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Ansar Abbasi has incited violence against Fauzia Wahab

Yesterday Jang group published an article in which they claimed that more fake tapes would soon be coming out against senior Jang group journalists. It claimed that several journalists including Ansar Abbasi and Saaleh Zafar were on a “government hit list”.

However what these Jang group journalists don’t seem to realize is that every day their own actions and words in the media damn them. They don’t need any government conspiracy to reveal their reality. Just as Hamid Mir has been accused of inciting violence against Khalid Khawaja which directly lead to his death, Ansar Abbasi too is openly inciting violence against Fauzia Wahab. There is no difference between their actions. He (along Ahsan Iqbal of PML-N) deliberately baited her on “In Focus With Kamran Yousuf” (on Friday May 21) and himself introduced the comparision between the situation of Hazrat Umar (RA) and President Zardari. After that he made sure that he publicized her words and wrote an inflammatory article against her published in The News (on Monday May 24) (” Fauzia brings in Islam to defend Zardari”).

Just like Hamid Mir’s accusations against Khalid Khawaja were designed to turn the Taliban against him, Ansar Abbasi’s accusations against Fauzia Wahab have predictably led to an extremist backlash against Fauzia Wahab.

Yesterday, an individual tried to file an FIR against Fauzia Wahab:

LAHORE: A local court on Monday put off till May 27 the hearing of an application seeking registration of a case against PPP MNA Fauzia Wahab for her remarks on Quran and the constitution.

The applicant, Mehwish Chaudhry, argued Fauzia’s remarks have hurt the sentiments of Muslims. Therefore, the court should order the Nishtar Town Police Station to file an FIR against Fauzia under Section 295-A and C.

Additional Session Judge Sajjad Sheikh heard the application and ordered the SHO of said police station to appear before the court on May 27 after seeking explanation from Fauzia Wahab.

Today, the Justice Lawyers Group has filed a petition against the SHO for not registering the FIR against Fauzia Wahab.

The group also accused Wahab of comparing the Pakistan Constitution to the Holy Quran which the lawyers said is blasphemous.

The Court ordered a notification to the SSP investigation to inquire into the incident before any such FIR is registered.

If the case is registered and goes to court, the maximum penalty, if convicted, for the crime is life imprisonment and the minimum is three years imprisonment.

Everyone knows that in Pakistan, people who are publicly accused of blasphemy can often be killed before they are even convicted. Ansar Abbasi knew very well what he was doing when he made false allegations against Fauzia Wahab on national television.

Ansar Abbasi must be arrested for inciting violence against Fauzia Wahab..

Please also refer to this video of “Off the Record” with Kashif Abbasi in which Kashif Abbasi, Sen. Faisal Raza Abidi, Sen. Jamal Leghari and Jang columnist Haroon ul Rasheed all defend Fauzia Wahab’s statements and says that the allegations against her are incorrect. Note that Ansar Abbasi again speaks on this show against Fauzia Wahab despite his own colleague’s defense of her.

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  • Ansar Abbasi is from Jamaat Islami (no doubt ),Ahsan Iqbal has spend his life in JI and IJT now he is in PML-N and making PML-N Jamtized

    Lets bring Munawer hasan and Talibani Shari adalat ,then we will see (lazim hay kay ham bhi daikhain gay )

    Jamatis are the main culprit and they are the source and brain making Taliban mind set in the country ,Sitting in AC rooms going for protest for 2 hours daily and using Taliban as fuel is their job .
    Fatwas of Jamia Banoria on Moulana Moududdi and Jamaat Islami





    Moududized cannot become Imam according to Jamis Binoria


  • PML-N women’s wing now on the street shouting slogans against Facebook and Fauzia Wahab!


    PESHAWAR: The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Women Wing staged a protest on Monday against the Facebook and also to condemn the controversial statement by Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Information Secretary Fauzia Wahab.

    Led by MPA Shazia Aurangzeb, the PML-N activists chanted slogans against anti-Islamic forces for hurting the sentiments of the Muslims in the world by publishing sacrilegious drawings. The protesters also torched the US flag as mark of protest for its anti-Islam policies.

    Shazia Aurangzeb criticised Fauzia Wahab for her controversial statement and asked her to apologise to the Muslims for hurting their sentiments. Otherwise, she said, the PML-N Women Wing would force her to quit politics.

  • Unnecessary controversy
    Tuesday May 25, 2010 (1331 PST)

    I just cannot understand why we are in the habit of making a mountain out of a molehill. Ms Fauzia Wahab tried to defend the president’s immunity under the constitution but people have taken her words out of context. She said that the reason Caliph Umar appeared before a Qazi was because in those days we had the Quran but no constitution existed. She did not mean any disrespect to Hazrat Umar but the mullahs are having a field day and issuing fatwas against her left, right and centre.
    The reason why we are living in ignorance is because there is no Ijma (consensus), despite the fact that a lot of Muslim scholars believe the use of Ijma makes Islamic law compatible with democracy.


    Via e-mail

  • Intellectually Bankrupt: Shaheen Sehbai & Secret Cell in President House! http://chagataikhan.blogspot.com/2009/09/intellectually-bankrupt-shaheen-sehbai.html

    WASHINGTON/ISLAMABAD: The main characters of the famous ‘Midnight Jackals’ operation of the late 1989 Benazir era have now returned to the TV screens and front pages of newspapers to speak about their adventures, blaming everybody else but themselves, and portraying themselves in their new role as great promoters of truth and honesty. Exactly 20 years later, again in a PPP-Zardari era, why and what these characters are doing have turned out to be the greatest political mystery with major political parties and leaders sucked into the storm blaming each other for unleashing these hounds. The multi-million dollar question ‘who is behind this latest sky dive into the past’ remains unanswered. An investigation by The News revealing scattered links and connecting the dots may lead to formation of a composite picture of the people behind this great diversion from the burning issues of the day.

    Days after his meetings at the Nadra, an important journalist of the official news agency APP started calling TV anchors and media persons on behalf of Brig Imtiaz and each time he handed over the phone to the brigadier who wanted himself on the screens. Many anchors have gone on record to say the brigadier was too eager and ready to spills the beans. One anchor wrote that the brigadier said he wanted to explode a “political nuclear bomb”. That he was going to spill the beans against his own self was irrelevant and unimportant but this time he was trying to compensate the PPP for ‘Midnight Jackals’ against Benazir Bhutto. The other members of the team would call up every friend and ìinterestedî media person to highlight the revelations of Brig Imtiaz and for days and weeks nothing else should be discussed on the media. They were quite successful in achieving that goal, while the presidency would keep on denying that any cell existed in that house on the hill. Factually the cell was not in the presidency. When Kaira was asked about any cell in the presidency working for this blame game and maligning the politicians, he said that he himself (Kaira) was the biggest cell. REFERENCE: The return of the Daylight Jackals By Shaheen Sehbai with reporting from Mazhar Tufail and Ahmed Noorani Friday, September 04, 2009

    Jang Group of Newspapers, GEO TV, Salim Safi, Shaheen Sehbai, Rauf Klasra and Ansar Abbasi should be ashamed of theirselves before filing a Cock and Bull Table Story of Secret Cell and State Funded APP Journalists because it was the Jang Group of Newspapers which statrted giving undue attention to Brigadier (R) Imtiaz since July 2009.

    On the same Mehrangate Scandal, Brigadier [R] Imtiaz had said to to Salim Safi in GEO TV Program JIRGA that money was indeed distributed to keep the balance between left wing and right wing political parties of Pakistan and he further said that Jamat-e-Islami was provided money and they provided us receipt of every penny they spent in the election campaign against Benazir Bhutto and PPP. Brigadier (R) Imtiaz repeated these claim again in yesterday’s Daily Jang (pasted below). Watch Imtiaz’s Interview Jirga 23rd July 2009 Jirga – 23 July 2009 Saleem Saafi
    Jirga – 23 July 2009


    Below is the rest of what you wrote and I will not comment much more as it is mostly a repeat of what comes earlier and is getting boring. Only thing I will add is on the fourth para below. There you claim that the main culprit, Mr. Munshi’s death sentence was commuted at the request of “a top Sindhi leader”, a clue as to whom the Brig is going to sting next and expanded on today by Ansar Abbasi Brig Imtiaz reveals CIA plots Tuesday, September 01, 2009 By Ansar Abbasi (Et tu, Ansar??). Last three paragraphs are nothing but pure pulp (I guess, like the whole article). I have seen better story lines in xxx-rated flicks!!!! REFERENCE: Dazed and Confused: Rauf Klasra, Ansar Abbasi & Brigadier (R) Imtiaz.
    Brigadier (R) Imtiaz and Ansar Abbasi’s Yellow Journalism! An Open Letter to Rauf Klasra SEPTEMBER 2, 2009 by nota

    Soon they had the names of 12 other officers at Kahuta and other places who were part of this plan to sabotage the nuclear sites. According to the plot, these nuclear scientists and engineers working on the payroll of a secret agency, were to develop huge technical sabotage of the programme to an extent that it could not have been repaired or fixed for some years to come.They all were arrested from various places in the light of information given by Brig Imtiaz. It was revealed that actually the foreign secret agency had deputed five handlers from Washington to deal with the nuclear programme of Pakistan. These five foreign handlers included two girls, one of whose photos was seen by the heartbroken girlfriend of Munshi which made her jealous and she decided to take revenge. REFERENCE: Dazed and Confused: Rauf Klasra, Ansar Abbasi & Brigadier (R) Imtiaz. Brigadier (R) Imtiaz and Ansar Abbasi’s Yellow Journalism! An Open Letter to Rauf Klasra SEPTEMBER 2, 2009 by nota
    Brig Imtiaz was immediately called to Islamabad to give a briefing to General Ziaul Haq The five handlers were immediately told to leave Pakistan and General Zia was said to have called the president of this superpower to register a protest that how his country’s secret agency had tried to sabotage Pakistan’s nuclear programme. Zia was said to have expressed extreme displeasure over this espionage of nuclear programme. But, the president of that superpower was said to have requested Zia not to make it a public issue as it might tarnish his country’s image and Zia obliged him. A special tribunal was set up to try all those Pakistani scientists and engineers on high treasons charges. The ringleader Munshi was sentenced to death while others were awarded life sentences by the court. But one fine morning, much to his shock, Brig Imtiaz learned that President Zia had commuted the death penalty of Munshi on the recommendation of a top Sindhi leader in exchange for his political support to the Zia regime. REFERENCE: Dazed and Confused: Rauf Klasra, Ansar Abbasi & Brigadier (R) Imtiaz. Brigadier (R) Imtiaz and Ansar Abbasi’s Yellow Journalism! An Open Letter to Rauf Klasra SEPTEMBER 2, 2009 by nota After the arrest of Munshi, Brig Imtiaz met the lady lecture whose tip had led to unfold this international conspiracy against Pakistan nuclear programme. She was devastated and feeling very depressed as she told the ISI officer that she loved Munshi dearly but as he had betrayed her she could not spare him. The woman had managed to take her revenge from her lover while Brig Imtiaz was happy to unearth such a big conspiracy for which he was later decorated with a Tamgha-e-Basalat by the president of Pakistan for his services to the nation. “Listen, almost 30 years have passed since this incident, but till date I can’t forget how a heartbroken woman’s commitment to herself to take revenge from her lover had led to the unfolding of this secret, which, if not shared, might have deprived Pakistan of its nuclear assets and we might not be celebrating this day,” remarked Brig Imtiaz while lost in the memories of the past. REFERENCE: Dazed and Confused: Rauf Klasra, Ansar Abbasi & Brigadier (R) Imtiaz.



    Dear Mr Klasra,

    This is in reference to your article titled “How a jilted Karachi woman saved Pak N-programme” that appeared in the daily The News on May 28, 2009 How a jilted Karachi woman saved Pak N-programme Thursday, May 28, 2009 Brig Imtiaz reveals 30-year-old secret By Rauf Klasra
    I say it is a complete and total fabrication put out by you to bring out that bustard Brig Billa back into the limelight and present that lowest of lowlifes as a hero of sorts. REFERENCE: Dazed and Confused: Rauf Klasra, Ansar Abbasi & Brigadier (R) Imtiaz. The story you weaved is certainly hilarious. I must admit the first time I read it I paid no attention to it as I found it worth of being thrown in the trash bin. Having been out of the country for years before and after the events you mentioned, I certainly was unfamiliar with the events of those days and had no clue who this character Brig Imtiaz was. Well we are way past that now and your intentions have become clearer, thanks to the site you plan on suing. I certainly hope you WILL go through with that. REFERENCE: Dazed and Confused: Rauf Klasra, Ansar Abbasi & Brigadier (R) Imtiaz.

    EXCLUSIVELY FOR MR SHAHEEN SHEBAI, AND OWNER AND EDITORS OF THE JANG GROUP OF NEWSPAPERS/THE NEWS INTERNATIONAL AND GEO TV Rauf Klasra Launched Brig Imtiaz in Media August 30, 2009 . 53 Comments in Featured Articles Brig Imtiaz Spy Story, A Fabrication: Dr Qadeer September 1, 2009 . 40 Comments in Featured Articles

  • another case on similar charges is also register against her in karachi.

  • Confusion of Mr. Ansar Abbasi. http://chagataikhan.blogspot.com/2010/01/nrojang-group-ansar-abbasi.html

    Sometimes Intellectual Dishonesty is more fatal than the Financial or Moral Corruption. Financial/Moral Corruption is mostly related with a few and destroys a few [Of course I condone neither] but Intellectual dishonesty destroys nations e.g. Sharifuddin Pirzada, A K Brohi and many many more. In this article, I will restrict myself to the swinging pendulum of Mr. Ansar Abbasi’s pen and journalism and will quote news/columns/opinions filed by him in all these years and every article is contradicting the earlier one. Remember one thing that Ansar Abbasi had demanded Treason Trial of Musharraf for violating article 6 of 1973 Constitution whereas shamelessly Mr. Ansar Abbasi is in favour of retaining National Accountability Bureau to hound politicians [the NAB was founded by Martial Law Regime! Where is the validity? Violation is Violation and cannot be condoned through Law of Necessity.]

    To Proceed

    Mr Ansar Abbasi as a Musharraf supporter while working for Daily Dawn:


    During 1999 Mr. Ansar Abbasi was Praising General Musharraf Martial Law regime’s “Alleged Reforms” when Ansar Abbasi used to be a Correspondent in Daily Dawn, he never mentioned even a single time that Impsoing Martial Law is Treason and Violation of Article 6 of 1973 Constitution of Pakistan. Read the news reports which Ansar Abbasi filed in the Daily Dawn in 1999. Not a single time Ansar adress Musharraf as CMLA but Ansar was very respectful towards “Alleged Chief Executive” Musharraf. You may not find a single personal observation by Ansar Abbasi on Constitutional Tampering by Military Regime. Musharraf was given mandate by the Judiciary to tamper with the Constitution. Everybody knows who was a part of that Supreme Court Bench. REFERENCES: Special courts to try cases of accountability Ansar Abbasi 06 November 1999 Issue : 05/45 [Courtesy Daily Dawn Wire Service]
    Musharraf approves pre-1973 authority for FPSC by Ansar Abbasi Week Ending : 29 January 2000 Issue : 06/05 [Courtesy Daily Dawn Wire Service]
    Sharifs lose 80pc of assets, says Qureshi by Ansar Abbasi Week Ending : 16 December 2000 Issue : 06/48

    Ansar Abbasi Praising General Musharraf’s Martial Law Regime’s “Alleged Reforms” when Ansar Abbasi used to be a Correspondent in Daily Dawn, he never mentioned even a single time that Impsoing Martial Law is Treason and Violation of Article 6 of 1973Constitution of Pakistan

    As per 1973 Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan


    PART I

    6. (1) Any person who abrogates or attempts or conspires to abrogate, subverts or attempts or conspires to subvert the Constitution by use of force or show of force or by other unconstitutional means shall be guilty of high treason.

    (2) Any person aiding or abetting the acts mentioned in clause (1) shall likewise be guilty of high treason.

    (3) [Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament)] shall by law provide for the punishment of persons found guilty of high treason.


    Definition of Accomplice: An accomplice is a person who actively participates in the commission of a crime, even though they take no part in the actual criminal offense.

    Swinging Pendulum of Mr. Ansar Abbasi’s pen and journalism, read it attentively and you may find that every article/column/research by Mr. Ansar Abbasi is full of contradiction and extreme prejudice.

    ISLAMABAD: Action to seize the assets of President Asif Ali Zardari began on Wednesday when NAB asked the Islamabad capital territory (ICT) administration to freeze his assets and restore the pre-Oct 5, 2007 position. A similar letter was ready to be sent on Friday to chief secretary Sindh. The major development came when NAB issued the letter to the Islamabad administration to freeze all assets under its jurisdiction. Besides other properties, NAB’s latest order would immediately hit the 2,460 kanals of Sangjani land, which was a frozen asset before the NRO but was unfrozen in early 2009 and transferred in the name of a private company owned by President Zardari, his son Bilawal Zardari and others. The NAB spokesman Ghazni Khan when approached did not deny or confirm this major development. He, however, said that NAB is acting strictly in accordance with the law and the Supreme Court’s decision and weekly progress reports is regularly being submitted to the Supreme Court. A credible source in NAB told The News here on Thursday that NAB’s latest order has been dispatched to the Islamabad administration. The NAB letter while giving reference to its post-2008 unfreezing order issued in the case of the President Zardari’s assets in Islamabad directed the ICT administration to proceed in line with the Supreme Court’s order dated December 16, 2009. Copy of the SC’s short order on NRO was also attachedwith the NAB letter. The source said that a similar letter would be issued to the Sindh Government on Friday. REFERENCE: NAB orders seizure of Zardari’s assets in Islamabad By Ansar Abbasi Friday, January 22, 2010

    Now read the same Jang Group 2 months back on the same issue:

    ISLAMABAD: Faisal Sakhi Butt, who had been named as a key player in the Zardari-Bilawal 300-acre land purchase deal, on Friday broke his silence and issued a clarification calling the purchase of the land by the president’s company as a “neat and clean and professional business transaction.” Butt issued a press statement in which he made no reference to the president and made a clear distinction of his deal having nothing to do with the CDA, where he is also a member of the Islamabad Development Steering Committee. Faisal Butt stressed that in the deal, all the legal requirements were met as had duly been acknowledged in the original story of The News. “I am not obliged to respond as the said transaction does not involve public property or public funds and is purely a private deal between private citizens, however, I am constrained to respond as I feel unfairly maligned and would like your newspaper to set the record straight,” Faisal Butt said in his clarification.

    “It is relevant to mention that I am an established business man from an established business family of Islamabad, having a blotless record over the past four decades and have never been involved in any illegal business transactions. “It is further clarified that details given in the story by Ansar Abbasi about me in a neat, clean and professional business transaction from my lawful resources well within the framework of law of the land have been twisted by Ansar Abbasi for the satisfaction of his own motives best known to him.” He stated, what he called the ground realities as under: (i) The land subject matter of the news item is neither acquired nor owned by CDA. (ii) The entire land is located in Zone-III of the Master Plan for Islamabad, its use is restricted strictly to set up recreational facilities. No housing society can be established in this zone and thus its price cannot be compared with adjoining areas meant for residential purposes particularly when the entire land is also still in the occupation of original owners of the area. (iii) In the news item, a reference has also been made to me being a member of the Islamabad Development Steering Committee, which is patently irrelevant and has clearly been made to confuse the readers into believing as if the mentioned deal had something to do with CDA, which is not the case at all. I am no doubt member of the said Committee but it has no nexus whatsoever with the purchase and sale of the land, which is owned by private owners not the CDA and which is subject matter of the news item designed to damage my reputation. The business deal commented upon in hostile terms is purely between private parties settled and concluded in accordance with law.” REFERENCE: Zardari land deal called neat, clean transaction Saturday, November 07, 2009 News Desk

    Contradiction of Mr Ansar Abbai. Once Again!

    ISLAMABAD: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has admitted that the pre-NRO situation vis-a-vis President Asif Ali Zardari has not been restored and his cases remained closed while there are no freezing orders issued regarding his bank accounts and the moveable and immovable assets. This is apparently a glaring violation of the Supreme Court order but NAB insists that in its legal view the president under Article 248 of the Constitution enjoys immunity that bars NAB to restore the pre-NRO position in case of Asif Ali Zardari. The Constitution envisages that no criminal proceedings whatsoever shall be instituted or continued against the president or a governor in any court during his term of office, NAB has gone an extra mile in favour of the president as it has simply refused to act in any manner. Practically, owing to the NAB’s interpretation of the Constitution, the president continues to be an NRO beneficiary despite the condemnation of the law by the apex court. NAB spokesman Ghazni Khan, when approached, confirmed to The News that the NAB cases against President Zardari have not been reopened. He also disclosed that the Bureau did not issue any orders to freeze the assets and bank accounts of the president. The NAB spokesman said the Bureau, in its letter addressed to the accountability courts, had sought the reopening of the NAB cases against all NRO beneficiaries to the Oct 4, 2007 position. However, in case of President Zardari the exemption was sought citing Article 248 of the Constitution. REFERENCE: NAB acts on its own despite SC verdict By Ansar Abbasi Tuesday, January 05, 2010


    Monday, January 04, 2010, Muharram 17, 1431 A.H


    ISLAMABAD: The post-1996 probe into the Agosta submarine deal, which led to the removal of the then-Chief of Naval Staff (CNS) Admiral Mansurul Haq and a corruption reference against Benazir Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari, was an alleged cover-up to save many key officials of the Pakistan Navy, besides turning a blind eye to a controversial $550 million deal of minehunters signed in 1992 during Nawaz Sharif’s first tenure. Documents available with The News show grey areas that remained untraced, while a key naval officer of that time told The News the cover-up in the submarine deal was meant to save the skin of many in the Pakistan Navy and was done by Senator Saifur Rehman, who was only interested in fixing Benazir Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari. The most interesting aspect of the whole affair was the statement of the then-director general Naval Intelligence (DGNI), who was instantly turned into an example for others when he was recalled from an overseas course, retired prematurely, court martialed and harassed to keep his mouth shut. REFERENCE: The submarine kickbacks Pandora’s box reopened By Ansar Abbasi Saturday, January 02, 2010

    Saturday, January 02, 2010, Muharram 15, 1431 A.H


    ISLAMABAD: A surgical operation has been launched in the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) as the government has forced its chairman to remove its most important officials, including the DG operations, who has been targeted for issuing the order for the immediate implementation of the Supreme Court order on the
    NRO. Sources said some key provincial officials of the NAB, including its provincial director generals, were also on the hit list and expected to be changed and replaced by those loyal to the government. The Law Ministry, these sources said, had also sought details of the vacant posts from the NAB chairman, who under the NAB law is the competent authority for all internal appointments and postings. The sources said that the NAB chairman Navid Ahsan had been pressurised to remove its DG operation Lt Col (retd)) Shahzad Bhatti, who on December 17, the very next day of the Supreme Court short order on the NRO, had issued a letter to all concerned to immediately implement the apex court’s order. Bhatti was also the person who was the custodian of the precious evidence presently secured in the NAB’s strong room but feared to be destroyed or stolen. Bhatti, now reverted as director finance, the post that he was holding two years back, earned the wrath of the powerful and mighty in the government after he sought immediate re-opening of the cases of the NRO beneficiaries; passed on a direction to the police to arrest those who were proclaimed offenders as on Oct 4, 2007; asked for freezing of assets of all the NRO beneficiaries as was the situation before the promulgation of the NRO; required the revision of the ECL as was its status on Oct 4, 2007; and ordered for the re-opening of all the inquiries and investigations, which were closed down because of the emergence of the NRO. REFERENCE: Operation ‘minus-many’ launched in NAB Friday, January 01, 2010 By Ansar Abbasi


    ISLAMABAD: The Swiss-carton scandal has raised in-house fears in the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) about the safety and security of the bulk of original evidence concerning high profile cases, settled under the controversial NRO, and presently protected in the bureau’s headquarter in Islamabad. Already, the NAB was warned by a leading intelligence agency of the country of the possible sabotage effort to destroy such evidence. A credible NAB source said that some months back, the Bureau’s director general HR had received a verbal warning from an official of the Interior Ministry, conveying that the highly critical original evidence about the high profile corruption cases settled under the NRO could be destroyed by saboteur’s fire, which could be later described as a mere accident. The Interior Ministry official also shared the name and telephone number of the intelligence officer, a serving brigadier, who contacted the Interior Ministry to pass on a proper warning to the NAB. After receiving the Interior Ministry’s verbal warning, the NAB official also contacted the intelligence brigadier, who confirmed the report and recommended the Bureau to take all possible steps to ensure the protection of the valuable documentary evidence. Following this warning, the NAB improved its record room through renovation and turned it into a strong room by removing all its windows, tiling the walls and disconnecting electricity connection, to pre-empt any chance of saboteur fire. The record room has also been secured through multiple lock system and not many know in the Bureau as to who has got the keys to get access to the record room. When contacted, NAB spokesman Ghazni Khan though confirmed that foolproof arrangement were recently made to protect the NAB record, he denied to be in knowledge of any intelligence warning issued to the Bureau about a possible sabotage effort to destroy the crucial evidence. “It is well protected now,” the spokesman said. However, a source in the NAB said that Wajid Shamsul Hasan-led sneaky operation, which was caught red-handed by Geo News, to secure 12 cartons of evidence relating to the Swiss money laundering and kickback cases against President Asif Ali Zardari and others, has raised fears within the NAB about the safety of its available record. The source said a lady consultant and a joint secretary of a ministry, which was headed by a powerful minister, who later reached an elevated position, had also made an effort to take away certain original files but a retired colonel, serving in the Bureau, retrieved these files from the lady consultant’s car before she could take them away. A newspaper report had also recently confirmed that the lady consultant had spent over two months in the NAB headquarters to supervise scrutiny of classified documents and during her stay she was authorised to check record of any case, including those of top leaders President Asif Ali Zardari, Interior Minister Rehman Malik and others. REFERENCE: Is evidence with NAB safe from saboteurs? By Ansar Abbasi Sunday, December 06, 2009


    Mr. Ansar Abbasi’s somersault i.e. demanding Musharraf’s Trial – REFERENCES: Why Musharraf should be prosecuted By Ansar Abbasi Monday, August 10, 2009

    Mr Ansar Abbasi condemns Zardari and NRO – REFERENCE: Beneficiaries of NRO cannot get bail: NAB By Ansar Abbasi Friday, November 13, 2009

    100 corruption cases to reopen in 25 days – By Ansar Abbasi Wednesday, November 04, 2009

    Mr Ansar Abbasi praised same “Corrupt Zardari” because he signed the SWAT NIZAM-E-ADL BILL, a treaty with the Taliban – REFERENCE: Zardari makes his mark By Ansar Abbasi Comment Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    After setbacks, Zardari is an improved, chastised man By Ansar Abbasi Wednesday, April 29, 2009

    Mr. Ansar Abbasi quotes Senatior Saif ur Rehman on Zardari –

    REFERENCE: Zardari, Bilawal buy 300 acres of Islamabad land for peanuts By Ansar Abbasi, Tuesday, November 03, 2009
    but JANG GROUP CONDEMN SAIF UR REHMAN – Conspiracy: Kamran Khan, Farooq Laghari, Sajjad Mir, Saifur Rehman & Media Trial of PPP.
    ANSAR ABBASI PRAISES AND INTRODUCES BRIGADIER IMTIAZ [NROed] REFERENCE: Brig Imtiaz reveals CIA plots Tuesday, September 01, 2009 By Ansar Abbasi

    REFERENCE: Who is behind the ‘get Nawaz’ campaign? By Ansar Abbasi Wednesday, August 26, 2009

    REFERENCE: The return of the Daylight Jackals By Shaheen Sehbai with reporting from Mazhar Tufail and Ahmed Noorani Friday, September 04, 2009
    Mr Ansar Abbasi support and condemn Nawaz Sharif at the same time!


    REFERENCE: Who is behind the ‘get Nawaz’ campaign? By Ansar Abbasi Wednesday, August 26, 2009

    REFERENCE: Senior journalist returns plot to government By our correspondent Saturday, April 18, 2009
    RIUJ resents Ansar Abbasi’s move of ‘surrendering’ his plot DATED Friday 24th April, 2009
    Ansar Abbasi backing Qabza group in Murree: affectees DATED Friday 24th April, 2009
    CJ IHC strongly refutes all allegations against himself
    ISLAMABAD: The CJ of IHC (Islamabad High Court), Muhammad Bilal Khan has strongly refuted all allegations against himself regarding having any connections with notorious criminal Nannu Gawaria.


    – REFERENCE Earlier it was suggested as per news filed by the born again Mufti and Islamist Mr Ansar Abbasi that Sufi, Taliban must be fenced in after edicts By Ansar Abbasi Wednesday, April 22, 2009 filed by Mr Ansar Abbasi, The Editor Investigation – The News International, Jang Group of Newspapers and GEO TV that


    Maulana Sufi Muhammad’s demands for an Islamic justice system have been met but his latest edicts against the country’s judicial, parliamentary and constitutional system may deprive him of the fruit of his life-time achievement. What Maulana Sufi Muhammad has uttered were his already known views but by expressing them in a public gathering at this crucial juncture of the Swat peace process the Tanzim Nifaz Shariat-e-Muhammadi (TNSM) chief has acted as a spoiler. His decades long struggle for Islamic justice system in Swat and Malakand Division is in sight but now he himself has threatened the achievement of his life’s goal. Now many fear that after the implementation of the Nizam-e-Adl Regulation in Swat and the Malakand region, he would possibly try to extend his struggle to other parts of the country. Maulana Sufi Muhammad’s statement that Pakistan’ democracy, its laws and judicial structure all are un-Islamic was rarely welcomed by any political leader, including even those belonging to religious political parties. While the ANP, the PPP and the PML-N deliberately did not show any strong reaction to Sufi’s declaration perhaps to save the peace process from being ruined, it was the Jamaat-e-Islami chief Syed Munnawar Hasan and JUI-F’s Maulana Fazlur Rehman who clearly rejected the TNSM chiefís interpretation of Islam vis-‡-vis Pakistan’s democracy and judicial system. Several Ulema from different schools of thought also argued against Sufi’s remarks.


    And now same born again Mufti and Islamist Mr Ansar Abbasi [Editor Investigation, The News International/Jang Group of Newspapers/GEO TV] is shamelessly suggesting:


    The sources admitted that Maulana Sufi Muhammad had issued some irresponsible statements but had been asked to show restraint and avoid giving remarks that might derail the peace process. Amnesty, disarming of Taliban being discussed By Ansar Abbasi Dated: Sunday, April 26, 2009 “UNQUOTE”

    MR ANSAR ABBASI DOES NOT LIKE NGO LADY/SAMAR MINALLAH but supported by the same NGO LADIES – REFERENCE: Journalists protest threats to Ansar Abbasi Wednesday, January 07, 2009 Our correspondent Islamabad Zardari to sign deal despite flogging: Hoti By Ansar Abbasi Monday, April 06, 2009 Swat video is genuine, claim activists By Usman Manzoor Sunday, April 05, 2009

  • Somersaults of Ansar Abbasi in the “Garb of Filing a News Report on Political Statements”

    PML-N also sniffs Army intervention Monday, April 26, 2010 By Ansar Abbasi

    ISLAMABAD: After the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), now apprehensions are also being expressed by the PML-N about some alleged conspiracy being hatched by certain elements belonging to the Army and intelligence agencies.

    Though it is whispered and not publicly said in so many words, in their off-the-record discussions with media persons, some PML-N leaders express their fears that the third force is preparing the ground to do something extra-constitutional.

    Ahsan Iqbal is on the record as having said on Saturday that a third force wants a clash between the judiciary and parliament. He did not name the third force precisely in the same fashion as has been done repeatedly by President Asif Ali Zardari during the recent months.

    According to a PML-N leader, the Army is trying to pitch the judiciary against parliament and for this purpose it is using certain elements in the media. The N-leader, however, did not have anything concrete to support his argument.
    After the recent bloody riots in Abbottabad and Hazara, another PML-N leader told this correspondent strictly off-the-record he believed that some intelligence agencies had played tricks to trigger violence in the area.
    When asked if he says this on the basis of some solid information or it was just based on his analysis or calculation, he said it was his educated guess. However, in the same breath, he contradicted himself by saying that the PML-N Hazara leadership had told him that the Hazara-based PML-Q leadership and the champions of the Hazara province, who led the recent movement there, were given a shut up call by the military. He said that the violent riots ended after the likes of Haider Zaman, Gohar Ayub and others were asked to stay peaceful.

    Retired Lieutenant General and former ISI chief Hameed Gul was asked on Saturday by Dr Shahid Masood in his programme, Meray Mutabiq, if he sees the possibility of the Pakistan Army getting into politics at a time when there are fears of a clash between the two main pillars of the state.

    Gul said that the military had learnt lessons from its past mistakes. He added that the military had no interest in getting into politics or pushing institutions into a clash with each other. The Pakistan Army and the ISI were already put on the defensive after being repeatedly but subtly blamed of conspiring against democracy by no less than the president. At that time, there were not many even among the politicians to believe this but now such apprehensions have started being raised by the Leaguers.
    If there is any truth in such apprehensions, then it is vital to understand the fact that parliament has done its work by producing the 18th Amendment and now it is the judiciary’s turn to do a judicial review of some of the 101 amendments, which have been challenged in the apex court.
    The Army or intelligence agencies have no business to get worried or do anything on issues which clearly fall in the domain of either parliament or the judiciary. Out of the 101 constitutional amendments, only a few have been challenged, meaning thereby that generally and mostly parliament has done good work. In other cases, now it is for the apex court to do its work and decide the cases on merit and in line with the Constitution and law.
    With the exception of a few controversial amendments, parliament has done well. The judiciary is doing extraordinarily and enjoys the complete support of the masses. It is supposed to continue adjudging the cases placed before it in line with law and the Constitution without any fear or favour.

    It should not be bothered about the negative propaganda unleashed by anyone against the judiciary or those threatening it that it should keep its hands off the constitutional amendments, already challenged, to avoid a possible confrontation.
    An evolution of institutions in this evolutionary process is going on and the military should remain focused on its soldiering matters and must stay away from politics, say analysts.

  • Not many people know that Fauzia Wahab’s great grandfather is imdadullah mahajar makki, the gentlemen who launched the mutiny from meerut and was a founding father of the Darululoom Deoband. In the Darululoom Karachi, the main street is called ‘shara e imdadullah’.

    Ansar Abbai must be ashamed of himself for spreading hate speech against an innocent woman of a highly respectable background.

    Ansar Abbasi and his employers must be put in jail for spreading hate speech and inciting violence. No wonder this lot has direct links with the Punjabi Taliban / Sipah-e-Sahaba.

  • Live with Talat – 20 May 2010 MAY 20, 2010 . in Live with Talat Naseem Zehra (Anchor), Zafar Abbas (Residen Editor Dawn), Kashif abbassi (Anchor) and Insar abbasi (Analyst) in Today’s episode of Live with Talat with Talat Hussain – http://pkpolitics.com/2010/05/20/live-with-talat-20-may-2010/
    Look what Ansaar Abbasi is talking/ prediciting/ warning about Hamid ..I think deep down inside they all know that it is indeed Hamid’s voice since a person like him who takes great pride in having secret info. and contacts of various persons could very well do it!!!

  • Ansar Abbasi quotes above in Jasmin Manzoor Program that He talked with Hamid Mir and Hamid said that its not his voice and then Ansar deny himself that Hamid also said that as per Hamid Mir “some of his old calls were mixed and rejoined!!! What a Tragedy. Is this what you call Colleague or Professional Courtesy. Shame on you Mr. Ansar.

    Tonight with Jasmeen – 23 May 2010 MAY 23, 2010 . NO COMMENTS in Tonight with Jasmeen Jasmeed discusses the issue of Hamid Mir’s audio tape in today’s episode. http://pkpolitics.com/2010/05/23/tonight-with-jasmeen-23-may-2010/

  • Aamir Mughal : Ansar Abbasi quotes above in Jasmin Manzoor Program that He talked with Hamid Mir and Hamid said that its not his voice and then Ansar deny himself that Hamid also said that as per Hamid Mir “some of his old calls were mixed and rejoined!!! What a Tragedy. Is this what you call Colleague or Professional Courtesy. Shame on you Mr. Ansar. Tonight with Jasmeen – 23 May 2010 MAY 23, 2010 . NO COMMENTS in Tonight with Jasmeen Jasmeed discusses the issue of Hamid Mir’s audio tape in today’s episode. http://pkpolitics.com/2010/05/23/tonight-with-jasmeen-23-may-2010/

    Hamid Mir in Washington Times gives clean chit to the PPP Government and Ansar say that Hamid says that TOP PPP Woman is involved???? LOL What a joke.

  • PPP’s Secretary Information Fauzia Wahab said that she did not give any controversial statement about the religion and her words were given wrong meanings, a private TV reported. After meeting with head of Jamia Banoria Mufti Muhammad Naeem, Fazia Wahab said that she was satisfied with the projects of Jamia Banoria and pleased to see the shelter home for old people. She said that he didn’t issue any controversial statement and Mufti Naeem heard her point of view and acceded.

    I sincerely hope she files a suit against Ansar Abbasi and the Jang Group

  • False Case on Ms. Fawzia Wahab’s is in the court that she used insulting against Islam, let assume they are right. Now read what the Giant Ulema of Deoband, Bareli and WAHABIYA have uttered worst Blasphemous Comment rather “Disbelief” now download these Comment from this website’s Heading Ghar Kay Chiragh with original reference and Ms. Fawzia Wahab should present thses quotes in her defence in the Court of Law and ask the Judge or Mullahs about the about the Blasphemous Comment by Mullahs against Islam not only Islam but Quran, and Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] and these Mullahs didn’t even spare Allah. Links are as under: post these JPG/QUOTES to show mirror to Ansar Abbasi and Barking Mullahs.

    Ghar Kay Chiragh Part – 1


    Deendari Ya Dukandari:



  • iss ko kehtay hain basi karhi ko ubaal ana. The matter was closed. I want to set the record straight. Durind the times of Caliphs, the caliph himself or the governer of the provimce as the case may be had the sole authority pf appointing judges. Their was no cosultation with the chief justice. The second caliph was in the habit of checking the integrity of judges ( meaning that not all judges were fair even in those times ). He used to disguise pertitioner or respondent in order to examine the judge (for ref see AlFarooq by Shibli Nomani). We hear ref. of the caliphate in remarks of present judges just to tease the govt. They should as well follow the tradition of the caliphate for appointment of judges.

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