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Another Stabbing of Christians by PML(N) – by Junaid Qaiser

Mubashir Lucman has exposed the atrocity against Christian as their graveyard has been taken over by Ahsan Iqbal of PML (N), not allowing Christians even to be buried in Pakistan any longer.

last year Gojra “Punjab” witness one of worst inter communal riots . local christian community clearly nominated PML_N Toba Tek Singh city President Abdul Qadir Awan, DPO & DCO in the FIR . <


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  • What about Stabbing of Sindhis by Asif Ali Zardari, giving Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Thatta in the hands of MQM, and ANP (in Karachi). Industries of FFC, OGDCL, ENGRO, Mari Gas, Qadirpur Gas Field, all in Ghotki to Punjabis, (not even a single Sindhi is employed in those industries)?

  • Sanctitude of heart and behavior starts at Salvation and follows the pardon of sins received in the new birth. Holiness comes up from the Blessing of God. Actually the same Goodwill that saves the soul also presents human beings a state of holiness. Holiness of heart is the foremost evidence we have that Christ survives! Man is rid of unholiness when he is born of the Spirit. The Bible terms this holy state of the believer as … the divine nature. God given sanctity is a faultless work of God’s Blessing that converts the moral makeup of humans. Holiness has nothing to do with an imperfect work that man step by step attempts to do. The body of a Christian is the temple of the Holy Spirit…which temple we are.

  • The Christians were allotted land by the local government in lieu of the land destroyed in floods. Later, government built a girls school on that land, how does that amount to Ahsan Iqbal taking over their land? – please check facts! I urge Mr. Lucman and Critical PPP to check facts! These chaps have no claim over the school land.

  • Syria hindered any Reddish colored Cross convoy Exclusive via delivering desperately needed food, health care products along with blankets to somewhat of a rebellious community of Homs unavailable by a monthlong siege, and also activists accused regimen troops that overran this broken district regarding execution-style killings and a scorched-earth campaign.