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Secret audio tape of Hamid Mir’s conversation with a Punjabi Talib associate of Hakimullah Mehsud

Note: It is pertinent to mention that the audio conversation presented in this post appears to be an intentional leak by the Punjabi Taliban or the ISI (first posted on the ISI fan page on facebook). While the exact intentions of this leak are not known, readers / listeners are ‘advised to exercise caution’ in drawing any conclusions. To that end, it may be useful to reflect upon the questions that we pose below:

The LUBP presents a most direct incriminating evidence against Hamid Mir, founder of the Pakistani Taliban Union of Journalists (PTUJ). This telephone conversation between Hamid Mir and a Punjabi Talib took place days before Khalid Khwaja, an ISI operative, was killed by his kidnappers, the Punjabi Taliban.

Please listen carefully to this audio clip and post your comments on the conversation you hear in the comments section below.

In particular, we would like you to comment on:

1. Hamid Mir’s views on terrorists of Lal Masjid (Ghazi brothers);

2. Hamid Mir’s worldview of Islam, Jihad and CIA;

3. His views on Khalid Khwaja;

4. His views on “Qadianis” (Ahmadiyya Muslims); (LUBP has previously criticized Hamid Mir on his anti-Ahmadi hate speech)

5. His views on Pakistan’s intelligence agencies

6. His views on Javed Ibrahim Paracha, a notorious terrorist of Sipah-e-Sahaba in Kohat (also a leader of PML-N – does that ring a bell?)

7. What was Hamid Mir’s message to Khalid Khwaja’s kidnappers? Did that message lead to Khwaja’s murder?

8. What are Hamid Mir’s links with Hakimullah Mehsud and the Punjabi Taliban (Sipah-e-Sahaba)?

9. Why does Hamid Mir insist that Khalid Khwaja is not an ISI operative but a CIA operative?

10. Who are the real sponsors, protectors and promoters of Hamid Mir?

11. Is Hamid Mir a friend of Pakistan? or a friend of terrorists?

12. Who released this audio conversation? Punjabi Taliban? or ISI? What are their possible motives behind this release?

You can download this audio tape from the following link:



We will really appreciate if someone could please transcribe the conversation in Urdu and (perhaps someone else might) translate that into English. We request our visitors to help us in this task please.

Update: Read Hamid Mir’s explanation, Taliban’s press release in support of Hamid Mir, and our rebuttal

Update: The conversation is now also available on youtube in two segments:

Part 1

Part 2

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  • This audio tape is an irrefutable evidence of Hamid Mir’s direct links and sympathies with various groups of terrorists, Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba in particular.

    How unashamedly he defends and appreciates the services of Ghazi Abdul Rashid (Lal Masjid) and Javed Ibrahim Paracha (Kohat).

    Look at the amount of hatred he has in store for Ahmadis (and most probably Shias and other minority sects).

    This man deserves an exemplary punishment through a court of law.

  • SC moved for arrest of Khawaja’s killers
    Islamabad—A criminal Petition has been filed in Supreme Court of Pakistan for the arrest of alleged murderers of Former Squadron Leader and Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) official Khalid Khawaja. Shahid Orakzai, an applicant, submited the Petition in Supreme Court of Pakistan under criminal act.

    The applicant, Shahid Orakzai, in his application requested the apex court that Javed Piracha, the main accused involved in murder of Khalid Khawja, should be handed over to Khyber-Pukhtoonkhwa Police, besides directing Provincial Inspector General to recover rest three abductors after taking information from arrested culprit.

    The court was told that the deceased Khalid Khawaja along with his friends spent a night in house of Former Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Parliamentarian from Kohat Javed Ibrahim Paracha in Mohallah Mian Badshah on March 25 and then left for Bajaur on March 26.

    During stay in house of Javed Ibrahim Paracha, Khalid Khawaja and his friends changed their Plan to leave North Waziristan and hinted to return to Islamabad within 2 days but later they left for Bajaur where supporters of Javed Ibrahim Piracha abducted them easily, he said.

    “Who told the militants associated with Asian Tigers, which obviously is a fake, that the biggest agent of US in Pakistan was coming to Miran Shah from Kohat”, he questioned.

    The Asian tigers after abducting Khalid Khawaja and his friends refused to talk with media and handed over their demand to Javed Ibrahim Paracha, he said while asking the court to inquire the accused who transmitted the demands of Asian tiger to him.

    Throwing bullet-riddled body of Khalid Khawaja in tribal area was also an attempt to hood wink because abductors were not kept in prohibited areas, he said, adding that, the North Waziristan has become epicenter of US drone strikes therefore militants could not take such risk.

    All the communication between Asian tigers and Javed Ibrahim Piracha were held from Bannu, he said. The court was told that the film of Khalid Khawaja before his murder was also made by Javed Ibrahim Piracha, he alleged.

    The applicant also recalled verbal clash between PML-N leaders and Khalid Khawaja saying the Party Parliamentarian also avoided to attend his Namaz-e-Janaza

    Shahid Orakzai also informed the court that it was requested in last September to Provide security to Khalid Khawaja because after appearance of his affidavit in Maj Khalid Saeed Orakzai murder case he was facing danger.

    In the application, he also requested court to include Justice Javed Iqbal in bench, hearing criminal case because last year in the same case he had ordered immediate hearing of case.—Online


  • Shah Abdul Aziz is in again

    According to Jinnah Shah Abdul Aziz was caught in Potalzai area of Bannu and sent to jail under public safety clauses of the law. He was with his two guards. He was earlier arrested for reportedly having ordered the murder of the captured Polish engineer at Attock but was allowed to leave a Rawalpindi jail because of his past contacts. He was present at the Lal Masjid crisis in 2007 and is known to be well-connected.

    Khalid Khwaja killed by America

    Quoted in Nawa-e-Waqt the wife of ex-ISI officer Khalid Khwaja said that he was killed by America because the Taliban could not do this job. Ex-ISI chief Hamid Gul added that the killing of Khwaja was an effort to create a rift between the Afghan Taliban and the Pakistan army. On the same page the paper reported that Khalid Khwaja was killed by the Taliban because he was spying for the Americans.

    Khalid Khwaja and Waliur Rehman

    According to Islam, once Khalid Khwaja was a go-between for a meeting between a Saudi-Egyptian group and the TTP chief of South Waziristan Waliur Rehman. On his way back from the meeting Waliur Rehman was targeted by a drone which showed that Khalid Khwaja was likely working for the Americans.

    Khalid Khwaja and Mansur Ejaz

    As reported in Islam Khalid Khwaja played a role in 1999 in the plan made by American national Mansur Ejaz (who was close to the Clinton Administration) to get a CIA agent to meet with Mullah Umar, but the plan fell through after Mullah Umar refused to meet the agent. This aroused suspicion in many Taliban quarters about Khalid Khwaja’s real role.

    Khalid Khwaja and Daniel Pearl

    According to Islam Khalid Khwaja was put in touch by Mansur Ejaz with Daniel Pearl who then went to Karachi on the track of one Mubarak Shah who trained the British terrorist called the Shoe-bomber. After Daniel Pearl was killed by Al Qaeda operative Khalid Sheikh Muhammad in Karachi Khalid Khwaja was arrested for a time. The inquiry revealed that Khalid Khwaja had provided phone numbers of the terrorists to Daniel Pearl.

    Khalid Khwaja, his own enemy!

    Peshawar-based daily dedicated to Mufti Rashid Ahmad, Islam had Shabab Ahmad Khan writing that Khalid Khwaja was killed because of his mercurial and morally unclear personality who wanted to be many things at the same time. He was killed because during the Lal Masjid crisis in Islamabad he advised Ghazi Rashid not to give up and fight the army, but trapped his brother Maulana Aziz by getting him to wear a burqa and try to escape which actually led to his arrest. His kidnappers thought he was a double agent and killed him.

    Khalid Khwaja and Sheikh Rashid

    According to Islam Khalid Khwaja revealed that he had through the ISI provided funds to Sheikh Rashid for running terrorist training camps for assaults in the Indian Administered Kashmir. The same year he arranged for Shah Abdul Aziz and Javed Ibrahim Paracha to meet a senior officer from the US State Department. This led to suspicions that he could be working for the Americans.

    Khalid Khwaja and Col Imam

    As revealed in daily Islam Khalid Khwaja, because of his mercurial character, got another simple-minded but heroic ex-ISI officer Sultan Ameer Tarar alias Col Imam to work for Channel Four of the BBC and accompany him to Waziristan for interviews with the Taliban leaders. They went to North Waziristan city Mir Ali where they interviewed TTP leader Waliur Rehman. They got a taxi from there and went to Skakoi in South Waziristan and got busy making their documentary. The Taliban trusted them and showed them some of their secret places…till the Asian Tigers got hold of the two ex-ISI men and finally killed Khalid Khwaja.


  • Hamid Mir makes a call to the Punjabi Taliban (Sipah-e-Sahaba) and ask them not to release Khalid Khwaja (KK) and instigates them to assassinate KK as a spy! Hamid Mir, talks to Punjabi Taliban (PT) in detail and this entire conversation is recored by the PT and the tape is taken to HakimUllah Mehsud. The allegations, charges and accusations against KK which were leveled by Hamid Mir were so severe that HakimUllah Mehsud allowed the execution of KK after making him read the confessional statement which was exactly what Hamid Mir had dictated to the PT. This tape is now available and is the most direct incriminating evidence against Hamid Mir.


  • The role of some media personal is quite ambiguous and they do covertly support terrorist ideology, this is a breach of freedom of expression and such personal must not dealt with any leniency for they hail from the fourth estate.

  • What was the last mission of Khalid Khwaja?
    Sunday, May 02, 2010

    By Hamid Mir

    ISLAMABAD: The last mission of ex-ISI officer Khalid Khwaja failed but his assassination exposed many hidden secrets, including differences between the Afghan Taliban and the Pakistani Taliban, and has put a spotlight on his highly complex underworld life, as a mediator, sometimes on behalf of the Americans, a power-broker, a mover and shaker besides an ardent Islamic preacher.

    Squadron Leader (retd) Khalid Khwaja had been playing an active behind-the-scene role in domestic politics of Pakistan for the last 22 years. He became an important international player 11 years ago when he first tried to establish direct links between the Kashmiri militants and the Clinton Administration but failed.

    He had been trying to establish direct contacts between the USA and the Taliban for the last five years. He also tried to mediate between the Pakistan Army and the Taliban many times in the last two years but all his efforts failed due to lack of trust between him and the current military leadership of Pakistan. His known contacts with some former CIA officials and an American businessman Mansoor Ijaz also created problems for him. He was intelligent enough in maintaining links with Americans and their critics like Hameed Gul at the same time but unfortunately he could not anticipate the seriousness of his adversaries, who did not miss any opportunity to strike against friends and foes alike.

    He was sacked from the ISI on the direct orders of General Ziaul Haq in 1987 but he remained active with the ISI even after his sacking. He was the right hand man of former DG ISI Hameed Gul in 1988 and played a significant role in the making of the anti-PPP political alliance, the Islami Jamhoori Ittehad (IJI).

    He claimed that he arranged a meeting between Osama bin Ladin and Nawaz Sharif in Saudi Arabia in 1989. He made this revelation just a few weeks before the dismissal of Nawaz Sharif government in 1999. Khalid Khwaja tried to convince Nawaz Sharif not to support Asif Zardari as president in August 2008 but the PML-N leader did not listen to him.

    Khalid Khwaja was assassinated by a group of Punjabi Taliban on April 30 near Mir Ali in North Wazirastan. He was kidnapped on March 26 along with another former ISI official Col (retd) Ameer Sultan and a British born Pakistani filmmaker Asad Qureshi. An unknown group of Punjabi Taliban, with the name of Asian Tigers, alleged that Khalid Khwaja was working for the ISI and the CIA but that was not the main reason behind his killing.

    A few weeks before his abduction, he met Taliban leader Waliur Rehman Mehsud in North Waziristan and handed over a list of some militants and alleged that they were working for Indian spy agencies. Within a few hours of that meeting, the vehicle of Waliur Rehman was attacked by a US drone but the Taliban commander survived. Waliur Rehman immediately informed the Punjabi Taliban to be careful about Khwaja, who then decided to trap him.

    A spokesman for Punjabi Taliban hinted on Saturday that “charges against Col Imam are not strong and we may release him”. He also admitted that the Afghan Taliban were also putting pressure on the Punjabi Taliban to release the former ISI colonel.

    While talking to this scribe on phone from North Waziristan, the spokesman reacted to the statement of Khalid Khwaja’s wife, who declared that her husband was a martyr because he was killed by some criminals.

    The spokesman for the Punjabi Taliban said that both Mr and Mrs Khalid Khwaja played an active role in Lal Masjid tragedy in July 2007. They forced late Abdul Rashid Ghazi not to surrender but disappeared when the operation started.

    Some friends of Khalid Khwaja, however, tell a different story. They say that Khwaja was arrested just a few days before the operation in Lal Masjid but they also admit that Khwaja was not supporting the surrender.

    It is also learnt that Khalid Khwaja was investigated by a three-member committee of the militants for more than four weeks. Initially, Khwaja claimed that he had moved a petition in the Lahore High Court against the drone attacks along with former PML-N MNA Javed Ibrahim Paracha and he came to North Waziristan for recording the statements of drone victims to be produced in the court on April 6.

    The militants confronted him as to why on the one hand he was opposing the drone attacks but on the other hand he was trying to establish contacts between the USA and the Taliban. The militants claimed that he arranged a meeting between US Under Secretary of State Karen Hughes and a religious cleric Javed Ibrahim Paracha in 2005 in Serena Hotel, Islamabad. They also produced some articles downloaded from the Internet and asked about his links with former CIA officials, James Woolsey and William Casey.

    Khwaja had met these former CIA officials through an American businessman Mansoor Ijaz, who was very close to the Bill Clinton administration. Ijaz played a key role in forcing the Sudanese government to expel Osama bin Ladin from Khartoum in 1996 and helped Khwaja to establish direct links between the Taliban and the Bush administration in October 1999 when he wanted Mulla Omar to meet James Woolsey to avert an American attack on Afghanistan. Mulla Omar refused to meet the then CIA leader.

    Next year, Khalid Khwaja tried to fix a meeting between American businessman Mansoor Ijaz and Kashmiri militant leader Syed Salahuddin. Khwaja contacted Salahuddin through his friends in Jamaat-e-Islami and informed him that Mansoor Ijaz wanted to deliver a letter from Bill Clinton. Syed Salahuddin came to know that Mansoor Ijaz had meetings with Indian Army officials in Srinagar in early 2000 and also with then Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf. He smelled a rat and refused to meet Mansoor Ijaz. Shortly after these attempts by Ijaz, a ceasefire was announced by a rebel Kashmiri militant commander Abdul Majid Dar in July 2000 but it failed. Majid Dar was assassinated after sometime in Kashmir.

    Khalid Khwaja was arrested in 2002 after the murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl in Karachi. Khwaja had exchanged some e-mails with Pearl just a few days before his killing. Later, Marianne, the widow of Pearl, informed investigators that Pearl contacted Khwaja through Mansoor Ijaz and he only tried to help her husband in obtaining the contact numbers of some militants. Khwaja was released after a few weeks.

    He surfaced again in 2005 when he gave an interview to a foreign newspaper and claimed that he was instrumental in arranging funds for a training camp established by a politician from Rawalpindi for Kashmiri militants. The same year he arranged a meeting of an MMA parliamentarian Shah Abdul Aziz, a religious leader from Kohat Javed Ibrahim Paracha and a pro-Taliban businessman Arif Qasmani with some top US officials, including Karen Hughes.

    Javed Paracha confirmed that meeting to The News on Saturday and said that it was arranged by Khalid Khwaja. He said: “I was offered a huge amount of money for talking to the Taliban on behalf of the US government, but I told the Americans that first the Pakistan Army must give me a green signal and then I will proceed but Americans were acting on their own and the talks broke down.”

    Javed Paracha also said that Khalid Khwaja came to his home on March 25 with Col Imam and a British journalist. Khawja wanted me to help him in his visit to North Waziristan. He said, “May be Khwaja was again trying to establish communication lines between the Americans and the Taliban but I received a clear message from Taliban that your friend is not welcome.”

    Paracha claimed that he advised Khwaja not to go there. He said: “I also requested Col Imam not to take the risk. Col Imam was reluctant but Khwaja insisted and they left for Mir Ali against my advice.”

    Both Javed Paracha and Khalid Khwaja had close relations with Lal Masjid clerics in 2007. Paracha met Maulana Abdul Aziz and Abdul Rashid Ghazi along with then Federal Minister Ejazul Haq and requested them to surrender. Khalid Khwaja advised Lal Masjid clerics otherwise.

    Khwaja became very active in August 2008 when he contacted PML-N leaders and asked them to file a petition against the participation of Asif Ali Zardari in the presidential election. According to PML-N leader Senator Pervez Rashid, “Khalid Khwaja offered us that Nawaz Sharif should file a petition against Zardari and he will manage a Supreme Court verdict against Zardari within 24 hours but we refused to play in the hands of Khwaja.”

    Khwaja had played a very active role against the government of Nawaz Sharif in 1999. He claimed in front of some JUI-F leaders that Nawaz Sharif took money from Osama bin Ladin in 1989 and promised that he would not act against Arab militants after coming into power. Those were the days when Americans were putting pressure on Nawaz Sharif to start operations against the Arabs living in Pakistan. The JUI-F and the JI started a mass campaign against Nawaz Sharif and within a few weeks his government was toppled.

    This scribe tried to confirm the claim of Khalid Khwaja from Osama bin Ladin in November 2001 but he never confirmed it. Khwaja told American TV channel ABC in November 2007 that he had arranged a meeting between Nawaz Sharif and Osama bin Ladin in the Green Palace Hotel of Madina in 1989 just a few weeks before the no-confidence move against Benazir Bhutto. Osama was reported to have agreed to provide him some money.

    US officials investigated this claim from many al-Qaeda operators arrested after 9/11 but only one, Ali Muhammad, told the FBI that a meeting between the representatives of Osama and Nawaz Sharif took place long ago in Saudi Arabia. He never confirmed a direct meeting between the two. Osama bin Laden never liked these claims of Khalid Khwaja who always claimed to be a friend of Osama. Khwaja had no meeting with Osama bin Laden in the last 20 years but he always claimed to be a friend of Osama.

    Khwaja and Shah Abdul Aziz met Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud in early 2009. They convinced Baitullah to write a letter to General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani for a ceasefire. The Pakistan Army leadership never trusted Baitullah Mehsud and this effort failed.

    Khalid Khwaja filed many petitions in superior courts in his last days. One of them was against the constitutional immunity for the president. His political role is still a mystery. His friends claim that he definitely had relations with some Americans but he was not a CIA agent.

    Sources in the military establishment said that he had no mandate of the Pakistan Army for talking to the militants. Some sources said that Khalid Khwaja was used by the Pakistani establishment against Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto many times but he was not trusted in his last days.

    The whole drama of his kidnapping and assassination exposed the internal differences of many Taliban groups. A powerful Taliban commander of North Waziristan, Hafiz Gul Bahadar, tried his best to rescue Khwaja but failed due to his limited influence in Mir Ali. This area is mostly populated by Dawars but these days Mir Ali is controlled by Mehsud militants who have provided sanctuaries to different groups of the Punjabi Taliban, including some Kashmiris, who have developed differences with Pakistani establishment after the ban on many outfits during the last few years. These disgruntled militants don’t listen to Hafiz Gul Bahadar and Sirajuddin Haqqani group, which is influential in the areas close to Miramshah.

    It is also interesting that these Punjabi Taliban have no respect for staunch US critics like General Aslam Beg and Hameed Gul just because they don’t support bomb blasts in Pakistan.


  • By Zainabia:

    Hamid Mir: Or kaafi dhaamake dhaamooke ho rahe hain…
    Unknown : Abhi to oor bhi kuch hoon gain… Kuch line main lage hue hain…
    Unknown: Abhi yeh loog kya kehte hain, orakzai ka operation band karna hai ya nahi???
    Hamid Meer: Giving information about Orakzai Operation… Also Army gonna have a war in North Waziristan too…. and within two day 40 thousands Pakistani troops going to North Waziristan…

    The above is just first 21 second of conversation….. It proves two things…
    (1) He is a Taliban Agent (By his very first statement i.e. he knows who..what..where answers..)… and also giving all the details (including the military) to Taliban.
    (2) He has very close links with establishment too, knowing there further moves….


    I was quite startled by the above linked story by Hamid Mir printed in “The News” newspaper on 2nd May, 2010. In this story he tells a detailed account of how Khalid Khwaja got killed. I was startled because so much detailed information without any reference to any sources whatsoever is quite unbelievable. So I concluded after reading this piece, that either he has links with the intelligence agencies who fed him all this information or worse he has direct links with Taliban. There is another remote possibility that this guy sucks so much at writing that he inadvertently omitted references to his sources (Which it quite far fetched keeping in mind that this guy is an experienced journalist).
    I cannot comment on the audio as its authenticity cannot be verified. But if its authentic, its a shame that he has been hoodwinking millions of Pakistanis for so long with utter impunity.

  • Here is the ISI-Taliban version of the story:

    This looks like a tale of fiction and movies. But this is a real life drama unfolding in Pakistan around us.

    The secret web of betrayal and treachery – The untold story of Khalid Khawaja, Hamid Mir, Mullah Barader and Faisal Shehzad

    Any links between the three?? Seems impossible! But not in this high stakes State-sponsored dirty, sinister world of covert ops, double agents, sting operations and assassinations.

    Lets start the story:

    Americans have been trying to play a sinister game. They had penetrated into the ranks of Afghan Taliban especially into the Popalzai tribe and had cultivated a high level Afghan Taliban leader to be pitched against Mullah Umer. Basically, CIA was creating a “coup” within Taliban. Hold your breath, sit back and prepare yourself to know who this secret “CIA asset” within the Taliban was.. It was Mullah Barader! Yes, the same one captured in Karachi by ISI and US is desperate to have him.

    The CIA plan was that Mullah Barader would be brought to Karachi and then ISI would be tipped to arrest him. Then US were to ask the custody of the Afghan leader and Pakistan government would hand over the Afghan Talib leader to US. The result would be catastrophic for Pakistan as all pro-Taliban elements would then condemn ISI and Pakistan as CIA puppets and a serious breach of trust and confidence would appear between Pakistani security establishment and Afghan Mujahideen. This would also humiliate army and ISI in front of the nation. CIA and US administration were extremely upset when ISI refused to hand over Mullah Barader to US, despite the pressure from Zardari mafia. ISI initially did not know the CIA game. They just refused to hand over Barader to US and insisted upon their own interrogation first. Unknowingly, ISI was seriously damaging the US game plan of staging a coup against Mullah Omar as well as against ISI. During the interrogation, the entire game became exposed to the ISI.

    The Zardari clan was equally desperate to hand over Barader to US. Here, enters Khalid Khawaja!

    Out of his love for Taliban, unknowingly that he is entering to a global game of espionage and betrayal, KK filed a petition into the SC taking a stay order against handing over of Mullah Barader to US. Now US were furious. KK had signed his death warrant and now was marked for death.

    KK (Khalid Khawaja) had been going to North Waziristan and dealing with TTP, trying his best to start a reconciliation process between Pakistan and TTP. He was also aware of the fact that a “Lashkar Jhangvi” faction of TTP was opposed to these attempts at peace talks. These include Ilyas Kashmiri gang commonly called Punjabi Taliban. When KK was returning from talks with Hakim Ullah Mehsud, he was invited by Punjabi Taliban group and taken prisoner along with Col Imam and Asad Qureshi, the journalist.

    Initially, TTP was unaware of KK and his party’s being taken prisoner by the Punjabi Taliban. Later, when Hakeem Ullah Mehsud came to know of the drama, he tried to secure the release of the men. But then, enters another treacherous character from Geo TV.

    Hamid Mir, makes a call to the Punjabi Taliban and ask them not to release KK and instigates them to assassinate KK as a spy! Hamid Mir, talks to Punjabi Taliban (PT) in detail and this entire conversation is recored by the PT and the tape is taken to HakimUllah Mehsud. The allegations, charges and accusations against KK which were leveled by Hamid Mir were so severe that HakimUllah Mehsud also fell for the trap and allowed the execution of KK after making him read the confessional statement which was exactly what Hamid Mir had dictated to the PT. This tape is now available and is the most direct incriminating evidence against Hamid Mir. It is clear that Hamid Mir was launched by Americans to use his influence on the TTP and PT to get KK assassinated. It was done with precision, except for one blunder – the tape is now with Pakistani secret services.

    The American desire is to wage a war in North Waziristan against Haqqani / Afghan Taliban networks. Pakistan army is not willing to do that. Americans tried to use Mullah Barader to create serious mistrust and hatred between Afghan Taliban and Pakistan army. That was failed when Barader was not handed over to US and Khalid Khawaja unknowingly became a major setback for the Americans when he took a court order against Barader’s extradition. Khalid was trapped and Hamid Mir was used to mislead TTP into assassinating KK. But in the end, the US plan of waging a war in North Waziristan fizzles out.

    Now a backup plan was required to create reasons to initiate a war into North Waziristan. – Here enter Faisal Shehzad – a false flag operation to implicate Pakistani Taliban and then threaten and force Pakistan to “do more” in North Waziristan! Another Pakistani is arrested in Chile in the US embassy with traces of explosives on his luggage and clothes. More Pakistanis are being arrested and a massive media disinformation war is being launched that all global terrorism is emerging from Pakistani tribal pocket of North Waziristan and ISI/army is either hands and gloves with Taliban or nor willing to do more.

    So now, you understand the tone, language and demeanor of Hillary and US media over Faisal Shehzad! Despite the fact that US army Generals have confirmed that Faisal had no links with anyone in FATA.

    Pakistan was being setup for a possible geopolitical disaster. Allah protected Pakistan. US and Indians through their assets in Media and in terrorist groups continue to kick dust and deceive the world and Pakistani nation. But now, this time at least, their game is exposed.


  • Hamid Mir’s Role In Khalid Khawaja’s Murder
    by Dan Qayyum on May 14, 2010 – 11:04 am

    Pakistani TV anchor and senior journalist Hamid Mir seems to have bitten off more than he can chew with the release of his recorded conversation with a close aide of Hakimullah Mehsud.

    The Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence are said to be investigating what role Hamid Mir has played in the assasination of Retd Squadron Leader Khalid Khawaja, who was kidnapped by a shadowy outfit calling itself the ‘Asian Tigers’, part of the Pakistani Taliban (TTP).

    In the audio recording, Mir can be heard telling Hakimullah’s close aide that Khalid Khawaja is an undercover operative of the CIA, and belongs to the Qadiyani sect – both of which are ofcourse untrue. Hamid Mir also blames Khalid Khawaja for what he calls the ‘murder of innocents at Lal Masjid’, as well as the capture of Abdul Aziz Ghazi who was arrested while trying to escape in a Burka.

    The taped conversation is said to have taken place days before the assasination of Khalid Khawaja, and Hamid Mir has been recorded asking the unidentified person to pass on the message to Hakimullah Mehsud, that Khalid Khawaja should not be released due to his alleged links to CIA and the Qadiyani community.

    The tape confirms the depth of Hamid Mir’s connections with the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) which many in the intelligence community believe to be funded and trained in camps in Afghanistan run by India’s Research & Analysis wing – under the patronage of the CIA.

    The Afghan Taliban, which has repeatedly denied any association with the TTP, had urged the Pakistani Taliban to unconditionally release both Khalid Khawaja and Colonel Imam.


  • so now these PKKH guys are saying that Hamid Mir is a CIA/RAW agent – whereas Hamid Mir had initially accused KK of being CIA (and Qadiani) agent. What a joke!

    Why is the whole country being subjected to this disgusting infighting of the mafia of Pakistani army and its stooges.

  • @Rabia

    PKKH = Musharraf mafia

    Musharraf = ISI

    According to Hamid Gul the killing of Khwaja is a US effort to create a rift between the Afghan Taliban and the Pakistan army

    They are twisting this episode only to save their ……

  • GEO and Jang Group are supporters of Taliban, Government should take action on this ASAP. All group should be punished badly :@

  • Who knows what the truth is. The point for those outside the loop (like us) is that the Pakistani state, journalists like Hamid Mir and CIA and whatnot are playing double and triple games with each other and the country is paying the price. The problem is not just that A is good and B is bad. The problem is worse than that: the fabric of society, of normal life, has been so thoroughly destroyed by 30 years of “intelligence agency” bullshit that even if someone WANTS to do something right in Pakistan he or she is going to run into disastrous trouble. No one can have any credibility and without bare minimum credibility no large system can function. This is the point no one in the army seems to be able to grasp: that the worst transparent democratic system will outperform the most sophisticated underhand system where no one can trust anyone else and no one knows who is working for whom. Really sad.

  • This has been the history of so called “Mujahideen ” .They have been killing each other and calling them agents .They are trapped by their man made ideology and they could not find their way .Hamir Mir’s Conversation should be presented in the court .Hameed gul calls Khuaja khalid a Good good (Taliban) killed by bad guys ,Hard core Talib are calling him agent ,Taliban Journalist did not reacted when he was killed ,Hameed gul also says that India is supporting Taliban but the same time He supporting Taliban .Hamid mir is not the religious guy but he is a Taliban and supporting terrorism in the Media .I am sure if he goes not to Taliban controlled area he will be killed the same way as khalid khawja by his own friends .These fanatics will never stop the root cause is the ideology which is being injected to them by Jamaat Islami and same kind of groups . The same deobandi Taliban also against Jamaat Islami .Its unending war between Islamofacist

  • In the audio, Mr. Mir is apparently discussing the fate of Mr. Khalid Khawaja and why and how he has been harming the interests of Pakistan.

    Mr. Hamid Mir exposes Mansur Ejaz as a CIA agent. Mr. Mir claims that Mansur Ejaz’s father stole Pakistan’s Nuclear secrets. According to Mr. Hamid Mir Mansur Ejaz offered Benazir Bhutto a quid pro quo deal–if she recognized Israel all the debts of the country will be forgiven.

    According to Mr. Hamid Mir Mr. Paracha a Pakistani was handed over to the US Under Secretary of State as an Al-Qaeda intermediary.

    According to Mr. Hamid Mir Colonel Imam did not want to go with Khalid Khawaja but went along to help him

    Mir says that Khalid Khawaja is a CIA agent who was trying to infiltrate the Taliban and start direct negotiations with them. Colonel Imam went along with Kahlid Khawaja.

    Mr. Hamid Mir asks the person on the other end of the call–what are Khalid Khawaja’s connections with Mansur Ejaz who is a CIA agent and whose father stole Pakistani Nuclear secrets and took them to America.

    Abdul Rehman Kennedy’s son Karim was in CMH Rawalpindi. Khalid Khawaj’a wife went to see an injured person in the hospital in Rawalpindi and was arrested because she had a camera and tried to force the person to confess to something. When she returned to Canada–she admitted that she had been working for the CIA.


  • @Hijazi Is it a coincidence that the ISI fan page on facebook has a number of notes against Shias, Qadianis, Iran etc, which were only recently removed?

    Is the ISI fan page another name for the Punjabi Taliban, aka, Sipah-e-Sahaba?

    How far will you guys go in twisting and misrepresenting facts.

    You killed Khalid Khawaja because of your internal rifts.

    Now you want to cash his death too by levelling charges on Mansur Ejaz, CIA, Zardari and whosoever does not agree with your violent and extremist agenda?

    Shame on you. You are traitors of not only Pakistan but also of Islam.

  • Why should ask Hamid Mir Mow much “damakay Dhamookay will happen in my country how much blood would shed ? ”

    Will army or Hameed Gul take revenge ?
    Accoding to HM Khalif Khawja Son is in Alqaida ,Can government ask his family where is Osama bin ladin ?
    Why all the Pakistani Media is silent ?

  • Farhan Q :
    Why should ask Hamid Mir Mow much “damakay Dhamookay will happen in my country how much blood would shed ? ”
    Will army or Hameed Gul take revenge ?
    Accoding to HM Khalif Khawja Son is in Alqaida ,Can government ask his family where is Osama bin ladin ?
    Why all the Pakistani Media is silent ?

    Senseless, Cruel and Third Rate Pakistani Media plays with the life of Innocent: Former president of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists Mazhar Abbas said that on the whole media’s role in the entire episode left a lot to be desired.
    “We go by the official version and don’t even use words like ‘alleged’. We (the media) must be very careful when an allegation is being levelled against someone,” said Mr Abbas.
    He said that the electronic media totally ignored these guidelines and did not even express regret if someone had been cleared by court or law-enforcers through an inquiry.
    “Throughout his ordeal, Faiz remained quite confident but we were devastated. We spent sleepless nights since Sunday when it all began,” his family members said. ‘Therapy shoes’ passenger mulls action against ASF By S. Raza Hassan Saturday, 15 May, 2010 http://www.dawn.com/wps/wcm/connect/dawn-content-library/dawn/the-newspaper/local/therapy-shoes-passenger-mulls-action-against-asf-550

  • 1. Firstly, why is the conversation reported only from the middle(the start is missing). What did Hamid Mir and the other guy say in the missing portion which has been cut off? Did they discuss who in the establishment Hamid Mir talked to about Khalid Khwaja ?

    2. Hamid Mir informs his interlocuter about what he had been told about who is holding Khalid Khwaja – he names a “Tariq”. So the person he is talking to did not(apparently) know who was holding Khalid Khwaja. Hamid Mir’s subsequent opinions are then just opinions expressed to someone not directions to kidnappers.

    3. Not clear why one brother appearing arrested in a burqa merits sacrifice of life by the other brother in Lal Masjid and Hamid Mir thinks such sacrifice was justified. In other words, Khalid Khwaja may have literally saved the life of one brother by encouraging him to escape but his sin was apparently that that brother got arrested. What was ISI’s role in encouraging then pursuing the brothers? The conversation shows even a captain of media like Hamid Mir is highly confused about rights and wrongs when extremists capture a mosque and defy local authorities. This confusion is even manifest in jihad sympathisers like Hamid Mir with sources of information inside Pak establishment. This means that chaos reigns the Pak jihadi enterprise and ISI’s jihadi machinations, and no one knows for what reasons their associates are killed or killing.

  • sadna : . This confusion is even manifest in jihad sympathisers like Hamid Mir with sources of information inside Pak establishment. This means that chaos reigns the Pak jihadi enterprise and ISI’s jihadi machinations, and no one knows for what reasons their associates are killed or killing.

    Allah’s Retribution crosses every kind of “Super Samajhdari [Read Fasad Fil Arz Anarchy in Land” in which Pakistani Establishment and Mullahs are indulged.

    ظَهَرَ الْفَسَادُ فِي الْبَرِّ وَالْبَحْرِ بِمَا كَسَبَتْ أَيْدِي النَّاسِ لِيُذِيقَهُم بَعْضَ الَّذِي عَمِلُوا لَعَلَّهُمْ يَرْجِعُونَ

    Corruption doth appear on land and sea because of (the evil) which men’s hands have done, that He may make them taste a part of that which they have done, in order that they may return. [ AL-ROOM (THE ROMANS, THE BYZANTINES) Chapter 30 Verse 41]

    In the last days there would be people amongst you who will gain the knowledge of Islam just for seeking the world. They will be wearing sheep’s hide to impress people, they will be speaking very softly as if their tongues are made of sugar but their hearts will be worse than Wolves. Allah will say, are you trying to cross Me then Allah will swear upon Himself and will say I will put those people in such an anarchy and confusion that even the brightest among them will be flabbergasted” . {Tirmidhi}.

  • Pakistan is the only country where Terrorism is fully supported in the media .

  • a. It would appear that someone wants Hamid Mir disgraced (and given the type of people he has angered, probably be target of assassination).

    b. Beyond that it is difficult to figure out. Why was Khalid Khwaja kidnapped in the first place? Surely not because of Hamid Mir. The Friday Times Nuggets (May 14, 2010) has “Peshawar-based daily dedicated to Mufti Rashid Ahmad, Islam” making pretty much the same allegations as Hamid Mir did in this phone call about Khalid Khwaja.

    c. It is very difficult to disentangle who has allegiance to what.

  • At the best, this audio tape shows a deep, internal rift within Pakistan’s security establishment, i.e., the ISI and the Taliban.

    One thing is quite certain: whoever released this tape is not Hamid Mir’s friend.

    Was Mir set up to say what he would have said any way (his pro-Talib bias is an open secret) but the way this tape has been released in the public domain (by the ISI fan page) suggests that the ISI or Taliban are trying their best to contain the side effects of the Khalid Khwaja murder even at the cost of sacrificing Hamid Mir.

    May God be with Hamid Mir. Despite our deep disagreement with his pro-Taliban journalism, our prayers and best wishes are with him. After all, he is Waris Mir’s son and Amir Mir’s brother, two of the most respected and most credible names in the history of Pakistani journalism.

  • Abdul Nishapuri : May God be with Hamid Mir. Despite our deep disagreement with his pro-Taliban journalism, our prayers and best wishes are with him. After all, he is Waris Mir’s son and Amir Mir’s brother, two of the most respected and most credible names in the history of Pakistani journalism.

    I agree with Abdul. Difference is only of opinion and kind of journalism. Hamid Mir is also a Human therefore as a Human Being, he has a right to live. No compromise on somebody’s life.

  • I am confused if it is indeed the voice of Hamid Mir, but for the sake of discussion, we would accept this to be true.
    Most of you who posted your comments, may not know the difficulties faced by a journalist in establishing contacts with these people and the tune one needs to adopt, to extract information from them. It might sound weird but this is the truth that you need to present yourself as one of their sympathizer, if you want to work on issues involving them but this does not necessarily mean that you should also report the way they want you to report.
    At the end of the day, its a very complicated and dangerous duty to perform and you must give journalists, some relaxations in thier behaviours to interact with them.
    As far as Hamid Mir’s accusations against KK are concerned, I think they were more inspired by his personal relations with KK rather than him being working on someone’s behalf. I am convinced that Hamid Mir would have never anticipated this fate for KK. May God bless Khalid Khwaja and wish Col. Imam and Asad Qureshi, a safe return home.

  • @Javed Afridi I am not confused about the fact that this is Hamid Mir’s voice and style.

    He cannot hide behind his journalist profession because of a number of reasons, which have been adequately discussed by some posters at cafe pyala. Here is a summary:


    Quite apart from all the other despicable things this recording proves Hamid Mir to be, it also provides pretty damning evidence that he is an accomplice to and instigator of Khalid Khwaja’s murder.

    Oh, boy, here come the “let’s save our non-hairy jihadis on TV” brigade.
    They will pick up the flimsiest and most useless ‘evidence’ against Zaradi and run away with it, but suddenly become oh-so-objective whenever evidence comes along against the jihadis. Tsk, tsk


    one clarification, this audio was not excluvisely published by lubp, this has been making the rounds on the internet since may 13 and seems to have been originally uploaded by the “ISI fan page” on facebook:


    so please do consider the original source of this recording while assessing it. Which is not to say that Hamid Mir’s views are not shocking, but this is obviously part of a larger internal conflict within the establishment.


    Supreme Court should take suo motto notice of this. This is a very serious issue. If Hamid Mir is not guilty then he should clear himself. Sp far no contradictory statement from him.


    as a journalist who routinely works on stories related to the taliban and their assorted permutations in our midst, i’d like to weigh in against this suggestion of yours that hamid mir’s conversation is intended to flatter and sooth the talib on the other end into providing information. if anything it sounds completely the other way around. yes, one often does have to “haan may haan milao-fy” with the nutters to keep them chatty, but mir is the one venting in this conversation, and the talib looking for information. we have all read his anti-establishment piece. sadly, it’s not the exception that proves the rule as far as hamid mir is concerned.


    One thing is clear that the other person on the telephone line is one of the top operatives from among the so-called Punjabi Taliban. And it is not only that a reporter is trying to be chummy with his ‘source, he’s rather informing him (source).

    He’s blatantly instigating the other person to take Khalid Khawaja as a CIA agent and on top of it an aide of “Qadiani and Israeli lobby”. As a media crook he knew Qadiani label for Lashkar-i-Jhangvi people aka Punjabi Taliban is same as a red rag to a bull. “Mey Qadianio ko kafiro sey bhi bura samjhta hun,” this is what if he isn’t hell bent to see KK’s dead body.

    But the most appaling is his casual way of asking “barrey dhamakey shamkey ho rahey hain”. And the other person replies ” … abhi kutch aur bhi hongey, kutch line mey lagey huwey thay”. He was saying there were more [bomb blasts] in the line.

    And one has gone off under the Capital Talk’s hot seat with this audio clip becoming public.


    seems to me that you have an anti-ahmedi opinion too, the way you’re very willing to forgive hamid all for his (improbable) information-gathering attempt… but by the way, for those of us in the business, the person on the other end is well known as a spokesperson for the punjabi talibs. hamid’s “relationship” is beyond doubt one of ease with him. and the “conversation” is so blatantly one-sided as to leave little doubt who is prompting whom. spare us the lesson in journalistic ethics or whatever it is you’re willing to give mir the benefit of the doubt for. if you’ve done similarly, shame on you too.


  • yahya
    According to the tape, one of the sons of Khalad Khawaja is in Al-Qaida. Khalad Khawaja also has links with ISI/establishment which leads one to believe that Hilary Clinton’s allegation that some in Pakistan establishment know the location of Osama Bin Ladin may well be true.

    …and this is just one link, there may be other links between ISI and Al-Qaida.

    PAKISTANI MEDIA BEING EXPOSED!!! Now we understand why the media was defending the terrorists even though they were blowing up schools and mosques and killing innocent people! Now we know why people like Hamid Mir was so avidly sharing romance with the terrorists on media until a short while ago. This is a big blow for the terrorists – their agents are being exposed, thanks to the ISI – double-crosser being double-crossed!


  • @sadna
    Assalamu Alaikum.

    I am the one who leaked this audio after obtaining the tape.

    Thing is, the origial call recording is well over 20 minutes of playtime, but it was slight cut off from a few small pointers because Hamid Mir was literally using obscene, abusive language against Mrs. Khalid Khawaja, the shameless person he is.


  • Transcript has:
    HM: His biggest betrayal to me was that there was a mujahid, Abdul Rehman Al Canady.
    UM: Yes, there was one Canady.
    HM: He was martyred in North Waziristan.

    That was six years ago!!!!


    The Uzbeks began killing Arab al Qaeda: When the Uzbeks began to target al Qaeda operatives in the region, the “The Taliban and their supporters in Waziristan had begun to realise that Uzbeks were turning into a liability because of their alleged involvement in target-killings,” notes AKI. “The most prominent name to come up was that of Saiful Asad.”

    Another Arab killed by the Uzbeks was Sheikh Asadullah, “a widely respected Saudi” who was described as “the moneybags in the entire tribal belt.” Asadullah replaced “Ahmad Saeed Abdur Rehman Khadr Al Kanadi, an Egyptian-born Canadian known for being a conduit for finances to al Qaeda affiliates,” who was killed in 2004. Asadullah’s “tribal companion,” or liaison, was one of Nazir’s lieutenants, and he claimed Asadullah was murdered by Uzbeks.

    To put Al Kanadi into perspective, he had worked with al Qaeda since 1988 and was said to have been Osama Bin Laden’s closer associates. “Mr. Khadr is a key figure in the Canadian al Qaeda network. He uses the alias al-Kanadi, or the Canadian, and is designated by the United Nations as a high-ranking al Qaeda member. He has not been seen since the Sept. 11 attacks but two of his Canadian sons, Omar and Abdul, were captured in Afghanistan, where they were fighting with al Qaeda.” Al Kanadi was operating with Nazir prior to being killed in 2004.


    Mansoor’s family has a pedigree in jihad. His father was Ahmed Said Al Khadr, an al Qaeda operative who was killed in October 2003, Geo Newsreported. Khadr, who is also known as Abdul Rehman Khadr al Kanadi, was born in Cairo, Egypt, but was a Canadian national.

    Khadr was a close confidant of Osama bin Laden, who invited Kanadi to join the Shura Majlis, the top leadership council, after the US invasion of Afghanistan. Khadr was tasked with helping al Qaeda families escape into Pakistan. He was also close to South Waziristan Taliban leader Mullah Nazir, who shelters al Qaeda leaders in the Wazir tribal areas.

    Khadr was wanted by the US for his suspected ties to the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks on the US. He was also on the United Nations’ 1267 Committee list of designated terrorists. Pakistani security forces killed Kanadi and several other al Qaeda fighters during a raid in October 2003.

    was al Kanadi. His son (Abdul)Kareem is mentioned there, he was captured by Paki forces; Khadr is said to have died in that fight. There is a footnote in the Wiki article

    65. (Arabic) Son of Ahmed Said Khadr ‘al-Kanadi’: My father twice tried to convince me to become suicide bomber, June 17, 2004

  • Complete transcript of Hamid Mir’s conversation (English translation) This man enabled subsequent Ahmadi Massacre in Lahore on 28 May 2010!

    Hamid Mir: Many bombings are being carried out.

    Unidentified man: Let’s see. There will be more of them. There are some in the pipeline. What do they (government) say about the operation in Orakzai? Will they stop it or not?

    HM: No, they say it would not be stopped, rather they say they will also start an operation in North Waziristan and 40,000 troops will leave in a couple of days.

    UM: In North Waziristan?

    HM: Yes.

    UM: Do you have any report on Khalid Khawaja etc.

    HM: They say Khalid Khawaja Saab is in custody of one Azam Afridi in Darrakhel.

    UM: Yes, yes Tariq Afridi (correcting HM).

    HM: They are in Tariq Afridi’s custody.

    UM: OK.

    HM: Yes.

    UM: So, are they men of the government or ISI?

    HM: Who?

    UM: These, Khalid Khawaja and Colonel Imam.

    HM: Khalid Khawaja, according to my opinion, is not an ISI man, rather he is a CIA agent, an American CIA agent and he has links with the Taliban leadership.

    UM: Yes, he met with Hakimullah and others when he came here last time.

    HM: I personally know that Khalid Khawaja has links not only with CIA but he is also a front man of Mansoor Ijaz who belongs to a very big international network of Qadiyanis. Once he came to me along with Mansoor, who had a briefcase with him, and Khalid Saab told me that Mansoor is a key representative of the US government, so arrange his meeting with Syed Salahuddin, who is a mujahideen leader, and he along with him would resolve the Kashmir issue.

    UM: All right.

    HM: But I asked him what charm or magic lamp does he posses for the resolution of the Kashmir dispute. He said he had links with the Indian government and (Atal Bihari) Vajpayee Jee, which surprised me. I didn’t arrange the meeting, but I asked Mr Salahuddin who said Khalid Khawaja is sending messages that you should directly talk to India and the US on the issue and exclude Pakistan from it.

    UM: All right, all right.

    HM: After that, Mansoor Ijaz also asked me: Are you with us or not? I said, “I am not with you.” Then he conspired against me and got me sacked from the Daily Ausaf when I was its editor. So, I think Khalid Khawaja not only has links with the CIA but he is also an agent of the Qadiyanis, and I am very sad that he used to go to the Tribal Areas and meet leaders there.

    UM: But now, I think, the Taliban have caught him and have demanded $10 million for the journalist.

    HM: Do you know what part his (Khalid Khawaja’s) wife played in Lal Masjid?

    UM: No, but it was something negative.

    HM: It was that Maulana Abdul Rashid Ghazi Saab – may Allah bless him with a place in heavens. What he told me in his last days was, do you know that he did not completely agree with Maulana Aziz.

    UM: Yes, yes.

    HM: Mr Abdul Rashid Ghazi wanted to save the students inside the mosque and for that he showed flexibility and said, “I am ready to surrender on the condition that those who are with me will not be arrested and will be released.” But Khalid Khawaja’s wife was pressurised so much by Ume Hassaan that Maulana Abdul Aziz, without asking his brother, came out in a burqa, and Khalid Khawaja was involved in it (call disconnected).

    UM: Assalam-o-Alaikum!

    HM: Yes,

    UM: The call got disconnected.

    HM: Ok.

    UM: So, what were you saying about his wife?

    HM: Yes, I was telling you that his wife pressurised him so much that Ghazi Saab said, “She says we have to fight, just fight for martyrdom.” After that Mr Khalid Khawaja came out of the mosque and his wife also fled, Khalid Khawaja’s wife.

    UM: Yes, we heard that she had fled after that.

    HM: Yes, she ran away and then Maulana Abdul Aziz also came out in the burqa.

    UM: I think, he insisted for that.

    HM: Yes, he had done all this. After that Maulana Abdul Aziz was arrested and Mr Abdul Rashid Ghazi telephoned me and said, “Now, I don’t have any option. Now, my family and ulema have been defamed as my brother was arrested in a burqa and presented on Pakistan Television. This is a large stain which can only be removed with my blood.” So, he lived up to his words and sacrificed. So, Khalid Khawaja and his wife, anyone may know or not, they will have to answer before Allah Almighty.

    UM: He, recently, came here and met my companions. He was saying, “You can work in Pakistan as we say, if you want to. I can arrange your ‘setting’ with an admiral in Mianwali. So, you should not burn US containers in Pakistan, you can rob them and sell them to a person recommended by us.” He was saying, “We would provide you everything for carrying out activities in Pakistan.”

    HM: Do whatever you want to with the containers, burn them or rob them, I have nothing to do with it. But ask him what relationship he has with Mansoor Ijaz and William Casey? William Casey was the chief of CIA.

    UM: Right, right.

    HM: He (Khawaja) himself has confessed in front me that he had links with William Casey. Ok! Leave William, ask him about the Qadiyanis, because I personally believe that Qadiyanis are worse than infidels, what kind of links does he have with Qadiyanis? What relationship does he have with Mansoor Ijaz? Why does he use his money? Why does he go everywhere with him when he comes to Pakistan? Why does he bring him to the mujahideen?

    UM: Yes, he has a son in al Qaeda.

    HM: Yes, his son would also be a spy like him.

    UM: Yes, I talked to the shaikhs about him. They said they were keeping him on the sidelines.

    HM: His biggest betrayal to me was that there was a mujahid, Abdul Rehman Al Canady.

    UM: Yes, there was one Canady.

    HM: He was martyred in North Waziristan. He came to me with Canady’s wife and a daughter, saying Canady’s son, Karim, is at Rawalpindi’s CMH and is injured and the army had arrested him. He asked me to arrange a meeting between the injured and his mother. I said this is very difficult for me and I can’t do this because already they are all against me. But, he said all that you need to do is to arrange a meeting between a mother and her son. So, I arranged it with a lot of difficulties and sent the woman to Rawalpindi CMH, but when she reached there she took a camera out of her burqa and asked her son to record a message that he is innocent, has no links with anyone and has been kept here illegally. She was arrested there because a nurse saw her and seized the camera from her. But I was held responsible for all of it as they told me that I had sent this woman. It was revealed after her arrest that the woman had a Canadian passport and had visited Canada two months ago. After that I faced a lot of difficulties. The Canadian government released the woman and her daughter and then she went back to Canada. In Toronto, she held a press conference and admitted that she worked for the CIA. Now Khalid Khawaja has a long beard and his wife wears a full veil so people like us, who are involved in worldly affairs and have committed sins, believe that if we will help them, we might be forgotten for our sins. When these kinds of people betray us, we lose confidence on the religion itself.

    UM: Absolutely, neither we are wrong nor is the army, but people like him have created the difficulties.

    HM: However, if he is somewhere, ask him at least that you used the name of Abdul Rehman Canady, you worked with Mansoor Ijaz, you have worked William Casey. And there is one Javaid Ibrahim Piracha, who has a very big seminary in Kohat.

    UM: Yes, yes.

    HM: You all know the services of Piracha Saab. So, he fraudulently invited Piracha Saab in Islamabad and told him he wanted to arrange his meeting with a prominent personality. He took him to the US deputy foreign minister at Serena Hotel and said, “He is Mr Piracha and he can arrange your talks with the al Qaeda and Taliban.” Piracha Saab is a well-educated person. I observed that he was betrayed and came out of the room and escaped from there. Then he called me and said, “You were right about him (Khalid Khawaja).”

    UM: Right, right. He went to him last time.

    HM: Yes, Piracha Saab told me about that. He said, “He came to me and Col Imam was also here and told Col Imam that don’t go anywhere with this guy.” He (Piracha) said, “What can I do if he comes here and I can’t force him out of my house, but you don’t go anywhere with him.” Mr Piracha said Col Imam didn’t want to go with Khalid Khawaja, but he forced him to go with him.

    UM: Right, maybe to use as human shield. But Shah Abdul Aziz, that MNA of Kirk, is supporting him a lot. He was meeting everyone here and asking for his release.

    HM: He would have fooled Shah Abdul Aziz.

    UM: Yes, he was asking people to release him and said you may keep the journalist, whose ransom will be paid to you by him.

    HM: Ok! His release depends on them who have kept him, but convey them these three questions that what is your link with Mansoor Ijaz, whose father fled with the atomic secrets of Pakistan. Mansoor Ijaz’s father was an atomic scientist and he fled to the US with the atomic secrets of Pakistan. Once he (Ijaz) offered Benazir Bhutto a quid pro quo deal in 1995 that all the debts of the country will be forgiven, if she recognised Israel. That means he was also an agent of Israel.

    UM: Yes, he used to ask my companions to work in Pakistan “as we say”. Actually, the killings of brigadiers in Rawalpindi might have been arranged by him, I think.

    HM: It might be possible, but I have been watching this guy for the last 13 or 14 years and he is a suspected man.

    UM: OK. Inshallah, I will meet Hakimullah in two or three days and talk to him about all this.

    HM: All right

    UM: Thank you so much.

    HM: Assalam-o-Alaikum!

    UM: Assalam-o-Alaikum!

  • Hamid Mir’s terrifying indiscretions

    LAHORE: A shocking audiotape of a conversation between Hamid Mir – one of the country’s top TV anchors – and a man purportedly linked to the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, has revealed that negative information that Mir passed on to the Taliban could have led to the execution of Khalid Khawaja, the retired Air Force official allegedly killed by a group calling themselves the ‘Asian Tigers’.

    The tape – which has Mir divulging dirt on Khawaja, ostensibly to someone who is going to cross examine him – was first posted by the Let Us Build Pakistan blog, and picked up by other online publications. It is still unclear who made the tape, with online speculation suggesting that it could be the militants themselves, or even intelligence agencies who released the recording.

    Whatever the source may be, it is clear that one of the voices on the tape is Mir’s, a fact corroborated by his allusions to events such as his sacking from the daily Ausaf. In the tape, the person on the other end asks Mir for information on Khalid Khawaja. The content of the conversation suggests that this call was made before Khawaja’s execution earlier this month. Mir goes on to detail what he knows about Khawaja’s background, linking him to the CIA, an international network of Qadianis and an American named Mansur Ejaz, who, Mir claims, even offered to solve the Kashmir issue.

    At one point, the voice on the other end claims to have abducted Khawaja. Here, Mir volunteers further information linking Khawaja to the Lal Masjid operation, saying that Khawaja and his wife were the ones responsible for the death of Ghazi Rasheed and the humiliating capture of Maulana Abdul Aziz and his family. Mir then urges the man to cross-examine Khawaja about his relationship with Mansur Ejaz, Qadianis and a CIA agent named William Casey.

    Mir also mentions Javed Paracha – the Kohat-based PML-N lawmaker who offered to mediate Khawaja’s release. Towards the end of the tape, the voice on the other end says that he will relay the information (that Mir has given) to Hakeemullah Mehsud. staff report

    Points of interest in the conversation

    * Hamid Mir’s disparaging attitude towards Qadianis (in his own words, he considers them worse than kaafirs)

    * His nonchalance when suicide bombings or the looting of NATO trucks are mentioned

    * Mir’s repeated references to occasions where Khawaja has personally ‘betrayed’ him (He holds Khawaja personally responsible for his departure from the daily Ausaf)

    * The high degree of reverence with which Mir refers to Ghazi Rasheed, Javed Paracha and other terrorists, including Abdul Rehman Kennedy


  • One last:

    When Maha and Abdulkareem used the family’s savings to return to Canada on April 9, 2004,[11] Stockwell Day, Bob Runciman and John Cannis were among a public outcry calling for the Khadrs’ citizenship to be revoked, and for the pair to be deported.[12] Others suggested it was unfair to revoke citizenship from people who held views contrary to the government or majority.[12]

    Some Canadians complained that the Khadrs had “taken advantage of” Canada, living off its social services, while decrying it as a morally-corrupted country.[13] Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty dissented, stating that the province would recognise the family’s right to Ontario Health Insurance Plan medical coverage and to be treated like any other Canadian family.[14]

    In 2005, following Zaynab’s return to the country, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer Konrad Shourie stated that “The entire family is affiliated with al Qaeda and has participated in some form or another with these criminal extremist elements”.[15]

    A noted friend of the family, former Pakistani Air Force officer and ISI agent Khalid Khawaja spoke in their defence saying they were being unfairly targeted by Canadian authorities because of a deference to the United States, and Islamophobia.[16]

  • 1. This is just Watan Faroshi . In the first Video in just opening sentences Hamid Mir exposes secret details of 40,000 soldiers ready for Orakzai Operation which he got from some of his Army Links or General Kyani inviting journalists to discuss the current situation and He shamessly doing Watan Faroshi passes this detail to TTP Terrorist and Hakeemulalah’s close friend and top leader of TTP. Only Watan Farosh Taritors expose such top level millitary details prior to major operation launch in Orakzai in last epicentre of Al-Qaeda and TTP terrorists from Arab and Egypt etc.

    2. Just Opemning of first Video… Hamid Mir says that bomb blasts going on, terrorists says more in pipeline , Hamid Mir not say a single word why they are killing thousands of innocents Pakistanis , our girls, our women, our poor selling on roads , our girls in Pukhtoonkha Peepal mandi, Dir School Girls, Islamic University Girls but shamelesly listen and says ” Hooo” means OK . We wonder a man having daughter and son with such stone-heart way not utter a single word to ask them to stop this , what the sin of poor innocents but when Watan Faroshi is the main purpose of life , what else needs !

    3. Declaring Abdur Rehman Al-Canadi as “Mujahid” who only God knows helped in how many killings of Pakistanis from S-Wazirstan with help of TTP and Al-Qaeda , took his widow to her son.Ghazi of Lal Mosque as Greatest Mujahid of Islam and supporting his cause indirectly blaming Khalid Khwaja for all this and indirectly convincing TTP to kill this man.

    4. I am myself a Sunni and follow Imam Abu Hanifa School of Thought but how shamelessly he decalring Pakistan made by Jinnah and appointed its First Foreign Minister Sir Zafarullah who excellently presente Kashmir Case on UNO, Dr.Abdus Salam who was forced to leave this country in early 1950s and later helped in building Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and SUPARCO Pakistan Space Program as Advisor to General Ayub and wanted to build Theoratical Physics Institute like that of Triesty in Italy , M M Ahmed like Economist, General Akhtar who planned and conducted Operation Jibraltar to libearte Kashmir on advice of Zulfiqar Bhutto , Dr.Mansoor whic he telling white lie that he ran with PAk Atomic Secrets infact was the Incharge of very Sensitive Division of Pak Nuclear Program in Atomic Energy Commission and helped in making this program successful andd present Chairman FBR and brilliant Punjab Ex Secreatary Finance , PND and Commissioner Bhawalnagar, Mr.Sohail Ahmed , who by his efforts and love for his Motherland raised the Revenues to Highest Level of All Times in history and praised by Supreme Court and ADB , WB and IMF for his outstanding hard work and Dedication to this country. We are against thier Religious Beliefs but that means we urge People to Kill them openly , Persecute them and declare them Traitors while He himself doing Watan Faroshi and exposing Millitary Details of Orakz ai Operation to TTP and Hakimullah Right Hand.Neext he will declare Dr.Pervez Hoodbhoy , MIT Nuclear Physist and QAU Physics Head as Traitor then Rana Bhgwandas Chairman Federal Service Commission and then Shias and Ismailis and Sikhs and everyone.

    5. His anger for Mansur Ejaz, who himself is a MIT Gradute of Nuclear Physics that he played a main role in Kicking out Osama Bin Laden from Sudan by negotiations between Sudan Government and US . Since he has taken Baait of Osama Bin Laden , call him Shiekh Osama , take his interview , consider him Saladin of this Century and Osama also sent his man to Him just before 9/11 so his personal anger with Mansur Ejaz and Ahmedis is understandable.

    6. Now as usual He would blame Agencies , ISI and MI for tapping this which is absolutely right in these crucial days to tape everyone who have close links with such Barbarians who slaughter innocents and recenlt blasted 70+ schools in Mehmand and Orakzai and Bajaur etc who have killed 20,000 innocent Pakistanis. I would request officals of ISI , MI and ISPR also to tape phones of Irfan Siddique and few others who openly support Al-Qaeda and TTP activities in Pakistan. Now they would blame for Shakeel Turabi son , Missing People Case and few other Propganda to save thier Neck from this Horrible Talk Exposed. Truth is that during investigations , some of Missing People have been died long ago as it happens during Interrogation by MI and ISI etc, for security of Pak, its not a big deal , even CIA and FBI and MOSSAD do many illegal acts for thier Country. Not defending illegal custodies but mater of fact is that 95% caught Missing People have links with TTP and AL-Qaeda , some went for Jihad in Afghanistan and killed there by US and NATO etc, some are killed in Custody. Even Dr.Afia name was relesaed by 9/11 Main Planner Khalid Shiekh Muhmmad when ISI caught him from Rawalpindi that Boston Incharge of Al-Qaeda Activities is MIT Gradute Dr.Afia Siddique , who took divorce from ex-husband , came Pakistan to do Jihad in Afghanistan and just after 6 month of Divorce , married Khalid Shiekh Muhammad’s Nephew .

    7. Last but not the least , For God Sake leave our Country all Traitors and Al-Qaeda and TTP supporters due to which we are producing Faisal Shehzad and now Fareed Zakriya and other openly saying US to attack Pak like Iraq and Afghanistan. Shameless People Irfan Siddique , Hamid Mir , Orya Maqbool Jan and Co. would play a major role in any mishap and adventure of US/NATO on Pak , Drones Attacks are already doubled and God knows what would be the next. Those Bastards Saddam and Mulla Omer after ruining thier country and killing millions of thier people ran and hanged but we cannot afford our country to be ruined. Baighairat JUI Diesel Smugglers and Jamatai Islami Al-Qaeda Supporters, Hamid Gul and Aslam Baig Co. turning Pakistn Academia , UET Lahore and other Universities a Base Camp and Nursery for Laskhrai Tayyaba to Wave Red Flag on Dehli Red Fort and killied 172 innocents in Mumbai bringing 2 countries to verge of Nuclear War and now still operating and publishing new magazine montly Al-Harmain from Karachi and Water Defence Council in Academia of Pakistan to once again start Game of Bood and Bones. Mr. Interior Minsiter , where are you as all going this under your nose ! We Pakistanis request all these Watan Farosh Tola For God Sake , leave our country. Shameless People, in love of these Bastards Arabs , Egyptians, Iraqis, Chechans, Uzbeks, Yemenis, you have ruined our daughters, our sisters, our brothers, police,soldiers,poor coomon innocents, our relgious, social , cultural fibre, our economy is on 2.4% , our suicidal rates are on highest and people burning themselves in front of Nawaz Sharif Home in Model Town Lahore. Shameless People you have ruined everything of this country now what else you want. We 170 million Pakitsnis dont support US policies in Iraq and Palestine but we dont want these Bastard Arab AlQaeda and TTP to ruin our country.These Khwarijs want to bring thier Neo-Khwarij Takfeeri Islam here, Just get Lost from our country and this world also. Pakistan is bleeding due to your policies and God knows where would be the end of this Blood !!!

  • Sorry, one more interesting one:
    Khalid Khawaja, 2005

    …..This is exactly the interpretation when we talk about Pakistan and India in the perspective of Kashmir. In fact, Pakistan was never sincere with Kashmiris. It was a selfish military strategic maneuver to bleed India. Whatever was done, it was for “Pakistanism”. Meaning to impose Pakistan’s strategic agenda in the region. We just used religion and jihad. It was just a ploy to engage Indian forces in Kashmir and keep their financial resources squeezed.

    ATol: Did not Pakistan morally support the Kashmiri struggle so that the Muslim population would get its rights?

    KK: What are you talking about? Indian Muslims enjoy more rights than Muslims enjoy in Pakistan. There are hundreds of Pakistani people, including army-men, clerics, scholars and common people, who have been missing from their homes for over two years. It is a known fact that they were picked up by intelligence agencies. They were never tried in any court of law. Several of them were killed without any trail. Even the British system of justice during British India days was better, when nobody was kept in detention without trial. We ask, okay, don’t give us the rights that free nations have, but at least give us those rights people had during the time of the British Raj.

    A few years ago, a Muslim was picked by an Indian intelligence agency. Prominent Muslim leader and scholar Maulana Asad Madani met the governor of the province and protested. The governor said that this kind of interrogation was common in Pakistan, “So why do you protest in India?” Asad Madani reminded the governor in very strong words that this was not Pakistan, but India, and one had to produce a person in court, so eventually the Muslim was produced.

  • If one is working for CIA, ISI, then why not the other for Taliban.
    Freedom of expression and right to chose your way.

  • Translation provided by Hijazi (of the ISI fan page on Facebook )

    TRANSCRIPT: Hamid Mir’s taped call with a Terrorist
    Source: http://www.facebook.com/isifanpage

    Note: In the following conversation, “HM” is for Hamid Mir and “T” is for Terrorist. My personal comments are marked in red and English translations of respective lines in green.

    HM: 00:00: “Aur, uh, bas kaafi dhamaake dhamooke ho rahe hain”
    (And, uh, just lots of explosions and blasts going on)

    T: 00:04: “Chalein abhi to phir kuch aur bhi kuch honge, abhi l ine mein lage huwe thay” [This shows the caller is indeed a ter rorist, and from the TTP, as you’ll come to see later on]
    (Alright, well there are more to come (explosions), they’re in line (suicide bombers))
    [This shows that this caller is a ter rorist belonging to TTP/Al Qaeda]

    T: 00:09: “To abhi ye kya kehte hain, ye Orakzai ka operation inhon ne band karna hay na nai?”
    (So what do they (Army leadership) say, are they going to end the Orakzai
    operation or not?)

    00:14: “Nai woh kehte hain G band nai karna ab to hum Shumali Waziristan mein bhi charhai
    karenge aur 40,000 fauj jo hay woh rawana hojaegi, ek do din mein”
    (No, they say we’re not going to end it, infact we’ll start mounting North Waziristan also and 40,000 troops will be deployed there in a day or two) [Hamid Mi r informing ter rorists about Army’s plans]

    T: 00:22: “Accha, Shumali Waziristan ke liye?”
    ( I see, for North Waziristan?)

    HM: 00:23: “Hmm..”

    T: “Sai sai…”
    (Right, r ight..)

    T: “Toh unki koi report hay, Khalid Khawaja waghera ki?”
    (So is there any report about them, Khalid Khawaja and the others (Colonel Imam, Asad Qureshi)?) [This shows that the call was indeep taped after and the conversation held after Khalid Khawaja, Col. Imam and Asad Qureshi were held hostage]

    HM: “Woh kehte hain G Khalid Khawaja saab jo hain woh, koi, Aazam Afridi hay, koi,
    Darra Khel mein..”
    (They say that Khalid Khawaja is, some, there is an “Aazam Afridi” guy, in Dar ra Khel (area)..)
    T: “Tariq Afridi..”
    (Tariq Afridi)

    HM: “Tariq Afridi, us ke paas”
    (With Tariq Afridi) [That Tariq Afridi has held them captive. How does Hamid Mi r know this?]

    T 00:44: “To ye matlab hay kya government ke/ISI ke bande hain special ya..”
    (So who are they, do they belong to the government/ISI?)
    HM 00:50: “Kaun?”
    T: 00:51: “Yahi, Khalid Khawaja aur Colonel Imam”
    (Them, (meaning) Khalid Khawaja and Colonel Imam)
    HM: 00:54: “Khalid Khawaja to mera khyal hay ISI ka banda nai woh to CIA ka
    banda hay,
    Amreeki CIA ka banda hay aur hayrat ki baat hay ke us ka raabta Taliban ki qayadat se
    rehta hay”
    (Khalid Khawaja is not an ISI officer according to me, he is a CIA agent, of the
    American CIA and it’s surprising that he’s also in communication with the Taliban
    leadership) [The propaganda against Khalid Khawaja starts, so that the ter rorist
    on the other end gets provoked by this disinformation and provides wrong
    information unknowingly to the TTP/Al Qaeda]
    T: “Han idhar jo picchli dafa aya tha to kaafi se milke geya tha, Hakeem UI llah waghera,
    sab se na..” [Idhar (here), and then he says met “Hakeem Ullah Mehsud, so this
    means the caller was in Waziristan and a man who’s in touch with TTP and
    Hakeem Ullah]
    (Yes, when he came here the last time, he met quite many of them, Hakeem Ullah
    etc., with everyone)
    HM: 01:08: “Kyunke ye to mujhe zaati tor pe is baat ka pata hay ke Khalid Khwaja jo hay
    uh, uska na sirf ye ke Amreeki CIA se raabta hay balke Qadyanion ka ek bohat bara
    bayn ul
    aqwaami network jo hay, us mein ek admi hay Mansoor Ejaz, jo ke Amreeki hay. To
    ye uska front
    may aur ek dafa Mansoor Ejaz ko le ke Khalid Khawaja mere paas aya tha, aur usne
    Mansoor Ejaz ko kaha, k, um, Mansoor Ejaz ko le ke mere paas aya, uske paas ek briefcase
    Aur Khalid Khawaja saab ne mujhe kaha G ke ‘Ye Mansoor Ejaz saab hain aur ye Amreeki
    hukumat ke bohat bare numaende hain, to in ki aap mulaqat Syed Salahuddin saab se
    jo Hizbul Mujahideen k sarbaraah hain, aur ye unke saath milkar Masla e Kashmir hal
    karwadenge. To meine inse poocha G ke ye.. in ke paas kaun sa aisi gidar-singi hay ya aisa
    sa jaadu ka chiragh hay jo Masla e Kashmir hal karwadenge? Toh, unhon ne kaha G ke
    inka, jo
    hai na, woh Indian Government se bhi raabta hay aur inka Vajpayee se bhi raabta hay, toh,
    bara hayran hua. Meine phir mulaqat to nai karwai”
    (Because I know this personally that Khalid Khawaja, not only is he in contact with
    the American CIA but furthermore there is an American citizen by the name of
    Mansoor Ejaz, who belongs to an international Qadyani network. So he (Khalid
    Khawaja) is his (Mansoor Ejaz’s) frontman and once Khalid Khawaja came to me
    alongwith Mansoor Ejaz. He had a briefcase with him. And Khalid Khawaja told me
    ‘This is Mr. Mansoor Ejaz and he is a noted representative of the American
    Government, so you please ar range for his meeting with Syed Salahuddin who is the
    head of the Hizbul Mujahideen (Kashmir), and he will cooperate with him in
    resolving the Kashmi r dispute’. So I (Hamid Mi r) asked him (Khalid Khawaja) that,
    what sort of magic wand or magic lamp does he (Mansoor Ejaz) have with which
    he’ll resolve the Kashmir dispute? So, he said that he is also in contact with the
    Indian Government and also Vajpayee (ex Indian PM), so, I was quite surprised. I
    did not ar range for their meeting though)
    HM: 02:13: “Meine Salahuddin saab se poocha, Salahuddin saab ne kaha G ye admi jo hay,
    peghamat bhej raha hay Khalid Khwaja, ke aap jo hay woh barah e raast India ke saath aur
    Amreeka ke saath muk-maka karein, Pakistan ko beech mein se nikal dein. Toh uske baad
    woh jo
    Mansoor Ejaz hay, usne mujhe kaha ke “Aap hamara saath denge ya nai denge?” Meine
    “Mein saath nai dunga” Toh phir us ne sazish ki aur phir sazish ke nateeje mein woh mein
    Roznama Ausaaf ka editor tha, toh us ne mujhe phir wahan se nikalwa dia.”
    ( I asked Mr. Salahuddin, he said this man Khalid Khawaja, he is sending messages
    that you (Syed Salahuddin) settle the disputes once and for all directly with
    America and India, remove Pakistan from between. So after this, Mansoor Ejaz
    asked me “Will you assist us or not?” I said “I will not assist you” So after that he
    conspired and as a result he got me removed from my post as Editor at the Daily
    Ausaaf (newspaper))
    HM: 02:45: “Toh mein ye samajhta hun ke Khalid Khawaja ka na sirf CIA se raabta hay
    Qadyanion ka bhi agent hay, aur mujhe bara afsos hay ke ye qabaeli ilaaqon mein jata hay
    idhar udhar logon se mil ta hay”
    (So I think that Khalid Khawaja is not only in contact with the CIA but is also a
    Qadyani agent, and I am very sad to see that he goes to t ribal areas and meets
    people there)
    T: “Nai abhi to mein isko shayad pakar lia hay Taliban ne [HM: Ahan..]. Kyunke inke saath
    tha to woh uski jo demand udhar ki unhon ne, jo sahafi tha, 10 million dollar.. To abhi to
    woh inke
    piche para.. [HM interrupts]
    (No, r ight now I think the Taliban (TTP) have captured him [Hamid Mi r: “Ahan”].
    Because their companion who was alongwith them, that journalist (Asad Qureshi),
    a booty-demand had been on him for $10 million.. So now he’s behind them)
    HM: 03:04: “Aur apko pata hay ke, iski jo biwi hay us ne Lal Masjid mein kya kirdar ada
    (And do you know, his (Khalid Khawaja’s) wife, what role she played in the Lal
    Masjid issue?)
    T: “Nai woh to matlab kuch pata hay ke negative bohat kia tha lekin.. [HM interrupts
    (No, that I do know of a little bit that she played a very negative role, but..)
    HM: 03:11: “Woh ye tha ke Abdur Rasheed Ghazi saab jo hain, Allah unko jannat naseeb
    unhon ne akhri waqt mein jo mere saath baat ki thi woh ye ki thi, woh ye keh rahe thay ke,
    uh, ye
    to pata hai na aap ko ke un ka Maulana Abdul Aziz saab ke saath mukammal tor par
    it tafaq nai
    ( It (her role) was that Mr. Abdur Rasheed Ghazi (slain Lal Masjid cleric), May Allah
    bless him with Paradise, the last conversation that he had with me was that, uh,
    you do know that he was not in total agreement with Maulana Abdul Aziz (his
    T: “Jee jee haan ye to unka woh tha..”
    (Yes yes, yeah it was their..)
    HM: 03:28: “Woh ye kehte thay ke jo andar bacche aur bacchiyan thay, ye woh unko batana
    rahe thay, Abdur Rasheed Ghazi saab, aur is maqsad ke liye unhon ne kafi lachak ka
    kia aur yahan tak karlia tha unhon ne, ke woh keh rahe thay mein giraftari dene ke liye bhi
    hun, shart sirf ye thi ke mere saath jo log hain in ko giraftaar nai kia jaega aur inko aap
    denge, mein giraftari de dunga. Toh lekin ye jo Khalid Khawaja ki biwi hay, isne
    Hassaan sahiba ke l iye itna zyada dabao daala, itna zyada dabao daala ke aakhr e
    kaar Maulana
    jo Abdul Aziz saab hain, woh apne bhai se pooche baghair, ye Khalid Khawaja jo
    hay ye us mein
    mulawwas tha, aur woh burqa pehn ke bahir agaye.
    (He said that the male and female students inside, he (Abdur Rasheed Ghazi)
    wanted to tell them, and for this purpose he showed much flexibility to the extent
    that he said I am even willing to get ar rested, the only condition is that the people
    who are with me, they will not be ar rested and you will leave them, I will give the
    ar rest. But this man Khalid Khawaja, his wife, she put so much pressure on Umme
    Hassan (wife of Abdur Rasheed Ghazi), so much pressure, that at last Maulana
    Abdul Aziz, he did not consult his brother and came outside disguised in a burqa,
    Khalid Khawaja was involved in it.)
    T: 04:10: “Salamu alaikum. Jee woh kat geya tha.. toh, kya keh rahe thay aap unki wife
    (Salamualykum. Yes, sor ry it had cut (the call).. so, what were you saying about his
    HM 04:18: “Haan mein aap ko bataa raha tha ke inki wife jo hain inhon ne itna zyada
    dubao daala
    ke Ghazi saab kehte thay ke G woh kehti k “Nai sirf larhna hay, sirf larhna hay, aur sirf
    hona hay, shaheed hona hay” Aur uske baad, ye ke na sirf ye ke Khalid Khawaja saab
    mein se nikal gaye balke woh khud bhi bhaag gai, iski biwi jo hay, Khalid Khawaja ki..”
    (Yes, I was telling you that his wife, she exerted so much pressure that Abdur
    Rasheed Ghazi said that she is saying “No you only have to fight, only fight, and
    only get martyred, get martyred” And after that, not only Khalid Khawaja got out of
    the mosque but even his wife ran outside, (the wife of Khalid Khawaja))
    T: “Accha, haan ye to suna tha woh bhaag gai thi baad mein”
    (Yes, yeah we heard that she ran away after that)
    HM: “Woh bhi bhaag gai aur uske baad phir woh, uh uh, Maulana Aziz saab bhi nikal gaye
    uh burqa pehn ke bahir nikle. Inhon ne..” [T inter rupts…]
    (She also ran away and then, uh, Maulana Abdul Aziz also took the exit, uh, he wore
    a burqa and came outside. They..)
    T: “Kyunke woh inhon ne hi majboor kia tha..”
    (Because they (Khalid Khawaja and his wife) were the ones who forced them..)
    [Unnecessarily starting to emotionally provoke the ter rorist against Khalid
    HM: “Haan, inhon ne hi karwaya tha. Toh woh bahir nikle uske baad phir unko giraftar
    karlia aur
    phir woh jab giraftar hogaye toh uske baad phir jo hay woh, uh, jo apna, Abdur Rasheed ki
    sahiba hain, phir unhon ne mujhe phone kia. Unhon ne kaha k ab mere paas koi raasta nai
    Ab mere khandaan pe, aur ulama par itna bara badnaami ka dhabba lag geya hay,
    ke, uh,
    mere bhai ko burqay mein giraftar kia geya hay aur Pakistan Television par usko is
    tarah pesh kia
    geya hay. Ye itna bara daagh lag geya hay ke ab ye daagh sirf aur sirf mere khoon se
    mitay ga.
    Toh, phir unhon ne, bas phir wohi unki baat jo unhon ne baat puri ki aur unhon ne
    qurbani dedi.
    (Yes, they had done it. So they came outside, then after that they ar rested him
    (Maulana Abdul Aziz) and when he got ar rested, after that, uh, the wife of Abdur
    Rasheed Ghazi (Umme Hassaan), she called me. She said that now I don’t have any
    other way. Now this huge mark of defamation has been stamped on my family and
    the scholars, that, my brother has been ar rested in a burqa and has been presented
    as such on Pakistan Television. I t is such a huge mark that now it will be removed
    only, only by my blood. Then, she, well then she fulfilled her statement and gave the
    HM: 05:29: “Usne, Khalid Khawaja saab jo hain aur uski jo wife hay, ye to.. aur koi janay na
    Allah Ta’ala ke saamne to jawab ek din dena hi parega..”
    (They, Khalid Khawaja and his wife, they are… whether someone else knows this or
    not, they will be answerable to Allah Almighty sooner or later)
    T: “Kyunke abhi ye aye thay idhar na, toh, kuch saathion se mere milay thay. Unko ye keh
    thay ke aap ne agar Pakistan mein kaam karna hi hay, toh aap karo, hamare kehne ke
    upar, koi
    [5:47 unknown word] hain Mianwali mein, keh rahe thay ke unke saath mein aap logon ki
    karwa dunga, to Pakistan mein jo Amreeka ke container jaate hain, inko aap loot lo, aur
    uh, inko
    aag na lagao. Balke banda bhi hum denge toh usko aap baich dena yeh. Woh keh rahe hain
    Pakistan mein kaarwaiyaan karni hain, usko bhi hum aap ko jagah denge, har cheez denge,
    bhi denge, agar koi..” [HM inter rupts..]
    (Because recently they came here, so, met some of my companions. They were
    telling them that if you want to indeed work in Pakistan (wreaking havoc), so you
    go ahead, but with our directions, there is (some person) in Mianwali, he said that I
    will get you set with him, and that the American containers that come to Pakistan,
    you loot them, and, uh, don’t set them on fire. Infact, we will give you the man to
    whom you could sell it. He is saying if you want to car ry out operations in Pakistan,
    we will also give you the place to do them, will give you everything, even finances,
    if some..)
    HM: “Woh jo marzi karein aap un containeron ke saath, lootein Amreeka ka saamaan, usko
    lootein, jalayen, usse mujhe koi sarokaar nahin, lekin is ko, isko ye to poochein ke tumhara
    Mansoor Ejaz se aur William Casey se kya talluq? William Casey CIA ka sarbaraah tha,
    aur ye jo
    hay ye khud mere saamne aitraaf kar chuka hay ke is ka William Casey ke saath talluq
    raha hay.
    Isse kahein ke chalo William Casey ko bhi chhoro, jo Qadyani hote hain, mein to Qadyanion
    kaafron se bhi baddtar samajhta hoon, iska Qadyanion se kya talluq hay? Mansoor Ejaz se
    is ka
    kya talluq hay, ye usse paise kyun khata hay, ye uske saath, woh Pakistan jab ata hay, to ye
    usko leke har jagah pe kyun phir ta hay? Ye mujahideen ke paas leke usko kyun jaata hay..”
    (Let them do whatever they want with the containers, whether they loot American
    containers, you loot them, burn them, I have nothing to do with that. But ask him
    (Khalid Khawaja), ask him what his relation is with Mansoor Ejaz and William
    Casey? William Casey was the head of the CIA, and this guy (Khalid Khawaja), he
    himself confessed infront of me that he has had relations with William Casey. Ask
    him fine, even if we keep William Casey aside, these Qadyani people, I consider
    Qadyanis to be worst than infidels, what are his relations with the Qadyanis? What
    is his relation with Mansoor Ejaz, why does he take finances from him, when he
    (Mansoor Ejaz) comes to Pakistan, why does he take him around? Why does he take
    him to the mujahideen?)
    T: “Balke isne to apna beta bhi idhar Al Qaeda mein bheja hua hay, toh woh..” [HM
    ( Infact he (Khalid Khawaja) has also sent his own son here at Al Qaeda, so he..)
    [The ter rorist says “here” Al Qaeda, which means he is a TTP/Al Qaeda operative]
    HM: 06:50: “Haan iska beta bhi jasoos hi hoga is ki tarah.”
    (Yeah his son might also be a spy like him..)
    T: “Haan woh to meri unse hui thi baat na, Sheikhon se, toh unhon ne kaha tha ke hum ne
    isko na
    bilkul, side pe rakkha hua hay.”
    (Yes I had a talk on this with the (Al Qaeda) Sheikhs, so they said that we have kept
    him (his son) completely aside)
    HM: “Hmm…”
    HM: “Ye jo sab se bara jo dhoka kia woh ye kia tha, ke aik dafa isne mujhe kaha G ke aik
    koi, uh,
    mujahid tha, Abdul Rehman al-Kennedy..” [T inter rupts..]
    (The biggest deceit that he car ried out, was that there was this mujahid by the
    name of, uh, Abdul Rehman al-Kennedy…)
    T: “G G haan Kennedy woh jo..” [HM inter rupts..]
    (Yes exactly, Kennedy who was..)
    HM: “Woh yahan ko Shumali Waziristan mein shaheed hogaye thay. [Hamid Mi r dubs
    an Al Qaeda ter rorist as a martyr]
    (He (al-Kennedy) got martyred here in Northern Waziristan)
    T: “Hanji..”
    HM: “Toh ye uski, uh, uski biwi ko aur uski ek beti ko le ke mere paas aya..”
    (So this was, uh, he (Khalid Khawaja) came along with his wife and daughter to
    T: “Sai sai..”
    (Right, r ight..)
    HM: “Aur isne kaha ke iska jo Abdul Rehman al-Kennedy ka beta hay, Kareem uska naam
    woh zakhmi hogeya hay, woh fauj ne giraftar kia hua hay, woh CMH Rawalpindi mein para
    hay. Aur aap sirf uski maa ki sirf usse mulaqat karwaden. Toh meine isko kaha yaar ye
    mere liye
    bara mushkil kaam hay ye main nai kar sakta kyunke ye to pehle hi mere khilaf hain
    saare, toh
    mein ab kis kis se jaa ke minntein karta phiroon. Usne kaha nai aap bas uski mulaqat
    karwa dein,
    sirf ek maa ki bete se mulaqat karwani hay. Toh bari mushkil se meine keh kehlwaake woh
    aurat thi, woh usko, uh, maine, sirf ye hay ke ek maa jo hay uski madad karni chahiye, us
    ko, uh, CMH Rawalpindi mein bhijwa dia. Woh jab wahan pe pohoncheen to usne burqay
    mein se
    aik, aik woh chhota sa camera nikaala aur usko apne zakhmi bete ko kehti hay ke tum ab
    bayan record karwado, ke jinab ye ke, mera koi kisi se talluq nahin hay, aur mujhe inhon ne
    pe zabardasti rakha hua hay..”
    (And he (Khalid Khawaja) said that Abdul Rehman al-Kennedy’s son, his name was
    Kareem, he is injured, the Army has ar rested him, he is admitted at CMH Hospital
    Rawalpindi. And you please just get his mother to meet him. So I told him I cannot
    do such a thing, this is a very tough thing for me, these people (Army) are already
    against me all of them, so who do I go to for begging here and there? He (Khalid
    Khawaja) said No you just get her to meet him, you just have to get a mother to meet
    her son. So, with very complexity, I (Hamid Mi r) did a few contacts here and then
    just to get a mother to meet her son, I sent her to CMH Rawalpindi. When she
    reached there then she took out a small camera from her burqa and told her
    injured son that You just get a statement recorded, that I have no connections with
    anyone, and they (The Army) have forcefully kept me here)
    T; “Sai sai..”
    (Right, r ight..)
    HM: “Toh woh, nurse thi usne dekh lia, usne woh camera pakar lia, woh giraftar hogai woh
    wahan pe, tau janab ab saara malba mere pe gira. Unhon ne kaha G ye to aapne bheji aurat
    woh aurat jab giraftar hui to pata chala uske paas Canadian passport hay aur do mahinay
    woh Canada se hokay bhi ai thi. Toh.. mein aur phans geya. Phir uske baad mere pe bohat
    mushkil waqt aya, mere pe bara ataab naazil hua, aur, jab, phir usko Canadian
    Government ne
    usko chhurwalia us aurat ko, aur uski beti ko bhi chhurwalia, r ihaa karwalia, Hukumat e
    se, woh aurat phir Canada gai, wahan usne Toronto mein jaake press conference ki apne
    bete ke
    sath, us aurat ne aitraaf kia ke mein CIA ke liye kaam kar ti hoon. Toh ab is tareeqe se i tni
    daarhi rakhi hui hay Khalid Khawaja saab ne, toh, uh, unki biwi jo hay, woh itna zabardast
    kar ti hay toh, inhon ne daarhi bhi rakhi hui hay, inki biwi hijab bhi karti hay, ye Islam ke
    bhi hay, aur ye is tareeqe se, hum jaise jo dunya-daar aur gunah-gaar qism ke log hain,
    hum ye
    samajhte hain ke yaar ye nayk, Allah ke nayk log hain, inki agar hum thori si madad
    kardenge to
    shayad hamare bhi gunah bakhshe jaen. Toh, jab, hum logon ko ye dhoka dete hain usse
    logon ka aitamaad jo hay woh tamam jo mazhabi tabqa hay, usse uth jata hay.”
    (So she, the nurse there, saw this, she got hold of the camera, the woman got
    ar rested there, and then the whole blame came on me. They told me that it’s you
    who sent this woman here and that woman, when got ar rested, it was found out
    that she has a Canadian passport and she had come back from Canada 2 months
    ago. So… I got further entangled. Then after that came a lot… a lot of tough-time,
    lots of calamities were unleashed on me, and, when, then the Canadian
    Government got her freed (the woman), and also her daughter from the Govt. of
    Pakistan. That woman then went to Canada, there at Toronto she held a press
    conference along with her son In which she confessed that she worked for the CIA.
    So in this way, Khalid Khawaja has kept such a long beard, his wife also does hijab,
    they talk about Islam also, and in this way, we the sinners consider them to be the
    pious people of Allah and we t ry to help them out thinking that we might get
    reward in return and we might get admonished. So, when people like them deceive
    us, then we lift our t rusts from the all the religious factions eventually)
    T: “Bilkul ye to asal mein, matlab hay ke, ghalat hum bhi nai Fauj bhi nai hay, lekin jo aise
    hain na, inhon ne matlab hay bohat zyada mushkilat paida ki hain.’
    (Exactly, they are in reality, I mean, neither we are wrong nor is the Army, but
    these kind of people, I mean they have created a dearth of problems)
    HM: “Bahar-haal agar ye kahin pe hay to isko pooche to sai na ke tum ne Abdur Rehman
    al-Kennedy ka bhi naam istemal kia, tum ne Mansoor Ejaz ke sath milke bhi kaam kia,
    William Casey ke saath milke bhi kaa.. [skips to another statement] Phir ye ek aur Kohat
    Javed Ibrahim Paracha saab hain..”
    (Ayways, if he (Khalid Khawaja) is somewhere then ask him that you used the name
    of Abdul Rehman al-Kennedy, you also worked with Mansoor Ejaz, you also worked
    with William Casey… [skips] Then there’s this other guy in Kohat, some Javed
    Ibrahim Paracha..)
    T: “Jee jee..”
    (Yes, yes..)
    HM: “Javed Ibrahim Paracha saab ka wahan pe bohat bara madrassa hay”
    (Javed Ibrahim Paracha has a very big madrassa there)
    T: “Haan G unka bohat bara madrassa hay unka bara”
    (Yes indeed, he has a very large madrassa there)
    HM: “Aur woh jo hain hamesa, uh, jo hain wohh, uh, ye qabaeli ilaaqon mein jo log, uh,
    ke khilaf kaam kar te hain, ye hamesha unki madad karte hain Paracha saab..”
    (And he (Javed Ibrahim Paracha), he always, uh, these people in the t ribal areas,
    uh, who work against America, Paracha always helps them..)
    T: “Jee jee……Haan G unko chhurwate bhi hain”
    (Yes yes.. yeah and he also gets them released)
    HM: “Haan, aap ke saamne hai na, unki toh khidmaat se aap sab log waqif hain..”
    (Yes, the whole scenario’s in front of you, you people are well aware of his
    T: ‘Haan G bilkul”
    (Yes indeed)
    HM: “To ye Paracha saab ko dhokay se isne bulaya Islamabad, Khalid Khawaja ne..”
    (So this guy Paracha was deceitfully called to Islamabad (by Khalid Khawaja)..)
    T: “Sai sai..”
    (Right r ight..)
    HM: “Aur usko kaha ke meine aap ki mulaqat karwani hay ek baray ehm aadmi se, aur
    yahan pe Serena Hotel mein, ek Amreeki, uh, Naeb Wazeer e Khaarja aya hua tha uske
    paas le
    (And (Khalid Khawaja) told him (Paracha) that I want you to meet a very important
    man, and brought him here at Serena Hotel to an American, uh, an Assitant
    Foreign Minister.)
    T: “Sai sai..”
    (Right r ight..)
    HM: “Aur usko jaake kaha ke G ye admi hain, Paracha saab, to ye aapke, janab [giggling]
    Qaeda aur Taliban se aapke muzaakraat karwa sakta hay”
    (And (Khalid Khawaja) told him (that American Minister) that this is the guy,
    Paracha, so he can get you to talk with Al Qaeda and Taliban)
    T: “Sai sai..”
    (Right r ight..)
    HM: “To Paracha saab jo hai woh baray parhe likkhe aalim thay [giggling], unko samajh
    agai thi ke
    mere sath dhoka hogeya hay.”
    (So Paracha, he was a very educated person, he realized immediately that he had
    been deceived)
    T: “Bilkul..”
    HM: “Woh wahan kamre se bahir bhaage aur phir unhon ne mujhe phone kia aur unhon me
    kaha ‘Yaar tum sai kehte thay iske baare mein”
    (He ran away from the room there and then he called me up and said ‘Man you were
    r ight about him (Khalid Khawaja)’)
    T: “Sai sai..Toh abhi ye hay jo last time unki taraf hi gai hain Paracha sahib..” [HM
    (Right r ight… So, but now he (Khalid Khawaka) went to his (Paracha’s) place the
    last time..)
    HM: “Woh mujhe Paracha saab ne bataya, unhon ne bataya ke ye mere paas aya tha aur
    wahan pe Colonel Imam bhi aya hua tha aur meine Colonel Imam sahab ko kaha ke iss
    bande ke
    saath kahin mat jaen. Ab woh unhon ne kaha ke ye, mere yahan pe ajata hay to mein kya
    mein isko ghar se nikaal to sakta nai, lekin iske saath aap kahin na jaen..”
    (Paracha told me that, he told me that he (Khalid Khawaja) came to me, and
    Colonel Imam was also present there, and I told Colonel Imam not to go anywhere
    with this man (Khalid Khawaja). Now he (Col. Imam) said that he (Khawaja) comes
    to your (Paracha’s) place, (Paracha said) what can I do, I can’t kick him out from
    the house, but you (Col. Imam) don’t go anywhere with him)
    T: “Sai..”
    HM: “Toh Colonel Imam ko kehta hay, Colonel Imam bhi jo hay woh nai jana chah raha tha
    saath, lekin ye jo, zabardasti legeya uske sath.”
    (So he tells Colonel Imam, even Colonel Imam did not want to go with him, but he,
    this guy forcefully took him along)
    T: “Sai sai, ye to matlab daal ke..[skips] picchli dafa to.. [skips] lekin abhi woh bohat inke,
    support kar raha hay Shah Abdul Aziz nai, jo MNA hay Karak ka?”
    (Right r ight, this means… [skips] but last time [skips] but now he (Khawaja) is
    supporting Shah Abdul Aziz a lot, you know, who is the MNA (Member National
    Assembly) of the Karak division)
    HM: “Hmm..”
    T: “Toh woh idhar har bande se mil raha hay ke yaar Khuda ka waasta hay inko chhor do.
    Woh ye
    keh raha hay.. [HM inter rupts..]
    (So he (Shah Abdul Aziz MNA) is meeting everyone here and pleading in the name
    of God to leave them (Khawaja, Col. Imam) He is saying…)
    HM: “Woh Shah Abdul Aziz jo hay woh, usko isne, bewaqoof banaya hoga”
    (He (Khawaja) must have fooled Shah Abdul Aziz also)
    T: “Hm hm….Woh to balke idhr ye kehta hay ke tumne sahafi (Asad Qureshi) ko rakhna hay
    lo, uske paise tumhein ye dilwa dega, lekin jo, woh hay.. inko chhor do.
    (Hmm… Infact he (Shah Abdul Aziz MNA) is saying you can keep the journalist
    (Asad Qureshi) if you want, you will get the ransom on him, but them (Khawaja,
    Col. Imam)… leave them)
    HM: “Chalein! Chhor dein, ye tau unki marzi hay jinhon ne unko pakra hua hai, ye tau
    unki marzi
    hay lekin ye un tak, ye 3 sawaalaat to bhijwaen na unko, ke ye unse pucho, ke tumhara
    Ejaz se kya talluq hay? Jis ka, baap jo hay woh Pakistan ke aytmi [atomic] raaz le ke bhaag
    tha yahan se, Mansoor Ejaz ka baap jo hay woh ek aytmi [atomic] science-daan tha.”
    (Alright! Leave them, it’s their choice who have held them captive, it’s their choice
    but send them (TTP), atleast send them these 3 questions to ask him (Khalid
    Khawaja), that what is your relation with Mansoor Ejaz? Whose father ran away
    from here with the atomic secrets of Pakistan, Mansoor Ejaz’s father was an
    nuclear scientist)
    T: “Haan woh to, woh to..”
    (Yeah, he is…)
    HM: “Tau woh yahan se Pakistan ke aytmi [atomic] raaz le ke bhaag geya tha Amreeka.
    Aur, ek
    dafa usne Benazir Bhutto ko ye peshkash ki thi jab woh Wazeer e Aazam theen 1995 mein,
    agar aap Israel ko tasleem karlein toh aap ke tamam qarze maaf hojaenge..”
    (So he (Mansoor Ejaz’s father) ran off to America with Pakistan’s atomic secrets.
    And, once he had made an offer to Benazir Bhutto when she was the Pr ime
    Minister in 1995, that if you recognize Israel, then all your country’s debt will be
    T: “Sai sai..”
    (Right r ight…)
    HM: “Iska matlab ye hay ke uska Israel se bhi talluq hay.”
    (This means that he (Khawaja) also has relations with Israel) [Hamid Mi r boosts his
    T: “Kyunke inka ye, matlab, mujhe jo ye keh raha tha ke woh, matlab hay woh doosron
    ko, ke bhai aap karo, Pakistan mein karo kaam, jo kahenge hum, woh karo. Matlab
    mein jo shayad ye Pindi mein bhi jo Brigadier waghera unko maara tha, woh bhi mujhe
    lagta hay
    shayad inhon ne karwaya hoga.”
    (Because their, I mean, he was telling me that he, I mean to the other companions,
    that go ahead, operate in Pakistan, do what we say. I mean in reality the Brigadiers,
    etc. who were assassinated in Rawalpindi, these attacks were also car r ied out by
    HM: “Ho sakta hay karwaya ho lekin mein to iss bande ko taqreeban 13, 14 saal se dekh
    hoon ye ki tna mashqooq aadmi hay..”
    (Maybe they might have done so, but I know this man (Khawaja) for 13, 14 years,
    how much of a suspicious person he is)
    T: “Sahi hay Insha’Allah ye jo hai na mein ye saath hi usse milta hoon Hakeem Ullah
    Mehsud se
    2, 3 din mein na, toh, matlab hay saari baat kis tarah se..”
    (Alright, this is, I’m going to meet Hakeem Ullah Mehsud r ight after this in 2, 3
    days, so,uh, you know, (will share) all these things..) [Ter rorist says he will share
    Hamid Mi r’s “facts” on Khalid Khawaja with Hakeem Ullah Mehsud.]
    HM: “Theek.”
    T: “Sai sai, shukria bohat bohat”
    (Right r ight, thank you very much)
    HM: “Salamalaykum”
    T: “Salamalaykum”

    [Disclaimer: The ISI fanpage is an unofficial news/analysis report Facebook page named in admiration after the intelligence-agency of the same name. Our purpose is to inform the fans with latest updates and disclosures. The page is an unofficial fanpage]

  • Hamid Mir is the only guy who openly admits having three one on one interviews/meetings with Osama Bin Laden. If he think Qadiyanis are worse than Kafirs, he is free to do so but here he is trying to incite them against Qadiyanis just because he lost his job from Ausaf on the alleged pressure of a Qadiyani. Its ridiculous. IMO he should be tried for incitement and accessory to murder.

  • I would like to challenge the authenticity of this tape but whatsoever if it is real it is an intresting one which will catch a lot of hype. Bottom line stays the same that we must eradicate the Taliban from the country otherwise we looking at big trouble.

  • Audiotape shows top editor spoke to Taliban about Khawaja
    Islamabad, May 16, (PTI)

    Leading Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir’s conversation with a Taliban representative may have played a role in the killing of Khalid Khawaja, a retired Air Force official who was abducted and murdered, a media report has suggested.

    An audiotape of conversation recorded between Mir and a man purportedly linked to Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, shows the negative information provided by the former to the latter could have led to Khawaja’s killing, the Daily Times reported today.

    In the audio Mir, one of Pakistan’s top TV anchors and Executive Editor of Geo News, can be heard talking about Khawaja’s background.

    The conversation, made before Khawaja’s execution earlier this month, reveals Mir “linking Khawaka to CIA, an international network of Qadianis and an American named Mansur Ejaz”.

    The tape was first posted by the ‘Let Us Build Pakistan’ blog, and picked up by other online publications.

    “It is still unclear who made the tape, with online speculation suggesting that it could be the militants themselves, or even intelligence agencies who released the recording,” the paper said.

    Towards the end of the conversation, the man says he will relay the information given by Mir to Hakeemullah Mehsud.

    During the conversation, Mir also urges the man to “cross-examine Khawaja about his relationship with Mansur Ejaz, Qadianis and a CIA agent named William Casey,” the paper said.


  • Hamid Mir, “moderate” top Pakistani TV anchor, caught aiding Taliban jihadists
    2010 MAY 16

    Many non-Muslims in Europe and America have been taken in by Hamid Mir, a self-professed “moderate.” I was on to him years ago. So was Pamela Geller. We were both lectured self-righteously about how we had to support “moderates.” And now here we are. I hate to say “I told you so,” but I don’t hate it all that much.

    “Hamid Mir’s terrifying indiscretions,” from the Daily Times, May 16 (thanks to Kisan):

    LAHORE: A shocking audiotape of a conversation between Hamid Mir – one of the country’s top TV anchors – and a man purportedly linked to the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, has revealed that negative information that Mir passed on to the Taliban could have led to the execution of Khalid Khawaja, the retired Air Force official allegedly killed by a group calling themselves the ‘Asian Tigers’.The tape – which has Mir divulging dirt on Khawaja, ostensibly to someone who is going to cross examine him – was first posted by the Let Us Build Pakistan blog, and picked up by other online publications, including Café Pyala. It is still unclear who made the tape, with online speculation suggesting that it could be the militants themselves, or even intelligence agencies who released the recording.

    Whatever the source may be, it is clear that one of the voices on the tape is Mir’s, a fact corroborated by his allusions to events such as his sacking from the daily Ausaf. In the tape, the person on the other end asks Mir for information on Khalid Khawaja. The content of the conversation suggests that this call was made before Khawaja’s execution earlier this month. Mir goes on to detail what he knows about Khawaja’s background, linking him to the CIA, an international network of Qadianis and an American named Mansur Ejaz, who, Mir claims, even offered to solve the Kashmir issue.

    At one point, the voice on the other end claims to have abducted Khawaja. Here, Mir volunteers further information linking Khawaja to the Lal Masjid operation, saying that Khawaja and his wife were the ones responsible for the death of Ghazi Rasheed and the humiliating capture of Maulana Abdul Aziz and his family. Mir then urges the man to cross-examine Khawaja about his relationship with Mansur Ejaz, Qadianis and a CIA agent named William Casey….

    Will the American non-Muslims who pushed Mir tirelessly before conservative audiences and vociferously denounced those who exposed him now apologize? I won’t be holding my breath.


  • Audiotape shows top editor spoke to Taliban about Khawaja
    Updated on Sunday, May 16, 2010, 21:07 IST

    Islamabad: Leading Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir’s conversation with a Taliban representative may have played a role in the killing of Khalid Khawaja, a retired Air Force official who was abducted and murdered, a media report has suggested.

    An audiotape of conversation recorded between Mir and a man purportedly linked to Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, shows the negative information provided by the former to the latter could have led to Khawaja’s killing, the Daily Times reported on Sunday.

    In the audio Mir, one of Pakistan’s top TV anchors and Executive Editor of Geo News, can be heard talking about Khawaja’s background.

    The conversation, made before Khawaja’s execution earlier this month, reveals Mir “linking Khawaka to CIA, an international network of Qadianis and an American named Mansur Ejaz”.

    The tape was first posted by the ‘Let Us Build Pakistan’ blog, and picked up by other online publications.

    “It is still unclear who made the tape, with online speculation suggesting that it could be the militants themselves, or even intelligence agencies who released the recording,” the paper said.

    Towards the end of the conversation, the man says he will relay the information given by Mir to Hakeemullah Mehsud. During the conversation, Mir also urges the man to “cross-examine Khawaja about his relationship with Mansur Ejaz, Qadianis and a CIA agent named William Casey,” the paper said.

    Bureau Report

  • @Akhtar
    You are not confused!!!, I can observe that. But at the same time you seem to have been tasked to do, what you are doing and if so, you should be ashamed of scoring points over a dead body.
    You seem to be more concerned about the disgrace meted out to qadyanis than the death of KK and have a bag full of fetwas to issue against anyone having an independent approach to the issue. Why should you expect everyone else to believe you? Why should we take it for granted that KK was a pious person and was not playing a double game?
    Non of you two are prophets so let everyone have his opinion.

  • 1st tell me that how can we trust that this tape is real or fake it is n0t c0nf0rmed by isi or even media and these talibans are indian and cia sponsared and it is clear that hamid mir iz cia agent and working 4 fake indian and usa made talibans real and genuine talibans r in afghanistan they r n0t against Pakistan

  • یہ سارے سازشی لوگ ہمیشہ ایک دوسرے کو اجنٹ کہتے ہیں کیوں کے یہ خود کسی اجنڈے پر ہوتے ہیں تو سامنے والے کو بھی یہ سمجھتے ہیں ،سی ائی ے ہو یا آی ایس آی اصل میں یہ بس ابلیس ہی کے اجنٹ ہیں اور ان سب کی ڈور اسی شیطان کے پاس ہے جس کا کام زمین پر خوں خرابہ کرنا اور مذہب کو بدنام کرنا ہے ،یہ سب پہلے کسی اور کے دشمن ہوتے ہیں اور پھر آپس میں ایک دوسرے کو مارتے ہیں ،پہلے شیطان انہیں چلیں سکھاتا ہے پر یہی چالیں ایک پر الٹ کر آتی ہیں ،زید حمد ،حامد میر ،حمید گل وغیرہ سب طالبان کی حمایتی اور ملا عمر کی حکومت چاہتے ہیں اور سارے دھماکوں اور لڑائی کی حمایت کرتے ہیں ،پر ایک دوسرے کو اجنٹ بھی کہتے ہیں ،مَثَلاً حمید گل طالبان کی حمایت بھی کرتا ہے اور یہ بھی کہتا ہے کے انڈیا ان کی مدت کر رہا ہے ،زید حامد ،حامد میر کو امریکا کا اجنٹ کہتا ہے ،اور حامد میر خالد خوجہ کو امریکا کا اجنٹ کہتا ہے ،اور حمید گل خالد خوجہ کو سچا مجاہد کہتا ہے ،اب حمید گل کیوں اپنے سچے مجاہد کے لیہ حامد میر کے خلاف نہیں بولتا ؟ اور اگر خالد خوجہ سے طالبان ناراض ہیں اور اس کو قتل کیا ہے اور لال مسجد میں خالد خوجہ نے دھوکہ دیا تھا تو کیوں لال مسجد والوں نے اور حمید گل نے ان کی نماز-ا- جنازہ لال مسجد میں پڑھی ؟ . پاکستانی فوج اپنے ایک ریٹایر افسر کے قتل پر خاموش کیوں ہے ؟
    اور اگر کوئی زید حامد ،حامد میر ،حمید گل ،خالد خوجہ ،حکیم اللہ محسود ،فضلاللہ،عمران خان ،منور حسن ،مسلم خان ،مست گل ،حکمت یار یا کسی خود کش دہماکے پر جانے والے سے پوچھیں تو سب ہی یہی کہیں گے کے وہ اسلام اور پاکستان ہی کے لیہ کام کر رہے ہیں پر آپس میں ایک دوسرے سے بھی دشمن ہیں .
    حامد میر خود تو مذہبی آدمی نہیں پر طالبان شیطانوں کی حمایت کرتا ہے ،یہ لوگ ووہی ہیں جن کے بارے میں حدیث کہا گیا تھا کے یہ لوگ اسلام اسلام کی رٹ لگائیں گے اور اسلام ان کے حلق سے نیچے نہیں اترے گا ،اور ان کے دل بھیڑیے جیسے ہونگے اور الله ان کو ایسے فتنوں میں ببتلا کرے گا کے عقل قلوں کی عقل دنگ رہ جائے گی .

  • why he only accused Khalid Khawaja for being a CIA agent , why not Col. Imam also, if these information given by Hamid Mir leads to his murder, if Hamid Mir himself a CIA agent then why he only tries make a suspicious image of Khalid Khawaja. Does CIA only wants Khalid Khawaja to be killed by the hands militants and not Col. Imam, although he is a staunch supporter of Afghan Talibans (in a tv program (jawab deyh) when he was asked that if he is also a taliban, he replied no I’m just a servant of them) and he also kept good views about TTP , and about them he said I know these ppls of waziristan they are more good muslims than us and they more good Pakistanies than us, if they are doing anything wrong, it is because we have also done much more wrong things to them than what they are doing (agar unhoon ney koi gunnah kia hai tou hum ney unn sey bara gunnah kia hai).
    Now what I’m trying to say that if it is CIA’s job, as u guys trying to portray here that Hamid Mir give all such informations (given by the CIA) to the militants which leads to Khawaja’s murder, then why they left Col. Imam (because definitely CIA would also want COl. Imam to killed), then u also need to admit that, TTP is not CIA backed and hence not controlled by them, and thats the reality :))).

  • Yes everyone has a right to his views but not the right to get someone killed. Here is a man in the custody of the TTP. You are giving them a message that he is a CIA/Israeli agent, that his son must be a spy, that he supports the qadianis who are worse than kafirs in your view. What do you expect will happen? That he will be released unharmed with apologies? No Mr. Mir, No. This was something shameful and you are guilty of you know what. As a journalist you have brought shame to your community. You have no right to lecture others on honesty, patriotism and truthfulness.

  • Its not a matter if he is expressing his views or not; matter is he is in contect with Taliban! What role is he playing!!! is he playing double game….. What is his role in between this all shit! It is shocking! he is not a professional journalist.. but he is some what MF.

  • I can’t speak to the authenticity of this tape, but will just mention that everything this person said about “Mansur Ejaz” is plausible, and quite likely the truth.

    For years Mansur Ejaz has openly pitched himself as an intelligence operative for the United States. He’s rather well known to the Pakistani American community for his poltical activism and closeness to the Democratic Party (particularly in New York’s Congressional delegation). He maintains close ties to former intelligence appointees James Woolsey and Sandy Berger.

    And he is in fact born into a Qadiani family, althought he himself is secular and non-practicing.

  • Hamid Mir seems to be a worst criminal. His personality reflects like a milkman (Gawala) but he tries to behave like an intellectual. This type of SOB are the creation of Gen Zia’s regime, during that period ISI gave him access to ppl like Usama bin laden and he got fame. This bugger should be thrown out of Pakistan. This SOB was one day appearing in Program 50 mins on his MF mafia TV channel GEO and was making the sanctity of our proud, the great national anthem controversial. He is a layer and traitor of this great country. May Allah bless Pakistan and save us from the sins of ppl like him in the media.

  • اسلام علیکم ،پروگرام کپیٹل ٹاک کے ساتھ پنجابی طالبان کا نمائندہ حامد میر حاضر ہے ، حکومت کمزور ہو رہی ہے ،عدلیہ سے تناؤ ہے سارے لوگ کرپٹ ہیں بس عثمان پنجابی وزیر ازم اور ملا عمر صدر بنے والے ہیں …….

    حامد میر پلیز ذرا یہ بتانا کے اپ کا گروپ یعنی طالبان اب اور کہاں کہاں قتل اور دھماکے کر وے گا مطلب اپ کے بقول ” دھماکے دھموکے “.
    تم تو کہیں سے مذہبی نہیں لگتے بلکے شکل سے انتہاۓ مکار لگتے ہو پر ان مذہب کے نام پر قتل کرنے والوں سکے ساتھ کیسے ؟ شیطان کی بھی ایک سے ایک چالیں ہیں ،کتنے لوگ قتل ہوئے ،بچے یتیم ہوئے ،لوگ اپاہج ہوئے اور آپ کے لئے یہ بس “دھماکے دھموکے ” ہیں ،ذرا سوچیں اگر آپ کے بچے ماں باپ ان طالبان کے “دھماکے دھموکوں ” کی زد میں آ یں تو کیسا لگے گا ؟ ،اپ کا دشمن “خالد خوجہ ” بھی آپ ہی کی طرح ایک طالبان تھا وہ بھی اسلام کے نام پر دہشتگردی کی حمایت اور مدد کرتا تھا پر اپنے ہی لوگوں نے اسے قتل کر دیا .یہ الله کا عذاب ہے .آپ کو توبہ کی ضرورت ہے .

    محترم طالبان میڈیا کمانڈر آپ سے اپیل ہے کے معصوم لوگوں کو قتل کرنا بند کر دیں ،کم از کم یہ بتا دیں کے آپ کا طالب کب اور کہاں پھٹنے والا ہے تو لوگ وہاں کا رخ نہیں کریں گے ،یہ اپیل حمید گل ،منور حسن ،عمران خان اور دوسرے ان جیسے طالبان سے بھی ہے . جو سالوں سے مذہب کے نام پر ووٹ نہ لے سکے ان قاتلوں کی حمایت کر رہے ہیں کے اور ان کو ایک اسرا ہے کے شاید سب تباہ ہونے کے بعد ان کی حکومت قیام ہو جائے

    یاد رکھیں شر سے کبھی خیر نہیں پھیلا ،اور اسلام جیسے پاکیزہ مذہب کو جو الله کی معرفت اور دعوت کا دین ہے اس کو اپنے اپنے مقصد کے لئے استمال کرنا الله کے عذاب کو دعوت دینا ہے

    ایک ایک قتل کی حمایت کا اور اس کو سپورٹ اور جسٹیفائی کرنے کا حساب قیامت میں ضرور دینا پڑے گا


    حامد مر کہتا ہے خالد خوجہ امریکی اور قادیانی اجنٹ تھے
    حمید گل کہتا ہے خالد خوجہ سچا “مجاہد ” تھا اور اس کو انڈین اور امریکی اجنٹ نے قتل کیا
    زید حامد کہتا ہے کہ حامد میر سی ائی ایے کا اجنٹ ہے
    خالد خوجہ کا بیٹا کہتا ہے کے حامد میر کا میرے باپ کے قتل میں کردار ہے
    خالد خوجہ کی نماز جنازہ میں حمید گل نے شرکت کی اور مولانا عبدل عزیز نے نماز پڑھائی
    پر حامد میر خالد خوجہ جو لال مسجد والوں کا قتل سمجھتا ہے
    یہ کیسی گھتھی ہے ؟
    کیسے فتنوں میں بھینسے ہیں سارے

    طالبان میڈیا کمانڈر حامد میر سے گزارش ہے کے ذرا کپیٹل ٹاک میں زید حامد ،حمید گل ،خالد خوجہ کے بیٹے اسامہ خوجہ ،مولانا عبدل عزیز اور لال مسجد کے طلبہ کو بلوائیں اور ایک زبردست پروگرام کریں اور اوم یہ فری اسٹایل ریسلنگ دیکھنا چاہتی ہے ،پھر پتا چلے گا کے کون کس کا اجنٹ ہے اور مجاہد اسلام کمانڈر حامد میر ،خلیفہ زید حامد ،سپاہ سالار طالبان حمید گل اور مولوی آپس میں کیسے گتھم گھتا ہوتے ہیں

  • thanks ISI for expoising real image of father of terrorist bahnchote hamid mir.Really he is pakistan & shia enemy.

  • Baiscally he is the enemy of both islam and pakistan. thanks ISI and CIA for expoising real image of father of terrorist Hamid Mir . He is one of the wroste enemy of pakistan and shia’s.

  • Hamid mir u have done a wonderfull job in exposing shia and qadayanis, these shias should be eleminated from pakistan, they are the mother of all evils in our country, mother f. are eating up all our resources


  • Freedom has its limits. Surrendering information to the enemy of the state and being responsible for the death of a hostage is serious. This nation is under the influence of people like Mr. Mir who are anti state on wonder Taliban are have such a nice time.

  • well Allah exposes those who think that they are smart and can fix any one. Hamid Mir is one such person who thinks that sun rises from his ass but Mr Hamid Mir…you are not son of a gun…you are not invincible…you are just a cheap dirty enemy of Pakistan… i think that you are even worst than indians as indians openly confront us as enemies but you…you snake in the grass are stabing Pkaistan which has given you so much…he must be publicaly tried and an example be made out of him…bloody dirty intigator…like a dirty intigator woman who goes to every house and instigates one against other…shame on you rascal…die some where..May Allah show you for what you have been doing….

  • I have a firm belief that he is the direct decendant of Mir jaffar & Mir Sadiq. This traitore should be tried the court and jaled for having contacts with the known enemy of Pakistan

  • غسان تم حرامي هين شايد تمهارى مان كى زنا كا نتيجه هين جو تم اس دنيا مين هيم
    قاديانى تو مسلمان نهين ي تو هم بهى مانتا هين مكر تم حرامي يه اج معلوم هوا جو تم نى شعيه كى بارى مين بات كى الله اور رسول ص كى لعنت هة تم اور تمهارى والدين بر


  • yes mr hamid meer and number of other journalists try their best to hv symthy with elements like talibaan and they try their best to rooy off democracy from pakistan and to give open space to taliban to grow,the way he was talking to a terrorist about blasts in pakistan like he ws jst having fun .

  • http://pkpolitics.com/2010/05/20/tonight-with-jasmeen-20-may-2010/

    الله اکبر ،الله اکبر ..کیسی الله کی پکڑ ہے اسلام کے نام پر دہشتگردی اور اس کی حمایت کرنے والوں پر ،سبحان اللہ .جتنا ایسے لوگوں سے اسلام بدنام ہوا ہے کسی سے نہیں ہوا اور الله کی ان سے حساب لے رہا ہے

    طالبان کے حمایتی اور جماعت اسلامی سے تعلق رکھنے والے انصار عبباسی نے ایک بار بھی اپنے جماعتی ہونے کا ثبوت دیا ،طالبان کی سپپورٹ مگر دور دور سے، دھماکوں سے سیاسی فائدے ،سوات ماہدے کی حمایت پر جب اپریشن ہو تو طالبان کو چھوڑ کر بھاگ جاؤ ،افغانستان میں طالبان کی حمایت پر حکمت یار کا ایران بھاگنا اور قاضی حسسیں کا افغانستان نہ جانا وغیرہ .انصار عباسی جماتی اب اپنے طالبان دوست حامد میر سے الگ ہوتے ہوئے نظر آتے ہیں .اب دیکھیں کے الله کی پکڑ کب منصورہ کا رخ کرتی ہے –

    اسامہ خالد صاحب ، آپ یہ کہتے ہیں کے یہ دھمکاتے را اور موساد کروا رہی ہے ،پر آپ کے والد اور دوسرے مذہبی لیڈرز یہ کہتے تھے کے یہ امریکا کے حملے کے ریکشن میں ہے اور طالبان سے مزاکرات کرو — کنفوز ؟

    ہر دھماکے کے بعد حامد میر ،انصار عبباسی ،عمران خان ،مذہبی لیڈرز اور ریٹیر فوجی ٹی وی پر آتے اور کہتے “مذاکرات ،مزاکرات ” یا ردعمل ردعمل اب کہتے ہیں یہ را اور موساد ہیں -کیا یہ کھلا تضاد نہیں ؟ کیوں کوئی مفتی کھل کر ان قاتلوں کی مخالفت نہیں کرتا تھا ؟

    آج اپنے دام میں صیاد آگیا .لوگ الزام لگاتے تھے کے یہ لوگ طالبان کے حمایتی ہیں اور ان کی مدت کرتے ہیں پر آج سب کچھ سامنے آگیا ،طالبان کو بچانے اور ان کو عوام میں مقبول بنانے کے لیہ ہزار دلیلیں لاتے تھا آج اپنے آپ کو بچانے کے لئے کوئی دلیل نہیں مل رہی .

  • All bullshitter’s the one this is not Hamid Mir . Put all this shit with proof . If this conversation has tapped then must be He called also on other number too.
    Hamid Mir talk always truth and the people talk truth they always get hard time.
    So Mir Bro this is your hard time.

  • ذرا حامد میر کے سامنے آہستہ بولو
    ابھی ٹک کرکے پجابی طالبان سے مروا دے گا

    ہم ہوئے تم ہوئےحامد میر ہوئے
    طالبان کی سرکار میں پہنچے تو سبھی ایک ہوئے

    بم بنانے کے تم ہی استاد نہیں ہو طالب
    کہتے ہیں اگلے زمانے میں کوئی میر بھی تھا

    بعد مرنے کی میری قبر پر آگیا وہ میر
    یاد ہے مسیحا کو دھمکا کروانے کے بعد

  • Its party time for zayed Hamid. It does not auger well for pakistan. Its difficult to judge
    the veracity of audio tape but the way the things developed really reflects very poor on the
    part of intelligens agencies and media people of pakistan. It gives us a feeling that
    every institution in Pakistan is working for CIA to disgrace the country. I am an Indian but
    feel deeply hurt for the country of my forefathers.

  • when u listen geo news transmission on the day the lal masjid issue was actully initiated. this mr. hamid mir said after showing some people outside masjid with small weapons and said these are not the wepons we (media) have seen inside the mosque they are big in number.
    but on the day of conclusion of the operation he changed his veiw and started saying how these wepons are here. these did not belong to these militants.
    all these events and this tape clearly show his involvment with terrorists. he is a terrorist in media. and should be strictly investigated and taken to task.

  • i knew it that he is a taliban agent. not surprised he never condemned suicide bombings or other taliban activities. …

    Geo TV does not seems to be doing anything for best of Pakistan…. Geo is just doing their business… Geo is playing role of traitor for the sake of money….
    Pakistan main terrorism/ bomb blast aur Geo almost same time main create huway hain…

  • Hamdid Mir , a friend of Taliban, is a criminal. He should be arrested as soon as possible.

  • Now PPP is against Hamin Mir and Shai and Qadianies are also. In short term, Cia will sussed but in long term, Pakistan will win. We need people like Geo TV and Hamid Mir, who are exposing the dirty picture. We love you Hamid Mir. Keep going, we need people like you, who are ready to give there blood for our beautiful country and for our future generation.
    Request to people , please respect your fmaily and pakistan, If you dont like pakistan, leave and go to other country. If you like IRAn and shai, do and stay in Iran.

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