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Hamid Mir Inquiry Follow Up

What happened the announcement of Jang Group that they have constituted a committee to probe the Hamid Mir-gate? We deserve to know from the apex investigators of Pakistan that what have they found out in 25 days?  Usually, their Investigations are quick and dirty….25 days is too long!

We also need to know the version of Osama Khalid’s announcement that he will file an FIR against Hamid Mir.

Committee to probe charges against Hamid Mir
Thursday, May 20, 2010
ISLAMABAD: A conversation purportedly between Hamid Mir, the host of Geo programme ‘Capital Talk’ and columnist of daily Jang, has been uploaded on different websites, says a statement issued by the spokesman of Geo/Jang Group.A committee has been constituted by the Group to get detailed information in this connection. Members of the committee have held preliminary talks with Hamid Mir in which he has disowned the voice (said to be his) and termed the audiotape fabricated. For credible investigation, the committee has called upon professional journalist organisations to come forward to uncover the truth.

Hamid Mir has assured that he would fully cooperate in the investigation so that the truth is unearthed. He also said that some people want to ostracise him from the profession and they are defaming him as part of a conspiracy.

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  • shame to u hamid mir…u r a black sheep in the herd of journalists

  • I always knew hamid mir and GEO and Jang were tratiors. I wish i could shut them for good. Shame Shame hamid Mir

  • I am amazed by the language used by Dr.Fayyaz against Hamid Mir.Son of Khalid Khawaja tried his best to involve Hamid Mir in the murder case of his father with the help of PPP Senator Faisal Raza Abidi.His father was killed in April and he lodged application against Hamid Mir on May 21st.Everybody knew that his father was killed on the orders of Hakimullah Mehsud but he never mentioned his name and tried to involve an innocent journalist after 3 weeks of his father death.Son of Khalid Khawaja made it a police case and Jang Group have no authority to by pass the legal system.Only police or the courts have the right to decide that who is the real culprit.Who is a black sheep and Mir Jaffer?Hamid Mir or the son of Khalid Khawaja who tried to sold the deadbody of his father to PPP Senator Faisal Raza Abidi just for few million rupees.Today PPP is showing sympathy to Khalid Khawaja but he was the person who arranged the meeting of Nawaz Sharif with Osama bin Ladin in 1989 and Nawaz got money to dislodge PPP government with horse trading.Shame on the patrons of Khalid Khawaja and today leaders of PPP.

  • Kya hoa tera vaada,
    woh qasam woh Irada…
    Rule of law, constitutionalism ke sab dawaye”claims” jhote aur mehaz siasat dino”Politicians” ke liyein hein…

  • Pardon my sacrilegious comment, or you know what take it as my sense of humor, though moral ethics forbids me to say this but, my understanding is that our LUBP now has very worthy and regular visitors 🙂

    The gentleman with name @Nasir Ali, above, is none other than Mohtaram Hamid Mir Sb. himself. And more Mir sb show knee-jerk reaction, the more it implies that mohtaram has a lot to say yet.

  • @Bahadar Ali Khan
    Bahadar, you may be right. It may not be Hamid Mir sb himself but maybe a friend of his who wrote this comment. The IP address being shown of isb.link.net.pk

    Hamid Mir sb, we are not against you. You and your publication house is known for conducting media trial. Now the onus is on you to clear your name. All we need to know is outcome of the inquiry. Nothing more. We would like to see you absolved of all charges.