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Sipah-e-Sahaba terrorists kill a Shia journalist in Karachi

In yet another incident of sectarian target killing, terrorists of Taliban / Sipah-e-Sahaba killed Ayub Naqvi, a prominent publisher, writer and journalist in Karachi.

Given that the Shia massacre continues to be ignored by not only mainstream Pakistani media but also by the majority of “intellectual” Pakistani bloggers, the LUBP will continue reporting all acts of violence against all religious and ethnic groups in Pakistan.

Here is a news report of the above incident from the Shaheed Foundation Pakistan website (yes, most new agencies and blogs have ignored this news report so far):

Shia Journalist Ayub Naqvi Mustafa-abadi Martyred

SFP News
June 14, 2010

In spite of government claims of having taken action against culprits, series of target killings of Shia Muslims is continue on daily basis in Karachi and other parts of country. Now another Shia intellectual and Journalist Ayub Naqvi Mustafa Abadi son of Ibrahim Naqvi is shot martyred in Karachi at Nazimabad Petrol Pump.

Ayub Naqvi was a journalist, writer and publisher. He was owner of Asma Publication. Ayub wrote and published so many books. After attack he was rushed to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, where he declared dead. His body sent to old Rizvia, Masjid o Imambargah Shah-e-Karbala. Hiz Janza Namaz will be offered after Magrabain.

Anti Shia terrorists are not hidden, its not hidden hand, they are freely moving in the city, everyone knows terrorists have made organizations in which they arrange gatherings against Shia Muslims to mobilize common people against Shiite Muslims with their fake propaganda. Hatred and sectarian literature are continuously printed and circulated continuously against Shiite Muslims, and now also against Sunni Brelivis by same same [extremist Deobandi] terrorists.

Source: Shaheed Foudation, ABNA

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