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Internet Crime Alert: Watch Dr. Shahid Qureshi of The London Post

Update: Part 2 of this post: IP trail of Dr Shahid Qureshi

“Dr. Shahid Qureshi” is probably another alias of the notorious cyberspace terrorist who calls himself “Earthman, International Professor”. Syed Adeeb and Moin Ansari are two of of his affiliates in the USA.

Most probably another nick name used by the international cyberspace terrorist Abidullah Jan, the chief editor of the notorious hate site: www.dictatorshipwatch.com

According to Mr. Shahid Qureshi/Earthman/Abid ullah Jan, half of Pakistan is Shia or Qadiyani or Jew or Christian or the agents of RAW, Mossad, CIA, KGB etc.

This person claims that “Dr Shahid Qureshi is award wining journalist and writer on foreign policy & security based in London . He has written his MA thesis on ‘Political Thought of Khomeini and visited Tehran University”.


On another website, he introduces himself in these words: “Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior award wining writer on security, foreign policy, and terrorism based in London . E mail : ukcorrespondent@hotmail.com ”

Can Pakistan help Obama avoid his ‘Vietnam’ in Afghanistan?, News from Bangladesh, Monday February 16 2009 22:28:27 PM BDT


It seems that Shahid Qureshi/Earthman/Abidullah Jan are helping sectarian and jihadi terrorists in Pakistan by providing lead to the leading secualr, left-wing presons or those from religious or ethnic minorities, so that their field operators could hit and kill left-wing, secular or minority leaders in Pakistan.

Therefore, we urgently appeal to the Governments of Pakistan, the USA, the UK, and whereever these criminals are spreading their venom from, to closely monitor sinister activities of these individuals. They may be involved in acts of terror against innocent citizens in any part of the world.

Here is a smaple of hate speech spread by “Dr.” Shahid Qureshi:

“No one knows if too compromised lame duck President Zardari is part of the problem or part of the solution keeping in view the challenges Pakistan facing at the moment? Murder of Benazir Bhutto changed the political scene of Pakistan. Her launching and removal from the scene was part of a plot because a dead Bhutto is far more effective then alive? Some people say Bhutto’s are cursed like Ghandi’s and Kennedys? But it is not as simple as it seems, all of them were used and removed with perfect timings?

Re-launching of Benazir Bhutto (and now Zardari) has another dimension which was about to be aired soon. Wikipedia encyclopedia wrote, “Bhutto was the eldest child of former prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, a Pakistani of Sindhi descent and Shia Muslim by faith, and Begum Nusrat Bhutto, a Pakistani of Iranian-Kurdish descent, of similarly Shia Muslim by faith.” Her husband Mr. Asif Zardari also belongs to Shia faith. “Indo-US lobby is more strong in Pakistan then pro Pakistan lobby in Pakistan”

Benazir Bhutto a half-Iranian, Shia Prime Minister of a 90% Sunni Pakistan and now Zardari Inc, and others are chosen for many reasons? Ms Bhutto might be aware of with some reasons but not all of them? Benazir and Zardari’s links with Zionist lobby and complete reliance on foreign actors is a sign of mistrust on Pakistani institutions especially ISI and Army?

To demolish/undermine a country one does not need hammers? Some times removing a competent official and replacing with untrained, ignorant, uneducated, uniformed official or leaving the post vacant at time of crisis serves the purpose? For example when Zardari replaced a well trained professional Ambassador Munir Akram from Pakistan’s UN mission with a crony Haroon Hussein who deliberately failed himself in representing the case of Pakistan at the time of passing of UN Security Council Resolution without a debate after Mumbai Bombings is sign of treachery?”According a senior analyst the game plan being followed seems to be: (a) Installation of a Government surrounded by people from apparently ‘Shia’ minority, President Zardari, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani, Sherry Rehman, Hussein Haqani his wife Farah Isphani, Abida Hussein (General Musharaf’s National Security Advisor (Qadiyani) Tariq Aziz sold his horses in a rush to Abida Husain and took millions in foreign accounts) and various others inner golden circle of the regime are either Shias or Qadiyani influenced like Rehman Malik relative of Tariq Aziz and Governor Punjab Salman Taseer. (b) Appointments and postings of hand picked Shia officers/cronies irrelevant of political affiliations in the embassies, important missions, provincial, federal departments, police and intelligence services. (That helps Rehman Malik to keep his foreign job and money safe?). The policy of divide and rule is in practice for long time and still in practice all needed is to see through it?


Also read this piece spreading hate speech:

PPP was formed in the house of a Shia, Dr Mubshar Hassan, Bhutto’s finance minister according to reports. MQM also formed and overly represented in leadership by the mostly leftist Shias like John Elia, Raees Emrovhee, Shanshaha Hussain, Abbas Kumeli, Haider Abbas Rizivi and many others. Both the above parties are in complete patronage of India and US! Senator Mushahid Husain the brain of former ruling party PMLQ, Faisal Salah Hayat former interior minister, SM Zafar former law minister, lawyer Naeem Bukhari (reportedly used by Gen Mushraf to sack CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry), Dr Shireen Mazari, spokesperson of Imran Khan’s PTI, Prof Mehdi Hassan, Naseem Zahra, Hasan Askri Rizvi also come from Shia background.


Hate speech against Muhajir and Qadiyanis/Ahmadis:

MQM & Qadiyanis’ Israel Connection

By Dr Shahid Qureshi in The London Post, 1st October 2008

More Qadiyanis serve in the Israeli Armed Forces than in Pakistan.
On 15th February 1987, Pakistani Foreign Minister, Sahibzada Yakub Khan
stated in an answer to a question in the National Assembly that there were
328 Qadiyani officers of different ranks in the Pakistan Armed Forces. He
said, there were one Lt. General and five Brigadiers in the Army, one
Commodore in the Navy and six of equivalent rank in the Air Force. The
number of Colonels or equivalent was 10 in the Army, two in the Navy and
three in the Air Force (total- 15). The number of Lt. Colonels or similar
ranks was 56 in the Army, 6 in the Navy, and 11 in the Air Force (total-73).
The number of Major or equivalent ranks was 135 in the Army, 5 in the Navy
and 16 in the Air Force (total- 156). The numbers of Captain or equivalents
were 58 in the Army, 5 in the Navy, and 14 in the Air Force (total -77).
Grand Total =328.

Now the question is: after 20 years where are these officers? How far up
the ladder have they gone? What is their current status in the armed forces
and intelligence agencies? “Qadiyanis were created for political reasons and
also to confuse the Muslims especially on the matter of ‘Jihad”, said a
senior analyst.

Of late, Altaf Hussain has emerged as the champion of the Qadiyanis even
though the Shia (the sect to which he belongs) have been stronger in
condemnation of the Qadiyani heresy than the other sects. On 8th September
2008, Mr Altaf Hussain said, there was “a widespread conspiracy against the
MQM of sending fax letters and emails to individuals and to Imam Bargahs and
Mosques domestically and internationally inciting hatred and provoking
attacks against Shiite and the Qadiyani sects maligning the image of the MQM
and falsely portraying it to be against the Shiite and Ahmadi sects”.


A critical analysis of mad man Dr. Shahid Qureshi by B. D. Gupta:

Most convoluted argument for nuclear bombs ever

The argument by Dr Shahid Qureshi is one of the most novel arguments in favour of a nuclear bomb in Pakistan. The idea that there are organised minorities which are somehow out to get Pakistan is deeply engrained in so many minds that its not funny. Some priceless gems:

In cricket when a player scores a hundred, nobody asks how many catches were dropped. When nations survive wars and conspiracies, no one in history asks what they were living on or what they were eating.
Pakistan’s nuclear deterrent has reduced chances of a war in the region and there is a greater chance of peace flourishing in the subcontinent. One doesn’t count the costs involved in survival.

The author has obviously forgotten Kargil and the many times India Pakistan nearly went to war. And here’s another classic conspiracy theory, it was not our fault, my lord, it was the enemy who dunnit.

What happened in 1948, 1965 and 1971 wars and then in Kargil is part of military history but what really happened in the world’s leading capitals is an ugly story of betrayal, treachery and selfishness. There is, no doubt, that the 1971 war and separation of East Pakistan was an international conspiracy and more of stabbing in the back by friends, like the US, both in 1965 and 1971.

But this line is the best one: However, treachery is also telepathic. Hehehe, how amusing, telepathic treachery, hehehe. Very nice indeed. And this book’s review was given by a certain Brigadier Khalid. His LISA has collected together the most amusing and funny collection of “experts”, bunch of clowns. He comes up with the most wonderful ideas, provides a laugh a minute. Fascinating, and to think he actually has a readership. But then, there is an idiot born every minute. Here, read his review and giggle:

Book Review

War on Terror & Siege of Pakistan

By Dr Shahid Qureshi

Freemedia Publishers, Lahore

ISBN 9781 42599 5454

Price: £15

Conspiracies Against Pakistan

Most books about Pakistan are written and published abroad are either by Western authors who need to justify their angle on Islam or Pakistan or by Pakistani academics seeking to fit in with the Western academics. It is rare to see a book reflecting the point of view of a mainstream Pakistani about Pakistan particularly in the English language. This book is indeed the views and fears of a mainstream patriotic Pakistani.

Dr Shahid Qureshi has collected a vast amount of documents that are often ignored or sidelined because they do not support the subjective point of view that the author holds. In this book all relevant material on difficult subjects is compiled that is useful for further research or in support of facts for which references are not easily available. This book is particularly useful for students who need fact to draw their own conclusions or for writing a pro-Pakistan narrative as a part of their course of study.

Many analysts believes that ‘the so called ‘War on Terror ‘ was planned long before the 9/11 terrorist attacks and regime change in Pakistan from Nazwaz Sharif to General Musharaf in October 1999 was some how part of the plan’? Is it a mere coincidence that military rule was in place in Pakistan on both Soviet and US invasion of Afghanistan? This book provides information and analysis of the events as well as role of the players within the power circles of Pakistan.

One often wonder why is it so easy to install puppet regimes – civil or military – in a country like Pakistan that has a clear polity enjoying wide and strong public support! I admire the author of this book – Dr Shahid Qureshi – for his courage and patriotism to have attempted to provide an answer. In few words, the answer is the existence of ‘organised minorities’.

Organised minorities find it easy to infiltrate the establishment and influence the people because Pakistan is an open society. The core of the society is fair, generous, and hospitable. They are fair to the point of giving preference to the ‘other’ point of view over their own. They are generous – ever eager to forgive and forget. These characteristics provide for ease in maintaining social harmony. But they also make infiltration very easy.

Pre-independence politics saw the creation of two powerful elements to influence and control the Muslim core – Qadiaynis and the feudal. The Qadiaynis remained the sole subversive element who continued to flourish until they were declared non-Muslims in Pakistan by Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

Thereafter, those who wanted to influence Pakistan’s policies found it easier to consort with the Army Chiefs who emerged as powerbrokers. The foreign powers seeking to determine policy infiltrated the military as well as the political system to influence promotions in the armed forces as well nominations of ministers in the cabinet as allegedly happened after February 2008 elections.

The major foreign influence on Pakistan is of US. During the Cold War, when the objectives of Pakistan as well as the USA in South Asia were identical or complementary, this influence was benign, even helpful. But India has worked its way into favour and has become the principal US ally in the region. The watershed moment was the betrayal of Pakistan when USA supported Indian invasion of East Pakistan in 1971.

American CIA carried out a study how the vote of the rural majority elects a government and the urban discontent removes it from power. They found that the political inclinations of the population in rural as well as urban areas of Pakistan were similar except in Karachi. They concluded that even a popular government could be removed by agitation in Karachi. That is the raison d’etre of the MQM.

The fear of the Qadiaynis and the MQM is widespread in Pakistan. Like the backlash against Qadiaynis in the seventies, there is every likelihood of a backlash against the MQM in the coming decade. But it is avoidable. The identity of the MQM is ethnic, not sectarian. It is books like this, which help limit the damage they can do and create a space for them to return to the mainstream. Pakistan was split into two when a conspirator (an Indian agent) was able to gain the trust of the Bengali people. That may be happening again. The leaders of all the main political parties are leaders for life, and General Musharraf wants to be one. All of them depend on foreign support largely. In such an environment, the two organised minorities – Mirzais (Qadiaynis) and MQM can operate freely to subvert Pakistan from within.

The people trust the military but not Musharraf. Could the military support patriots among politicians to frustrate the subversives? I believe that disclosures and analysis like in this book improve the prospects of that to happen. Each one of us has a duty to come forward and call a spade a spade. It is only through such courage and patriotism that ‘robust unity’ of the core of the nation will be mobilised to frustrate the subversives in our country ‘under siege from within’.

Moreover, It is always dangerous for anyone to criticise politicians because they tend to be vindictive. However, it is safer to comment on military rulers and their surrogates. This book is written during the Musharraf era when Internet opened the lines of communication and information became freely available. The book compiles useful information on all the important events of the last decade with references included to link past events. Tabooed subjects like the MQM and its links with India; the Qadianis and their patrons; insurrection in Baluchistan and the role of India, Russia, and America in it; co-operation between Indian RAW and Israeli Mossad; the accusation of nuclear proliferation against Pakistan, are all covered.

This is a book providing information that is hard to obtain; it is a book that helps understand complex events linked to and surrounding Pakistan; and it is a rich source of themes and ideas. I commend it to readers.

Usman Khalid


London Institute of South Asia

Conspiracy theory galore…But if a book has been recommended by this clown, it immediately means that the book is destined to the never to be read pile…



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  • Mr. Shahid Qureshi/Earthman/Abid ullah Jan also use Pseudonym International Professor and lives in Canada [i.e. as per Islamic Point of View Daarul Kufr] and since when Canadian Nationals started talking on sensitive Sectarian Issues. This International Professor [His real id is discussed in the post]


    Brigadier [Retd] Usman, Abidullah Jan & Civilian Leadership

    The same International Professor i.e. Abdiullah Jan from Canada who is now supporting “Shahid Masood” had written a year ago about Pakistani Media. His other partner in this false propaganda is Brig. [R] Usman Khalid of LISA UK.

    Not a single word is mine, READ ABIDULLAH JAN ON THE SAME GEO TV

    Zardari has closed mouth of media with pearls – Now corrupt media is mouth piece only
    Monday, October 20, 2008 – 04:55 AM EST –
    Dawn group:
    Dawn group is completely sold, now it must remove image of Quaid e Azam from of the front page and may put picture of Zardari instead. Two brothers of DG ISI are running Dawn group, complete sectarian and polluted doctrines of ISPR are widely visible, influence of Sheher Bano alias Sherry Rahman who had been working with this group is another example of pressure on Dawn group, It is completely in grip of gay and lesbian liberals, almost all reports, columnists and sectarian agenda is given by Zardari. After appointment of Abdullah Hussain Haroon at UN, a continuity of same sect monopoly is also visible. Large amount of funds are flowing towards Dawn group from different sources including ISI, ISPR, PID and other sources. Its renowned columnist Cowsji when pointed out case of “Goad” written by Zardari at Mazar e Quaid was not presented in proper report and Dawn group tried to cover the story, neither Dawn TV reported on the issue. Israeli and Indian agents are widely visible on this channel including Irfan Hussain and Subaidar Major (retired) Kamran Shaffi, and with complete grip of Ispahani’s and Agha Khani’s on the paper.
    ARY is also completely sold, owners of group have deep links with Zardari in corruption cases, and ARY case is its example in money laundering of Zardari. Since long its three top anchors P J Mir, Javed Malik and Mazhar Abbas are already sold and receiving perks from PPP, another anchor Asma Shirazee could be seen with liberal fascist and brother of DG ISPR, it is working on slips of ISPR and PID, moreover it is against sovereignty of Pakistan by joining Indians and providing them access to strategic information. However it is not in the complete grip of liberal fascists as GEO and AAj are.
    Jang – Group including GEO:
    Have you seen an ad on GEO TV which starts with screaming voice of woman copied from rape scene of any movie? Then a voice starts commentary to bash Islam, soon after that crusaders notorious propaganda and naming terrorists as Islamic terrorist. Whether you think that Mir Shakil ur Rahman is liberal fascist or Jang Group is pro neo-Cons? Both speculations are not correct. In fact sons of Mir Khalil ur Rahman are not fool to side with any ideology openly, it is their history that those jump in ruling boat no sooner any ruler grab power and both sons started to itch palm of the hand, then those start to caress on their belly, finally start looting Govt. sponsored 60% ads, for which those are ready to kill anyone or group irrespective of sympathy. Mir brothers have received millions for running above particular ad to encourage army to attack on peoples.
    Have you seen video of Amir Liaqat Hussain to provoke sectarianism, provide opposite sects to take law in their hands. It is out of question that whatever Amir Liaqat Hussain is saying it did not have PPP’s and MQM’s backing, current strategy when Zardari is acting as Ahmad Challibi of Iraq, Benazir is killed like Khoi and all major vacancies have been filled with particular sects to color American made blue print of sectarianism, and convert it in next Iraq. It is feared that a sect which is joyfully distributing Amir Liaqat Hussain’s cassette worldwide could face dire consequences, blue print of Pakistan next Iraq is based on factors to irritate different sects, provoke each other to take law in their hands, communicate hate, and when bomb blasts will start give it color of terrorism. Mir Shakil Ur Rahman is directly responsible if any kind of sectarian fight may start by hiring such polluted person. It is not too late to take action against Amir Liaqat Hussain because print and internet is full of tit for tat replies around the globe, which are difficult to digest.
    Role of Dr. Shahid Masood: Perks of Dr. Shahid Masood are another cause of Jealousy among journalists, and a large number of so called journalists are standing in queue to be hired, ARY’s Javed Malik, P J Mir, Hussain Haroon of Dawn is its example. If you may read columns or watch on GEO character of Jang group’s main writers and anchors, surprisingly those are running hate campaign, those have forget NRO and corruption of Benazir and Zardari, tyranny of army and Mush, brutal beating and closures of programs of media only a few months back. Peoples are laughing when Hasan Nisar started to wear Sindhi Ajrak, alcoholics like Nazir Naji, and Masood Ashar, foreign funded NGO’s like Kishwar Naheed, old Shahab and Musawat mentality persons like Irshad Haqqani, Ch: Fawad Hussain, Agha Masood Hussain, Abid Tehami , Imtiaz Alam, and Ikram Saigol have changed their tones. The News is in complete grip of Israeli lobby, a character is Kamila Hayat, hot carnivorous aunty, in this age she keeps eye on teen ager moulvies, it is psychological matter like fiction book “Lehaf” of Ismat Chughtai wrote character.
    It was unbelievable that Dr. Shaid Masood will directly broadcast speech of Hamid Karazai from India on PTV, which was rebroadcasted through private TV channels on international networks, standing at SAARC conference and blaming Pakistan, according to him Pakistan is harboring terrorists, reason of broadcast was so plain that he used name of corrupt Benazir as “Shaheed’ two times, in same conference bogus speech of Yousuf Raza Gailani confirmed an impression of third class politician. On the whole a long list of anti-Pakistan elements is on pay role of Jang Group, it has permanent lobby of MQM at Karachi.
    Aaj TV:
    It is another creation of “Memon Production”, their goal is money, since its anchors have joined liberal fascist groups, its famous programs like “Bolta Pakistan” has lost its credibility. Particularly Nusrat Javed of jamat e Islami has recently joined fascist vigilantes funded by Salman Taseer Singh and neo-crusaders are funding them from hidden resources.
    Salman Taseer singh media group:
    History of Salman Taseer is based on filth; he is product of cross breed. Mush used him for his purposes later when Benazir-Zardari were allowed for political campaign under deals and NRO, Mush financed him for Urdu paper Aaj Kal. Chief of Shia terrorists groups Najam Sethi and Jugnu Mohsin both runs Daily Times and Friday Times, 99% reports, columns and editorials are based on hate, sectarian agenda and vulgarity. World renowned gay and lesbians, Islam Bashers and Salman Rushdie gang writes for above papers. Mush rule was a golden era for them and those earned billions, and now PPP is using and financing them openly. Newspapers of this group are flag bearers of Judaism, Hinduism and try to pose as agents of crusaders in Pakistan (for overseas financial benefits).
    Well distinguished Indian lobby in Pakistan, supported by Zionists, for example Najam Sethi, Ejaz Haider, Aizaz Syed and Jugnu Mohsin are spokespersons of RAW, ex wife of Salman Taseer Singh, Talveen Singh is a resourceful women, and his Sikh son is working with The Times. Daily Times, Friday Times and Aaj Kal have many funny characters such as Khalid Hasan, known as post card, Mirzayee by faith and spokesperson for Israel, a male eunuch, he was hired by Bhutto as bar tender for serving newly joined pedophiles, Kausar Niazi had same taste, he also has some psychological problem of porn and sex, he is scholar of Noor Jahan and Madho Bala, moreover fiction of “Saadat Hasan Minto” is his main contribution, everybody can guess his mindset. In others Rafia Zakria who runs alt-Muslims website, mean to made alterations in Islam, being close girl friend of Salman Rushdie she is trying to alter Islam. Majority of lesbian and ex. Muslims lives around her. In others Irfan Hussain who also writes for Dawn is Israeli agent and head of a leading Israeli organization. Khalid Ahmad and Manzoor Ejaz both are Mirzayee, others most writers are Shia, read analysis of Hasan Askari Rizvi on pay role of CIA or Salman Rashid Mirasi who says that Gen Kiyani is other birth of Bhagvan (if he will continue killing Pushtoons).
    Black sheep of media group are sent to USA to shut their mouth:
    About two weeks back following so called journalists (black mailers) were financed to propagate in favor of flawed democratic government and blemished president, those all were sent to USA, please watch carefully names which are either moles of ISI or belong to lesbians’ gang.
    1. Zaffar Abbas Dawn
    2. Mazhar Abbas (Gen Sec of PFUJ and anchor of ARY)
    3. Masood Ansari (Dawn group, Herald magazine)
    4. Ejaz Haider ( Shia terrorists, daily Times and Friday times)
    5. Asma Sheerazi: reporter of ARY, the only lone reporter which uses Hijab, it wondered to watch that her company is always with top pedophiles or gay type journalists. God knows actual matter.
    Some other examples:
    Nation is hungry and naked and media is running ads of “Benazir support program” since many weeks worth billion, not a single penny has been given to needy peoples but propaganda is at same level which PPP conducted during last regime “Meray Gaon main Bijli Aayee hay”, a loot program. PPP’s main strategy is propaganda, true copy of dictatorship, impatient and non tolerant. Its leaders are issuing bare naked threats to media and want to kill freedom of expression, media is debarred from writing words like “NRO”, “corruption”, “deal” or any criticism against PPP’s flawed democratic government. If any media channels relay discussion programs, PPP’s top leadership did not like to participate. Peoples have stopped watching bogus single sided propaganda programs. There is no doubt that Journalists are filling their pockets and mouth of media owners has filled with pearls, so corrupt Pakistani media is a stigma on the name of journalism. Peoples named them as “his master’s voice” or “mouth piece of corrupt rulers”.
    It is wondered that not a single leading channel or paper wrote anything about destruction of Kalabagh Dam by PPP. Where load shedding and lack of power supply has made crazy to citizens.
    Responsibilities of media during civil war:
    If Pakistani media will not fulfill its obligation to bring truth in public, if it will not raise finger against looters, plunderers and murderers then fate of Pakistan will not different from Iraq, Lebanon or Afghanistan. Stop taking advice of ministry of information or DG ISPR, if there is no way out then at least present both sides of the story. For example in each American aggression in Tribal areas, reports indicate that foreigners are killed, next day it proved to be incorrect, why Pakistani media is not honoring its responsibilities. There is no doubt peoples track and trace truth but it does not mean that media owners are running for for govt. ads to suck people’s money only. It is very well clear that pearls have closed mouths of media and made them mouth peace or his masters voice. There are a few honest journalists who are working on true principals otherwise it was sufficient to trust BBC reports rather local media. Don’t forget tyranny of PPP era’s when Bhutto directly threatened Mir Khalil ur Rahman, and on the issue of “Urdu Vs Sindhi” and “Bangla Desh na manzoor” all newspapers were put under censorship, now media is under threat of corrupt Sherry Rahman, her fourth legal husband is in hospital, otherwise stories of her liberalism are well known. In this flowing Ganga all channels and media groups are directly or indirectly involve in sucking people’s money, role of secret lifafa’s is a separate issue and a kind of corruption and dishonesty.
    International Professor
    Mr. Shahid Qureshi/Earthman/Abid ullah Jan also use Pseudonym International Professor and lives in Canada
    From: international. professor
    Subject: [Pakistan Post] Life threats to Dr. Shahid Masood
    To: pakistanpost@yahoogroups.com
    Date: Tuesday, November 24, 2009, 10:27 AM
    Parasites strike back – Life threats to Dr. Shahid Masood
    By Earthman: International Professor
    Standing against tyranny of powerful, corrupt and fascist rulers of Pakistan is a crusade (here word Jihad would hurt sentiments of Beghairat Lobby of Pakistan), since pen and paper holding intellectuals, scholars and journalists are considered to be soft target by powerful war lords, so their first target is always similar class.
    When rewinding memories of bitter recollections of previous rulers, none of them left any soft impression, each used its power and unique style of victimization. There are many bitter stories and facts faced by those peoples who raised the flag to fight against social injustice and chalked out corruption of feudal mentality politicians and generals.
    Leaving all other stories when mad generals massacred girls of Jamia Hafsa, heart burning sighs of 7000 innocents girls who were killed, abducted or buried alive were shaking my soul, I raised the flag against tyranny of cruel generals, nobody was ready to side with me, intelligence moles were labeling me Al Kaida and Taliban, and anonymous peoples were sending petitions to American politicians to shut my voice.
    Later against tyrannical regime of Musharraf when talking against Mush was Jihad. ISI and MI were involved in kidnappings, target killings and sale of citizens, the only voice of Mr. Shaheen Sehbai was also made silent and lonely website was closed. It was a great setback for all those who were fighting against dictatorship and trying to bring back democratic process back on track.
    Mr. Abid Ullah Jan, the Director of famous website Dictatorship Watch worked day and night to raise awareness among not only among Pakistanis but also to face powerful western media. Finally Musharraf was kicked out, and the day when Speaker of PPP was elected every one thanked God and think of taking some rest. But PPP followed the same fascist policies, the chapter of accountability was closed, army started to kill citizens as usual and Zardari mafia converted entire country into a colony of the imperialists. Mr. Abid ullah Jan who voluntarily helped in removal of fascist dictator became target of un-grateful peoples, finally disheartened wrote a message on his website “The last message for Pakistan” and quit. (1). It was also a great setback because we had to face another tyrant Zardari, whereas he was spending millions to procure media, journalists and websites.
    Sherry Rahman used all evil techniques to close mouth of media and curb on websites. Later Fauzia Wahab, Shaitan Malik, Kaira and Farhat ullah Babar repeated old techniques of dictatorships. I have nothing left to loose but still those try to snatch my leftover belongings. Later pillars of Pakistan media who have the repute and as such have backing of powerful journalistic organizations when started to raise the flag against corruption and misconduct of ruling mafia, than corrupt war lords used dirty techniques and tried to shut their voice, but in vain. Now according to source Zradari mafia has circled many names with red ink for elimination from the scene.
    Curb of famous program of Dr. Shahid Masood, “Merey Mutabiq” and life threats to him are unacceptable. We strongly condemned fascist acts of Peoples Party with the warning that you don’t have enough power to shut voice of Dr. Shahid Masood. His program would be delivered door to door, by websites; emails, DVD’s, You Tube, Twitter and unlimited means would make you crazy.
    It is strongly recommended that Jang-Group must register complaint to police for future reference and it is duty of all media owners to arrange proper security of leading journalists on the hit list of Zardari, marked with red pen including dr. Shahid Masood, Mr. Ansar Abbasi, Mr. Hamid Mir, Mr. Kashif Abbasi, Mr. Shaheen Sehbai and Dr. Shireen Mazari etc.
    Please support Dr. Shahid Masood and other journalists who are raising their voice against fascism, corruption and who are trying for implementation of rule of law in war torn Pakistan. Watch his programs; distribute his programs to neighbors and friends, don’t let shut another voice.
    Remember burglars have been caught in broad day light and all passages to exit have been closed, the only trick left over with those thieves is to harm opposite drum beaters and flag bearers, don’t be deceived.
    It is weakness of media owners who have adopted self created code of conduct under pressure of Pakistan army which is making lion to cats, for details please see next article.

    1. The last message for Pakistan, By Abid Ullah Jan: 2009/05/21/


  • Dr Shahid Qureshi, cyber terrorist’s latest propaganda against Pakistan’s Interior Minister, Rehman Malik:

    Rehman Malik running Private Spy Agency in London: Shaffaf Limited

    By Dr Shahid Qureshi
    Sunday 17 April 2011
    Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik owner of London base Spy Agency ‘Shaffaf Limited’ submitted his over due annual returns and accounts to the Companies House. He has submitted his Private Limited Company’s accounts of Company No. 03908422, and annual returns until 15/02/2012, the accounts made up to 31/05/2010. The company was registered (incorporated) 18/01/200 and registered business code 7460 – and nature of business (SIC (03) Investigation & Security.

    Interestingly this company’s Registered Office address is SHAFFAF LIMITED, SUITE 101-102, 38 EDGWARE ROAD, LONDON, W2 2EW. The same address where reportedly Prime Minister of Pakistan Yousaf Raza Gillani and PPP party Chairman Bilawal Zardari had a lunch last week. We wrote to Farah Isphani, Fasial Karim Kundi for comment but did not receive any response. We would welcome comment from Mr Malik.

    The company was originally registered at the address where Benazir Bhutto and Javeed Pasha had some kind of interest and been frequent visitors. Business address: Shaffaf Limited (Security and Detective Agency), Dr A Rehman Malik, Crown House Suit, 603 – 604, North Circular Road, London, NW10 7PN

    Rehaman Malik is the only Interior Minister (head of Pakistan’s security agencies. There was a time when a notification was issued to give ISI under interior ministry (civilian control) i.e. under Rehman Malik which was later revoked due to obvious pressures. Rehman Malik and Zardari regime never stopped putting Pakistan’s national security at risk. They issued visas to Indians and US private mercenaries from UAE illegally on weekends by passing the law that visa should not be issued from a third country on the alleged instructions of Awais aka Tappe a close relative President Zardari.

    Unlawful Command: “Those officers who followed and/or are following Rehman Malik’s treacherous orders were/ are like following ‘unlawful commands’. Following this traitor’s orders are committing crimes against state of Pakistan including the officials based in the embassies abroad? How can he run a British private detective security agency and interior ministry of Pakistan? It is shameful and treacherous”, Said a senior analyst.

    Rehman Malik’s ‘Shaffaf Limited’s role in Benazir Bhutto’s murder:
    According to information available on his website: During 26 years active service as civil servant and as a Member of Federal Investigation Agency (Equivalent to FBI/USA), Government of Pakistan, Dr. A. Rehman Malik had held the post of Director General of FIA besides heading various regional offices of the department such as Crime Zone, Peshawar, Immigration, Interpol and National Security Cell, Ministry of Interior. The incumbency of these positions involved formulation and implementation of policy to be followed by the various sections of FIA and overseeing the investigation of cases of diverse nature. During this period of in his working in FIA he had been involved into anti-terrorism, anti-money laundering operations, which has earned him a respectable position within the world law enforcement community. In recognition of his services, the then President of Pakistan had awarded him Sitara-e-Shujaat medal (for gallantry) in 1995. He had represented Pakistan in a number of international and national conferences and seminars

    Rich Experience in the field of Investigations, Security, Telecommunication General Administration & Management, and Security Consultant to Multinational Concerns. Presently running successful international business operations. Established in the year 2000 SHAFFAF GROUP started its business in the field of security consultancy and corporate fraud investigations. Now over the years, the SHAFFAF GROUP progressed significantly and entered into divergent areas of businesses ranging from security services to building vehicles running on Compressed Air Technology (CAT), handling VoIP traffic throughout the world, became part of a consortium with world renowned partners to bring out a National Security Protection Suite, which caters all the needs of any security agency, and TV entertainment. The Group is investing heavily to ensure efficient and cost effective services in the fields of its expertise to its clients around the globe.

    Following pertinent questions could be asked:

    Almost all private detective agencies in the UK are run by ex security services/police/CID etc personals. How come a foreign national was allowed to operate a company?
    Why Foreign Nationals /dual nationals are posted on most sensitive position in Pakistan?
    Is there any Law of Conflict of Interest in Pakistan?
    Has he signed any document to be advisor if not than he is a free man to pass on info later on because he has not signed any oath/secret service act etc?
    If Mr. Rehman Malik was head of a security agency and an expert than why Benazir Bhutto was killed on the street and he didn’t got a scratch?
    Why was he not travelling with her?
    Did Rehman Malik has any knowledge about Benazir Bhutto making request to Israeli Agency MOSSAD for protection?
    He is Business partner of Benazir Bhutto now Asif Zardari – (oil for food program, Villas in Spain’)
    Minimum requirement to work as a policeman in UK is British Citizenship with at least 10 years of professionals’ track record and references.
    How come Rehman Mailk started a detective agency without being British citizenship? Or is he British citizen?
    When Mr Malik got his client i.e. Benazir Bhutto killed for ignoring basic security principle/code, how come he becomes Security Advisor to PM, senator and now Interior Minister Head of all the intelligence agencies.
    He should be sacked straightaway or resigned himself but President Zardari promoted him? That is how much Zardari loves Benazir Bhutto.
    Who are his employers and who are they?
    He claims that he arrested Yousaf Ramzi but in actual fact there was no anti-terror unit in FIA until 2002. One can ask him how did you do it?
    Why he is not been investigated for removing the backup car i.e. life line of Benazir Bhutto from the scene?
    He lied on camera about the incident and misled people of Pakistan?
    (Details available on Companies House Website.


    One can get full details of directors etc by paying a small fee Name & Registered Office: Companies House in the UK

    SUITE 101-102, 38 EDGWARE ROAD, LONDON, W2 2EW
    Company No. 03908422
    Status: Active
    Date of Incorporation: 18/01/2000
    Country of Origin: United Kingdom
    Company Type: Private Limited Company
    Nature of Business (SIC(03)):
    7460 – Investigation & security
    Accounting Reference Date: 31/05
    Last Accounts Made Up To: 31/05/2006 (TOTAL EXEMPTION SMALL)
    Next Accounts Due: 31/03/2008
    Last Return Made Up To: 18/01/2007
    Next Return Due: 15/02/2008 OVERDUE

    Last Members List: 18/01/2007
    Previous Names: No previous name information has been recorded over the last 20 years.
    Branch Details: There are no branches associated with this company.
    Overseas Company Info: There are no Overseas Details associated with this company

    Name & Registered Office:

    Dr. Malik is Managing Director of SHAFFAF LIMITED – dealing in security consultancy and investigation of corporate frauds. He is also Chairman of RODCOM-EUROPE LIMITED, MDI-MEA, Vice Chairman of gfta, President of DM Digital TV and RYSTONE HOLDINGS. He is Honorary Consul General of Republic of Niger in UK.

    All the above companies are growing fast with good annual turnovers.

    List of British Detective Agencies

    For more information on the services the Group is providing please follow the relevant links on the left side of the page.

    38 Edgware Road, London W 2 2EH.
    Tel: +44(0)20 7724 5020 – Fax: +44 (0) 20 7806 0651 – Mobile: +44 (0) 7980 829 385
    Email: managingdirector@shaffafgroup.com
    directoroperations@shaffafgroup.com, info@shaffafgroup.com

    RODCOM-EUROPE (Company directed by Mr Malik)
    Email: rm@rodcom-europe.com
    Email: directorops@mdi-mea.com


  • From Pakistan Press google group:

    [pakistanpress] Qadiyani Press with Zioinist Agenda
    from: Dr Shahid Qureshi
    to: pakistanpress, muslimsaffairs, pakalert, malik, Ahmad, Raza, LISA

    show details


    Dear All,

    People know who owns daily Times – Salman Taseer and Najam Sethi who is Qadiyani according to some reports as he submitted forms with his Qadiyani faith when he was Minister during Musharaf rule? Only he can confirm or deny this. Mr Sethi was nominated for WAN award by a bunch of people who runs this group in France not on merit or open competition as they confirmed in writing. The awards were given in Delhi. You may dig the identities of the board of directors.

    Chief patron of Qadiyanis Musharaf was frequent visitor of ‘Bari Kot’ in Okara to his reported mistress. I will leave you to find whom he was visiting?

    I would invite all Qadiyanis to come back to the muslim fold as you dont need to live with mistakes and blunders of others?

    Dr. Shahid Qureshi


    On 29 June 2010 23:04, Dr Shahid Qureshi wrote:

    Saturday 12 June 2010

    Qadiyanis: Weapon of Psychological Warfare & Z A Bhutto’s Vision
    By Dr Shahid Qureshi

    “Qadiyanis were created as a strategic weapon during the British Rule in India as part of the ‘psychological warfare’. It happened when invading or occupying powers need local collaborators to do their dirty jobs for example similar kind of group was created in Vietnam by the US but not on religious lines, a minority group was also patronised by the Israelis in South Lebanon, which was later abandoned. US also patronised a group in Iraqi Kurdistan. Now Qadiyanis are like ‘decommissioned ship’ permanently harboured in London waiting desperately to be re-used”, said a senior analyst.

    Here is what British Intelligence (Punjab Office Version) reported in 1919: “The Growth and Development of The Ahmadya Movement (1919)”:

    “They (Qadiyanis) took NO part in the Muhammadan agitation over the Turkish question beyond expressing the opinion that consideration should be paid to the feelings of the Muhammadan world, and admitted frankly that they owned no spiritual allegiance to the Sultan (of Turkey), but recognized as their temporal sovereign the Power (British) under whose rule they lived. They were opposed to the ‘hijrat’ movement, maintaining that Islamic conditions governing the necessity for ‘hijrat’ had not been fulfilled.

    The Khilfat and non-cooperation movements found them to be firmly on the side of (British) Government (in India). The Qadiyani section published pamphlets on the “Turkish Peace and “Non-cooperation and Islam”, in which non-cooperation, ‘hijrat (migration)’ and ‘Jehad’ were unqualifyingly condemned. Throughout the Punjab disturbances of 1919 they (Qadiyanis) remained loyal to the (British Government).”

    No one can deny the special links of the community with the British Government as Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani (1838-1908) the shadowy prophet declared himself that Islam consisted of two parts: one, obedience to God and two, obedience to the British government. He admitted he could ‘pursue his mission neither in Makkah, nor Madinah; neither in Syria, nor Iran or Kabul save under this Government for whose good fortune we pray’. On 24th February 1898, Mirza sent a fawning petition to the British Lt-Governor of the province, he referred to his loyal services to the government of Britain and reminded him that he was their ‘their own plant’ (khud sakhtah pauda) and, then went on to request that his followers be given special consideration by officials.

    Mirza’s ‘khalifah’ and son, Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad, wrote proudly in the cult’s paper Al-Fazal dated 1st November 1934, that: ‘The whole world considers us to be the agents of the British. That is why a German minister who attended the opening of an Ahmadiya building in Germany was asked to explain as to why he went to the function of a community, which was the agent of the British.

    All the minorities of Pakistan including Qadiyanis should be protected under the constitution of Pakistan and UN Declaration of Human rights. No one has ever said that Qadiyanis living in Pakistan are not Pakistanis. There should be no problem if Indian Qadiyanis collect donations for Indian Army after Kargil in occupied Kashmir. The question is how loyal Pakistanis they are? It is not a loyalty test in anyway but the actions of this minority over the years were/are undermining the state of Pakistan. They started undermining even before the creation of Pakistan.

    According to a “Qadiyani Prophecy”, revealed few months before the independence of Pakistan in 1947: ‘if at all India and Pakistan did separate, it would be ‘transient’ and Qadiyanis were asked to try to bring an end to this phase soon”. (Published in Qadiyani Magazine: Al-Fzal, 4th April 1947 – 17th May 1947)

    Their undermining was to the extent that a liberal Statesman and leader like Zulifqar Ali Bhutto realised what they were up to and banned Dr Abus Salam visiting Pakistan’s nuclear sites. He told his security chief in Jail (Col Rafi), ‘Ahmadis want same position as Jews in the USA i.e. they want every policy to go through with their approval… (‘Last 323 days of Z A Bhutto’ by Col Rafiuddin, pp67).

    Surely the assessment of the visionary Statesman of Pakistan Zulifqar Ali Bhutto was on the spot as the following Israeli study proved it to be true in terms of mindset and following of tricks and treachery.

    An Israeli study (P R Kumaraswamy: Beyond the Veil: Israel ­Pakistan relation, Jaffe Centre for Strategic Studies, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, March 2000) brings to light, that Pakistan has its own `pro-Israeli’ lobby’ (Qadiyanis) has been doing since the word go.

    Pakistan and its people have been facing terrorism in mosques, churches and temples for many years. What happened at ‘Qadiyani Centres in Lahore is surely regrettable and sympathies should be extended to the victims. They are Pakistani Qadiyanis and their rights should be protected.

    As far as changes in the laws are concerned government should be cautious and careful as what is the agenda to change now and why was it changed in the first place? What is it to hide and what is to achieve? If one does not have any ‘intention’ to be blasphemous in a 95% Muslim country then there should be no problem, unless one has an intention to be blasphemous. Is it stopping people to practice their religious beliefs or some people want to be in two boats as Sir Allama Iqbal mentioned.

    In 1935 Sir Mohammad Iqbal, a lawyer, poet and philosopher asked the British Government to declare the Qadiyanis as separate community just as they done with the Sikhs. Sir Iqbal said, ‘the Qadiyanis while pursuing a policy of separation in religion and social matters ‘, however, anxious to remain politically with the fold. The Qadiyanis will never take initiative for separation’, argued Sir Iqbal because their small number (56,000) according to 1931 census would not entitle them ‘even to a single seat in any legislature. The Qadiyanis asked the British Government that, ‘our rights too should be recognised like those of Parsees and Christians reported (Al Fzal, 13th November 1946).

    It was/is not The State of Pakistan that declared them non-Muslims but just confirmed the division, i.e. it is Qadiyanis who declared rest of the Muslims non-Muslims long time before the state declaration. The onus lies on them (Qadiyanis) to integrate and renounce their views on the finality of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and not the other way around.

    The Qadiyani view of their relationship with rest of the Muslims was well summarised by their second caliph, Mirza Mahmud Ahmad: “Our worship has been separated from the non–Ahmadis, we are prohibited from giving our daughters (in marriage) to them and we have been stopped from offering prayers for their dead. What then left that we can do together? There are two kinds of ties: one religious the other mundane. The greatest expression of the religious bond is in common worship and in matters mundane, these are the ties of family and marriage. But then both are forbidden (haram) to us. If you say that we are permitted to take their daughter (in marriage), then I would reply that we are allowed to marry the daughters of Christians as well. If you say why do we Salam (salute) to non- Ahmadis, then the reply to this is that … the Prophet (Muhammad) has said Salam to the Jews… Thus the Promised Messiah (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) has separated us, in all possible ways, from the others; and there is no kind of relationship which is particular to Muslims and we are not forbidden from (entering into) that”, (Kalimatul Fazsl’, by Mirza Mahmud Ahmad in Review of Religions).

    As an open-minded Muslim leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah father of nation appointed Sir Zafarullah Khan a Qadiyani, his first foreign minister of Pakistan who did not attend his funeral conducted by a Sunni scholar Shabeer Ahmed Usmani, considering Mr Jinnah as non-Muslim (non Ahmadi). In a hypothetical scenario as far as the integration of the Qadiyanis with the rest of the Muslim community is concerned doors for the non-Ahmadis are shut.

    Qadiyanis should rejoin the larger Muslim fold by renouncing their beliefs concerning the finality of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) no one has shut the doors for them. They are an expired by date weapon used against Muslims but Qadiyani minority is not ready to let go?


    Disclaimer views expressed in the article are not of

    The London Post


    Malik Siraj Akbar to pakistanpress
    show details 6/30/10
    – Show quoted text –

    The Baloch Hal


    mhmediaperson@gmail.com to pakistanpress, muslimsaffairs, pakalert, malik, Ahmad, Raza, LISABrig
    show details 6/30/10

    Plz correct ur info. Gen.Musharraf was not qadiyani at all. He was a liberal Muslim. He paid salaam and offered prayers many times at Roza e Rasool(PBUM) at Madina, which Qadiyanis does not do. In Pakistan there are people from many faiths other than Islam and u can not doubt their patriotism with Pakistan. And every one has right to live and practice his religion freely. Regards

    Mateen Haider
    Dawn News


    From: janassakzai200@gmail.com
    Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2010 07:32:07 +0100
    Subject: [pakistanpress] To bigoted Taliban journalists
    To: pakistanpress@googlegroups.com

    Dear all

    This is perhaps an eye opener to bigoted Journalists who have only defamed religious and ethnic minorities to preserve the bigoted state views fostered by Punjab-dominated establishment.


    COMMENT: Do not hate me for who I am! —Shahid Ilyas


    Dr Shahid Qureshi to pakistanpress, muslimsaffairs, malik, LISA, pakalert
    show details 6/30/10
    Images are not displayed.
    Display images below – Always display images from ukcorrespondent@hotmail.com
    May be you should grow up Mr Siraj Akbar and do some research before opening your mouth. If people think YOU ARE STUPID THAN YOU DONT NEED TO OPEN YOUR MOUTH TO PROVE IT. YOU MUST DO SOME READINGS AND RESEARCH.



    Malik Siraj Akbar to pakistanpress, muslimsaffairs, malik, LISA, pakalert
    show details 6/30/10
    (Not so) Dear Dr. Shahid,

    As instructed by you, I have done my reading and research. Here is all what I could do as a humble citizen: A list of Psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychologists for you!!!


    In solidarity with psychos


    Sarah Khan to PakistanPress
    show details 6/30/10
    Dera naqli doctor Shahid Qureshi aka Syed Adeeb aka Earthman
    International Professor sahib,

    Once again I repeat my questions:

    1. What is your real name?
    2. Why do you use more than one pen names?
    3. Which media organization do you work for? What is its physical
    4. What is your biodata? What is your qualification? What experience
    exactly do you have in the field of journalism?

    I understand that the Pakistan Press moderators do not want to censor
    your voice but you must not test the limits of tolerance Dr Shahid
    Qureshi or who so ever you are.

    Sarah Khan


    Chris Cork to pakistanpress
    show details 6/30/10
    Yup…go get him Sarah!



    Zubair Torwali to pakistanpress
    show details 6/30/10
    Dr Qureishi,

    It would be kind of you if you give a brief account of your bio and
    past history with a short description of your inclination?

    I think this country can no longer afford more bigotry based on either
    faith or bias. What type of history you have read and what typr of job
    you do? Being a Muslim and Pakistani I find you very baised and
    zealot. What evidences are there with you upon which you base your
    fanatic views? Has Musharraf, Salman Taseer or Najam Sethi told you
    that they are Ahmadis? This is a blame game. Daily Times and Friday
    Times do a great service in presenting moderate views. They even give
    space for writers (from Pashtun belt) to present their concerns in a
    free and democratic way.

    You are hell bent in maligning these impartial and progressive vocies.
    Faith to me is very personal in nature. I can’t allow myself check
    people in the reference frame of based on my personal faith. I am, and
    want everyone else, convinced to weigh people in the scale of their
    service for humanity at large; and in Pakistani context for Pakistan
    and its people.

    It worries us most that some people are still untired of pushing
    Pakistan in the pools of more sectarian blood. Perhaps they are too
    apthetic to feel the plight of the people who become victims of such
    mayhem. We have witnessed all kinds of faith based blooodshed in
    Pakistan, particularly KP. Enough is enough.

    I understand that there is a political dimension of all this bloody
    clash but the faith based bias provide fodder for this dimension.

    Creed is the bloodiest evil when used for power.



    Sarah Khan to PakistanPress
    show details 6/30/10
    Thank you, Chris and Zubair.

    I have now spent some time in researching the IP trail of Dr Shahid
    Qureshi from various websites, email groups on which he has been
    spitting his hate speech against Ahmadis, Shias, Barelvis, Christians,
    Jews etc.

    The results are astounding. This person has appeared with the
    following different names with two IPs (probably one from his home,
    and the other from his place of work) in Virginia, USA.

    Here is a complete detail.
    Country: United States
    State/Region: Virginia
    ISP: Verizon Internet Services
    Country: United States
    State/Region: Virginia
    ISP: Comcast Cable

    The London Post

    Dr Shahid Qureshi

    Dr Shahid Qureshi

    Human Rights Justice Forum

    Information Press

    Syed Adeeb

    Syed Adeeb

    Adeeb Media

    Sorry, International Professor aka Dr Shahid Qureshi aka Syed Adeeb.
    Soon, the FBI will be at your doorstep investigating your invovlement
    in hate speech and incitement to violence. Hope you will enjoy a nice
    holiday in Gitmo!

    Sarah Khan


    M Asif Khan to pakistanpress, pakistanpress
    show details 6/30/10
    Torwali, the air around us is so densely poisened by people like Dr Qureshi (?) that it warrants storms to clear but your effort is commendable!

    Asif Khan, Peshawar (iPhone message)


    Dr Shahid Qureshi to pakistanpress, muslimsaffairs, malik, LISA, pakalert
    show details 6/30/10
    Images are not displayed.
    Display images below – Always display images from ukcorrespondent@hotmail.com
    The other idiot Sajjad Akbar is also not answering the questions or at least understanding the issue. I can understand and diagnose Siraj Akbar’s delusion of Grandeur and histrionic Personality disorder. I can offer him on line counseling and also help him release from the locked ward on mental health hospital after full assessment of course. He is a cuckoo who never flew from his nest.

    Ps. I am PhD in Psychology and postgraduate in Law from British University. I am representing Frontier Post in London and UK for the past 12 years and I started with FP.


    Malik Siraj Akbar to pakistanpress
    show details 7/1/10
    You can be a PhD in anything!


    Chris Cork to pakistanpress
    show details 7/1/10
    Sarah…funnily enough I finally got around to doing the same this
    morning. With much the same results. I also think he is using an IP
    mask…but not all the time. One of his IP locations I tracked this
    morning was more or less on the equator south of Port Harcourt,
    Nigeria. I also turned up a YouTube clip of somebody who alleges that
    he is said Dr…sounded utterly barmy to me. There is no record
    anywhere of ‘British University’. He claims to represent The Frontier
    Post…can’t find his byline there. All in all, just another nutcase
    but a particularly nasty one as he has some traction with the
    gullible, apparently.



    Kamran Shafi to pakistanpress
    show details 7/1/10
    So THIS is the poisonous ‘International Professor’? So this is the Mother of all Conspiracy Theorists Syed Adeeb about who the late Khalid Hasan had much to say? So this is Dr. Shahid Qureshi of London? I am all for suing the man in the public interest for spewing and spreading hate.
    Well done, Sarah Khan.
    Kamran Shafi


    Chris Cork to pakistanpress
    show details 7/1/10
    Do you think it is worth pursuing this man? I think we have
    collectively established him as a charlatan, and a dangerous one at
    that, but I wonder if giving him the oxygen of publicity would do more
    harm than good. I am not sure how we could sue him, but we might make
    a complaint to UK or US police? Hate material propagation? We are
    established writers, none of us extremist as far as I am aware….what
    do you think?



    Kamran Shafi to pakistanpress
    show details 7/1/10
    There is the problem of providing oxygen to such charlatans but one must throw down the gauntlet to such spreaders of hate and bigotry. Just look at the state of Pakistani society today – being eaten away from the inside by such horrors. Yes, by all means a complaint to the British police/the FBI. I am ready to back any move that will expose and silence such people.



    marvi@marvisirmed.com to pakistanpress
    show details 7/1/10
    Absolutely on the page with Chris. And Sarah, thanks a lot dear!


    state_of_pakistan@yahoo.com to pakistanpress
    show details 7/1/10
    These people who have nothing to offer us but hate are the real enemies of Pakistan because hate divides and division bets violence and destruction. We must condemn them all. I won’t dignify them by taking their names. They are not worth this.

    Farrukh Siddiqui

    marvi@marvisirmed.com to pakistanpress
    show details 7/1/10
    Yes Kamran sir, seriously. let’s just do that. Let me gather some of his hate mails, print them out and attach with the written complaint. I might not have many, as I usually trash such nut cases. Can someone please forward some of gis masterpieces? Many thanks,
    Marvi Sirmed


    Chris Cork to pakistanpress
    show details 7/1/10
    I think we need to establish for certain his physical location first,
    as I am not sure if he is in the US or the UK. Certainly the work that
    Sarah has done spots him in the States, but he could be using a proxy
    server to get that. He claims to be in the UK…so how do we establish
    that one way or another? If we can establish it, and then pinpoint a
    town/city we can probably find a branch of the Race Relations Council
    at or near to his location, as we will need advice on how to submit a
    complaint. Anybody got other thoughts?




    I have now captured and posted two pictures of this creature in the
    following post:


    I will try to append any evidence of hate speech by him / his aliases
    in comments to the above post (by providing URL and content).

    Chris, I think you are right. This man is most probably using an IP

    Most of his IP trail suggests that he is based in Virginia, USA, using
    Verizon Internet Services or Comcast Cable.

    However, his TV appearances (shame on Press TV for inviting this hate
    monger) suggest he is located in the UK.



    Can someone associate with the Press TV check ascertain the
    whereabouts and identity of this person.

    Sarah Khan


    Chris Cork to pakistanpress
    show details 7/1/10
    Here are a couple of snippets to add to the mix. I used Google Earth
    to locate Gateway 1000 in Stevenage. It is on an anonymous industrial
    estate and my guess is that is where a set of servers is located. Then
    I went looking for 27 Gloucester street WC1 N 3XX – and there is NO
    Gloucester Street in the whole of London. There is an OLD Gloucester
    street with that postcode and it looks like the address is actually a
    set of ‘boxes’ – mailing addresses. So then I phoned the number…and
    got the Vodaphone voicemail answering service. No closer to the
    elusive doctor, I am afraid.


    Evidence of hate speech

    Have now spent some time in collecting proofs of hate speech by the so
    called Dr Shahid Qureshi and his other aliases. I am amused by the
    fact that he is himself keenly reading this email exchange:

    Internet Crime Alert, USA and UK: The IP trail of Syed Adeeb aka Dr
    Shahid Qureshi aka The London Post aka Earthman International
    Professor (Part II)

    Watch this man: (Part 1)

    Internet Crime Alert – Watch this man “Earthman, International
    Professor”. He is dangerous. Involved in hate speech and pro-terrorism

    Internet Crime Unit Alert: Watch Abidullah Jan and the
    Dictatorshipwatch.com – a hate site

    Let Us Build Pakistan (LUBP) exposed – by Earthman, International
    Professor (also including articles by Aftab Iqbal and late Khalid

    Critical article on ‘Let us build Pakistan’ – by Syed Adeeb

    Enough to consitute a legal complaint against him I suspect.

    Chris Cork to pakistanpress
    show details 7/1/10
    – Show quoted text –
    Thanks for that…and how do you know he is reading this exchange? Has he commented to you? Anyway…if we can pin down a physical location lets see if we can find one of the civil liberties groups close to where he is and see if we can get them primed up. It is not going to be instantaneous, it may take a while, but it is worth a try.


    Chris Cork to pakistanpress
    show details 7/1/10
    – Show quoted text –
    Well now that IS interesting Kamran…wonder who sponsored him?



    Easy thing. I suspect the Pakistan Press moderators have not blocked
    Dr SQ’s messages yet. He was actively sending emails to this group
    until a few hours ago.

    Also, on second thought, I think Press TV have actually done us a
    service by interviewing this man.



    In short, some inside details from the Press TV could be our shortest
    route to this man, and through him, to his real mentors and puppet
    masters – most probably based in Aabpara, Islamabad and Mansoora,

    Sarah Khan


    Chris Cork to pakistanpress
    show details 7/1/10
    – Show quoted text –
    You may well be right Sarah. Must say I have got quite intrigued by this today. I rarely bother with this sort of stuff but this stuck out like a sore thumb. And guess what…in the last 2 mins just had a call from the UK number I phoned earlier. A man said he had a missed call from my number…I said must be a mistake, wrong number. Think this might be our man, though. Had an Asian accent.



    Shafqat Mahmood to pakistanpress
    show details 7/1/10
    In the meantime is it possible for the administrators to remove this viper from the blog? This is not censorship because all this man is doing is spreading hate and we have enough of that already. Shafqat
    – Show quoted text –

    Shafqat Mahmood

    Pakistan Team to pakistanpress
    show details 7/1/10
    Dear Pakistan Press group members,

    While the Pakistan Press do not intend to censor anyone’s opinion, it
    is agreed that Dr Shahid Qureshi is consistently spreading hate, which
    should not be tolerated in any civilised society or forum.

    Therefore, we have now decided to place all future emails by Dr Shahid
    Qureshi subject to moderation. However, he is not banned. We hope that
    sanity will prevail and that he will amend his ways of thinking and

    Group Moderator

    show details 7/1/10
    I think that is fair enough…at least for me and for the time being.

    My primary interest in this matter is not religious…I am of no faith
    myself and believe it to be a purely private matter as to what others
    believe or do not. My interest is in the matter of whether this man is
    touting himself as a degree holder and having a doctorate, and as
    things stand at the moment I have seen nothing that would convince me
    he is either. And given that he is announced as such here and there,
    including on TV, that is a matter of serious import for me, especially
    considering the whole fake degree debate that is going on re our

    Although not religious, I do strongly believe that we should respect
    the faiths of others, and not promote hatred or discord between
    religions or sects. In that sense I strongly condemn this mans
    attitude to Ahmedis. I have Ahmedi friends, and have some idea how
    they feel.

    Best wishes…

    Chris Cork (who has a variety of degrees, with my last academic
    expedition being a Dip. Islamic Studies, Leicester University, 1993.)


    Dr Shahid Qureshi to pakmedia, pakistanpress, muslimsaffairs, malik, LISA, Raza, pakalert
    show details 7/1/10
    Dear all, Mr Kamran Shafi and Shafqat Mahmood saab,
    Kamran Shafi you are very intelligent at last. I travelled to Pakistan with the British Media Delegation few years ago. The worst thing in all the communications coming from the most lot is more to find out who I am than to focus on what information is provided. You are well come to challenge. None of you have challenged the sources of information or references and got into a mode.
    Shafqat Saab: I thought you were good in the RUSI – London. I was expecting you to read the article first and than comment on who hate who?
    Thank you for identifying yourself as it is useful exercise. It is called ‘Barium Meal’.
    Many Thanks


    state_of_pakistan@yahoo.com to pakistanpress
    show details 7/1/10
    This is good decision but please do not censor these people. It is best that they expose themselves like this. We should not give them an excuse that we are censoring them. Better course would be to take them to court for hate speech.

    Farrukh Siddiqui

    Kamran Shafi to pakistanpress
    show details 7/1/10
    A few ‘phone calls to journalist friends in London and I have got to the bottom of it all. The man is banned from entering the High Commission in London but STILL manages to get into CERTAIN offices!
    He was the only ethnic “journalist” sponsored to visit Pakistan in 2008 alongside certain Brit journalists for some defence-type briefings.
    The question to ask is why this spreader of hate and venom is “sponsored” by anyone in the first place? Don’t we have enough of it already?
    Let us take this to the limit everyone: enough is enough.
    Kamran Shafi


    Chris Cork to pakistanpress
    show details 7/1/10
    Kamran…I am beginning to pull together some material, firstly UK
    legislation. I want to circulate this so that you and a couple of
    other can have a look at it and see what you think. I have mailed
    Sarah asking her for an ‘off list’ email addy, and can I have one for
    you as well. I think that our first port of call will be The Camden
    Law Centre and I am happy to deal with that side of things if folks
    are OK with that.


    Dr Shahid Qureshi to pakistanaffairs, pakistanpress, pakalert, Raza, Ahmad, malik, LISA
    show details 7/1/10
    You will never grow up Mr Shafi. You might get pay rise for this. No wonder you were drumed out………..

    marvi@marvisirmed.com to pakistanpress, pakalert, pakistanaffairs, Raza, Ahmad, malik, LISA
    show details 7/1/10
    Pay “rise” ????? Huh? Are you normal Mr Qureshi????

    Kamran Shafi to pakistanpress, pakalert, pakistanaffairs, Raza, Ahmad, malik, LISA
    show details 7/1/10
    This is BEAUTIFUL. You have yourself proved the point!!
    Please, moderator, let the man say whatever he wants – give him all the rope he wants….and more….
    Kamran Shafi

    show details 7/1/10

    My advice to Dr Shahid Qureshi is to move on and not waste his time on these closed minds. Kamran Shafi and Shafqat Mahmood appeared to be Qadiyani fellow travelers par excellence. That is why Instead of using their self-same ‘liberal’ brains and help advance this informed debate, their main objective appears to aid and defend their Qadiyani benefactors. It is good that these moles have now come out of their liberal holes.
    It was not for nothing that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had likened the Qadiyanis to Zionists influence peddlers. But I wonder whether these liberal moles whose innocence has been injured by Dr Shahid Qureshi’s well-researched article have even DARED to read it. These Pakistani Zionists would rather ban Dr Shahid Qureshi than allow the debate to continue.

    Will the moderator come forward and assure us that this was really and truly a Pakistani press group and not a front set up to serve Qadiyani agenda.

    After all Ms Rabia Saleem was not wrong to raise the basic question: whether these were real or fake pressmen? WE owe it to this lady to help us understand a problem that few were aware of.

    Let the debate continue and let more and more moles come out.

    best wishes

    Dr Shahid Qureshi

    Zubair Torwali to pakistanpress
    show details 7/1/10
    Look, now he came up with an ‘editor’ email.


    He says he is PhD is psychology. we have witnessed many times that too much psychology makes men abnormal.

    Friends, I think we should not waste our energies on such fake people who even can’t show their identity. He says he represents FP. This is a wonder. FP is regarded a rational voice. It was very effective in the past.

    When every publishing group refused to publish the late Ahmad Bashir it was the FP which gave him full space. Now it is a bit out of quality but still I think it will never want such people on it or I may be wrong as much has been changed since.

    Zubair Torwali

    Ayesha Siddiqa to pakistanpress
    show details 7/2/10

    If it is Syed Adeeb then he is the son of Mr Akmal Aleemi an urdu journalist with a long career in VoA. Syed Adeeb is very connected with the right wing Pakistanis in the US. Dr Shahid Qureshi I believce is another chap based in London. I have seen him and he is the same as syed adeeb.


    show details 7/2/10

    Perhaps you are right. Syed Adeeb and Dr Shahid Siddiqi seem to be two
    different persons (although with similar agenda and same puppet

    Their pictures are different:

    Dr Shahid Qureshi’s picture

    Syed Adeeb’s picture

    However, what is confusing is the fact that both of them used same IP
    address (or mask) in posting their comments on the LUBP blog.

    Dr. Shahid Qureshi
    Submitted on 2010/05/29 at 12:27pm

    The London Post
    Submitted on 2010/05/29 at 1:32pm

    Syed Adeeb
    Submitted on 2010/05/22 at 11:53pm

    Does that suggest the fact that the same IP mask was provided to them
    by their mentors?

    Another person active in the same racket is Abidullah Jan. His picture
    and details can be found at the following link:

    Abid Ullah Jan (Dictatorship Watch)

    To me, Dr Shahid Qureshi, Syed Adeeb, Abid Ullah Jan etc appear to be
    an extension of the same racket of pro-Hizbut-Tahrir, Jamaat-e-Islami
    apologists (sham journalists) who are facilitated and sponsored by our
    defence experts in Aabpara.


    state_of_pakistan@yahoo.com to pakistanpress
    show details 7/2/10
    Let’s target the sponsors and financiers as BB famously put. Why bother with small fry and little puppets?

    Farrukh Siddiqui

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    We would like to alert you about a sham journalist based in the UK who
    is involved in hate speech and inciting to violence against Ahmadis,
    Shias, Muhajir and other religious and ethnic communities in Pakistan,
    UK and also on an international scale.

    We note with concern that this man (he has many aliases but one common
    name is Dr Shahid Qureshi) is often invited as a journalist by the
    British Foreign Office.

    Recently on 23 June 2010, he was present in the Foreign Secretary’s
    FCO press conference:


    We have learnt that this hate monger has also been sponsored as an
    ethnic journalist on various visits to Pakistan and elsewhere
    organized by the UK Foreign Office.

    Here is some detail that you may wish to know:

    The following links and comments appended to the links include ample
    evidence of hate
    speech against Ahmadis and other communities spread within and outside
    the UK by Dr Shahid Qureshi (and his many aliases).

    Given that many Ahmadis have been killed / injured / persecuted in
    Pakistan as a result of hate speech or defamatory and malicious
    propaganda (inciting to violence) including at least one British
    national Ahamdi who was killed in the Lahore attack last month (more
    than 100 Ahmadis killed in Lahore last month), Dr Shahid Qureshi and
    his likes are posing a serious threat to the life, property and honour
    of the Ahmadi community in Pakistan and abroad.

    Here are some links:

    Internet Crime Alert, USA and UK: The IP trail of Syed Adeeb aka Dr
    Shahid Qureshi aka The London Post aka Earthman International
    Professor (Part II)

    Watch this man: (Part 1)

    Internet Crime Alert – Watch this man “Earthman, International
    Professor”. He is dangerous. Involved in hate speech and pro-terrorism
    propaganda. (also including articles by Aftab Iqbal and late Khalid


    Internet Crime Unit Alert: Watch Abidullah Jan and the
    Dictatorshipwatch.com – a hate site


    Let Us Build Pakistan (LUBP) exposed – by Earthman, International Professor

    Critical article on ‘Let us build Pakistan’ – by Syed Adeeb

    Dr Shahid Qureshi uses many aliases such as Syed Adeeb, International
    Professor, Earthman etc.

    He owns a hate speech website: “The London Post”

    Here is an outcome of the domain search on “The London Post”

    owner-c: AI-123322
    admin-c: AI-123322
    tech-c: AI-300624
    bill-c: AI-300624
    nserver: webs01.brains.net
    nserver: webs03.brains.net
    created: 2007-07-09 16:14:12
    expires: 2011-07-09 16:14:12
    changed: 2009-10-11 09:38:30

    contact-handle: AI-123322
    contact: Dr Shahid Qureshi
    organisation: SQ and Co
    address: 27 Gloucester Street
    address: London
    address: London
    address: WC1N 3XX
    address: GB
    phone: +44.7764184908
    email: shahid27uk@yahoo.com

    contact-handle: AI-300624
    contact: Hostmaster
    address: Units H, J, K
    address: Gateway 1000
    address: Whittle Way
    address: Stevenage
    address: England
    address: SG1 2FP
    address: GB
    phone: +44.1438342490
    fax: +44.1438300137
    email: support@lcn.com

    According to Section 29C of the UK Racial and Religious Hatred Act
    2006 (on publishing or distributing written material):

    (1) A person who publishes or distributes written material which is
    threatening is guilty of an offence if he intends thereby to stir up
    religious hatred.

    (2) References in this Part to the publication or distribution of
    written material are to its publication or distribution to the public
    or a section of the public.


    The bill contains wording to amend the Public Order Act 1986:
    Section 29A
    Meaning of “religious hatred”
    In this Part “religious hatred” means hatred against a group of
    persons defined by reference to religious belief or lack of religious
    Section 29B:
    (1) A person who uses threatening words or behaviour, or displays any
    written material which is threatening, is guilty of an offence if he
    intends thereby to stir up religious hatred.

    Our aim is to get the Crown Prosecution Service on to this case, or if
    that is not possible, a team of FCO lawyers can investigate the
    prospects of a legal case against this person. At the very least, this
    person needs to be blacklisted and his activities regularly monitored
    by appropriate agencies.

    Enough to consitute a legal complaint against him.

  • Hiya! I simply would like to give an enormous thumbs up for the nice information you’ve gotten here on this post. I will likely be coming again to your blog for extra soon.

  • Dr. Qureshi is a astrophysisist, a educated man with a educated opinion. He actually does research and speaks the truth. You want to talk a about hate speech? Just turn on the TV.. CNN, BBC, FOX, NBC, ABC, HBO… and all the movies that makes every single muslim looke like a terrorist. Why demonize muslims around the world? How else will you justify fighting 4 Wars against Muslim countries for their resources to dominate the region and get there greedy hands in there before China and Russia do? Dr. Qureshi is one of the last moral and brave persons left that has a voice for the people who are against this propaganda machine called zionism. This article is hate speech and a disgusting attack on somebody who is just reporting the truth.