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PPP Human Rights Cell Condemns the demolition of Ahmadi worship places

PPP Human Rights Cell asks the Chief Justice to take Suo Moto notice for violation of Article 20 of the Constitution by law enforcement agencies in the Punjab.

The PPP Human Rights Cell has expressed its concern on the increase in incidents where religious minorities are being denied their right to religion. On July 11 it was reported that the Kharian police demolished religious place of the Ahmedis, but this is not the first nor the only incident. Ahmedi places of worship have been demolished in Chiniot, in Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Rabwah, at the behest of extremist religious groups.

“The Supreme Court has been quick to take suo moto notice of all issues large and small, but the same Supreme Court has failed to take notice of the many places of worship that have been demolished by none other than the police,” states Central Coordinator PPP Human rights adding that “ We would like to draw the attention of the CJ to a violation of Article 20 which states that “every citizen shall have the right to profess, practise and propagate his religion and every religious denomination and every sect thereof shall have the right to establish, maintain and manage its religious institutions.”

“The Courts are the guardians of fundamental rights, I hope they will take steps to safeguard religious minorities under Article 20,”said the Central Coordinator PPP Human Rights Cell Dr Nafisa Shah.

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  • PPP government itself blocked Ahmadi site recently. Where was PPP “human rights” cell then?

  • 99.99% liberals in Pakistan are hypocrites who only want to call themselves liberals so they could look good next to Mullahs.

  • This is PPP Govt and in this government the religious terrorism is on its peak especially in Punjab. The Punjab is Shareef brothers territory and they are promoting religious terrorism. PPP should stop this by using power from center and this will give more credits to this Govt of PPP. Long live PPP

  • This statement is more inclined to “Bughze Moavia than Hubbe Ali” That means less inclined to support human rights of ahmadies more inclined to criticize CJ of SC. Go back to 1974 it was PP Government which started this whole fuss. Ask your senior leader Dr Mubashar why ZA Bhutto declared Ahmadies as Non Muslim. You can not even protect your Governor and Federal Minister while in Government so what ahmadies can expect from you. If you really want to do something serious about ahmadies then bring an ordinance to repeal the 1984 ordinance. You have majority in the assembly and keep on bringing amendments news ordinances very oft.

  • N Khan you missed one point. PP governor Khosa is sitting in Lahore. Ever you saw him doing some thing against terrorism in Punjab. Even as a lip service he never condemned any atrocity committed against Ahmadies, Shia or chiristians. To me PP and PML(N) they are two sides of one coin. On a point where mutual political interest coincide they are same. Just to fool the masses of Pakistan, they keep on trumpeting the music of differences.

  • Sadly Pakistan is ruled by hypocrites who have no guts to challenge fanatic mullahs. They have no fear of God.

  • My dear Dr Abdul Bary Malik MBE, in spite of the fact what you stated, our job keep on striving for human rights and keep on mentioning the facts. Might be some day Pakistani civil society starts realising the ongoing wrath of God the pakistan is continuously facing is due to atrocities what extremist mullahs are committing against innocent people on the name of religion. May be some bold, courageous and honest leadership can emerge and start stopping these atrocities with iron hand.