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Maulana Sami-ul-Haq Deobandi, Madam Tahira and the long road to Shariat


Swat, Shariat and the Bastard Children of Mullah-Military Alliance in Pakistan

JUI-S for enforcement of Sharia across country
Updated at: 1810 PST, Sunday, March 22, 2009

SARGODHA: Father of the Taliban, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-S chief Maulana Sami-ul-Haq said on Sunday that he was ready to fight a war for the enforcement of Sharia across the country after Swat.

Addressing a news conference here, he said that alliance of the Muttahida Majlis-e-Ammal (MMA) had fell apart because its leadership went after the power politics.

JUI-S chief said that the future of democracy and present government looks bleak and disappointing, while crime rate in Swat went down to one percent following after promulgation of Sharia Law.

He lamented that the stable of horse-trading had been opened after imposing governor rule in Punjab.

Geo TV News, 22 March 2009


Girls’ school blown up in Mardan

MARDAN: Unidentified men blew up a girls’ school in Mardan on Sunday. According to police sources, the men planted explosives near Government Girls High School Hattian, located near the residence of NWFP senior minister Rahim Dad Khan. The sources said the blast caused panic among the residents. However, no casualties were reported. online\03\23\story_23-3-2009_pg1_10


In ‘Sammy Sandwich’ Country, They Get Ready for Islamic Revolution

Express visits training school for Taliban, headed by Maulana Sami-ul Haq who disappeared from Centrestage after sex scandals.

7th February 1999

By: Kamal Siddiqi

AKORA KHATTAK: Located at Akora Khattak on the main Grand Trunk (GT) road between Rawalpindi and Peshawar, the Jama Darul Uloom Haqqania is regional centre of religious instruction and has been a source of both inspiration and muscle for the Taliban government in Afghanistan. The institution has been the ideological training ground for several hundred Afghan Talibs (students), who have gone on to join the ranks of the Taliban militia in Afghanistan. The Afghan border lies a five-hour drive via Peshawar, the capital of the Frontier province and an important way station for Afghanistan.

The institution, which comprises primary and secondary schools and a seminary where hundreds of students study and live, is headed by Maulana Sami-ul Haq, a former senator and religious figure in his own right. In a hall, the Maulana holds court, he is busy lamenting with some of his subordinates over why his institution has to pay electricity charges when it is working in the cause of Islam. “In a Muslim country like Pakistan, our institutions should be exempt,” he says to no one in particular.

Sami-ul Haq has gradually withdrawn from public life and engrossed himself more in his work at the madarssas and towards what he calls, the “glorious spread of Islam.”

The bearded Sami-ul Haq, nearing 70, has been a bitter critic of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif ever since the two parted ways in the early 90s. This parting resulted in the now infamous media cell of Sharif PMDN party publicising the interviews of a certain Madam Tahira, who is supposed to have kept a house of pleasure in Islamabad and whose clients included the rich and famous. In her interviews, Madam Tahira talked about Maulana Sami-ul Haq and certain “positions” he favoured. The media lapped it up and had a ball. Even today some papers refer to Sami-ul Haq as “Sammy Sandwich” in reference to those interviews.

While Sharif managed to get Sami-ul Haq off centre stage politics in Pakistan, he may have helped propel the maulana’s energies in working towards a “true Islamic revolution in Pakistan,” in the words of the maulana. At his institution in Akora Khatak he trains young men wo go forth and propagate the supremacy of the Quran.

“There is no other way,” says Sami-ul Haq, adding “unless we have supremacy of the Quran, we cannot thrive as a nation.”

But the maulana isn’t impressed with the efforts of Nawaz Sharif towards Islamisation. Commenting on the proposed Shariat Bill, Sami-ul Haq says that it is “only a lollipop”. He says that politicians in Pakistan “take refuge in religion when there are other problems at hand.”

Turning his attention to Afghanistan, he says that the Taliban are not the bad people they have been made out to be. “Look at the violence that was prevailing because of the in-fighting of the so-called Mujahideen. Nobody was safe. Now things have changed for the better,” he says. He says Pakistani politicians have used the Taliban card to gain sympathies for themselves from the West: “Benazir Bhutto tries to sell herself as a moderating force. But she is a compulsive liar and a thief.”

If there is any development that Maulana Sami-ul Haq welcomes in the past year in Pakistan, it is the detonation of a nuclear device. “We have proved our manhood to Mother India,” he says with a hint of sarcasm. But he warns that the Pakistani bomb is in the wrong hands; according to him. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will sell out to America.

A tour of his institution reveals a wide array of classrooms, prayer areas, dormitories and exercise grounds. There is even the office of a magazine which the institution publishes and a library. Most interesting was block for central Asian students. Buried in one courtyard is Maulana Abdul Haq, the founder of the institution and father of Maulana Sai-ul Haq, who came to Akora Khattak from Deoband to establish this centre for religious instruction in 1972. When asked whether he sees an Islamic revolution taking place in Pakistan. Sami-ul Haq predicts: “In the next few years.”

He argues that things have got so bad and people are so frustrated with their leaders that Islam is the only force that they can turn to. And as an afterthought, the maulana says: “And it is here at places like the Dar-ul Uloom that we will provide the next generation of leaders, like we have done for Afghanistan. Here we give out puppets the ultimate weapon – the power of the Islamic knowledge.


The Time Report

an alliance of six hard-line religious parties that calls itself the Muttahidda Majlis-e-Amal (MMA). The MMA is volubly anti- American…In the past, Pakistani religious parties seldom grabbed more than five percent of the vote. The country’s intelligentsia likes to claim this is because, once all the hollering dies down and ballots are cast, Pakistanis are moderate, secular folk. In fact, most Pakistanis are poor, unschooled people who traditionally vote as their feudal squires command�or suffer their wrath. With the two big parties in retreat, the hard-line religious coalition is leading a whole lot of voters to the booths. Polls indicate that the MMA could win 30 to 50 of the 270 National Assembly seats. (Another 70 seats are reserved for women and minorities, a Musharraf innovation.) That is nowhere near a majority. But in a splintered Parliament, it could be enough to give the clerics a few berths in a future coalition government. From there, the clerics could snipe and demand radical Islamic changes in schools and social programs. Hatred is a powerful motivator. Until the clerics made common cause against America, the six hard-line party leaders were rivals. They stormed each other’s mosques and split hairs over ideological disputes dating back to Islam’s early days. Their differences were stark: some worship at the tombs of local Sufi saints; others dismiss that practice as blasphemy. Most of the parties want their women veiled from head to toe, although more liberal groups argue that it ought to be the woman’s choice. The personalities of the parties’ leaders have also clashed. Qazi Hussain Ahmed from the Jamaat-e-Islami is a cultured, well-traveled cleric who speaks with the measured finality of a judge passing a grim sentence. Several of his new brethren, in contrast, are unquestionably flamboyant. Maulana Fazlur Rehman wears robes of golden thread and was dubbed “Maulana Diesel” after allegations were made�though never proven�that he was involved in a fuel scam. Maulana Samiul Haq earned the nickname “Sandwich Sammy” after being photographed (presumably by Pakistani intelligence officers) in an inventive position with several bedmates. …,9171,361788,00.html?iid=chix-sphere


Pakistan: Arabian nights

Clergy rocked by Madame Tahira’s startling revelations
DECEMBER 15, 1991 | UPDATED 12:04 IST
Till just a few weeks ago, she was consigned to obscurity in Islamabad’s salubrious outskirts. But last fortnight 33-year-old Tahira (nobody knows her second name) hit the headlines, after her startling disclosures about the not-so-kosher extra-curricular activities of a member of the clergy.
Ironically, Haq, who has been attacked for sexual peccadilloes, was the prime mover of the Shariat Bill.

Madame Tahira, as the press named her, made amazing revelations about the nocturnal activities of the ruling elite, which were later retracted. But the Islamabad Sex Scandal exploded when Pakistani high society was still reeling from Tehmina Durrani’s revelations about her feudal lord.

The central character, the ruling Islami Jumhoori Ittehad’s (IJI) dissident Senator Maulana Samiul Haq, who hadn’t been cited by name at the time, denied his involvement as the issue was discussed in the Senate.

Ironically, Haq was one of the prime movers of the Shariat Bill. “I’m innocent. I’ve been framed by government agencies for opposing official policies,” he shouted in the House, but later resigned from office.

However, few were outraged by the scandal in a country with a tradition of sexual indiscretion by those in power. Former chief martial law administrator general Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan rose to greater fame for his orgies.

Akleem Akhtar, called General Rani – who ran the bordello which catered to Yahya Khan – had vivid tales about the general’s “unique” sexual practices. The charismatic Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was a playboy of sorts. But he was never charged with perverted sexual behaviour.

 Madame Tahira (left); and Maulana Samiul Haq: Dangerous liaisons

However, Haq’s story – appropriately headlined by Pakistan’s premier daily, The News, as ‘Burning a scandal at both ends’ – was different. Tahira mentioned the maulana’s sexual prowess during a “sandwich session”. This reportedly involved his own son-in-law and one of the madame’s charming young hostesses.

Interestingly, Tahira claimed the maulana’s appetite was insatiable during the debate before the passage of the Shariat Bill. Ironically, the legislation prescribes “exemplary” penalties for sinners. Tahira had also cited many politicians and top government officers.

Among those using coded phone calls to have escorts dropped off at their residence were a minister, and another maulana – who led the anti-Salman Rushdie campaign.

Tahira apparently has several rolls of negatives with government functionaries caught in action. As an IJI member said, the maulana was not lambasted for just having sinned, but for getting caught at a time when the Government was reeling in the aftermath of the cooperatives collapse and the loan scandals.

The sex scandal could have been a chance for the administration to divert attention away from opposition attack.

This is the argument of those who say the highest in the land has got away unscathed with his affairs. The reference is to the one who’s said to have been overheard singing Kishore Kumar’s Aisay na mujhay tum dekho to a socialite from across the border.

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Some relevant comments:

Aalsi said:

Why is he known as ‘Sandwich Sammy’?

Shak kills said:

or may be he is sandwich between JUI- and JI, or between different groups of JUI.
if not then

may be cause of links with “Madam Tahira”

Aalsi said:
Does this mean Madam Tahira gave good Sandwich? What was her favourite filling?

Shak kills:
He was once sandwich between Govt and Madam tahira!
a huge high profile sex girls ring was uncovered by capital police in isb. the head was Madam Tahira. many names were floated, but moulana sami had special terms with her was also named.

later this case gone so quite, no body know what happened to it, must be cause of so many high profile people were involved.
apparently Madam tahira annouced , if she goes down, she will bring down many others with her!!!

Madam Tahira was a society madam who ran a house of ill repute in Islamabad. Sami ul Haq was photographed there in the embrace of two prostitutes, hence the term “Sandwich” Sammy. These are the real moral values of the MMA hypocrites.

Guy 1:
hahaha….sami ul hag with girls…lolz he is surely sexy….
reza bhai…every politcian is following the same path

salam aleikum

Do’nt say that, it is unbelieveable. Are such stories true? for our MMA moullas. So when they would come in power there would be maza he maza for all those who like them to be in power.

NO. From what I understand, ‘maza he maza’ is for MMA Leaders and party memebers, and their children that are studying in Western countries.

Rest of the people will be asked to follow strict guidelines regarding morality

Shak kills

Sami ul Haq was denied a meeting by EU MP’s

He should have offered them a sandwich. Akalay akalay khana buri baat hoti hai

Apparently the Mayor of Amsterdam was disappointed that Sami didn’t visit, as he was expecting high sales revenue near Rembrandtsplein for that evening !!!!

mullah, Maulana Sandwich, as Sami-ul-Haq of Jamia Haqania, the alma matar of the Taliban, was called by the newspapers when he was caught by Islamabad Police at a brothel in F-10 as few years back. “Sandwich” explains the devout maulana’s preferred sexual positions as explained by Madam Tahira of the head of the brothel during her interviews. On another note Sami the Sandwich is also known for marrying a 16-year old girl every other year to keep his private life spiced up.

The use of vulgar language and blatant demonstration of intolerance are typical of Islamists. Keep spreading the ignorance, paranoia, conspiracies and parochialism from your pulpit of self-righteousness. In fact, self-righteousness of the Islamists knows no bounds. Although your-know-all personality won’t let you, it is time you start reading objective and rational material to open up your mental horizon.

How can the highlighting of the “achievements” of great Maulanas and their ilk tantamount to spreading of “shit abt islam”? If we have to build up the image of Islam, our mullah and Islamists, the sole thekedar of Islam, need to raise their moral standards.



November 5, 1991 – Page updated at 12:00 AM

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Madam’s Claims Rock Pakistani Government
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – A brothel operator has rocked the conservative Islamic government by alleging that prominent lawmakers and religious leaders regularly patronized her business.

Madam Tahira, a 35-year-old former dancer, ran the brothel for about nine years before officers raided Tahira’s house last week and arrested her on charges of possession of illegal weapons and liquor, which is banned in this predominantly Muslim country.

Police said they also seized her diary, which contained a list of clients, and visiting cards of businessmen, leading bureaucrats and Islamabad-based diplomats.

Tahira claimed her most frequent customers included at least one Cabinet minister and other lawmakers who in May pushed through Parliament a bill to make Pakistan more Islamic.

While Parliament was debating the bill, she said in a statement to police, its staunchest supporters visited her house daily.

She alleged her clients included a judge on the federal Islamic court and lawmakers who led nationwide demonstrations in 1989 against British author Salman Rushdie and his novel, “The Satanic Verses,” for defaming Islam.

The scandal has been an embarrassment for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Islamic Democratic Alliance, already beset by internal feuds, name-calling and the sudden collapse of dozens of financial cooperatives that cost tens of thousands of Pakistanis a total of $800 million.

Alliance members called the scandal a setup.

The opposition Pakistan People’s Party headed by former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto agreed, saying the accusations appeared aimed at lawmakers critical of the government’s policies.

Tahira, who uses only one name, claims police, without her consent or knowledge, recorded her lengthy and detailed statement about her operation.

Police then leaked the tape to the English- and Urdu-language newspapers, which plastered the contents across their front pages.

No charges have been filed against any of Tahira’s alleged clients, police said.

Under Islamic law, the penalty for adultery is death by stoning.

In her statement to police, Tahira spoke explicitly and in detail about her customers, their preferences and behavior.

The tape names some clientele, but so far no one has published them.

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Abdul Nishapuri


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  • Mothsmoke: Why is he called Sandwich, anyways? Is it because he was caught doing with 2 kids or something and he was in the middle ?

    There was scandal about him being involved with some prostitutes in islamabad. This happened when Nawaz sharif 1st became Prime Minster. This mullah was one of the leaders of the alliance of religous parties and wanted sharif to adopt some hardline sharia policies.

    Then this scandal broke. One of the women involved described his sexual preferences and praised his sexual prowess. According to this woman the mualana liked 3 in a bed – with him being in the middle.

    The allegation were probably true -but the way they were reported and given extensive coverage in the national and international media suggested that some agency was delibratley trying to discredit the alliance of islamic party in general and this mullah in particular to put them in their place. i can remmeber the islamic alliance after that was descredited. He was big back then just like Qazi or Faz ul rehman r today.

    I say lets dig some dirt on mma leaders becuz most maulvis r sex maniacs if anecdotal evidence is to be believed

  • EU snub for hardline Pakistan MP

    Mr ul-Haq (L) is part of the hardline Islamist alliance in Pakistan
    The European Parliament has refused to meet a delegation of Pakistani MPs that included an Islamic scholar it said had close links to the Taleban.
    It said it could not meet an individual who did not meet its “ideals of democracy, equality and human rights”.

    Senator Maulana Sami ul-Haq also heads a seminary in Pakistan that has been called the “University of Jihad”.

    Pakistan’s ambassador in Brussels said the parliament’s move was “unfortunate” and an “opportunity missed”.

    The Pakistani delegation of eight senators – four from the government and four from the opposition, including Mr ul-Haq, are heading home.


    British Labour MEP, Neena Gill, leader of the EU parliament’s South Asia inter-parliamentary committee, said: “The European Parliament espouses the ideals of democracy, equality and human rights.

    Even if you grant that you have a big difference of opinion you should talk about it
    Saeed Khalid,
    Pakistani ambassador

    University of holy war
    In Pictures: ‘University of Jihad’
    “While we have members who represent all shades of the political spectrum, we are all working within the framework of a fully functioning democracy.

    “We cannot condone therefore individuals who place themselves outside these parameters, for they represent everything we stand against.”

    Ms Gill said she would recommend improving the vetting system so that the parliament was more aware of the composition of delegation members.

    The Pakistani delegation was due to meet the parliament’s South Asia committee, the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee and a range of other MEPs.

    Pakistan’s ambassador in Brussels, Saeed Khalid, expressed disappointment at the cancellation.

    “Even if you grant that you have a big difference of opinion you should talk about it. And this was an opportunity missed,” he told BBC News.

    Mr ul-Haq is part of the hardline Islamist alliance that forms a strong bloc in Pakistan’s lower house.


    The BBC’s Haroon Rashid visited his seminary in Pakistan’s North-West Frontier Province in 2003.

    Graduation at Mr ul-Haq’s ‘university of jihad’ in Pakistan
    Our correspondent witnessed the graduation of 600 students pledged to fighting a jihad, or holy war, against enemies of their religion.

    The convocation was full of slogans in support of Afghanistan’s ousted Taleban regime, al-Qaeda’s leader Osama Bin Laden and jihad, he reported.

    Mr ul-Haq’s advice for the Pakistani and Afghan students was to wage holy war until the “evil force” is defeated.

    “Being watchmen of your religion, you are naturally the first target of your enemies,” he said.

    He had previously sent a batch of 2,000 Afghan students back to their homeland to aid the then ruling Taleban in its fight against the warlords of the Northern Alliance.

  • The Father of the Taliban: An Interview with Maulana Sami ul-Haq

    Publication: Spotlight on Terror Volume: 4 Issue: 2May 23, 2007 01:23 PM Age: 3 yrs
    By: Imtiaz Ali
    Maulana Sami ul-Haq
    Maulana Sami ul-Haq is the director and chancellor of Pakistan’s famous madrassa, Darul uloom Haqqania, Akora Khattak. He has served in this post since the death of his father, Maulana Abdul ul-Haq, the founder of the madrassa, in 1988. Darul uloom Haqqania is where many of the top Taliban leaders, including its fugitive chief, Mullah Omar, attended. It is widely believed that the madrassa was the launching pad for the Taliban movement in the early 1990s, which is why Sami ul-Haq is also called the “Father of the Taliban.” Besides running his madrassa, Maulana Sami has a long political history as a religious politician. He was among the founders of Pakistan’s Muttahida Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) coalition of six Islamic religious parties. He recently spoke with Jamestown analyst Imtiaz Ali.

    Imtiaz Ali: During the Russian invasion, the students from your madrassa were traveling to Afghanistan to fight, after which most of them were eventually inducted as governors and administrators in the Taliban government. Is the same thing continuing today? Are you still sending people to Afghanistan for jihad?

    Maulana Sami ul-Haq: No, there were not only Taliban who took part in jihad. This is an incorrect assumption, which needs correction. After the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, people from all walks of life went to Afghanistan for jihad. Students from colleges and universities went more than madrassa students.

    IA: But it is an undeniable fact that students who graduated from your madrassa played a significant role in the establishment of the Taliban regime.

    SH: Well, the Taliban were busy in their studies when the factional wars in Afghanistan reached their climax. Naturally, when the leaders could not make it, the students had to come to the rescue of the war-torn country. Thus, the Taliban rushed back to rescue their country from the factional fighting. Similarly, when America attacked Afghanistan in late 2001, the same event happened—it is understandable that when infidels attack a Muslim country, then it is the duty of every Muslim to defend it. Maulana Sufi Muhammad of Tehreek-e-Nafaz-e-Shariat- e-Mohammadi (TNSM) also took thousands of people for jihad, which was a commendable action. The U.S. attack on Afghanistan was a clear act of aggression and terrorism. But when someone rises up against U.S. aggression, then he is called a terrorist. It is a strange and illogical philosophy.

    IA: There were reports that the Taliban leadership had called for fresh reinforcements in connection with its spring offensive in Afghanistan. Is this true?

    SH: These are just baseless reports. Had they called upon the madrassa students, they would have called us for the reinforcements or at least we would know. The Taliban are not that organized. They are living in caves. They lack proper communication and logistics systems, and that is why they do not want new recruits. The Afghans themselves have risen up and they are fighting against American and NATO forces.

    IA: If they would ask you for help, what would be your reaction?

    SH: They would never ask us. We ourselves have not sent students before nor will we send them now. It is not our madrassa policy to do so.

    IA: What would you call the situation in Afghanistan? Is that jihad?

    SH: When the red forces of the Soviet Union entered Afghanistan, it was a war of independence and we all agreed that it was jihad. Even the United States had said that the Russians must be ousted from Afghanistan. When Russia left, the United States committed the same aggression. So, the situation is the same. One infidel force replaced another. No difference at all. Whether it is Russia or America, it is a jihad.

    IA: Some analysts call it a Pashtun uprising. What do you think?

    SH: It is neither a Pashtun uprising or a Persian one, or a Sunni uprising or a Shiite. In fact, the Afghan nation has risen up against the invaders—the United States and its allies. It is a war of independence. After the fall of the Taliban regime, the Afghan people remained quiescent for two years to see if any positive change would come into their lives. But they did not see anything that was promised to them at the time of the collapsing Taliban regime and that is why they started this revolt against the occupied forces. It is now a war of independence for all Afghans. They want to get rid of the U.S.-led occupation forces. Terming it only a Pashtun uprising is a completely incorrect assumption.

    IA: Do you not consider the Karzai-led government in Afghanistan a Muslim government?

    SH: We have nothing to do with the Islam of Karzai. It is not our business to issue a decree about him being Muslim or non-Muslim. We just want an end to the suffering of the Afghan people. We ask the current Afghan rulers to start negotiations with the Taliban and other jihadi forces to pave the way for a durable peace in the war-torn country.

    IA: It does not matter to you, then, if there is a Karzai-led government or the Taliban, just as long as it is an Afghan government?

    SH: We say that there should be no foreign interference in Afghanistan, and the Afghans themselves should come up with a solution. All the factions—the leaders, the Taliban, the jihadi forces—should come forward and work together for peace. They should decide their fate in the absence of foreign interference. But I firmly believe that there is no chance for peace and stability in Afghanistan until the presence of foreign troops is removed.

    IA: What are your thoughts on the flow of fighters between Afghanistan and Pakistan over the Durand Line?

    SH: Like I said earlier, it is an Afghan uprising against foreign invaders and it has nothing to do with cross-border terrorism and the flow of fighters from Pakistan.

    IA: Why, then, has the government decided to fence and plant mines on the Pakistani side of the border? Do you approve of that?

    SH: I oppose this plan because the Pashtun nation on both sides of the border shares cultural, racial and religious values. Their lives are intertwined. They are all Muslims. They are one nation. Fencing the border will not solve the problem. The main reason behind the tension on the Pakistan-Afghan border is the presence of U.S.-led foreign troops in Afghanistan. The day they leave Afghanistan, there will be no tension at all.

    IA: With the ban on foreign students’ admission in the religious seminaries in 2003 by the government, has enrollment of the students changed in your madrassa?

    SH: That ban is a total violation of our fundamental rights. People from here go to the United States and the United Kingdom for studies. Similarly, students from other countries come to Pakistan for education. That was a kind of service we were providing to the Muslim students from other countries. But this ban is an unconstitutional, inhumane and unlawful act. The government has taken this step only to appease the United States and its other Western masters. It is a shame for us because India is a secular country, but has been issuing visas to students from all Muslim countries who want to come to India for education.

    IA: But there have been accusations that terrorists are being trained here in the madrassas.

    SH: This is nothing more than an example of the perpetual propaganda against the madrassa system. This is what we have been hearing, but so far no one has produced any solid evidence.

    IA: The mystery has always been shrouded by the lack of an audit of the money being received by madrassas, correct?

    SH: We are not bound by the government to audit our funding system because they do not give us any money. First, let them give us funds for running our madrassas and then we will let them have their audit. Why are they taking pains when they are not giving us a penny? Only those who give us financial support have the right to audit our funds. We have our system of donations and we do not accept any donations from the government. I also want to make it clear that we keep a record of all our donations and funding. The funding is being registered and we prepare annual reports and then those reports are printed along with the names of the donors.

    IA: Who gives you the donations for running this big madrassa?

    SH: Common Muslims. And the majority of the funding comes from the poorer classes of society. They know that madrassas are the forts of Islam and the students in madrassas are the real guardians of Islam. God’s religion is flourishing in the madrassas. These people cut their meager domestic budget and give us donations. This is how they express their love of Allah almighty and save the integrity of these madrassas.

    IA: Is Musharraf validated in meddling with religious issues considering he is supposed to be the leader of a secular government?

    SH: He has been doing all this just to appease the United States and his other Western masters.

    IA: To what extent could a nuclear Iran pose a potential threat to the strength of Pakistan?

    SH: Iran is not a threat to Pakistan at all. Iran is giving the United States a tough time in the region and seems quite determined to acquire nuclear power status. Muslims all over the world are happy about this move because there should be someone who has the courage to demonstrate the religious strength to look into the eyes of the United States. We support Iran. Besides, we would not allow the Pakistani leadership to toe the U.S. line in dealing with Iran, as they have done in the case of Afghanistan.

    IA: There has been speculation that Iran has ambitions for a “Shiite Crescent” in the Middle East. What is your opinion of this?

    SH: This is U.S. propaganda aimed at dividing the strength of Muslims. The Shiite-Sunni issue has been created by the United States just to hide its failure in Iraq and to achieve its goals in the Middle East. Besides, the United States is also creating poisonous propaganda against Iran for intervening in Iraq’s affairs just to malign its position in the world community. It is baseless. I was in Iran two months ago where I held meetings with the top Iranian leadership. I urged them to counter U.S. propaganda and try to satisfy Kurds, Arabs and Sunnis. I clearly told them that if you [Iran] need the support of the whole Muslim ummah, then you have to garner support against the United States, not only from Shiites but also from Sunnis.

    IA: What do you think of Lashkar-e-Jangvi, TNSM and other jihadi outfits in Pakistan?

    SH: Lashkar-e-Jangvi and similar organizations are the continuity of the Kashmir problem. These jihadi forces were patronized by the Pakistani intelligence agency, the ISI, with full state support for their activities in Kashmir. But when Pakistan came under immense pressure, then this whole drama was wrapped up and that is why a ban was put on these jihadi organizations. It is all a dictated policy from the West.

    IA: What do you think about the latest spate of suicide bombings in Pakistan?

    SH: This is not a surprise. This new suicide phenomenon in Pakistan is the direct outcome of the government’s policies, particularly the unjust military operations in the tribal belt along the Afghan border. Today, Pakistani forces are at the highest level of danger and risk due to the flawed policies of General Musharraf in the name of fighting the so-called war on terror. This is what I had forewarned about in the past, that if the government did not stop these unjust military operations, then attacks on military posts and violence would not be confined to the tribal areas, but will spread to the rest of the country. Today, you see that this is happening.

    IA: Do you think that suicide attacks are fair?

    SH: The bombers would not ask us to confirm whether it is fair or unfair. It is better you ask this question to the suicide bombers, whose family members have been killed and houses have been bombed. They themselves decided what they had to do. They would not ask any mullah. But they do think that they will go straight to paradise.

    IA: Who do you think these bombers are?

    SH: They are young and emotional Muslims. When they see that their leaders have surrendered to the United States and its allies, then they do not see any other way out except for the option of suicide bombing. Among them are students of modern universities who see how the Western powers are destroying Muslims around the world. Suicide bombing is an international phenomenon now. These young people do not receive any suicide training or motivation in a madrassa or a mosque. They watch it on their TVs—the dead bodies of Muslim brothers. They see that Muslims are being killed in various part of the world. When they see these atrocities, they go their own way. If the international community wants to put an end to this kind of activity, it is high time for them to ponder solutions to issues like Palestine, Iraq and Kashmir.

    IA: Besides your madrassa role, how do you see your role as a politician in the political field?

    SH: My role is very clear as a madrassa teacher as it is as a politician. I want a true Islamic system in Pakistan. That is my simple goal. The current Pakistani system of governance was introduced by the British Raj, which means we are still enslaved by that colonial legacy. Our economy, education and judicial system stem from the same exploitative British rule. I want to introduce real Sharia, which was implemented by the four caliphs of Islam.

    IA: Will you support Musharraf in the upcoming presidential elections?

    SH: We have not yet decided about the upcoming elections. But I think they will be a fraud and a futile exercise in the name of democracy. Elections are part of democracy, but here they have become a fraud. In my 37-year career as a politician, I have seen a particular group of politicians from a particular group of families ruling this country. They have made their own dynasties. Since the creation of Pakistan, they have just been replacing one another, with no big change in policies. I am in favor of a bloodless revolution, which would completely overhaul the existing system. I just wonder, how can a democracy flourish in the shadow of a military uniform? The present one is a shame of a democracy.

    IA: Do you think that with his support for the war on terror, Musharraf’s popularity has increased or decreased at home?

    SH: Absolutely decreased. First, look at the declining popularity of President Bush in his own country. So, how can Musharraf be popular for his role in the so-called war on terror? The reports about his increasing popularity are just rubbish.

    IA: Will Musharraf be able to maintain control over Pakistan?

    SH: Well, people are not happy with what he is doing here in Pakistan. The overwhelming majority of the masses are opposing his policies, particularly the much talked about “enlightened moderation.” After bringing changes to the Hudood laws, now his government might soon amend the blasphemy laws. But he does not understand that the Pakistani people will sacrifice their lives on the issue of blasphemy. All these actions demonstrate his unpopularity among the masses.

    IA: Is an Islamic revolution a possibility in Pakistan’s future?

    SH: Anything is possible. But the most important thing to keep in mind is that the motive behind the creation of Pakistan was the establishment of an Islamic state for the Muslims of India. Establishment of Sharia is the logical conclusion of Pakistan’s creation.

    IA: How do see yourself and your role in the next 10 years, and how can you contribute to the peaceful revolution you mentioned earlier?

    SH: I’ll see how events unfold in the future. However, I’m optimistic that after 10 years, the whole Muslim ummah will have awakened from its deep slumber; Pakistan is no exception. I think that the vast majority of Pakistanis will not tolerate what is going on here as silent spectators. Here is also a lesson for the United States: to learn from what happened to the former superpower the USSR. It should address the problems of the world in a positive way and address the sense of deprivation being created in the people of this region and especially in the Muslim ummah. Things have drastically changed. With the way they [the United States and its Western allies] inflict cruelties and damages on the Muslim ummah, there will be a strong response. Now, the Muslims have awakened. It is time for the United States to act responsibly. Otherwise, there will be tit-for-tat attacks.

    IA: Do you think that the suicide bombing phenomenon is a kind of awakening?

    SH: Look, if you kick a sleeping man, he will not only wake but will also resist. So, yes, suicide bombing is an awakening. Tell me, where did the concept of suicide bombing in Pakistan come? We had not heard about any suicide bombings in the more than two decades of the Afghan conflict. But this is a new and unbeatable discovery which some Muslim youth have found as an answer to the cruelties and damages being inflicted on the Muslim ummah.

    IA: Can Western governments have a healthy relationship with Pakistan through foreign aid or development work?

    SH: The first step is sovereignty and respect, and only then can foreign aid work. Until the United States and the West respect the sovereignty of Muslim countries and stop their aggression and atrocities, nothing will work.

  • Mullah Sandwich
    Mullah Sandwich is the BRF nickname for Maulana Sami-ul Haq, a pakistani politician and religious figure. A mullah or maulana is a title used to denote a religious figure. Mullah Sandwich is a leader of a faction of JUI, an extremist Pakistani political party, and is known for his fiery speeches. His faction is known as the JUI (S) in order to distinguish it from JUI (F) which is led by Mullah Diesel. The origin of his nickname has to do with the fact that he was once caught naked in a compromising Sandwich position, in the company of a younger youth and another male. As a matter of fact, this nickname appears to have originated from Pakistan and was not invented by BRF members.

    Mullah Sandwich is also known as the “Father of the Taliban”, as it was in a religious school run by him, where the Taliban was founded. He still maintains close links to several Taliban figures and his seminary has often been referred to as the “University of Jihad”.

    Other Nicknames:
    Maulana Sandwich
    Sandwich Sammy – He has actually been described in Time Magazine and some Pakistani papers with this nickname.

  • Maulana Sami ul Haq

    Maulana Sami ul Haq- A living legend, was born on 18th September 1937 in a religious family famous to serve Islam from many generations. He started acquiring his education from Jamia Dar-ul-Uloom Haqania and completed Dora-e-Hadees in 1957. Later, he studied Dora-e-Tafseer from Sheikh-ul-Tafseer, Hazrat Maulana Ahmed Ali Lahori. His journey of exploring Islam continued under the guidance of his father Hazrat Sheikh-ul-hadees- Maulana Abdul Haq and a list of great Islamic scholars of the time including Sheikh Alvi Maliki- Muhaddis Kaamil from Mackah.

    He started imparting his knowledge of Hadees immediately after the completion of studies in 1958, and for the last 44 years this noble mission is being fueled by Maulana sami ul aHaq and there are thousands of his students serving for the same noble cause. Meanwhile, In 1965, he initiated an Islamic Magazine Al Haq that is still glittering. He has authored many thought provoking books as well including “Shariat bill ka maarika”.

    Maulana Sami ul haq has a big name on the canvas of Pakistani Political history. He has been an eminent member of the Majlis-e-Shoora Pakistan besides being an active member of other international Islamic associations. He played a leading role in the Nizam Mustafa Movement in 1977. He effectively dealt with the Dr. Faizie Rehman- the mouthpiece of Ayub Khan’s Modernisms. He was at the press front of the movement launched against Qadianism while giving expression to the parliamentary activities about Qadiani movement and broght the members of other forums to a collective point of agreement. In 1986, Maulana Sami ul Haq intiated a historic move by presenting shariat Bill in the Parliament to promulgate shariat laws in the country. After years of discussions, the senate finally passed the bill.

    In view of sectarian differences and terrorist activities resulting huge problem of law and order and bloodshed, he has been successful in bringing the leaders of different schools of thought at one plateform and still serving as secretary general for the National Solidarity Council. Today he is greatly valued in the circle of Islamic intellectuals home and abroad.

  • A peep into the FIA report on Benazir’s murder

    Monday, June 14, 2010
    By Shakeel Anjum

    ISLAMABAD: The report of a team of the FIA) about the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, established by Interior Minister Rehman Malik, which has hitherto been kept confidential, leaves some basic questions unanswered and deliberately ignores main signs leading to real plotters. In reality, this report, a copy of which is exclusively available with ‘The News’, also follows the findings of a controversial joint investigation team (JIT) established by Musharraf.

    The report, however, established that all the terrorists, who took part in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, had links with Maulana Samiul Haq’s seminary Darul Uloom Haqqania in Akora Khattak and majority of them were its regular students.

    Full report here:

  • Punjabi Taliban’s presence a propaganda, says Sami

    By our correspondent

    BAHAWALPUR: JUI-S chief Maulana Samiul Haq on Monday said the presence of Punjabi Taliban in south Punjab was a propaganda. Talking to reporters, he said the presence of Taliban was a propaganda against the peace-loving people of south Punjab. The JUI-S chief said the people, who were saying that the Taliban were present in the area, were the enemies of the people of south Punjab. He urged PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif to come forward to save the innocent people of south Punjab, adding that the JUI-S would resist any operation in south Punjab. The JUI-S chief said his party would organise a divisional convention on July 24 in Bahawalpur to discuss the scenario of the area. He accused the security agencies of interfering in seminaries, even in functions of religious parties.

    The News

    Tuesday, June 29, 2010

  • Why is he called Sandwich, anyways?
    Here is the background.

    Maulana Samiul Haq aka Sammy the Sandwich [Maulana Samiul Haq earned the nickname “Sandwich Sammy” after being photographed (presumably by Pakistani intelligence officers) in an inventive position with several bedmates – Jamiat-e-Ulma Islam [S] and he was in MMA and alliance of Mullahs and Religious Parties concocted by US Backed Military Dictator General Musharraf in 2002 to support his Illegal Activities.

    General’s Election By TIM MCGIRK / KHANA-KHEL Monday, Oct. 07, 2002,9171,501021014-361788,00.html

  • Father of Taliban, Maulana Sami-ul-Haq (Mullah Sandwich) and the long road to Shariat
    Dear Akhtar Sahab,

    Why we forget the another Father of Taliban i.e. General Naseerullah Babar???

    48. How would you define your Taliban policy?

    The Taliban was a purely indigenous movement. We came in where we rightly assessed that the Taliban were restoring peace in Afghanistan and our chief interest being that there would be no peace in Pakistan unless there was peace in Afghanistan. Our policy was based on purely humanitarian grounds and the cornerstone being the unity and integrity of Afghanistan. We were not interested in individuals but the well being of the Afghan people.

    In September they entered Kabul and in October we commenced negotiations between the Taliban and the Northern Alliance. A formal draft was prepared. It was to be finalised on 5 November 1996, because of an important clause (political) was removed by Dr Hulls, the un representative on Afghanistan. On 4 November President Sardar Farooq Leghari dissolved our government. Major General (Retd) Naseerullah Khan Babar, Scandals & Shenanigans

  • Father of Taliban, Maulana Sami-ul-Haq (Mullah Sandwich) and the long road to Shariat
    Why we forget that USA was too a Father of Taliban [Deobandi Calamity – Fitnah-e-Deoband]

    US placed the Taliban in Afghanistan in 1996 – CNN’s Crossfire – 09.11.02 – The Taliban invented

    But first stability had to be restored to Afghanistan. During the civil war fighting in 1995 the first substantial numbers of Taliban appeared, “invented” by the Pakistani ISI and perhaps funded by the CIA and Saudi Arabia. Unocal and its Saudi partner Delta Oil may have even played a major role in buying off local commanders.
    Ronald Reagan, Afghan Mujahideen, Talibans & Royal Mess.

    While the search is on for the Good Taliban, here’s the Nocturnal Taliban, the predominantly vernacular media is too shy to talk about now — for obvious reasons (heck, they are watching their backs folks). But whatever happened to the liberal press? At least, they can dig out the Madame, let us have her two paisas on what are the expectations we should associate with Sammy the Tally leading the Mazaaq Raat (Night of Laughter)!
    Don’t forget to read the redoubtable Abbas Nasir’s then essay for India Today on Sammy (without mistaking him for the gentle West Indies captain though!)

  • Sex scandal of father of Taliban – Mulana Samiul Haq – Mulana Sanwich

    رسوایی جنسی پدر معنوی طالبان
    Sex scandal of father of Taliban

    دیروز مصاحبه بی بی سی فارسی با مولانا سمیع الحق، رهبر جمعیت العلمای اسلام و سناتور سابق پاکستانی را، که از او به عنوان “پدر معنوی طالبان” نام برده میشود، خواندم و به یاد یک رسوایی جنسی وی افتادم. این مولانا، ملاعمر را شاگردش میخواند چون در یکی از مدارس او درس خوانده است. خود سمیع الحق از مولانا های دیوبندی است که از دهه هفتاد بدینسو ماشین طالب کشی‌اش فعال است و از مدارس خود در پاکستان بیشمار انسان جاهل و قاتل بیرون داده است که در ابتدا زیر نام “جهادی”، بعدا زیر نام “طالب” و اکنون منحیث “انتحاری” برای کشتار بیگناهان به افغانستان گسیل میشوند. او میگوید که حال نیز سه هزار شاگرد در مدرسه‌اش دارد و با چهل هزار مدرسه فعال دیگر در این کشور در ارتباط است.

    اما در پاکستان در بین مردم این مولوی، مثل سایر ملا و مولوی های تاریک اندیش، بدنامترین است و او را به تمسخر “مولوی ساندویچ” خطاب میکنند که این لقب به رسوایی جنسی وی به سالها قبل بر میگردد.

    در دوران حکومت نواز شریف در دهه نود میلادی، فاحشه خانه‌ای در شهر اسلام آباد توسط پولیس کشف شد که بوسیله زنی مشهور به نام “میدم طاهره” گردانندگی میشد، او در اعترافات خود فاش کرد که مولوی ها و سیاستمداران مشهور پاکستان با او در ارتباط اند و مشخصا سمیع‌الحق از مشتریان همیشگی‌اش میباشد که علاقه دارد همزمان با دو روسپی در مرکز او رابطه جنسی برقرار کند. بنابر خبر مجله “تایم” (٧ اکتوبر ٢٠٠٢) تصاویری نیز از این ماجرا درز کرد که مولوی صاحب را در حال ….. بین چندین روسپی نشان میداد، ازینرو او به “مولوی ساندویچ” معروف گردید. اما دولتمداران پاکستان از ترس اینکه مبادا رازهای بیشتر بداخلاقی خود شان فاش شود، “میدم طاهره” را رها و از دید مردم و مطبوعات پنهان کردند.

    این رسوایی که در مطبوعات پاکستان و حتی جهان مثل بمبی منفجر شد، مولوی سمیع الحق را به حدی بی‌آب و رسوا ساخت که برای چندین سال خود را از انظار مردم پنهان کرد و در کنج یکی از مدارسش برای طالب کشی ادامه داد.

    Mullana Samiul Haq, head of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam of Pakistan is a god-father of Taliban and he is producing Taliban for killing Afghans since decades in his maddrassa’s in Pakistan.

    A few years ago a ‘sex scandal’ involving Maulana Samiul Haq with a woman called ‘Madam Tahira’ of Islamabad rocked the Pakistani and some world press:

    The Indian Express, February 8, 1999: “Maulana Sami-ul-haq is also known as Maulana sandwich as well. The reason behind calling him sandwich is that a Madam Tahira, who is supposed to running a brothel in Islamabad and whose clients included the rich and famous. After being apprehended by the police testified that that Maulana Sami-ul-haq is a visitor and a client of her but even he preferred twobedmates (girls: Although most of the cleric are also found of boys).

    Even today, some papers refer to him as “Sammy Sandwich” in reference to those interviews.”

    Time Magazine, Oct. 07, 2002: “Maulana Samiul Haq earned the nickname “Sandwich Sammy” after being photographed (presumably by Pakistani intelligence officers) in an inventive position with several bedmates.”