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Ban Shia Killing in Pakistan, #DontBanShiaKillingWebsite – by Ehtisham Rizvi

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When I first heard Shia Killing has been banned in Pakistan, I couldn’t believe my ears. After decadeds of persecution and attempted Shia genocide, finally a Sunni majority country, dominated by Jihadi-Deobandis and Jihadi-Wahhabis had decided that enough was enough, and no more Shias will be killed on their watch? But that was just me being the hopeless optimist that I am, the truth is that Shia killing is actually supported and rewarded in Pakistan, it is the security establishment’s favorite pastime, when they are not drinking and fornicating, they are out there killing Shias, at least via their Jihadist proxies.

So what is all that fuss about Shia killing being banned? As it turns out ShiaKilling.com is a website, which consistently monitors and reports Shias being killed in all areas and provinces of Pakistan. Apparently, Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has blocked access to this website within Pakistan. (While the website is blocked by PTA, the facebook page of Shia Killing website is still accessible: https://www.facebook.com/shiakilling3).

So what does the government wish to achieve by blocking a website which spreads awareness? I think Hosni Mubarak and Gaddafi could answer that question quite amply, after all, controlling the web really worked out quite well for them.
The ban is a failed and rather pathetic attempt by the Saudi-Salafi funded agencies to stop the Shias from becoming united against the tyranny and oppression of the Saudi-Salafi funded Jihadi-sectarian militant groups. With more and more Shias being killed in Pakistan, the remaining are starting to see the light.

A Shia is the one who is always faithful to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Imam Ali (A.S.). If a state starts supporting the murder of Shias, if they start turning a blind eye towards the massacre of innocent victims, then the laws of that state are no longer applicable to the people being oppressed.

Shias played an integral part in creating this country, but now that they are being forced to migrate six feet under, they no longer feel any allegiance to the green and the white, the crescent and the star. The Shia community of Pakistan has been let down by various political and religio-political parties. Only recently they have started uniting under a new banner with the hope that their new leaders will be able to save them from further genocide. One could say that ShiaKilling.com had a major role to play in this development.

So what would the government achieve by blocking this website? They have accounts on all sorts of different social media, they have an SMS service, and the last time I checked the Shia community has its own mosques and its own leadership. About 1400 years ago, 72 Shias of Imam Ali were killed in a dessert (Karbala), isolated from any population, in an era with no communication devices, they have not been forgotten, and their blood still serves as fuel for the flame inside every Hussaini’s heart. The establishment is far more incompetent than they are generally perceived, if they think that they can control the flow of information in this era, and if they think Shias forget their fallen.

I hope that the ban on ShiaKilling.com will be lifted soon, and I hope this will only add to their motivation. For all the Shias, Sunnis, Ahmadis, Christians and others reading this, I request you that you do what you can to get this ban lifted, and more importantly, to work to highlight and stop Shia genocide in Pakistan in any way you can.

On Twitter, there is already an impressive campaign built up by Shia, Sunni, Ahmadi, Christian, Jew, Hindu and other activists, Pakistanis and foreigners, who are united in tweeting: #DontBanShiaKillingWebsite

However, for anyone who wants to access Shiakilling in Pakistan, can easily access it using proxies. I recommend using hidemyass.com for this purpose.

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  • The Express Tribune ‏@etribune
    (News) #Shia killing watchdog site apparently banned http://tribune.com.pk/story/408359/shia-killing-watchdog-site-apparently-banned/ #Pakistan #DontBanShiaKillingWebsite


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  • Apparently ShiaKilling.Com is now redirecting to PakShia.com. But still no page is displaying!

  • Ppp indifferent attitude is forcing persecuted community to look towards religious party .

  • Please copy-paste / modify the following suggested email and send to email addresses provided at the end.


    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am very concerned to learn about the PTA’s ban on ShiaKilling.com, a website which monitors and publishes information on the persecution and target killing of Shia Muslims in Pakistan. This ban is inconsistent with the freedom of speech, freedom of media and also a violation of fundamental human rights. I request you to review the decision and restore the ShiaKilling.com website on an urgent basis.

    Kind regards,


    Tel: +92-51-2878143
    Fax: +92-51-2878155

    Director (Enforcement)
    PTA Zonal Office,
    Wireless Compound, Opposite JPMC,
    Rafiqui Shaheed Road, Karachi, 75530.
    Phone : +92-21-35680101
    Fax : +92-21-35680640.
    Email: karachi@pta.gov.pk

    Director (Enforcement)
    PTA Zonal Office,
    Adjacent Cantt. Telephone Exchange,
    165- Abid Majid Road, Lahore Cantt.
    Phone No. +92-42-36665022.
    Fax No. +92-42-36654009.
    Email: ptalahore@pta.gov.pk

    Director (Enforcement)
    PTA Zonal Office,
    B-92, Upper Chattar Housing Scheme, Muzaffarabad.
    Phone No. 05822-921198
    Fax No. 05822-921199
    Email: muzaffarabad@pta.gov.pk

    Director (Enforcement)
    PTA Zonal Office,
    Plot No. 11, Sector A-3, Phase-V,
    Hayatabad, Peshawar.
    Phone No. +92-91-9217279
    Fax. +92-91-9217254.
    Email: peshawar@pta.gov.pk

    Director (Enforcement)
    PTA Zonal Office,
    Near FIA Building,
    Samungli Road Quetta.
    Phone No. +92-81-2829476.
    Fax No. +92-81-2829477.
    Email: quetta@pta.gov.pk

    Director (Enforcement)
    PTA Zonal Office,
    House No. 161, Streey No. 9, Chaklala Scheme III, Rawalpindi.
    Tel: +92-51-5766402
    Fax: +92-51-5766403
    Email: rawalpindi@pta.gov.pk

  • Rehman Malik Jhangvi doesn’t have courage to ban LeJ-ASWJ’s hate websites & talks about cyber crimes? http://www.geo.tv/GeoDetail.aspx?ID=58946

    KARACHI: Interior Advisor Rehman Malik said Sunday that Pakistan and India were victims of cyber crime.

    Addressing a social media summit here, Malik said that terrorists were using the internet for communication claiming that if Internet Service Providers (ISP) were wiser and had certain tools, the Mumbai attacks would not have taken place.

    Malik added that ill will was being spread through the social media and this forum should keep morality in mind. According to the interior advisor social media should be brought under the ambit of law.

  • #WeLoveKashmir but we hate agency thugs who want to divert attention from #DontBanShiaKillingWebsite.

    List of ISI-DPC-ASWJ trolls who tried to divert attention from ban on Shia killing website campaign:


    @ProudPakistanii: #WeLoveKashmir because Shakeel Ahmed Bhat is our hero!””

    @FarRyte: #WeLoveKashmir because God chose it that way. <3”

    @AnjumKiani: #WeLoveKashmir Unconditionally! n no matter how much the Aman ka Tamasha tries to hide the ‘The Torture Trail’ we will expose it!

    @Tabesch: #Welovekashmir for it’s the most important stage of #Jihad-e-Fi-Sabil-ALLAH

    @Alichoudhry2: #weLoveKashmir Kashmir is Dear to us,More than #FakeLiberals Love their Miserable Lives

    @sagemadinah: We will take revenge of every blood drop of our kashmiri brothers & sisters shed by Indian Army… #WeLoveKashmir

    @AnjumKiani: #WeLoveKashmir and we don’t believe in Aman Ka Tamasha. No MFN status to India until freedom of Kashmir.

    @rana_usman: #WeLoveKashmir is the best example of how dominating our society with right-wings are Allhumdullilah. O you the liberals, where are you?

    @FarRyte: I got 99 reasons to love #Kashmir but not ONE to love #India. #WeLoveKashmir <3”

    Shaheed BalochHassan ‏@MaryamHBaloch
    @rana_usman Usman Bhai ,in Quetta Uni we were told about NishaPuri and his website #WeLoveKashmir

  • i accept that sectarian killing is wrong.but one thing i have heard about shias that they curse khulfa-e-raashideen and Hazrat Ayesha(R.A). i don’t know that it is right or wrong but if this news is right than i want to say that shias should not do this. but i still believe that problems should be solved peacefully. killing,hate and violence will make the situation even worse.

    I admit Muawiyah was first gustakh of Sahaba and Ahle Bait.

    Muawiyah Instituting the curse of Hazrat Ali
    Muawiyah not only fought Hazrat Ali, he cursed Hazrat Ali as well. Furthermore, he did force/make everybody to curse Ali. To prove it, we begin with Sahih Muslim:

    Narrated Sa’d Ibn Abi Waqqas:

    Muawiyah, the son of Abu Sufyan, give order to Sa’d, and told him:
    “What prevents you that you are refraining from cursing Abu Turab
    (nickname of Ali)?” Sa’d replied: “Don’t you remember that the Prophet
    said three things about (the virtue of) Ali? So I will never curse

    Sunni reference: Sahih Muslim, Chapter of Virtues of Companions, Section of
    Virtues of Ali, Arabic, v4, p1871, Tradition #32.

    For the English version of Sahih Muslim, see Chapter CMXCVI, p1284,
    Tradition #5916

    Below is more references in Sahih Muslim about followers of Muawiyah cursing Hazrat Ali, to prove that people were urged/forced to curse Ali in public,otherwise they would face a costly sentence. It is narrated on the authority of Abu Hazim that:

    The Governor of Medina who was one of the members of the house of
    Marwan called Sahl Ibn Sa’d, and ordered him to curse Ali. But Sahl
    refused to do so. The governor said: “If you don’t want to curse Ali,
    just say God curse Abu Turab (the nickname of Ali).” Sahl said: “Ali
    did not like any name for himself better than Abu Turab, and Ali used
    to become very happy when somebody would call him Abu Turab.”

    Sunni reference: Sahih Muslim, Chapter of Virtues of Companions, Section of
    Virtues of Ali, Arabic version, v4, p1874, Tradition #38.

    Sahih Bukhari: Book 031, Number 5915:
    This hadith has been narrated. on the authority of Shu’ba with the same chain of transmitters. Amir b. Sa’d b. Abi Waqqas reported on the authority of his father that Muawiya b. Abi Sufyin appointed Sa’d as the Governor and said: What prevents you from abusing Abu Turab (Hadrat ‘Ali), whereupon be said: It is because of three things which I remember Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) having said about him that I would not abuse him and even if I find one of those three things for me, it would be more dear to me than the red camelg. I heard Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) say about ‘Ali as he left behind hrin in one of his campaigns (that was Tabuk). ‘All said to him: Allah’s Messenger, you leave me behind along with women and children. Thereupon Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said to him: Aren’t you satisfied with being unto me what Aaron was unto Moses but with this exception that there is no prophethood after me. And I (also) heard him say on the Day of Khaibar: I would certainly give this standard to a person who loves Allah and his Messenger and Allah and his Messenger love him too. He (the narrator) said: We have been anxiously waiting for it, when he (the Holy Prophet) said: Call ‘Ali. He was called and his eyes were inflamed. He applied saliva to his eyes and handed over the standard to him, and Allah gave him victory. (The third occasion is this) when the (following) verse was revealed:” Let us summon our children and your children.” Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) called ‘Ali, Fitima, Hasan and Husain and said: O Allah, they are my family.
    Book 031, Number 5915

  • sania rehan. i have not written i admit Muawiyah was the first ….i have only written till the “situation even worse.” The end. i don’t know how it has combined with my comment that i admit……number 5915

  • Its a good act by the PTA to ban a site that passes out NAZEBA KALMAT regarding our messengers. The thing is that islam can not be molded or run the way you people want it. Just try to be muslim rather then allocate yourself whether being suni , deobandi , bharailvi , or shia.

  • @human and muslim. So you think it can be molded the way u guys want, by killing people, by cutting pplz head or by blasting urselves in a crowed of innocent ppl. I dont where is the humanity in pakistan, is that what Islam teachers us? Do u only believe in killing people? You have to accept the fact that SHias exist in pakistan nd tht u cant finish them by killing them, History witnesses that No one has every finish humans by killing them,

  • I m not Shia. But I have heard syed jawad naqvi and I found that he is a good scholar. He says to Shia that do not hate Sunnis they are not your enemies. If they are your enemies then they will not do business with you they will cut relationships with you but they are not doing this. Deobandi scholar Tariq jameel says that except differences between Muslim sects you should love each other do not say bad words to each other. So our scholars stops us to fight with each other. But these are normal peoples who say bad words to each other. They are like neem Hakeem khatra Jaan. They have less knowledge of Islam either they are sunni Shia brave li ahmedi etc and on less knowledge they are using harsh words to each other. Do not say to Muslims that they are kaafir or wahabi etc etc. try to understand actually what Islam says