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The ‘Problem’ of Ahmadis in Pakistan – by Abbas Ather

Abbas Ather has written a series of articles on this topic (published in Express on 3-6 June 2010):

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Abdul Nishapuri


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  • jo bhi app ne kaha main iss se pori tarha itefaq kerti hon,kyonk nabi(saw) k bad koi nabi nahi ana wala hai iss liye ye kaam ab unn ki ummat ka hai wo ALLAH ka paigham locon tak pohanchaeen our islam ki sahee tasweer paish tmam ummat ka farz hai our hmain apnay apnay tour per iss ko pora kerna chahye our dosray mzahib ka ahteram malhoz-e-khatir rukhtay hwe api iss deeni zammadari ko pora kernay ki atleast koshish zror kerni chaye.MUBASHAR SAHB hmaish bold topics ko boldly discuss krtay hain our ye achay safiyon ki nishani hai ,hum main se bohat se log such sunna pasand nahi kertay magar suchai is terha badal nahi jati hmain ab aik mature qoum ban jana chaye our tanqeed brae tanqeed se guraiz kerna chaye,PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.

  • Buttho’s right hand Hafeez Pirzxada has accepted that 2nd amendment was a political stunt and pushed due to pressure. Most of the present day scholars/journalists also agree that it has nothing to do with Islam. Ahmadis were used a pressure tool by right wing Islamists.
    Thank you for accepting that 2nd amendment, which decided faith of millions of muslims, was voted by an Assembly which inlcuded Alchol addicts, rapists, bandits, tax evaders, black mailers, stock dumpers what and what not (Be referred to Zia’s white paper on Bhutto’s assembly). Abbas Athar Sahib, faith matters are not even subject of poise ulema yet alone those MNAs.
    Also, thank you for complimenting that Ahmadis do tabligh as it is a commandment of Allah (at least they dont kill). I think this is teh very front where mullah fail so they chose to kill as they have no argument left to counter Ahmadis.

  • ahmadis should leave our country,,,becoz it is only 4 muslims and the people who admit that they r not muslims,if u ask ur self muslim then u admit all truths…..