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Thank you Sherry Rehman

Sherry Rehman has been one parliamentarian who has consistently taken a brave stance against all forms of extremism and bigotry. In February she brought to attention the activities of banned organizations in the Punjab by-election:

”It is shocking to see how banned terrorist organisations are allowed to challenge the writ of the state,” Sherry Rehman, a lawmaker with the ruling party, told parliament on Tuesday.

”What is the point of our innocent civilians and soldiers dying in a borderless war against such terrorists, when armed, banned outfits can hold the whole nation hostage in the heart of Punjab’s provincial capital?’

She started a debate on polygamy (during which she was criticized by her own party members):

She said the Jamiah Al Azhar of Egypt had issued a decree (fatwa) that no one was allowed to indulge into polygamy under the prevailing circumstances.

Just recently, she called for exemplary punishment in the case of the Rawalpindi gang rape of a teenager by police officers

“There are many such barbaric incidents when girls and women are raped and tortured in police custody, but nobody comes forward to protect them. Such incidents of humiliation and sexual harassment are on the rise in our society. Many sections of the police harass and torture vulnerable women, but these policemen must not get the protection of the powerful. This atrocious incident is highly condemnable and strong action should be taken against the accused policemen.”

However today she took the bravest stand of all by getting our cowardly National Assembly lions to unanimously condemn the killing of Ahmadis in Lahore via some clever maneuvering. We salute you, Sherry Rehman and wish more of our gutless politicians were like you.

From Dawn:

ISLAMABAD: It was after an apparent hesitation and a bold initiative by some women that the National Assembly on Thursday unanimously condemned Friday’s “barbaric massacre” of Ahmadis in Lahore.

It initially appeared that the brutal gun attacks on two places of worship, which killed about 90 people and wounded 105 others, would find no mention on the opening day of the lower house’s budget session as had happened in the Senate a bit earlier, for fear of possible ire of hardline Anti-Ahmadi religious groups.

But PPP’s former information minister Sherry Rehman would not let it go like that and called for an immediate attention to her two adjournment motions on the most deadly attack on the Ahmadi community and the Israeli commando attack on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla on Monday after Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Malik Amad Khan informed the house of Pakistan’s diplomatic moves against the Israeli action.

Immediate support for her move came from three more women members — ANP’s Bushra Rehman, MQM’s Khushbakht Shujaat and PPP’s Farah Naz Ispahani — while some men from both the treasury and opposition benches also jumped into the discussion before agreed resolutions on the two issues were drafted and adopted unanimously as substitutes for the adjournment motions.

One of them, moved by Ms Rehman, called the Lahore carnage “barbaric massacre” and a “coordinated act of terrorism” that it said represented a “serious challenge to the writ of the Constitution in Pakistan”.

Stating that “Islam does not permit attacks on minorities but instead seeks to protect all human life as sacred”, the resolution called for a thorough investigation and bringing militants who carried out the attacks to justice

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  • Sherry Rehman is one of very few brave voices in Pakistan’s parliament. Contrary to many paper lions in the PML-N and PPP, Sherry is least populist.

    For example, compare her ‘unpopulist’ pro-minorities stance with the populist anti-Qadiyani stance of “Dr’ Babar Awan.

    Bravo Sherry, bravo!

  • someone should also raise babar awan anti Ahmedi’s remarks in the parliament .

  • Sherry is indeed one of the very few sane voices in Pakistan. Zardari has lost an asset. Good for her. People like her should keep away from the present day PPP. It is more of a business group than a ‘democratic’ political party.

  • Natasha :
    Sherry is indeed one of the very few sane voices in Pakistan. Zardari has lost an asset. Good for her. People like her should keep away from the present day PPP. It is more of a business group than a ‘democratic’ political party.

    why should she keep herself away from present day PPP ? its her party and she is very much part of PPP and recently promoted to PPP CEC .

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