayyar Wasty in 1963, and he told that Allama Iqbal was infected with Gonorrhea at his later age.
    Why the milk of Bakri could not save him from that dirty infection?

  • Iqbal died of tertiary Syphilis.
    He had aortic aneurysm.That is why his voice became hoarse and breathing issues.
    Later he also lost eye sight,when syphilis involves nervous system.
    That is why he also developed skin eruptions.
    We have been told that he had asthma and throat cancer.Non sense.It was pre-antibiotic era.
    His importance is not that he was some kind Mullah. He should be admired/disliked on the basis of his poetry and lectures etc.
    Of course Aftab said what he was told by others.

  • Hello everyone,
    Under Dr safdar mehmoods article in urdu, someone gave an example and talked about liaquat ali khans brother getting a claim and mentioning his name as WALIAYAT ALI KHAN. Wilayat ali khan was liaquats ali khans eldest son from his first wife and he had no lands in hafizabad. Liaquat ali khan had no real brother. The elder brother being talked about here was liaquat ali khans step brother and his name was Sajjad ali khan. The kin mentioned behzad ali khan is sajjad ali khans son. Wilayat ali khan had no son named asad ali.
    Liaquat ali khan filed no claim in pakistan. He took nothing from pakistan infact gave everything for pakistan. He gifted his delhi house to the pakistan government . The house is still owned by the pakistani govt and is worth 2 billion ruppess. Liaquat ali khan’s family owned 300 villages in india and he gave it all up for pakistan,in the end even his life. . LAK gave pakistan its true ideology through the objectives resolution. LAK is the liberator of azad kashmir.These people should be ashamed for talking crap about the best leader pakistan ever had.

  • You have managed to impress me by writing this thought-provoking informational article. You have used a lot of really great content to make your point. I agree with your views.

  • I find it repulsing that people question this man’s PHD considering he went OXFORD one of the worlds most reputable universities which thoroughly checks a person’s degree to make sure they are valid especially for pakistani applicants. Furthermore, he was a chair on the UNESCO board one of the only pakistanis to do so. He also gives talks in universities across the world. Perhaps the illiterate and incompetent people here are those in this chat room.