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Muslim killings in Burma: Islamist parties spread fake pictures – by Faraz Ahmed

In now a days, certain people are posting pictures with captions like Muslim massacre in Burma, Muslims slaughtered by Buddhists in Burma.

I have tried to check the reality of some of the pics shared frequently by the activists and sympathizers of Islamist parties and found the following:

A picture shared on facebook:

I have found original version here:

This picture was taken in 2010 regarding Earthquake in China and Tibetians community help and rescue in China. Now Islamist political parties and some other elements are sharing this image as Muslims killing / slaughter in Burma.

To read a detailed version of this report and to see more fake pics shared through social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter, visit Faraz Ahmed technology blog

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Sheherzade Adil


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  • On Twitter, Anjum Kayani, PKKH team, My bit for change Zaid Hamid and other ISI operatives are behind the Burma pictures campaign.

  • Hi,
    You might be wrong bother as no one can know which page was updated when. Secondly the people from earth quake are not made nude. The picture shows all the nude people and also put on a drainage water carrier. The people from the rescue operation are normally given respect and covered and not put on dirty water. One upon the other. The image clearly show the signs of brutelity and the humiliation to mankind.
    Try to put a hand on your heart and then let me know if I am wrong or you are.
    Best Regards

  • No guys, he is right… I researched and found few pictures like these have been uploaded on the dates like 17th April 2010, and just google CHINA EARTHQUAKE MONKS… u will find hundreds of similar images of these monks in red gowns, digging up in rubble and finding bodies.

    I do believe that the incident about killing Muslims in Burma is a truth, because the info about it is there on Wikipedia and other reliable sites, but please don’t support your point with false images, it does nothing but weakens your point.

    • That is the truth. A small scale civil war is commencing between Muslims and Burmese nationalists .
      I believe the fights are between minority Burmese Muslims vs minority Burmese extreme nationalists. They are fight fore quite some time, politically and economically in a stalemate. Once Muslims killed monks or raped women, other relatively milder nationalists join extremists breaking the stalemate, then bang!: killings and arson. Death toll from both side is Buddhist : Muslim -> 1 : 5 Burnt housing rate 1:20 Involved fighter 5:1

      Above is my estimates. Muslims are peaceful? Some of my muss friend are highly educated and I found them peaceful and good law abiding citizens but I know there are a lot of trouble maker Muslims in Burma.

  • This is only because to kill the hype of Shia Killings in Pakistan — and minority killings in Pakistan —

    soon as Shia killing was at hype in Pakistan they started this hype so that those voice should not be heard !

    And even thou we are Pakistan it is our Obligation that firs we need to look for Pakistani killings then outside Pakistan

    Laikin Munafiqat ki had hai they will say Pakistan mein kuch nai hia barma mein hai jo bhi hia etc etc laholawalaquwat

    Lanat ho aisay muslaman per

  • Let me tell you whats happening there – ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ is what they are doing, killing Muslims indiscriminately just because they are muslims, burning people, throwing infants on swords and its all state sponsored. The preseident of Burma, Thein Sein has said that these people do not belong to Burma and the UN should take them as refugees – the UN has refused. Some tried to escape to Bangladesh to avert senseless killing but Bangladesh refused to take them in and sent them back. According to independent research, these people are the most persecuted on the planet and also the most destitute. They literally have nowhere to go.
    The reason nobody has pictures is because the media is not allowed in but the bodies are washing up on the shores of Bangladesh. If there were, they would also be of mass dead bodies and people burning and infants on swords e.t.c.I have posted some videos below from reputed news channels on the plight of these people.
    Why is it that the Muslim ummah has become so heartless? Wasnt it said that Muslims are like one body, if the hand pains the whole body feels the pain. Why is it that we are more concerned if the pictures are fake or real than with the plight of these Muslims that no one wants to accept?
    I request you Mr. Faraz that instead of wasting your energies on finding if the photos are fake or real and undermining the plight of these people by posting about fake pictures, please raise your voice to the media, muslim leaders, UN and super powers of the world which are all criminally queit.
    The poor pakistani professor kept saying that when the Pakistani public finds out about this there will be an outrage and they will create problems for the Myanmar government but alas! all we are concerned with is the validity of the stupid pictures

    Please join facebook group: Stop Myanmar Massacre:!/groups/441639162537045/446546698712958/?notif_t=group_activity

  • Dear, okay u mean to say that when all thz people died ther hands were tied to on back side with half or full naked when earth quake came! don’t be morron!

  • I absolutely agree to KANWAL CHEEMA , we should be more concern towards the indiscriminate slaughter of Muslim Ummah instead of wasting our time on pictures searching either its fake or real.!
    Lets pray to Allah & stand unite…

  • even if few pics r fake, that does not cancle the fact that these killings r taking place in burma.i saw a cnn report a month ago but thought it was an isolated incident but now i know that its still being carried out.

  • n its u morons that r helping those budhist by creating doubts in people’s minds.

  • you tried your best but you are fooling people or simple are mislead….
    if it was earthquake, then why so many dead people are lying naked.. are so many people were taking bath or something or Is this a buddhist custom to turn dead bodies nude????????? It can be and only is result a of hatred and violence spree! Still i see uno and world power stooges silent,,,, this is in the face of all those so called profit triggered Humanatarian NGO’s and UNO is the biggest bullshit of all..

  • In every disaster the dead bodies are either handled to victim’s relatives or buried under honor at worst….!

    what i see here is mass grave, which is a legacy or war-crimes or genocides…!

    Its for the people to decide and decipher what else would be out there…!

  • Muslims shroud their dead. That doesn’t mean every country does. They cremate their dead. This is their preparation for cremation to remove the clothing. That is normal practice for pretty much all cremation around the world. They are doing a mass cremation because of the number of dead. In any case, the pictures are from 2010 so how could they be of recent massacar in Burma?

  • If you want to know about history of muslims in burma read on this website.

  • no doubt muslims in burma are killed. but dont you feel that some people are playing with our minds. i really searched most of pictures uploaded on internet in refrence to burma. these pictures are real but most of pictures do not belong to burma roits. i am just talking about pictures not burma issue. in burma muslims have problems, we should help them support them and put there issues to the world by real issues. but not just posting pictures on internet that would weaken our points to other world when we talk about burme muslim issues.

  • pakistan ko chahiye k aqwam e mutehida barma ke muslim kiling horahi he unke opar koi action hona chahiye.

    Hyder Ali shah
    nawab shah

  • this video shows the about hindu religiom that they dont want peace shame on zardari obama

  • wht is about the rest of brutle pics and videos ??? are all of them fack?? you cant clearify the terrorisms of buddist by doing such things the did the worse of this time and all evidence r enough for it. why u people trying to prove the non muslim terrerists innocent… thy did bad and thy will pay for it soon

  • we should not wait for UN thy just save non muslims . muslim countries should take action . i every part of world the evl pwers r attackin islam and muslims… we must ope our eyes now

  • the non Muslims trying to break the the unity of Muslims.a non Muslim will also feel sorry for such scenes then why r u denying for it remember gujrat kashmeer iraq syria bosnia palistine … were all fack prove the snaps from cuba wrong now Ahmadi(qadianeees maloons) r spreading such ideas and pretending to be Muslims. black sheeps of Islamic

  • The world why do not talking about the killing of the muslim of Burma country
    we dont know about the Human Rights they dont tell to the
    Govet of Burma if they cant than we will go to the Burma
    and starting the killing of them who killing Muslim

  • good job faraz. you have done so much search on finding fake pictures, but what you have done for the real ones . or any thing you have done to stop this killing or some strugle to tell people reality of this fuckin coward act by fuckin burneas . fuck you and your pathetic research .

  • muslims are fake, barbarians,thieves, uncultured,cheaters.They are the dirtiest creation among human tribes!their culture against humanity,we have a long histories of mulsims!!!!!these photos are intentional fake and mysterious!I think these are the bodies of BUDHDHIST killed by ZEHADIES,We have seen lots of killings done by the motherfucker MUSLIMS.They can behave like a friend but its their old habit to cheat a friend!!!!!!

  • It will not happen, as you’re saying. Once we solve the related investigations are confidential. If this proves true, then we will learn them. Muslims are not week so we will let them to know the Power of I-S-I after getting the concrete evidence. Thank You

  • Now we are helping BUDDHIST in Pakistan to live happy. But if the Act against Muslims in Burma is Proved Against Buddhist then we will not let the BUDDHIST happy in all over the world. we will kill them in Pakistan, Burma, China, Czech, Poland, America, Russia, Germany, and in other different countries. So let’s see the situation of Buddhist Community after getting the concrete Evidence against them. This is the message from I-S-I to Buddhist Community in all over the world and we inform them about this decision so they know what will we do after proving this act against them. (I-S-I ) Zindabad Pakistan) Super Power Agency Behind The Hidden Role. God Bless All Muslims and All Peaceful peoples of the world.

  • I agree with you Ahmed Mukhtar, but i think Jews want to Create the misunderstanding between Muslim Brother’s And Buddhist Community. And if this act is true against Muslims! so i want to inform you that not all the Buddhist are same because only few Bitches are involve in this act against Muslims.China will play role to Create an peaceful wave in Burma between Muslims and Buddhist.

  • Leave Our Agent’s other wise nobody can live alive in Burma. Pakistan Attempting this Act against Burma. So think on it because the message from Our Organization. (I-S-I Zindabad)

  • Now it’s Prove that Burma is Involved in killing of Muslims so ALLAH-O-AKBAR. Let’s see the Role of I-S-I. The role of I-S-I is started to Fuck The BUDDHIST Community in all over the World. they will not Forgive.

  • This Pic does look fake . But massacre did happen. Perhaps the number of Muslims killed was exaggerated..I plead all human beings to respect ea other . At least, leave the people who have children alone and dont harm the children..they are so innocent.

  • To Budha of china ..I agree with you..Most buddhists are plain peaceful nice people..The perpetrators may not even be budhists/

  • everyone should know that this is the big game of Hidden agencies such as CIA, FBI, AND other most powerful agencies are involved in this act. So I-S-Iagent (Ahmed Mukhtar) we strongly recommend you to take an action immediately against Buddhist because the Muslims have only 1 supported country in the world that is PAKISTAN. 80%Muslims are safe in the world just because of Pakistan and also By I-S-I. Please do something to let Buddhist know the Power of Islam And Muslims. i shall be very thankful of I-S-I. i love Pakistan

  • we want to support muslims and we are totally agreed to Ahmed Mukhtar please do something to stop this bad Act against muslims. Thank you

  • i seen on my eyes everything is true against muslims. Please do something to stop it now
    thank you

  • This is really true on mention over Muslim’s fake.
    In our country there are no monks like wearing Tibet style.

  • The blood of the Americans in 9/11 is sacred. The rest of the millions of Muslims killed before and after 9/11 is never highlighted by the media. Muslims, it’s time for you to understand this hard reality; the world will never come for our cause; we need to stand up for ours. It’s now or never.The Massacre of Muslims in Burma continues, with over 25 thousands killed over all in a month and 1000 killed in cold blood on 12th July 2012 in a single day, without any media interest! Its Alarming Situation for All of Us, because our fifth columnist Enemy paid Filthy Media remains Silent on this Brutality/ So Please share to awaken the Muslim Umah and to Slap enemy paid media !now…..

  • @fefe – u whore .. how come u telling abt hindus .. u ll pee in ur hot panties when i ll start speaking .. but right now iam seduced as i mentioned abt yur panties .. so leaving u baebe .. U people can never b in peace bcoz u simple wear a mask of peace and are filled with hatred inside .. U r PRESENT TIME DEVILS .. I am hurt as they were humans and they also feel pain but they were infected with PISLAM so unfortunately they are destined to be in NON-PEACE .. now u all herd of sheepwearing white caps and kurtas start barking and other sheeps of urs will follow u without using brain 😛

  • Hey let me tell you that I am Muslim I leave in India. Majority Of those who leave around us is Hindu, They Respect us well. So it is not the matter of hindus or Buddist, Its a matter of human being. As if you see the current situation in Muslim country you find almost all Voilance. Why we are not United. Why we dont respect each other as you can see what happen to Saddam Hussian, Mommer Gaddafi, Tunasia, Eygpt etc… Where it happen..? nodody not know.. See people of palastine everyday they safer Con’t we raise the Voice…? Lets Stop Arrgueing Or commenting Each other Lets Do something to steps this Shit…. My Identity is In geografical way I am Hindu, But by the grace of almighty I am Practicing Islam.

  • As I see those Picture I feel there pain. let’s do something to stop this.. Believe me One Voice is not Enough… Please Join Hands & shout, We need Justice Where are Muslim Power, what are they doing. Let’s pray to almighty to bestow his mercy on us. I want to fight with almighty y dint he gave me any power so that I can stand & protect by Brothers & sisters. As he said that withstand with the people who don’t have power, Protect & fight with them against the people who are strong & oppose them.

  • sharam ki bat hai ye sab muslims ke liye ke en ke muslims ke sat aisa bartao kiya ja raha hai magar wo khamosh ho kar tamasha dekh rae hain agar aj en ke sat ye ho sakta hai tho kal ko ap logo ke sat be ho sakta hai aur log humara isi tara tamasha dekhen ge magar kch nahi karain gee

  • @INDIAN…You smell like a hindu terrorist. You too dangerous for the world peace. First be tolerent , then talk about others…so annoying bloody thoughts you have.
    I wish for the world peace. Just respect Humans

  • Oh.! Almighty Guide us in the right path so that we are in light, we seek refuge against evil. Please help & protect us. As you said that be united & server for your Brothers & sisters, protect them who are week against you. Stand front against who are strongest against you. O Almighty bestow the mercy on us. “You’re the one whom we pray & you’re the one whom we ask the help for”. A Muslim is a Brother Of a Muslim, no matter where he is from & where he lives or which tribe he belongs to, We are One. Please Help our Brothers….! Amin Amin Amin…..!

  • aye landya log just shut up u all r a big shit on the world so plz dont give all this fake dhamki to hindu ok we gave u land to live and u back stabbers anyways it is in ur blood ok u people dnt know the will will cme to gether and fuck each of u fuck off

  • @ Faraz- u thnk u hv dne a grt job no nt at all.. By researchng on a pic & proving it as fake & all, u cn’t make al d wrld forget abt d Mass killing f muslims in Burma.. D international Bodies 4 peace r just nthng bt a waste bodies, UNO, a non sense organizatn cn’t cme frwd 2 help, Y, y double standard, helpng nly a set f ppl nt d othr..Y so, as dey r muslim’s., in d name f develpmnt & routing out terrorism, dis ppl r killing lakhs f ppl in Aghanistan & Iraq., u cal tis develpmnt nope tkng away all d Oil rich resources etc.. Its just a Bullshit Organisatn.. Tis Buddisht who cal themselves as peace preacher indeed d most dangerous community biggest Terrorists in d name f Peace, Non sense…. I would lyk ask to tht Fuckng Dalai lama, wt d hell he say he preaches dnt his follower’s follow it.. Wt d hell he say- “if u cnt help any1 dnt hurt them”.. Dey r killing innocent & d weak in thousands, Y dnt u try on d strong part, lyk Saudi & Iran etc, dey’ll show wt muslims.. U fuckng Buddisht & non sense Research u carried out Faraz, shame on ur part.. If u cn’t highlight d plight f Innocent & Weak burman muslim community bettr u shut up, wt d hell u thnk by dng al tis u cn divert Ppl’s mind..u talk bullshit, u wanna prove tis buddish terrorist as innocent..u Bladyy.. Fii Narii jahanam….

  • If this the pics of Earth quak why all the peoples nude.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? shame for all human being if they.

  • لعنت خدا بر بودایی های قاتل
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    مرگ بر اسرائیل
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  • Thanks for sharing this. Muslim extremists are experts in brainwashing others. They spread lies to their fellow men and provoke them to do foolish things, while the hide themselves in their own homes. They’d train kids to go an explode a train station but they will never do it themselves. Why? They don’t want the 72 virgins and they don’t want to please Allah? Because it’s a like – a sensible Muslim will tell you “ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE!” That may be right but if your teachers preach hatred in your madrassas, you deserve that people hate and fear you guys.

    But seriously …seriously…half of the world’s problems and threats will be over if there were no Muslim extremism.

    And when we talk such, Muslims cry fould saying “NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS” – but the truth is ALMOST ALL TERRORISTS ARE MUSLIMS. So period.

  • Some group A does shit to another group B in a seperate country called E DOES NOT MEAN, Group C should do the same shit to group D in his country F. They are fighting and now you are also fighting with your own citizens.

    You don’t need to make their problem your problem.

    Let them deal with their problem as per their ways, their laws of the land. Some Muslims get mistreated in Europe and you blow up a train station in India (for example) makes no sense.

    There are other ways to express – choose a civilized way.

  • Hi guys, don’t be stubborn and such fools! The picture fake for certain. The picture was originally published during April, 2010 earthquake in China when Tibetan monks are helping to find the missing corpse of people who died in the disaster.

    All the corpses are stripped off their clothes because it is the custom before cremating the dead-bodies.

    Also, the color or robes are different among Tibetan and Burmese monks: Tibetan monks wear the maroon robe while Burmese monks wear yellow/golden robe.

    Come on, have some common sense!

  • may of muslim brothers are confused why they are naked.. I’m a tibetan and let me tell you few difference.. first.. Burmese monks are theravada means they wear Saffron color robe not red. secondly this picture was from Keguedo Earthquake. all those dead bodies are Tibetans and chinese people not muslims.. they are naked because it should be clean before burn. hands are tied coz loose bodies are much more difficult to adjust.

  • Do whatever you want to do with Burmese but plz don’t kill Tibetan people. they are innocent.. 0 connection with Burmese. even we Tibetans are also suffering in Burma.. They don’t allows us to protest against chinese government..

  • @ASMA…I don’t understand why u r dragging a Dalai lama name in this matter. He is a spritual leader of Tibet, not of Burma. You mind ur word bfoe u speak shitty words. He respect every religion nd we too…it’s nt like we hv no feelings, m totally against what is happening in burma. God has given u a brain nd make sure use it properly. Do not fall easily under the such provoke…some of ur ppl targetting Tibetans in mysore,banglore,pune etc…we tibetans hv nothing to do wid burmese buddhist. So it’s my request to all muslim brothers not target innocent Tibetans.

  • tumlog k sath jo ho raha hai vo acha ho raha hai i hop india my asa jaldi ho jave jay hind

  • Dear Muslim Brothers & Sisters,
    Dear Muslim Brothers & Sisters,
    We tibetans are not anti-muslim. China forcefully invaded our country and has been killing our people for five decades. Large number of our people were compelled to seek
    political asylum in many neighbouring countries like India and Nepal etc. Many tibetans are being killed and tortured by chinese police in Tibet even today. We Tibetan are going through very difficult period these days. We have nothing to do with any of the Myanmar and assam riots. Please, do not misunderstand us.

  • this photo is widely shared on facebook, the heart of truth is that this picture does not relate at all with muslim. it was during the earthquake in China occupied present Tibet. i am a tibetan and from the place where the earthquake took place in 2010… many of our brothers and sisters were died during that time and these monks you see in the picture are actually the rescue team. there was no way to keep well the bodies of dead as the number of death is such large that these monk only can burn them and do the last prayer for the departed souls… so please dont misunderstanding …my dear friends….

  • this is bullshit; you all are wasting your time to invistigation about a fake pic
    it is from Tibet

  • people wake up! there is no way to misunderstand these picture which have been taken by conducting clearance during the earthquake in Tibet in 2010. this is nothing to relate to the conflict between Burma and Muslim. nor between Buddhism and Muslim.
    people wake up! take action wisely from a deep consideration. what a point make things ever bigger and not be deceive from Chinese propaganda.

  • MUSLIM is small terrorist like a hindu terrorist. You too dangerous for the world peace.

  • @fefe @ muslims

    you guys are not deserve to stay alive..go to hell or better suck hindus dick that will help you in getting jannat.

  • Well, there’s only one thing I can tell about Tibet and Burmese Buddhists. Tibetan Buddhists wear red robes and Burmese Buddhists wear yellow robes. Google it!

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  • در آخر امام زمان من (مهدی موعود.صاحب الزمان) ظهور خواهد کرد و من ایمان دارم صاحب من انتقام خون پیروانش را خواهد گرفت.
    مرگ بر بودا
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    Down with american
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    Down with buddhist

  • A terrorist must be terrorized.. Remove d so called Islam nd leave peace in our world. Dey ar vampires, dey ar brainwashed sheep on white caps shoutn alla ahkbar.. Dey disgusting. Black hats, demons, present day DEVILS. says:

    Crazy vampires.. U ar all blood suckers… Present day Devils.. Islam is devlish. To hell wit u nd ur 72 virgins.. U ar really brainwashed by ur weak nd deceptiv muhammed. U ar big FOOLS, mugus, malus, oponus. I pity u all. Tak away Islam nd mak d wrld peaceful.

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  • doing pin pointing is a nature of muslims b coz they really dont want to open there eyes burmese are killed instead of praising them intelligent bastards are identifying and doing discussion IS THIS FAKE.ok leave it

  • Buddhist killing Muslims in Burma are not true story) It was based on the issue where three Bengalis raped and inhumanely killed a Rakhine girl on 28th May, 2012. 5 days later, 8 Muslims were killed in a bus attack by vigilantes. Such disputes led to be hot issues among netizens online. Some were frustrated, some warned to prevent religious disputes and others stay quiet. Most of the public pointed out the Bengali immigrants that has been threatening the local Rakhines.
    For the moment on 8th June, 2012, unconfirmed reports said 100 of innocent Rakhine were killed and many injured and villages were put on fire. Terrorists were believed to prepare for this systematically. Locals mentioned that once they finished Friday service in mosque, a crowd of hundreds Bengalis put the villages on fire. Local Rakhines had to leave the houses and gather at the Buddhist monasteries. Myanmar Government sent armed forces to settle the vigilantes’ actions but according to Netizens, the situation is not still under control. About 5 hours later, government announced martial law in Maung Taw with immediate effect.
    Netizens expressed their anger to Bengali immigrants who claimed themselves as Rohingyas and corruption among immigration officers. 88 Generation Leaders* announced that Rohingya has never been and will never be an ethnic of Myanmar and agreed to cooperate with army and the government to protect innocent Rakhine people. (Read here, this is another public report on News) Maung Daw, Rakhine State, Myanmar 8, June, 2012, thousands of Bengali known as Rohingyas gathered and burned many houses of local residents, Rakhines. Most of local Rakhines (Arakanese) fled away from their homes for security purposes. Maung Daw at Rakhine State in Burma is now in chaos and needs immediate control over such riots. Many Buddhist temples were set on fire by Bengalis while rioters have destroyed local stores and shops owned by Rakhines (Arakanese).
    Few days ago, an Arakanese lady was gang-raped and murdered by three Bengalis. Her neck was purposefully cut and ****** was found severely penetrated with sharp weapons. That case has raised tensions among local residents, Arakanese and newly occupying illegal Bengali immigrants. In response to such ****** assault, ten Muslim travelers to Rakhine state were beaten to death at Taung Gote township. Such consequential cases have sparked riots in Rakhine state.
    Conditions seem to become worse when Bengalis started to shoot with their secretly stored guns from a three storey house of a money broker called Zaw Hein at Maung Daw. They shot into the running Rakhine crowds and reports say that injured were sent to Sittway hospital, capital of Rakhine state. An army official confirmed the news that they have already received information about collection of arms by Muslim terrorist forces in that area. Latest news suggests that Myanmar Army in Maund Daw is now confronting with armed Bengalis. Moreover, according to Lay Wa Dee media, Bengali guerilla forces were prepared before tensions started to rise which is why it may be considered as a planned action and foreign invasion.
    Maung Daw is now under carfew and military control. Police forces are ordered to fire directly towards armed rioter Bengalis. Meanwhile, a well-known local GP Dr Khin Maung Latt and his wife were stabbed seriously by their Bengali housemaid. Resources approve that they are now at hospital and fatally injured.
    Ko Ko Kyi, a student leader of 88 generations in Myanmar, made a press conference today regarding such riot issues in Rakhine state.
    “I want to say clearly that Rohingyas are not belonged to any ethnic group in Burma. They have no cultural and religious ties with any ethnic group in Burma. Although we have avoided any potentially conflicting issues like racial riots, we have to say today that we will not accept any foreign intervention on rohingya issue without knowing true history of rohingya Bengalis. If some countries want to pressure on Burma/Myanmar for such rohingya problems, we will view it as a threat to our national security.” Ko Ko Kyi says.
    In the mean time, Myanmar Muslim Association in Mandalay released a statement about serious condemnation on Rohigyas actions on local resident Rakhines (Arakanese). Currently, according to Yangon Press International, 14 villages were burned down and causalities were not known yet.
    Contemporarily, famous exile media such as BBC Burmese, Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB), Radio Free Asia Burmese( RFA Burmese), Voice of America Burmese (VOA Burmese), Irrawaddy Magazine and Mizzima Media were viewed by strong nationalists and social activists of Myanmar as major lobbyist for causing such racial tensions. Ko Ko Kyi warned that exile pressures can be one of the contributing factors for such chaotic conditions. On official facebook of a Myanmar Government officer, he requested that exile Burmese Media should not state rioting situations as Religious conflicts.
    On facebook, a number of Burmese calling for boycotting such media and lobbyists were spread like wildfire provoking an idea that exile media are lobbying just for their self-interests but not for Burma as they officially announce. On BBC official web page, it was expressed that Maung Daw Islamic residents are protesting as a response to rising religious tensions. In fact, those Bengalis rallied at a central mosque and started to destroy local stores near Central Hall at Maung Daw. Political activists say that such transnational issue is not simply a religious conflict but a huge problem with Immigration Bureau of Myanmar. They said that local Rakhines (Arakanese) were long suffered from troubles created by corrupted staff of Border Security Forces at Maung Daw.

  • I am Indian Muslim .I shame because there is no help by our country to my brothers and sisters .100% there some happening in burma.but for some people there is entertaining thing.pls stop and do dua and utter Namaz advance for them.b a Muslim .Sunni Muslim . or other. please please my brother needs our help……

  • Indeed this Al Taqiyya should be responded in similar manner. May GOD guide the world by destroying those who promote falsehood. I dont know till what time will this Al Taqiya of muslims continue?

  • I do not even know how I finished up right here, however I believed this submit was good. I don’t recognise who you are however certainly you are going to a well-known blogger in the event you aren’t already. Cheers!

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    Why are they nude? It’s normal custom that they are washed and they were in mortuary and stacked together for mass burial with a large covering sheet.

    How can they have been killed when they don’t have any marks and blood.

    Use your brain and don’t get easily in the trap of those who favours hatred and evil m ongering and with such a narrow parochial behaviour.

    How long with such mind of mentality, shall we be mocked and ridiculed just because of a handful of zealots.

  • Stop Silling Muslims in Burma
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