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Taliban blow up Ex-Minister’s house in Swat

Ex-Minister Ameer Muqam’s house blown up

April 01, 2009

PESHAWAR: Armed Taliban blown up house of Ex-Federal Minister Ameer Muqam.

Earlier, gunmen seized the house of Ameer Muqam in Bahrain, which was later blown up with explosives.

According to sources, Ameer Muqam and his family members were not present in the house when gunmen stormed the house, however, two servants of Ameer Muqam were forced to flee from the scene by armed men.

Ameer Muqam said it was a group of 60 to 70 local Taliban. He said restoration of peace in Swat seems difficult as gunmen are now started grabbing houses. Ex minister said he will discuss the issue with local administration.